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Season 1

25 Jan. 2019
Episode #1.1
Officials find notices in Hanyang alleging the King is dead. Crown Prince Lee Chang tries to check on his father, but the young queen stands in his way. (Source: Netflix)
25 Jan. 2019
Episode #1.2
Prince Chang and Moo Young arrive at Jiyulheon, where they make a horrific discovery. Seo Bi's story of what she saw eerily resonates with Prince Chang. (Source: Netflix)
25 Jan. 2019
Episode #1.3
Night leads to chaos in Dongnae. Cho Hak Joo and the Queen oversee the King's care. Prince Chang reaches a disquieting conclusion and vows to fight back. (Source: Netflix)
25 Jan. 2019
Episode #1.4
On his way to seek Lord Ahn Hyun's help, Prince Chang encounters a group of stranded survivors and leads them to Jiyulheon, following Seo Bi's advice. (Source: Netflix)
25 Jan. 2019
Episode #1.5
Prince Chang's group comes across a village that oddly seems to be well-fed. While taking refuge at Lord Ahn Hyun's, Seo Bi notes something peculiar. (Source: Netflix)
25 Jan. 2019
Episode #1.6
Cho Hak Joo has chilling words for the Queen, who's hiding a sinister secret. Prince Chang orders Sangju's defenses, but Seo Bi senses something awry. (Source: Netflix)

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