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Who wrote this?
melio1022 June 2019
Who wrote this - I would like his job. No effort and still got paid.

The conversations are flat and the actors look uncomfortable saying them. There is a plot and in the same time, you feel like there is no plot. I lost interest in what was happening very quickly.

Do not watch.
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Fod God's sake, please stop making movies
navi2319 June 2019
Warning: Spoilers
It's difficult to destroy the best franchise from the Marvel Universe... and yet this director somehow managed to...

The acting is clearly dull from the very first scenes - McAvoy was a fantastic actor in Days of Future Past (and also in First Class), nicely paired with the huge talents of Hugh Jackman and Fassbender... but here, not only does he not act at all, but - Dear God Almighty!!! - he is turned into the bad guy (because that's the trend in some foggy minds of Hollywood these days), he is accused by his students, whom he taught, formed their characters and helped to grow into compassionate beings...

...and he is deprived of his School?!?!?! at the end of the movie the "Xavier School for gifted youngsters" changes name to Jean Grey School?!?!?! Seriously?!?! (what did she do to deserve such an honor???)

and the fundament, the basis, the Heart, the Mind, the One who formed and gathered them all together... is reduced to a sad (not even old!) man who wastes his time as a retired old man and Magneto comes to him to sweeten his days of exile by treating him to a final game of chess?!?!?!?!

To destroy the very core of X-Men is to destroy the X-Men... and somehow this "director" has managed to do so... and i'm sure it wasn't unwillingly...

The acting was utterly bad (the good actors had no script to act with, Sophie Turner had no talent to act with) - the music was utterly nonsensical (Hans dear, stop falling asleep on the keyboard while composing), the same score stretched continuously for half a movie, then a slightly different score playing continuously for the other half... - the dialogue was stuttered (for all of them) - the camera angles with lots of close-ups tried to give the illusion of emotional weight, but failed miserably - the whole movie felt like a looooong bad dream, or like the spawn of someone who messed up his brain with some w**d and then got into the director's and writer's chair...

Applauses, simon k., for destroying such an wonderful franchise!...
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The best storyline in the X-men canon, and they crapped all over it.
mossow9223 June 2019
Don't know where to start with this. If you're going to dig up the greatest story in the X-men canon, you need to bring it. And this film brought nothing. It all felt so hollow. The characters didn't ring true. The story didn't ring true. It was all over the place with many nonsensical choices throughout. I was so excited for my favorite storyline and was disappointed more than I can put into words. This political and social propaganda piece missed the mark by miles.
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Absolutely horrid and dull
doopie-yes20 June 2019
This movie was a disaster. Starting from the main character, Jean. The acting was sooo bland, colorless and amateur-like. I don't understand how she got such a big role. It also seemed like everyone in the movie was aware of her limited acting skills, so they barely gave her any lines and she was sleeping/passed out for quite some time in the movie.Just watch the movie and her acting basically screams "CLUELESS".

Then, like with any recent movies, they felt the need to include gender politics. Why? Why is there a need for a line that says "We should be called X-Women"? Was that ever part of the comics? I didn't read them, but I HIGHLY doubt it. This is just so pathetic and forced. Political agendas should not be forced into movies.

If it wasn't for James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender, I would've left the cinema very early.

All in all, this movie was a joke. I will make sure to exclude it whenever I go for a X-Men marathon in the future.
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I'm sorry, but these need to stop
mosesloki17 June 2019
Sophie Turner seems like a wonderful person but acting just isn't her thing. she barely pulled off Sanaa in Got and giving her the lead here was just a mistake.

She has no charisma, I don't identify with her character (which is the best thing one of the main protagonists) and just don't care about her.

