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Undemanding spectacle
Leofwine_draca23 June 2019
Warning: Spoilers
TRIPLE THREAT is another action flick from director Jesse Johnson, whose SAVAGE DOG remains my favourite of his work thus far. This one's an ambitious international project, shot in Thailand with an ensemble cast mixed between good and bad guys. A martial arts lover's dream, in other words, but in reality it could have been a lot better.

I'm not too worried about plotting and scripting in fight films - after all, WARRIOR KING is an all-time favourite and that has virtually no story - but they're particularly bad here. Scenes drag when there's no action, and one character goes undercover seemingly just to extend the running time a bit further. The good news is that when the action hits it really hits, and the choreography makes for a lot of fun. There's no skimping on the violence, either. Each featured star gets to do his thing in a series of staged, brutal bouts and most of them are effective enough.

Cast-wise, this is spearheaded by a funny and athletic Tony Jaa, finally getting to show some of his power moves that have been missing since WARRIOR KING. He's supported by Tiger Chen, better than he was in MAN OF TAI CHI, and Iko Uwais, who is underutilised and seems to keep losing his bouts. Scott Adkins makes for a splendidly volatile bad guy, ably supported by the hulking Michael Jai White, and CHOCOLATE fans will be delighted by Jeeja Yanin's small role. TRIPLE THREAT's not a great film, but if you're a fan of the stars you'll like it well enough as an undemanding slice of spectacle.
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Time to Ruin Your Day
nogodnomasters4 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This is a Chinese film so the Westerners are the bad guys. The film takes place in Maha Jaya as a Chinese real estate tycoon vows to use their wealth to wipe out organized crime. They fight back. In this film everyone looks like a good guy avenging the death of someone, thinking they are Jackie Chan and throwing down their weapons to fight hand to foot. The plot was a bust. Fighting was constant. Stereotypical hidden pegboard with a variety of weapons.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity. Blood and bodies were blown in half.
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Less than the sum of its parts
kosmasp8 June 2019
I totally get people who are dissapointed in this. If you take the talent at hand, you'd imagine something more spectacular overall. And it's not just the very predictable story, I was expecting that. But cliches get boring fast and the fight scenes are good, but that is not enough to elevate it to a level that would make this a classic, which the cast would be deserving of.

Dialog is kind of wooden most of the time too (though there are some noteable and great exceptions, some may go over your head, since it is only 50 % in english, did not do a count, so that is estimate of course), so beware of that too. If you are just here for the action you will be mostly satisfied though, so I guess primary objective achieved
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Great cast, mediocre movie.
BA_Harrison18 January 2020
Chinese kung fu champ Tiger Hu Chen, Thai martial arts sensations Tony Jaa (Ong-Bak) and JeeJa Yanin (Chocolate), and Indonesian action star Iko Uwais (The Raid) represent the East; US multi-discipline black belt Michael Jai White and Brit bruiser Scott Adkins represent the West. With such an impressive line-up, Triple Threat could have been up there with The Raid (and its sequel), The Warrior King, and Ong Bak as one of the best action films of the last twenty years. Sadly, it isn't.

The cast cannot be held responsible: they do what they were hired to do -- kick ass (nobody really expected Oscar-winning performances). It's up to stuntman turned director Jesse V. Johnson to shoulder the blame, his handling of the action failing to show his more-than-capable performers in the best light. The plot is uninspired but it allows for plenty of shooting and punching and kicking; unfortunately, the fight scenes lack impact thanks to dreadful camerawork and duff editing, whilst the gunplay relies on CGI for much of the damage inflicted.

With a skilled action director such as Prachya Pinkaew or Gareth Evans at the helm, Triple Threat might have worked despite the rather predictable script, but in the hands of Johnson, the film is a frustrating wasted opportunity.

5/10, minus one point for killing off the lovely JeeJa Yanin way too soon. She goes out in fine style (reduced to a bloody mess by a grenade launcher), but she really deserved to be given as much screen time as her male co-stars.
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This could and should have been an Asian version of "The Expendables", but sadly it wasn't...
paul_haakonsen29 March 2019
Having grown up on action movies in the 1980s, the likes of Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Van Damme, Seagal, Norris, etc. and of course having embraced those that essentially swooped in to take their places as age crept up on my childhood heroes, then with the cast list presented for "Triple Threat", any action fan would be swooning.

