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Loved the idea, not so thrilled about the result.
alexalex-447087 December 2019
As a fan of conspiracies for entertainment purposes I was really happy to find this film. The acting was pretty good and the plot too, but I still felt something was lacking from the film. Might be more enjoyable for those who already know about this particular conspiracy, rather than for those who have never heard of it.
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Better Than Its Reviews
tricia-snyder18 January 2020
Stumbled on to this last night and was very pleasantly surprised. It's one of those indy SciFi flicks that delivers ideas that leave you thinking long after you've forgotten the B-grade acting and production. (Movies like Listening, Coherence and the fantastic Primer come to mind.) If you are a science (especially if you like quantum physics) or movie nerd that likes a good think, I highly recommend it.
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Its rating is pretty accurate
hurley-828815 August 2020
Warning: Spoilers
The rating of this movie fluctuates between 5.5 to 6 out of ten and that's rather accurate to me. The actor of the main male protagonist doesn't seems to be very genuine at times, you can really feel like he's reciting a learnt text rather than putting emotion into what he's doing. I think this is due to the amount of research that went into multiple topics, such as coding, computer science, the mandela effect, the Universe, parralel Universes, etc... But the time spent in each of these fields was only to gather basic information, and it lacks the expertise of, well, experts that'd work on these subjects. The storyline itself has flaws, the major one being that it's not very believable. This guy is a game developper / designer (directly quoting what he says); but he's never at work ? Or the events happen in a wide span of time ? It's hard to really understand how much time goes by except for a few scenes where it's indicated by the actors. And how come this dev / designer can single handedly reboot the entire Universe ? It's nonsense, it'd take centuries to come up with such a code, he doesn't even fully understands the machine itself that is running the code, he doesn't know what it is, yet he somehow parasites the code through a quantuum computer. What is a quantuum computer compared to a machine capable of running a simulation of the entire Universe where EVERYONE is the protagonist ? It's litteraly nothing.

Overall a movie that dwelves on an interesting concept but the lack of expertise in the matter coming from the directors end up making the movie pretty unbelievable and sloppy on the technical details.
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An Uninteresting Take on an Intriguing Subject
TwistedContent6 December 2019
Tricks of the mind, psychological phenomenons and conspiracy theories are very intriguing themes & promising plot devices - provided the effort, of course. "The Mandela Effect" is a small scale indie scifi drama/thriller and I do deem it quite effortful, just not in all the right areas. If you want an in-depth or just a fresher look at the phenomenon of mandela effect - this movie is not it.

"The Mandela Effect" has a few things going for it. A few minutes in & it's more than obvious that the budget was small, but the enthusiasm of filmmaking is there & technically it's an allright indie feature. Charlie Hofheimer & Aleksa Palladino provide decent performances & it was nice seeing my beloved Penguin from "Gotham" or Robin Lord Taylor, although portraying an uninteresting character this time. And Clarke Peters simply didn't get enough screen time. The effort can also be appreciated in all of the visual aspects of "The Mandela Effect", cinematography's not exceptional, at all, but not sloppy either. The problem, however, is that, for a movie based on such an interesting subject,which has sparked and still sparks infinite discussions, it's just.. an uninteresting take on it. Grantedly, topics like this one don't have any definite resolutions, but it has no boundaries in creativity when trying to depict it in arts and fiction. "The Mandela Effect" tries to keep the story up and going with only half succesfully focusing on the tragedy that's tormenting our two main charaters, while all the other themes - the intriguing ones - eventually just wind up nowhere. "the Mandela Effect" will get you intrigued, then drag for a bit in the middle & end it all vaguely beautifully and also highly unsatisfyingly.

It almost feels like it could've been a bit better if they just renamed it as something not widely known & changed the narration just a bit. Promising secrets and mystery solutions, "The Mandela Effect" provides only an average indie flick with a disappointing core shtick. My rating: 5/10.
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Combines current real-life comp-sci and physics concepts with a compelling indie story
jsauve20 January 2020
I was pleasantly surprised by how refreshingly accurate some of the computer science and physics concepts in this film were woven into a compelling story of loss, hope, and personal struggle. I'm a computer programmer myself, and I am always pleased when computer science concepts are represented at least half-ways accurately in a film. The Mandela Effect does a great job of this, with its realistic linux terminal and scripting scenes, and even demonstrating concepts like procedural programming by using scenes from actual modern video games. For entertainment value, there are of course other scenes that are not so life-like, but lend themselves well to the story without being incredulous.

