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  • What we know: it's a sextape featuring a very important person who had been in the hotel before his death, without saying who exactly. We can only guess. The movie being in the late 60s, and a picture of Marilyn in the hotel... My first guess would be JFK.

    2nd editor: JFK was my guess too, along with the theme of Nixon and CIA groups trying to remove the wiretapping evidence.

    3rd editor: Though ambiguous and JFK being as good of a choice as any, one might tend to lean more likely twords Bobby Kennedy as his death was much more recent (within a year?) of the movie's time frame and also much more likely that: a.) The hotel existed (or didn't exist in JFK's timeline) b.) The CIA (or whoever they were) had better and more recent intel on Bobby's doings and what location, then 6-7 year old intel on JFK's doings. c.) The intel would still be there, or be able to be traced/recovered from Bobby rather than JFK.

    4th Editor. Likely RFK, but maybe Martin Luthor King Jr. The film takes place in 1969, Miles was In Vietnam in 1968. It looked like he fought in the Tet Offensive. That started in January 68. Miles admitted he met the man and the man was now dead. Now it's possible he got a job at the Hotel and then almost immediately met King, but it's much more likely it was Kennedy. JFK was too far from the timeline. Edit

  • While it isn't confirmed there is a good chance that part of the muscle that can be seen in the Avengers movie was just a suit. Edit

  • Hemsworth (Billy Lee)'s cult is supposed to be like the Charles Manson family (same area of CA, same year 1969). The Manson family allegedly killed a couple named LoBianco before they murdered Sharon Tate & guests. The TV clip is supposed to create that link & show how dangerous Hemsworth & his cult are. Edit



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