I know I was more than excited when I heard about this movie, and I had been looking forward to watching it since they announced it. Especially because they put together Tony Jaa, Iko Uwais and JeeJa Yanin in the same movie. This was like Asian martial arts galore come true.

Sure, I had expectations for this movie. Of course I did. But I must also be realistic and say that "Triple Threat" wasn't the movie I was hyped up to expect. Sure, it was adrenaline-filled and had lots of martial arts fighting and gunfights, but it just felt that they had gotten together so much action potential in terms of performers and just given them a light script and storyline to play with.

It felt like the movie wasn't allowed to reach its full potential. And while I definitely have nothing against Scott Adkins or Michael Jai White, then I think they should have kept the movie to an all Asian cast, that would have worked so much better in favor of the movie. Sure, it made sense with foreign mercenaries, but the authenticity would have been better had it been all Asian. Then it would most definitely have been an Asian version of "The Expendables".

"Triple Threat" turned out to be a generic action movie, in terms of story and plot. It was entertaining for what it was, but it was so generic and predictable that some of the steam left the kettle before it was even boiling. You end up watching the movie for the action sequences and not the story.

The cast ensemble was phenomenal, no doubt about it. This is definitely a martial arts movie slugfest, with the likes of Tony Jaa, Tiger Hu Chen, Iko Uwais, JeeJa Yanin, Scott Adkins and Michael Jai White among others. I also liked that Michael Wong had a role in the movie, despite it being a very small role. One can wonder why they didn't bring in any martial artists and/or action stars from the Hong Kong, Japanese and Korean cinema. There definitely is an abundance of readily available performers.

Sure, "Triple Threat" was entertaining enough for what it turned out to be - a generic action movie. And yes, it is definitely watchable and you just dislodge your brain and enjoy all the fighting. But is "Triple Threat" a movie that I will be watching a second time around? Hardly. Why? Because the storyline was so devoid of contents that it can only sustain a single viewing. A shame really, especially because they had all these action stars together.

"Triple Threat" could have been so much more than it turned out to be. But if you enjoy action movies, you definitely should watch it at least just once for the heck of it.
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So refreshing to see a real martial arts film
Gordon-1125 August 2020
Nowadays it's not easy to find a real martial arts film, that delivers punches real hard. This film punches, kicks and throws people of the ground from start to finish. There is not a moment of downtime. It's so refreshing to see a real martial arts film!
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So Much Wasted Potential
CinemaClown22 March 2019
Despite boasting a dream cast of Tony Jaa, Iko Uwais & Tiger Chen, Triple Threat neither delivers the level of fistfights & firepower we wanted nor makes the most of the martial-arts talents it had at its disposal. Marred by its paper-thin premise, muddled execution, terrible dialogues, underused action & underwhelming finale, it is an enormous waste of talent & potential that fails to live up to its hype, and is no less than an absolute travesty.
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Good for What It Was
westsideschl28 May 2019
For action, martial arts, and lots of killings this was well done and worthy of 8 stars. As a creative tour-de-force it was somewhat generic. Lots of martial arts styles; lots of martial arts film stars. One major complaint is that the beginning wasn't clear as to who the baddies & goodies were, but gets cleared up later on as both groups contained a mix of the bad & good chaps. So if you like your kicks than this is for you; if you like your kills also for you as a ball park seen 84 which places it moderately high on the kills by individuals film list.
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A top-notch example of modern-day action
tarbosh2200028 December 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Xian (Jade) is a wealthy woman who uses her money to put forth an initiative to clean up the communities around her. You wouldn't think this would be such a bad thing, but it really upsets the local baddies. Part of her clean-up plan involves getting rid of the local gangsters. So the evil Collins (Adkins) and Devereaux (White), along with their legion of evildoers, set out to kidnap Xian, and it appears no one can stand in their way.

