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Sex & Nudity

  • Constant references to sex and sexual humor involving middle-school students. Occasional comic cartoon nudity for example a boy imagines a team of giant penises playing basketball, and another scene showing a girl examining her vagina while the vagina talks to her (the vagina is shown in a mirror in close-up).
  • A girl talks to her Vagina about masturbation but is done in an educational and comedic way.
  • Two 12 year olds and two high schoolers play a game where they each face in a competition to see who can ejaculate on a cracker the fastest. The loser is required to eat the cracker which has cum all over it.
  • A boy has sex with his bath mat.
  • Bare breasts of middle school students are drawn.
  • Full-screen closeup of a 13-year-old's penis and testicles.
  • There are a lot of sexual references and some "nudity" but it's a cartoon.
  • A monster forces a decapitated head to perform fellatio on him.
  • Lots of nudity and sex related jokes.

Violence & Gore

  • Jay and one of his brothers are seen fighting and Jay gets knocked out. Andrew fights Nicky and blood is seen.
  • Kids heads explode as they have conversations and learn new facts.
  • A monster slaughters a talk show host's head and holds his severed head up in the air.


  • In addition to the sexual dialogue, there is frequent mild to strong language such as "f*ck", "sh*t", "pussy", "dick", "bitch", "ass", "damn", and "hell". Infrequent very strong language ("c*nt") appears.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Adults are seen socially drinking.
  • Some occasional mild drug references (for example, a character referring to a friend who died of a heroin overdose).
  • Many kids and teenagers are seen drinking "cotton candy brandy". One of the main characters becomes drunk later on in the episode
  • A father is seen smoking weed while his daughter has a slumber party.
  • A man drops his cocaine on the street and mugs two boys after.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Some, but infrequent, bloody violence.
  • A monster slaughters a man.
  • Infrequent bloody, and sometimes disturbing, violence in the first season, including a child accidentally slitting their arm with thorns, and a monster decapitating a man, the head shown in graphic and bloody detail, and forcing it to perform fellatio on him.
  • A teenage boy purposely pushes a cripple out of his wheelchair.
  • Some viewers may find Andrews meltdown in the episode "My Furry Valentine" quite upsetting.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • At the end of the season, characters ponder whether future episodes can go a little further and actually show the middle-school students having sex. One character asks, isn't that child pornography, and the other replies, perhaps not if it's animated.
  • A high schooler tries to force a girl to give him a blowjob as they make out on the bed.
  • A boy gets a pillow pregnant. It is later shown that the pillow had sex with the boys brother.
  • A party of elderly ghosts looks at a 12 year old boys penis. The boy wants to know if it is big enough to be sucked by Tallulah Levine the "blowjob machine". The ghost laugh at him and call his penis a baby's nose.

Violence & Gore

  • All the kids get superpowers in one episode and attack each other showing gory scenes and violence

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • In season 2 episode 6 the plot is about Jessi and Nick getting high on edibles.

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