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I've seen better in highschool proyects
leecamargo-415599 August 2021
Warning: Spoilers
For being a movie about John Laurens we spend most of the time watching other characters. And the time we actually spend watching him doesnt give us much, he is portrayed as a very one dimensional person, with no character flaws, and the perfect example of a white savior.

We get no real insight into his feelings, history or relationships The movie fails to the point that Martha Manning, a secondary character that doesnt appear for much, is one of the more sympathetic and enjoyable characters on the movie, historically inaccurate as she might have been.

Important historical events were completely omitted or missinterpreted, while ones that did not matter, were given way too much protagonism. I understand that the production value probably played a part on this, but there were parts where a minimal effort in research would have avoided most of the mistakes. The movie, in general, in a string of historical innaccuracy after historical inaccuracy, to the point it would be easier to count what they got right.

On top of that the erasure of his relationship with Hamilton is honestly just insulting. I didn't expect it to be actually addressed, and would have accepted the excuse of 'it isnt a 100% proved' if it wasnt for how they put so much focus on his father's relationship with a random spy of which we have so little actual evidence.

The only salvageable thing was that the camera shots were nice, nothing special but not bad. Even though the editing was a bit weird.
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mandyvs-872147 July 2021
I really enjoyed "John Laurens' War". A story about standing up for one's beliefs no matter how counter-cultural is one anyone can get behind. This one will have you engaged through its entirety.
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