That is, until our heroes Payu (Jaa), Jaka (Uwais), and Long Fei (Chen) show up on the scene. They end up protecting Xian and fighting the bad guys tooth and nail. Naturally, that leads to a lot of shooting and fighting. Who will survive the TRIPLE THREAT?

We know what you're thinking and the answer is no, Triple Threat is not the long-awaited biopic of Harvey Fierstein. We all know he can sing, dance, and act. Until such time as that potential blockbuster is unleashed on the public, however, we have the movie at hand today, which is an entertaining and worthwhile beat-em-up. Strangely, it doesn't quite reach the electrifying heights its superb cast would seem to indicate.

Putting fan favorites Scott Adkins, Michael Jai White, Tony Jaa, Iko Uwais, and Tiger Chen all in one film together is pretty much the action fan's dream cast in 2019. While it's certainly not a case of Lone Tiger Effect (which, for those who are new to the site, is what we call it when a stellar cast is assembled but the movie itself is a dud), because the film is far too good for that, somehow it feels like some ingredients are missing. And we think we know what they are.

But before we reveal what we think that might be, let's talk about what works in Triple Threat. First, and most obvious, is the Martial Arts fighting. It's stupendous and our superstar cast really 'brings it'. Perhaps they felt a bit of friendly competition with each other, but everyone brings their A game, and each has their own unique style.

It was a treat to watch the Jaa-Adkins fight, and the Jaa-Iko-Adkins brawl was manna from action heaven. We appreciate all the work that goes into such scenes. Without listing each and every fight, let's just say that, even more so than the gun-shooting scenes, these combat sections are movie highlights. But that being said, the whole thing is quite violent and has a high kill count.

With that in mind, Triple Threat certainly aims to please, as it starts off as your classic jungle shoot-em-up, complete with exploding huts. Then it moves to a scene of Punchfighting. Then it settles into its urban action scenario. So it seems that fans are being very well served with a bunch of familiar settings they'd be used to from action movies past. Overall it's shot very well and feels professional.

We also felt it was different to have not just Adkins as a baddie, but also Michael Jai White as one as well. Both men are primarily known as heroes, so it was unusual to have not just one of them playing against type, but two. We liked that as a change of pace.

But, as promised, here's what we felt could have been improved. Not very surprisingly, it was the plot and characterizations. The former was minimal, and the latter was nil. As action fans, this is not new to us, and we're all very used to this, I'm sure.

But what would have knocked Triple Threat out of the park as a complete and satisfying whole would have been a compelling plotline with characters you really get to know and care about. Not that you don't care about our heroes, but you know what we mean. A little more detail or perhaps a little bit of emotion would have gone a long way.

But that's our only real gripe with Triple Threat. Otherwise, it's a top-notch example of modern-day action. We couldn't be happier that movies like this are still being made. We say keep 'em coming. So, while the absence of more formal plot and character elements may keep the audience from totally engaging, as an exercise in action violence, Triple Threat is recommended.
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Great cast, excellent choreography, terrible writing.
Top_Dawg_Critic24 March 2019
If I downloaded a movie from the Bahamas, does this make me a Pirate of the Caribbean? Because this pirate's film didn't have sub-titles for the non-English parts... aaaaaarrrrg!

I spent most of the film's running time hoping that these famous martial art pros get to work together again in a film worthy of their talents, instead of this ridiculous script that had more plot issues and was more predictable than a soft porn film. A 5th grader could've written a better story that made actual sense.

The fight choreography was excellent, especially towards the end, but also limited with the screenplay that needed work from its muddled narrative about criss-crossing allegiances, noble billionaires, shadowy criminal enterprises, and one guy out for vengeance that had dozens of opportunities from the get-go, but instead risked and/or allowed civilians to die before the obvious end result.

Don't see it for the plot, see it for the fight scenes... these guys all deserve a better story. It's a very generous 6/10 from me - solely for the all star cast and their multiple martial-arts discipline fight scenes.
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Boyka, God has given u a gift, only one. U r a complete fighter but pls avoid movies like these. Same goes for Iko Uwais n Michael Jai White.
Fella_shibby9 April 2019
What a disappointment man. The script is atrocious n the character development is nada. The direction is lol. During a major shootout, a girl runs away like a piece of cake n while running away we see ppl in the background doing their routine stuff as if they r deaf n blind to the commotion of the shootout.