The movie is also a mess and seems like editing made it worse. For me, I just couldn't get behand the protagonist at all and wasn't invested.
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Wouldn't even want to give 1 star !
peef-0931218 June 2019
What a waste of talent of the A lister stars to play like a supporting roles for Sophie Turner just simply not workout. She's just like a wooden stick, flat and boring. About Raven also not make any sense., so why should we care about all this characters at all then? Story line seems to be rushing all the way, this is 2019 so I think the director insulting the audiences intelligent. I felt sad and angry after the film finished.
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you are fired
clegorju14 June 2019
I don't understand, why would you choose to Adapt a comics book or any existing writing to a movie, if you can't even respect the essence of the original story. Why re-writing the entire story to your taste? In this case the writer is obviously confuse, or is it the Version of the X-men found in the Twilight zone? I am a fan and a purist, I owned the entire collection of the X-men and sub publications, and am choked by this last version of the X-men saga, when you have so much material at your disposal to write a real scenario. This movie is a disaster, let's say it clearly, it is so bad, from the story line to the acting to the special effects, to....It doesn't reach the level of a Sci-Fi B movie. Wishing I could give negative rate to this...
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The worst X-Men movie
arabnikita7 June 2019
I love X-Men, I watched every single one in the past 20 years multiple times and while I did enjoy some more than others, I never hated any film. I closed my eyes to small mistakes and forgave them anything. Not this time.

Instead of going out strong and leaving a good impression after so many years, they did the exact opposite. The movie is distorted, rushed, predictable, flat and overall unimpressive. Everything looks cheap from the costumes to the decorations. The actors are uninterested in the movie and look like they just want to deliver their weak lines and get done as soon as possible. Nobody at Fox cared about this movie so why should we? I am sad for what was done to my beloved franchise.

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The end
busymomtimes415 June 2019
I was remembering X-Men 3, it was the same movie, however, this one was so much worse. No real story line, music did not fit the story, and it felt as if everyone just wanted to get this movie over with. X Men 3 did not leave me feeling like that. I love X men, it was so disappointing to see good actors working with such a terrible story.
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Missed opportunity.
rita-3-49703720 June 2019
This movie has possibly what can be considered the best comic book source material. I'm not saying this as a geeky fan-girl, but the original saga is considered far and large to be one of the best written story arcs ever. So I had great hope. Sadly I was disappointed. What struck me first in the first act in particular, was how bad the cast was acting. Their portraits made the characters come across as caricatures of themselves... getting depressed just thinking about it so I leave it as this. Now that Disney owns the rights to the X-men franchise, with actual Marvel-people on board, one can always hope that the third time will be a charme and they will decide to stick to the actual original story.
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literal garbage
chatterboxjs14 June 2019
If you want to waste about $20, and sit through the most cringe worthy, predictable, and poorly written garbage movie for an hour and a half, this is it. I will never get that time back, nor the brain cells i wasted watching this garbage, and honestly the directors did evan peters dirty as hell, what a waste of money, and time.
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Very disappointing
pegasusrider1813 June 2019
As an xmen fan, this is a pretty poor attempt. It seems as though they want to kill off this franchise, or at least use cheaper cast to continue this franchise. I was very let down by this movie and would not recommend anyone to go to the movies for this train wreck
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Oh dear
mickey_payne12 June 2019
Starting to think Sophie Turner is a bad penny. Slow build up, lack of story, poor finish.
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Suddenly "The last stand" becomes an amazing movie because of this one
yuyuplayer12 June 2019
People have said enough why this movie sucks big time, they deserve it, their arrogance has to pay with 100-120 million loss.

The first trilogy did a much better casting job, people were dedicated and invested, the second generation of actors and actresses are horrible (except James and Michael), especially JLawrence and the only reason she got the role was her fan base after The Hunger game. She is such a bad actress, she acts from her forehead and extremely ungrateful to the role, complains about makeup. The fans hate her so much, shape shifting is a cool mutation but it serves much better as a villain. She suits better to break in, steal, brew suspicion and hatred, fuel jealousy and supply anger, instead Kinberg has long (since DOFP) portrayed her as a heroine and played a critical role in forming in the Xmen, which is laughable and not in a good way. The bad actress has since then received a character without charisma or motives, she sucks!

But Fox, Singer and Kinberg never listen to the hardcore fans of the comic books, they like to segment new audience and billable teenagers. This approach is good as investors but unacceptable as artists, and they should not forget why they got into this industry.