Likewise, it's really cool to see physics / cosmology / perceptual reality concepts portrayed in a way that conveys our real-life understanding of some pretty heavy metaphysical theories. I feel like the film strikes that ever-so-tricky balance between presenting real-life technology without Hackers-like ridiculousness, while also stretching the limits of truth by delving into the fiction side of sci-fi in a way that doesn't insult an educated audience's intelligence.
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Great movie!
competitionuk27 December 2019
Definitely worth a watch, great acting with an intriguing subject.

Absolutely recommend this one.
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Effective Near-Perfect Philosophical Sci-Fi (which would benefit from a better poster)
CarsonTrent6 December 2019
Excellent mind bending Sci-Fi which uses limited technical means expertly and puts big budget productions dealing with a similar subject matter (The Matrix, eXistenZ, The Thirteenth Floor) to shame.

The trailer features an Alan Watts (British Philosopher which created a unique cultural bridge between Western and Eastern Philosophy) audio lecture on the topic of perception and asking questions such as: How much of what is do we perceive? In what measure can we trust our senses? What is reality?

The movie features a family in a future altering moment of their lives. A momentary decision will change their reality forever. The father being a computer coder subsequently notices oddities in day to day life which chases him down a rabbit hole of conspiracy theories (the Mandela effect) to uncover the "truth" behind reality itself.

However the movie is more than just the expertly crafted family thriller. It dares asking and also answering some of the deepest philosophical questions which current developments in technology (informatics and measuring devices such as the CERN particle accelerator etc) and theoretical physics are starting to grasp. The fact that what is "real" is so only in relation to an observer. If the observer isn't there, "reality" doesn't manifest. What happens if a tree falls in the forest? Does it make a sound or not if there isn't anyone to hear it? Of course it doesn't make a sound. Because sound is a relationship between the object making a sound (vibrations in the air) and the ear-drum hearing it. The ear evokes the reality of the falling tree. Existence is therefore RELATIONSHIP.

I enjoyed the movie immensely mostly because it challenges Western assumptions about the Universe, ourselves, our role (free will) and what is real and it opens a gate to questioning and perhaps uncovering some ancient wisdom along the way. Yes, we believe that we are on the brink of uncovering the "truths" of the World through technology. We are certain that we must. Because we want to control everything. But what if we are instead just going to uncover that we have ignored what our fore-fathers already understood. Indeed the binary language of computing is based on an ancient Chinese philosophical book called i Ching (The Book of Changes - Ying and Yang, Black and White, opposites secretly mutually revealing themselves). Which in turn is based on even older Buddhist (in turn an of-shoot of Hinduism, an even older philosophy) philosophy which gave birth to Taoism in China. And Buddhism is the one philosophy of Reality which is consistent with measuring techniques and calculations of modern physics. It opens up perception into a "reality" in which there is no outside observer (Us) but only experience as such arising from the relationship between observer and the observed. A non-dual eternal happening which is forever coming into being anew through vibration. Yes it is a "simulation". But not in the V.R. sense. It's a neurological experience. When we open our eyes we see what is in our brains. The "outside" World is created "inside" our brains and thus is ourselves. Which leaves Western man and his "exact World of calculus", in which he believed to be a center of thought and action, revealed as a hallucination. Because there isn't anything to hold on to for him. Not concepts. Not "real, tangible" things. No Creator Ruler of the Universe. No way to pin it all down (Although the movie suggests a creator and goes down the path where man can and does manage to "control" things in a minor way, if only by using a crafty lever. But these are the devices of western story-telling and they are used masterfully, here).

"Your MIND is all there is, everything", Alan Watts.

"If there is any religion that could cope with modern scientific needs it would be Buddhism". Albert Einstein

P.S.: I believe Alan Watts should have a credit in this movie
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Viewers need to learn the meaning of science FICTION
Snootz30 June 2020
In reading the negative reviews here, something that pops up over and over is, "What a stupid concept, unrealistic, there are other explanations" etc etc ad nauseum.

What these viewers need to understand is that this film isn't postulating this as a possibility. That's why it's called science FICTION. It is an interesting take on a commonly experienced mental aberration. Yes, there are many conspiracy theorists and people who believe this is actually possible. The inability to tell the difference between reality and fantasy is a widespread psychological problem. This should come as no surprise to anyone.

This is a science fiction movie that states "What if?". It presents a concept, a climax, and a satisfactory resolution... which is all any movie should do. To discuss it further I'd have to go into spoilers, and not going to do that. If one saw this movie and didn't "get it", that's a shame because it has a very believable and understandable ending. Try not to read too much into things and just enjoy it as a fictional "what if?" scenario played through to its logical conclusion. That should help the viewer enjoy this film much more than if they try to tear apart the logic and reality of the premise.

It's science fiction... emphasis on the fiction. In this case.... it's directed well, acted well, the story is consistent and holds together. We don't need to know the who or why or "is this really possible?". All of that is irrelevant to the story being told. All in all it's fairly well done.