Anyways, fellas like me may not care about acting, script, direction or character development if it's an action film provided ther is tons of bone shattering, jaw breaking, brutal fight choreography but this lousy film has nothing redeeming inspite of some of my favorites like Scott Adkins, Michael Jai White n Iko Uwais. What a waste of talent man. O boy, we even have Tony Jaa, Tiger Hu Chen n Michael Bisping but again a total wastage of action heroes.

The film starts with a non stop gun action sequence but not at all memorable or intense. In the beginning, ther is a small duel between Iko Uwais n Tony Jaa which raises audiences' expectations but believe me it turns out to b duds. Ther is a muay thai ring fight but again nothing impactful. The duel between Iko Uwais n Michael Jai White is lousy. Jai White needs to lose some weight man.

Seeing Uwais without Silat n knife fight n Jai White without his 360 n 720 kicks is cheating man. Both Uwais n White is totally wasted. In fact in both of their last films, they did pretty good. Uwais in Mile 22 n Jai White in Dragged across the street.... We have Tony Jaa who is looking old n tired with a lousy hairstyle. Tony Jaa without his parkour is wasted. Now we have my fav Scott Adkins who is given a meaty footage but his fight with Jaa ain't impactful. Come on give us some Boyka action man. Tiger Hu Chen really needs a good barber. Lousy babycut hairstyle.

The film has lots of kicks, punches, fights n gun shot sequences but none of it impactful or memorable. Ther is a scene of a gun blasting a body into mincemeat. That's it.
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Another high satisfaction action movie!
kwenchow14 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This movie fight from start till the end! How can I give it low rate? Not a single boredom! So much bloody violence scene! Really very satisfy! Maybe people give it low rate is all the Asian character survive in the end instead of the bunch of Hollywood stars! But I also very enjoy Scott Adkins kick ass performance in this movie! His leg really can kick as fast as a bullet! Even Michael Jai White also show off many martial act skill in this movie! The weakest is Tiger Hu Chen, he is a bit slow! Overall still deserve 10/10!
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kirbylee70-599-52617925 June 2019
Warning: Spoilers
If you were trying to go see JOHN WICK: PARABELLUM this week but found the theater sold out then I'd like to suggest another action flick for you to enjoy. I've seen both and while different this one has just as much action. The movie is TRIPLE THREAT and it features some of the top names in martial arts action films out there today.

Payu (Tony Jaa) and Long Fei (Tiger Hu Chen) are two mercenaries hired by Deveraux (Michael Jai White) as guides to go on a humanitarian expedition in Thailand. Once they arrive at the village being sought things change. Deveraux and his crew were actually on a mission to rescue terrorist Collins (Scott Adkins). While strafing the village with machine gun fire they kill the wife of Jaka (Iko Uwais), one of the guards. Leaving the two mercs trapped in a cell with explosives they head out.

Fortunately they escaped before the bombs went off setting the still held prisoners as well. Now in the city of Maha Jaya they fight in an illegal ring in hopes of making money. But one night Jaka shows, thinking they are the killers of his wife. He joins the fight in the ring only to be beaten. The pair take him under their wing and to their apartment where they feed and bandage him. When Jaka gets them drunk, he calls the police who take the pair into custody. But Jaka also ends up in jail.

While this is taking place billion heiress Tian Xiao Xian (Celinda Jade) also arrives in Maha Jaya. Her plan is to donate the money she inherited from her father to authorities in the hopes of wiping out crime and corruption. Su Feng, the local crime lord, has hired Collins and his team to assassinate Xiao Xian. She escapes and makes her way to the local police station, the same one Payu, Long and Jaka are being held at. The assassination team follows her there and attacks the station.

Our three heroes free themselves and come to her aid, escaping the gun battle that was taking place but not before coming into contact with the team. Some members are left dead and both sides are left with grudges that will need to be satisfied before the film ends.