Xmen and other comics are not children's book, they are pseudo-literature depicting the society from the point of view of different groups of people and fantasize it in their image. The Dark phoenix saga is a battle between the immense power, desire and imagination against our moral standards and constraints, the night before the fight with Skrull people they all have doubts, especially Scott's and Jeans read it through the portal in his head. Trying to turn an adults' book into some teenagers' blockbuster somehow loses its original charm, after years and years of complaining without being heard, the fans hold on to their wallets as their vote against this money sucking machine. Disney should learn from this expensive lesson and respect the audience a bit.
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rukieain18 June 2019
Trash. nothing much to review. now i only need to lengthen this to able to post. lol
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Worst thing ever . And not just on movies
allisonburgerslollol13 June 2019
It's so bad I had to watch Endgame all over again to get this out of my mind.
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What happened?
fordsierrarsc10 June 2019
To be clear, I love Sophie so much. But the first time i've seen that she is going to play Jean Grey I was sad... Just go back look Famke Jenssen's Phoenix and you will se what i'm talking about. I was afraid of her in previous movies, just looking at her face I could feel the power etc.. She was amazing. People say no one can replace Jackman as Logan? Same goes here for Jean. At least McAvoy and Fassbender are soo god here, they could actually save the movie. The rest of the cast is major mistake.. Plus the script was pathetic, lame and boring.. Sorry guys, I had high hopes for this movie.
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waste of time
seyma-h-arslan16 June 2019
While they writing the scnerio, they thought 'oh we can fool the audience'. this was not an xmen movie. there was a woman who has superpowers and teenager attitudes destroying everything that she saw for no reason, cries at everything.
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Totally flat.
joshbarton156 June 2019
Warning: Spoilers
And so here we are, at the end of the road for the X-Men franchise produced by Fox. I don't think this was supposed to be the case however, with Disney spending megabucks to buy 21st Century Fox, I can only see the next appearance from the famous mutant team being within the MCU, whenever that may come. Simon Kinberg has been on board the franchise for a while now, having multiple writing and producing duties throughout, and he makes the step up to directorial duties with Dark Phoenix.

After a mission to rescue astronauts goes wrong, Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) finds her powers enhanced by a solar flare, making her a serious threat to all life on Earth. It's up to the X-Men to stop her, some wanting to save her and others wanting her dead.

The most frustrating thing about Dark Phoenix is just how dull it all is, meaning it closes the Fox X-Men franchise with a bit of whimper rather than a triumphant flourish. This arc from the comics is supposedly iconic for the character yet there's no sense of that at all, Kinberg's writing and directing just feeling flat from start to finish.

Even the action sequences, save for the finale aboard a train, lack the excitement that usually makes these films entertaining at the very least. Impressive effects can't even mask the fact the action beats feel uninspired. Hans Zimmer's score doesn't even have the power to add much to proceedings either, which I never thought I'd say myself about the great composer.

Coming to the performances, Dark Phoenix is lacking a powerful lead for the titular character. Sophie Turner made a name for herself in Game of Thrones, a show where she was far from the best, and she doesn't own the gravitas to bring the Dark Phoenix. It's all little nicer than it should be. James McAvoy is the stand-out as Charles Xavier, once again showing dedication to the role akin to Patrick Stewart, while the likes of Nicholas Hoult, Jennifer Lawrence and even Michael Fassbender are wasted however, the real criminal act here is how the film doesn't utilise an actress of Jessica Chastain's calibre, reducing her to nothing much of a role at all.

It's a real shame things have ended this way for the franchise, no fanfare at all for the one that paved the way for the likes of the MCU seeming rather strange. With how the MCU has handled its prize characters, I cannot wait to see what they have in store for this iconic team.
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A decent enjoyable X-Men romp that doesn't deserve the ridiculously low ratings
sagniknath5 June 2019
As of the writing of this review, Dark Phoenix holds a bewilderingly low rating of 22% on Rotten Tomatoes. Even on Imdb, I see some disparagingly negative reviews that do not even specify what they particularly disliked about the film. Frankly, I do not intend to sugarcoat my review so as to counterbalance the low score derived from these reviews. Rather I hope to give the movie a fair chance and undermine the undeserved hate it has received from so many outlets so that interested potential viewers do not unjustly miss out on an otherwise OK film.

