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ops-5253515 April 2019
Cause its a human number, and the number is 999, or as the german would say, nein nein nein aka no no no, not another one with a lame story, dim acting, terrible soundwork and a lightproduction on power saving mode, makes this nuke of a thriller make you feel sick, and wish that the number of the beast had been different, and on the nova scale this film comes with negative digits.

tom sizemore, giorgio moroder or jahn teigen, its just names, and them on this casting list should be flagged and flogged forever in the name of the one we hallow.

in norwegian the films title word pining means to torment, and the slower the torments happens the worse the pain becomes, so stay away from this rotten fish of a film says the grumpy old man
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Grows dumber and absurd enough to count as a parody
movieman_kev23 April 2019
Starts off a rather low-budget solitary zombie flick. Oh if it only stayed that way. Might have might a just ok short. MAYBE. However at even a mere 73 minutes or so it's still stretched ridiculously thin. The last 20 of which takes an already dumb film and triples down on it's stupidity. There's also a mid-credits stinger to sit through if you haven't thrown your remote through the tv at that point.
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