Payu, Lon and Xian run into Jaka who helps them escape and tells them he has a plan. Once they are gone he inserts himself into Collin's team promising to help them while plotting his revenge. Deveraux doesn't trust him but in need of a local to help find the trio Collins hires him.

The chase is on, battles are fought, moments of peace are found and the eventual showdown between various members of each team do indeed transpire. Before the end of the film most will be wounded, none will walk away unscathed and some will not walk away at all. But that won't happen until some of the most amazing fight sequences seen in some time take place on screen.

If you're a fan of current martial arts films then this is a movie you do not want to miss. And if you're not a fan of the current crop I suggest watching this film because it will convince you to watch more. Thai lander Tony Jaa has been making a name for himself in the genre since his appearance in the film ONG BAK and its sequels. Tiger Hu Chen has done some amazing stunt work in film and even has an uncredited part in the JOHN WICK film I mentioned. Iko Uwais made a huge impact when he came on the scene in the film THE RAID and its sequel. But that's the good guys.

Scott Adkins is becoming the go to guy for martial arts action films with roles in films like THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM, THE EXPENDABLES 2, DOCTOR STRANGE and ACCIDENT MAN. Michael Jai White took on the role of SPAWN in that film as well as writing and starring in BLACK DYNAMITE. He was recently in DRAGGED ACROSS CONCRETE. And Michael Bisping has been in films like DEN OF THEIVES and XXX: THE RETURN OF XANDER CAGE. This is one solid group of action stars among the good and bad guys here.

The fight sequences are unlike most seen in American made films. Here they tend to move slower and feel more like displays of positions than actual fights. These sequences feel like actual all out fights with fists and feet moving at incredible speed. All of this is highlighted by some amazing cinematography that pulls back to show the full fight rather than the standard close ups American films use now. It adds to the action and allows the viewer to see what they came for.

The film is a mix of English and subtitles but don't let that scare you off. Well Go has been releasing a number of martial arts films like this and if you let it stop you you'll be missing some fantastic film making with visuals that stun. So if action is what you're looking for make a point of seeing TRIPLE THREAT this week.
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lukem-527607 October 2019
WOW!!! TRIPLE THREAT is excellent!!! It's made from the old school 80s & 90s Action mould, i got vibes from action Classic's like "Predator" from the opening jungle & village action scene, i got vibes of "The Terminator" from the Awesome police station massacre action scene & the way the "bad guys" go around almost unstoppable & dressed in black, i got "Universal Soldier" vibes as well as a bit of "Big trouble in little China" thrown in for the fun adventure scenes through the Indonesian back streets & the fun of the guys protecting a lady through the underground & alleyways, so much fun. "Triple Threat" is brutal & bloody with some amazing fight scenes & shoot outs!!! The Cast is excellent, the three "Good Guys" are a fantastic team made up of legends "Tony Jaa" "Iko Uwais" & "Tiger Hu Chen" who are all from different backgrounds & who all know amazing fighting skills, the fighting styles & scenes are excellent & the fun banter & chemistry from these three is great, i want to see more of this team!!! There's still a deep seriousness running throughout as this story is about betrayal,Revenge & redemption, "Iko Uwais" wants revenge for the slaughter of the people in his village including his wife, "Tony Jaa" & "Tiger Hu Chen" want also want revenge for being double crossed & left for dead & all three must protect an important lady who is trying to put a stop to "Crime Syndicates" & corruption. The villains are an evil bunch of tough mercenaries lead by another action great "Scott Adkins" along with yet another action star "Michael Jai White" & some other evil team members, there's old school beat 'em up action throughout with blood & practical fx guts splattered about, i loved this movie as it took me right back to those old school action films of the 80s & 90s!!! I've been a big fan of the Awesome "Iko Uwais" since his outstanding action packed performance in the CLASSIC "The Raid" & here he's great again but there's a sense of fun to this throwback flick even amongst all the fights & shootouts. A new instant Classic action film
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Almost as bad as Steven Seagal's crappy movies
MovieIQTest24 March 2019
This movie signed up and involved the most current top-tier martial arts fighters/actors, but the half-baked screenplay and scenarios simply wasted all of these action guys. The worst spoof of this movie was when the bad guys mistakenly attacked the TV station, the rich woman who was interviewed wearing a pairs of silver light gilded 4" stiletto high heel shoes, but when she escaped and running for her life, her shoes miraculously changed into a pairs of black low-heel shoes for her easier running scene. What a horrible cheat shot that treated the viewers like blind mice.

