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The cast handles the sometimes ludicrous plot shifts with relative equanimity, although Cavill seems like he’s trying way too hard to embrace his role as a conflicted cop and father attempting to protect his teen daughter while pursuing a killer ruthlessly targeting innocent young women.
A great cast including Henry Cavill and Ben Kingsley is wasted in the predictable serial killer thriller Night Hunter.
At a time when television is easier to make than films, it's a pity that a quart of plot in a pint-sized pot is largely to blame for this muddled misfire, which wastes some promising ideas and an impressive cast.
This is such twaddle it becomes kind of fun, except that there’s an uncomfortable feeling – as with many vigilante movies – that the film is revelling in the sexual violence and covering itself with the fig leaf of justice-seeking.
Night Hunter is good enough that we can see why a cast of this caliber would sign on and trek to Canada in the winter. There are good scenes, good lines, a couple of good performances. But whatever coherence the players saw on the page was lost in the trip between the shoot on set and the editing bay, from the looks of it.
The film is so clichéd and scattershot as to make Copycat look like Peeping Tom by comparison.
"Unnecessary Roughness” is a more apt title for the scuzzy serial killer procedural Night Hunter.
Caught between a hero with no personality and a villain with way too much (Fletcher’s slobbering performance has to be seen to be believed), Raymond comforts himself with shots of people gazing pensively at clues and pulling grisly things from drains.
The biggest mystery in the serial-killer thriller Night Hunter isn’t the identity of a super-predator, or the location of his abductees. The real question here is how such a preposterous compendium of crime movie clichés could attract a heavyweight cast.
As Nomis steps up the pace like a runner losing balance and falling forward, the clichés pile up and plot points fly at us more like insecure stabs at holding our interest than naturally edgy developments.

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