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Clara: Can I ask you something?

Dr. Isaac Bruno: Yea

Clara: Why is finding life out there so important to you?

Dr. Isaac Bruno: You know what people are scared of most?

Clara: Death?

Dr. Isaac Bruno: [shakes head] The unknown which unfortunately this universe is chock full of. Sure, we've been chipping away at it for thousands of years but we still basically know nothing. So how do we process that? We do what we've always done. We make things up. Create these elaborate bedtime stories to explain it all. But if we found something, I mean even smallest clue that something else exists out there. Something entirely different, well we wouldn't be in the dark anymore. We wouldn't have to be scared.

Clara: So you think the only reason we tell stories is because we're scared?

Dr. Isaac Bruno: Terrified

Clara: Ok, but what if telling stories is just a part of human nature?

Dr. Isaac Bruno: I'm done playing pretend, I think we all should be.

Clara: Ok, Ok, What about this? Let's say there's a scientist who is brilliant and very well respected who makes game changing, world altering advancements in his field but he's also religious, his driving force is his faith, his belief in god a bedtime story, but the result of his work is science and progress. What would you say to him?

Dr. Isaac Bruno: What would I say?

Clara: Yes

Dr. Isaac Bruno: I'd say skip church and get back to work. You'd get more done faster.

Clara: Well I think he did just fine.

Dr. Isaac Bruno: What?

Clara: Sir Issac Newton, I think he did just fine.

Dr. Isaac Bruno: [laughs] , Alright, we've got work to do.

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