Note to parents: contains one F-bomb. Would have been a better film without it, but there's modern film-making for you. Never write something intelligent when a quick obscenity will do.
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Cool idea
mvike20 January 2020
Warning: Spoilers
The concept we all know, and as cool as it is...the brother in law IS chances are correct. It's misremembering, false memories are insanely easy to create. Then all it takes, you take some things that were known but not hugely popular and that's why no one remembers for sure. Also, science has shown if you're on the fence about something (say you're not sure if it's Toons or Tunes) and someone plants one or the other in your mind, your mind will accept it easily. Hence why there are no HUGE ones that we use daily, nor are there any recent ones in the last 5-10 years. Why isn't your name suddenly spelled another way one day? Why is it an old friend doesnt remember you anymore? See what I mean, it has to be vague and older, and less important.

Anyways, to the movie... it started out great I really liked it...but where it really went down hill fast was him attempting to change reality, and I guess he's able to do this from home...? And then at the end he somehow resets the code to go back to before the accident took place...was I the only one that was thinking ..."WHAT code is this?" "How did he make this code?" How the heck did he know how to make a code to go back to that exact moment in time...? The idea is cool, but how on Earth did he know how to design a code for a God simulation that took him back in time to the exact moment he wanted to, and not screw up anything before that moment!? Even if you say "he corrupted it so it had to be reset"...okay, then how and why did it go back to THAT exact moment...? It's as if he looked over the entire simulation code and was able to find that one moment in time? Which is maybe what he did but that seems basically impossible. And it was only 4.3 GB? Haha.

Cool idea, falls apart big time in final 20 minutes.
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Realistic thriller weaves actual Mandela Effect examples into sci-fi plot
cynthiasl6 December 2019
The Mandela Effect invites us to enter the world of Brendan, a father who is dealing with devastating personal loss just as he discovers that reality is changing--seemingly by itself. Brendan notices many changes to games, cartoons, children's book titles and characters, peanut butter, and more. Though Brendan attempts to share what he is learning about the Mandela Effect from online searches with his wife and brother-in-law, he sees they don't share his zeal to discover what is going on.

The Mandela Effect presents several possible theories for what might be causing people to collectively mis-remember so many things, and zeroes in on one particular theory that resonates for it's central protagonist, Brendan. Brendan is played by Charlie Hofheimer, who does a wonderful job of conveying swirling panoplies of emotions from coming face-to-face with memories that he knows are real for him, yet that are no longer reliably preserved in photos, books, or any other way humans store our histories and facts.

I love the emotional arc of this movie, and the way the movie's hero's indomitable spirit shines through to keep motivating him to take positive action, even when it seems his whole world is falling apart. Clarke Peter, the actor playing the role of Dr. Fuchs, does a marvelous job, as does Robin Lord Taylor, playing the part of Brendan's brother-in-law.

I love how the Mandela Effect provides insights as to how it feels to be living adjacent to other similar, yet slightly different possible realities. Discussions about how this might be happening, and some of the implications of this are presented in tantalizing overview.

The Mandela Effect is an excellent conversation-starter for those who might not yet be aware that large numbers of people are noticing their memories do not match what is presented as 'how things have always been.' At this point in time when some of the world's top visionaries and scientists believe we might be living in a simulation, The Mandela Effect invites us to contemplate how we might be seeing signs of this in our daily lives.

Highly recommended!
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Very underrated!!! This film was excellent
tfcthefilmclub21 May 2020
I really like the butterfly effect. But this movie is better in every aspect. I really like how they approach to the point the real/actual conspiracy theories are showing right in front of your PC. Loved the music, the acting, the rythm, etc. Very recommended.
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Indie Gem
MaximusXXX23 May 2020
More people need to understand what indie cinema really is. Low budget build on concept and execution. For an 80 min independent film this is top notch production. The notion itself is enough to generate interest. And personally the ending is satisfying.
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rudygerst26 May 2020
So, some dude learned about the Mandela effect and decided to make a film about it. That's it.