Then another ridiculous thing was the female bodyguard who was assigned to protect the rich woman stupidly had a waist-long hairs. Unless her long hairs were some lethal secret weapon, wearing such long hairs to play a critical bodyguard was just too ridiculous; her long hairs would increase her fatality 100% more.

This is a quite mediocre and almost messy movie that just looked so similar to Steven Seagal's lousy movie franchise. Since the major investors of this movie were Chinese, so the screenplay got to have some Chinese actors in it, but most of the Chinese actors were not good enough, they all looked rigid and raw. I don't know if that rich woman actor is a Chinese or not, but she really sucks, man.

Something told me that the Indonesian movie industry is trying very hard to join the international martial arts movies, or maybe the movies done in this country would enjoy tax exemption a lot, and no actors unions asking outrageous benefits like what Hollywood's regulations. The Chinese investors are relocating their interests from Thailand to Indonesia now, 'cause we've seen lot of action movies were done in this new territory. Where's the next? Viet Nam, maybe?
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"Triple Threat" does not deliver on its kinetic casting promise.
pachara875 April 2019
A mix of too many action figures and hazy plot and character details, making the feature more about appreciating smashmouth choreography than strengthening dramatic pull.
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Fast Paced Action Movie - Big Name Actors
dwp194827 September 2020
09/27/2020 A pretty good "Save The Princess" from the bad guys movie. Fast paced with more than enough action for viewers. I enjoyed this movie and suggest that you give it a try? Bon Appetit'
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VIEWS ON FILM review of Triple Threat
burlesonjesse523 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
"Yeah I got eight guns pointed at me right now". Sure why not.

In hustle-bustle Thailand, a billionaire's daughter has a contract put on her by a group of trained assassins. It's up to a couple of down-and-out soldiers to help protect said daughter. That's the rub of Triple Threat, my latest review. In all honesty, I gawked at the energy and harsh gusto by which "Threat" displayed in its never-ending string of rabid action sequences. I mean yeah, I kind of admired it (not!).

Shot with actors you've never even heard of and helmed by the guy who made last year's Accident Man (a film I recommended), Triple Threat is so enamored in its martial artistry, hailed bullets, and corn syrupy gore that it forgets to be purposeful. This is Big Trouble in Little China without the heart. This is Crouching Tiger, Hidden "Bandwagon". This is a prosaic David Ayer picture on anabolic steroids (and without any snarky line readings).

With "Threat", director Jesse V. Johnson revels in slickness, fast cutting fistfights, remorselessness, and gunplay that is completely cardboard in nature. It's as if the ghosts of John J. Rambo, James Braddock, and John Matrix came in to do some serious dispatching. As for the pace of Triple Threat, well it's one-snidely storyboard-ed and relentless. Despite "Threat's" twisty plot coming in at fits and starts, every other frame has some character perishing via assembly line slaughter. Yup, "Threat's" kill count as drinking game will give you a blood alcohol level of .3 (ouch).

Action junkies in the form of sheltered teenagers (like myself in the 80's), might find some video game excitement in Triple Threat's overly violent tone and copious, affray set pieces. Otherwise this is a very hollow viewing experience. Most martial arts flicks are more epic, less dated, more authentic, and more soulful than "Threat". Heck, you might as well see John Wick: Chapter dos instead. My rating: 2 stars.
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Good cast wasted
Abdulxoxo31 December 2020
It is good, but not great. The performances are average but the script is what lets the film down completely. The plot is weak. The action sequences are well-done and very entertaining, there were hand-to-hand combats, knife fights, and lots of gun shootouts. The movie has a good cast, the Asian leads: Tony Jaa, Iko Uwais and Tiger Chen are great during fighting sequences but have a tough time when it comes to delivering dialogues especially in English. Scott Adkins, Michael Jai White and the rest of the baddies outperform their Asian co-stars and I find myself rooting for them at times even though they're the bad guys. The camera work is terrific, and score intensifies the action scenes. Overall, this movie is a win for fans of martial arts/action films.
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Just watch it for the super-cool action sequences!
Prashast_Singh27 June 2019
The moment I heard of this film, I felt the urge to see it ASAP! And watching this film was nothing but pure fun. Absolutely non-stop, well-choreographed action infused with some interesting twists and turns made this film a power-packed entertainer. If you like martial arts movies, this one isn't to be missed!