Now, if we are to focus solely on the X-Men films and not the solo Wolverine/Deadpool vehicles , I'd say X2 is still the best one of them with Future Past and First Class being close competitors. However, it can be agreed that Apocalypse was an absolute bore if not an abomination like X3. However, my point is if that even if Apocalypse could acquire a 47% RT score, I fail to see what upended Dark Phoenix with a pathetic 22% . One of my main complaints with Apocalypse was how uninspired and boring the action sequences had been . Even the main villain Apocalyspe had such a generic "I want to destroy the World" motivation. Here at least, they give the villains some sense of purpose even though it could have been better fleshed out.

They also tried to give Charles Xavier a bit more of a character dilemma instead of presenting him as the evergreen moralist. I also think James McAvoy gave his best performance yet as Professor X. However, Fasbender's portrayal of Magneto still felt so-so. He is still the same character from previous movies without much growth. They definitely could have introduced some interesting character evolution. The rest of the X-Men cast were the same as in previous films although Storm certainly was more fleshed out than in Apocalypse.

Now how does the story compare to X3 which was also based on the Dark Phoenix saga in the comics. Well, despite the bad dialogue and directing, I think it was told better in the older movie. However, what primarily holds the interest in the 2019 version are the action sequences. I felt the X-Men really acted as a team with all the mutants complimenting one another's superpowers to fight a common enemy. I am glad they didn't keep on overusing the same setup each time a fight scene ensued.

I also think they missed a fine opportunity to make Jessica Chastain more intimidating as a villain. She definitely is an excellent actor who could have brought more life to her role if it were more well written.

There are some cringeworthy SJW moments in the first act but the main catalyst for these scenes (thankfully) gets removed from the script before the second act starts.

So in conclusion, this movie is NOT a masterpiece nor is it the best X-men movie (which for me goes like X2>Future Past> X-Men 2000>First Class> Phoenix> Apocalypse> X3) But if all you want is a decent enjoyable theater experience where you can momentarily forget a somewhat uneventful life and focus on some effective PG-13 fantasy, then Dark Phoenix won't be a bad recommendation
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robertdhudson20 June 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I have watched the x men series of movies from the beginning. This movie has ruined it for me. Everything that happened in the other movies is undone or contradicted in this movie
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OwenReallyAwesome11 August 2019
A film with no passion put into it, actors who are clearly there for the paycheck, some of the worst visual effects I've seen all year and plot holes that make the previous movies worse and entire plot lines that are completely dropped and never brought up.

The worst X-Men movie ever made, I'm still baffled by how they went from Logan to this.
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Worst xmen franchise to date
asianhotx14 June 2019
None of the stories developed into anything. Cheesy lines, worse xmen fights and effects. Not worth going to cinema for.
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knous14 June 2019
This movie was an all around turd. The acting was terrible, the storyline could've been written by a ten year old. It was 2 hours of my life I'll never get back.
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Further evidence this franchise has died.
lordkrythic11 June 2019
Let's be honest right now. X-Men as a series has died. The last few movies, really starting at the third X-Men movie, really dropped off and started to clash lore wise. All the character recasting also didn't help. And now that Hugh Jackman is done playing wolverine, the series really has no where to go. Stop trying to breathe life into a carcass. Do yourself a favor, and let this franchise go dormant for at least 10-20 years, then do a reboot. I mean, you had to literally go back in time and retcon every other movie just to try and fix the lore that all your writers screwed up. That is evidence enough of how poorly this franchise was handled. Let it go. Really. And when you decide to pick it back up again, make sure you map out and have a cohesive story ready to go. One that you can't possibly screw up three movies in.

If anyone likes these movies, it's honestly because they're dumb. They have no idea what makes a movie a movie, and they don't even care about what they're watching. They have the IQ of Tree Frogs and just want pretty colors to be flashed at them. That's what this movie provides. Pretty colors for the ignorant masses.
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