No real sci-fi, just draggng drama
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nancyfr965 January 2020
My fave type of movie where nothing is what is seems to be. Really makes you think. If you don't like thinking, then watch Hobbs and Shaw. If you do like thinking, you'll love this movie.
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Good for what it is
malhaas-jacobsz1 January 2020
This a good sci-fi movie. Based on one idea and written for that purpose. Good "just chill and watch" movie.
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Poorly written and executed
pediatricgrime6 December 2019
I thought it would be more intellectually challenging, instead it took shortcuts in the story to get its point. But without real science, it wasn't even science fiction but just a mediocre drama film.
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Sophomoric Writing
lftflank21 June 2020
Don't waste your time. This suffers from Donnie Darko syndrome, where it tries to make you believe it's an intelligent film but it really isn't. It's an interesting concept, filled with vagaries.
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Fantastic science fiction
blakelywilliams-297738 December 2019
Like a more philosophical The Matrix. Solid acting for the lower budget nature of the film. For as exposition heavy as it is the writing manages to keep everything clear and moving, and might even get you asking questions about your own ideas of reality. It's not gonna win many awards, but it's also pretty entertaining sci-fi throughout.
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this one will blow your mind!
ameekpruthi6 December 2019
Well i was a little skeptical when u saw this movies trailer but now i am blown out by this movie. i will divide this review into pros and cons CONS: there is little or no character development and the story is mostly based on the idea of life simulation but it is justified because of its less runtime. mandela affect is less explored than thought the last climax scene is a bit rushed PROS; it nails down the tone of the movie and somehow connects the dot by trying to justify life simulation it has emotions of grief,sadness and is a low budget movies hence vfx look a little funky. the direction is amazing and the concept carried is astounding and thought provoking . i love this movie and will recommend this to anyone who believes in these type of things
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Interesting subject, but the final result is disappointing
fciocca18 October 2020
I am very intrigued about parallel universes theories. A few years ago when this Mandela Effect theory came out on the internet, people were crazy about it, but after a while everybody forgot about it. Last year I watched the trailer of this movie, it was weird and very confusing. Recently I was able to finally watch it. I have to say that the subject is really interesting and premises are also very good: a father that lost his daughter, refuse to accept the loss and stumble against the Mandela Effects theories. The narration is smooth, but unfortunately the movie fails to explain how the guy managed to cross different parallel universes. The ending feels extremely rushed, and I think that they finished all the budget available for the movie on VFX, in the very last scenes. Even if it is just 1 hour and 20 minutes long, there are some moments that feels a little bit dragged.

Acting is solid, the two main characters delivers a good performance, the struggling feels real. Very happy to see again Charlie Hofheimer, which played Peggy Olson's boyfriend in the famous TV show Mad Men.

Overall is a solid movie that gives a straight forward and clear narration, there is no mistery, no open interpretation possible by the audience, thing that is pretty much common in this kind of movies. You don't even have to do some research on the Mandela Effect before watching this movies, as the basis of this theory are already explained. It's a movie for a small niche and I am pretty sure that most of people that watched or will watch this are in some ways already interested in this kind of topics. It is worth a watch, if you are into this kind of stuff, for all the others, I think that this could just be a waste of time.
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powerful in its simplicity
twillems-7817319 December 2019
Warning: Spoilers
The Mandela Effect is one thing, existential questions about the probability of living in a simulation, whether there are alternate realities etc. is something else. This movie covers many of these topics by presenting a simple story about a father who loses his child and how he copes with this loss and his grief. I very much liked the simplicity of the story, how it was told and presented to the viewer and with a very meaningful message. Simple and yet, hitting home hard for me, coping with the loss of someone very dear to me and having comparable questions about life and our existence.

It can be a soothing thought that your deceased loved one lives on in an alternate dimension. At the same time, when it is just a tiny random change in past events that could have prevented their death, it hurts to be aware of that and be powerless to change it (in this reality). The happy ending of the movie is sadly not something that happens in real life...
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Parallel Universe, stimulating.
rsvp32126 December 2019
Great sci fi, as it was meant to be.

Pew pew lasers and expensive CGI isn't needed to captivate your imagination.

Better than so much of the Hollywood garbage being churned out, these days!
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Hey Sam??? Leave George With Us.
wandernn1-81-68327430 May 2020
+1 Star For Clarke Peters performance...... I really enjoy seeing any actor from The Wire in just about anything.

+1 Star For Faceplanting the Interfering Labcoat into the concrete floor. That was exactly what that fool deserved.

-1 Star For The Ending. Really a better ending could have given the story more point.

An interesting take on the alternative universe theory but not a whole lot of umph where it needed it most.
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not it
LeahSnyder1523 May 2020
I'm a believer in alternative / parallel universes... and this movie did not do that theory justice. The potential is there.. I would love this plot redone properly.
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A sci-fi movie that you will sleep while watching
lucasnewsavril4 January 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Don't waste your time. The movie plays over the feeling of parents that lost their children and the paranoia that there is a virtual world and actually they can "hack the matrix" and go back in time. What was that end? All they needed was to be good parents and ask the children to don't take the teddy bear with her and then she wouldn't die? Why not simply monitor what a children is doing in the FU**ING SEA instead of taking a nap!!!! Guys, seriously, hire me, I can write better scripts.
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