Featuring some of the greatest martial artist actors that range from Tony Jaa to Iko Uwais to Tiger Chen to Scott Adkins and a lot more: this film is just full of entertainment. The visual appeal is also pretty high, as the color tone is impressive. Cinematography is top notch. Action sequences as I said before are very impressive and provide white knuckle fun.

There's not much to say about the film other than that it needs to be experienced in the highest quality possible. In India, sadly, it didn't yet get a theatrical release, but I'm sure it's coming on digital soon so that fans of action thriller/martial arts films can enjoy this ensemble action flick!
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too typical chinese revenge fight
NijazBaBs4 April 2019
I did not like this movies because it is too typical chinese movie. Like most of them, it is only about revenge. Too much fight and typical action, the one we can see is most action movies. Lack of story and details. Too quick ending. Looks too fake, like main actors are too lucky to last through whole story. Lack of mystery and adventure. Overall waste of time. If this movie teaches us anything it is to never fight while enemy is ready, but with surprise. Nothing new or unusual.
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Action stars below mark !
saptesh78626 March 2019
When the big names of action star like Scott Adkins, Tony Jaa, Iko Uwas and Tiger Hu Chen are gathering together in a single movie, then our expectations are highly rising. The same thing happens to 'Triple Threat'. But our expectations do not feel much entertainment here. Actually I was waiting for this movie since last a year when it was announced. For such names story must be strong and powerful and also let the story continuing to sequel or trilogy too. But triple threat is a single movie and below the bench mark of those action stars. Simple story and average fight sequences. Do not expect Tony Jaa for Ong Bak nor Scott Adkins for Boyka and nor Tiger for work in The Man of Tai Chi and eventually Iko Uwas for his excellent actions in Raid & Raid 2. Movie is only once watchable. I do not understand that why such big crowd for an average movie? If you are fan of those action stars then you can watch but will not have much fun because you have already watching their best work in their respective movies. 7 starts are okay as me.
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Talk, talk, talk just die
phanthinga24 March 2019
I been waiting for Triple Threat to drop since the day I heard about a bomb-ass action movie with a cast full of The Expendables of the new generation and after a solid 96 minutes of bloody shooutout and full contact martial art action I can be sure that this movie is 100 % worth watching to all action fan out there. With a premise like Iko Uwais, Tony Jaa and Tiger Chen VS Scott Adkins, Michael l Jai White and Michael Bisping so how the plot progess is the least of my concerns as long as they keep squashing their beef with fist and bullet and I think everyone should see this movie with that attitude too. Of course there will be some fan favorite character got limited screen time but with the cast this talented and a short runtime Triple Threat already went beyond my expectations. Let hope that there will be a sequel so we can finally see Jaka get shot
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The story is so plain but it's enjoyable.
silvermistvio25 April 2019
This film is one of those which are very difficult to write review. It's not because it has many different things to say, it's because of it doesn't have that much to write. So, my review will be short than usual.

The story itself is so plain and nothing much there. But the process is quite good. What I love about this film is how Jaka drew out those bad guys into the light to get revenge. The actions are basically fine, but not that much impressive. The choreography is just at the acceptable level. When I was watching, I have expected more. So, if they could do better, it will be better.

All in all, although the story is so simple and so plain, at least it doesn't make me bored and I enjoyed a bit. Thus, I'd say it's worth to give it a try.
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Bisping what a man
nathanmanson2 April 2019
Michael 'the count' Bisping is the best actor of all time, Leonardo DiCaprio eat your heart out
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