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I'm not a wrestling fan but......
gryhndrsh23 February 2019
Warning: Spoilers
You dont need to be a wrestling fan to absolutely adore this movie. Its more of a strong family themed movie and a heroic from nowhere to star sports flick. It has at least a half dozen laugh out loud moments, a few moments of stealthily wiping my watering eyes and the euphoric grand finally. If you are a fan of sports movies...go see it!!! Also what else could be better than a van load of aspiring wrestling youngsters doing the sing a long to Iron Maiden!
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Good movie, nice performances, a few fact inaccuracies - but that is forgivable
svhot6 February 2019
Warning: Spoilers
A movie, whether based on a true story or fictional one, or maybe a blend of both facts and fictionalized scenes and events - well, just watch and enjoy this one folks, don't be overly-critical all the time. "Fighting with my Family" is inspired by the story of the Knight family.

Dwayne Johnson delivers an enjoyable performance once again. The comic timing and chemistry between him and the other actors is worth watching. This movie definitely deserves more appreciation for its entertainment factor. It is funny and truly heartwarming.
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Goodness, one of my best MGM films
m-8673015 February 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This one is rather good for MGM movies, as it follows the journey of professional wrestler Saraya "Paige" Bevis, from growing up in a household of professional wrestlers to winning the WWE Divas Championship in 2014. The film also features the conflict between Saraya and her brother, Zak, as the two both compete in try-outs for WWE; however only Saraya is signed.

Rather great.
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Heartwarming movie based on a true story
itsactuallyamanda17 February 2019
Fighting With My Family was for sure worth the hype. As a long time fan of Paige and the Knight family, I was very excited to see this film and it did not disappoint. Florence Pugh did an amazing job portraying Paige to the point that you would think they are twins. The story itself is very heartwarming and incredible. Fighting With My Family is for sure a must see.
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Funny! Entertaining!
urge-forfor18 February 2019
With current poltical noise and extreme Winter climes, I chose to go and see this movie. It's hilarious, filled with tender, and endearing moments. Worth the money! Thanks to The Rock!
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Fighting With My Family (2019)
rockman18217 February 2019
Had to double take on the director and writer and make sure if it was THE Stephen Merchant writing and directing this film and it turned out it was so that was interesting. I used to be a super huge WWE fan from 1999-2011. By super huge I mean, I used to watch every show religiously and know everything about each athlete. I'm familiar with Paige through sporadic watching here and there and seeing her on Total Divas and am certainly not a fan of her or how she carries herself but this film was a fairly fun albeit cliched film.

The film tells the story of Saraya "Paige" Bevis and her background. Her family are all wrestling crazed and put on wrestling shows and train others in Norwich. Paige and her brother get called up for a WWE tryout but only Paige makes the cut. Paige's brother is devastated and Paige must deal with the drastic change in her life and the hard road to living out her dream.

Florence Pugh is already an established talent in my eyes because of her performance in Lady Macbeth. She's really fantastic in this, and disappears into the role of a WWE hopeful. The writing of Merchant and the care with which he gives to the comedy, the drama, and the heart involved in developing the characters is great. Its crazy to think that Merchant did not know a thing about wrestling before taking on the project. Side note: Merchant was in attendance at my screening for a Q and A and gave good insight into the project.

The film can't help feeling cliched. Training montage, sibling rivalry leading to a profound confrontation that resolves the issue, and the underdog overcoming the odds. I find it weird that real life Paige was just given the WWE Divas championship on her WWE debut but whatever. Overall, the film maintains a good balance of comedy and drama and you don't need to know anything about WWE or sports entertainment to enjoy the film. Merchant does a good job.

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Loved it
fatonmillanaj330 January 2019
Got a chance to see this film at an early screening and I have to say it is one of the best funniest, heartwarming movie of 2019.
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Comedic heartwarming film even for non-wrestling fans
gianthaole24 February 2019
Ok, so I have been a wrestling fan since I was a kid, BUT my wife has not been a fan but we both really enjoyed this film. It has great acting, comedy, and a behind the scenes look at the success and failures of hard work and determination. I enjoyed the brothers point of view more than Paiges. I would recommend this movie to wrestling fans and people who enjoy a good story that has laughs and struggles to go with it. Go see it.
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Made me laugh
nathanmanson21 February 2019
The film was hilarious and it made me laugh constantly, I'm not familiar with the true story so I can't talk about that but I went to the cinema to watch a film that would make me laugh and it did just that.
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Make Your Dreams Come True
ymyuseda17 April 2019
Rating 7.0/10 Make your dreams come true. For me this movie just okay. Simple storyline, not interesting. If you are not expecting something out of the ordinary, you are guaranteed to be entertained. The only good in this movie, when we can seen The Rock. To Florence Pugh a.k.a Saraya Knight you have a good acting performance in this movie !! For all of you, go watch it if you're a hardcore fan of wwe !!
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decent WATCHABLE film
BigNikkrDikk14 February 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Not fully aware of paige and her families history and due to that i may have fewer things i dislike about it. The movie was pretty good for a casual fan you will obviously know some things were added to make it more interesting although a little bit more effort could have been added. Zelina Vega in no way represented AJ Lee from her look our even attire which i felt they may have gotten lazy on. Overall pretty decent movie felt a bit rushed and like some info was left out but was a nice attempt at putting a biopic of sorts together on a person who doesnt have extended history and a long list of memorable events in her career. I think a few other female superstars could have shined better with something like this but for what it was worth it was watchable.
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If You Are A Wrestling Fan, You Should Enjoy It
stevendbeard23 February 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I saw "Fighting with My Family", starring Florence Pugh-The Commuter, Lady Macbeth_2016; Nick Frost-Into the Badlands_tv, Hot Fuzz; Lena Headey-Game of Thrones_tv, 300 and Vince Vaughn-Hacksaw Ridge, Mr.&Mrs. Smith. This movie is based on a true story about a female wrestler and her wrestling family. Florence plays Saraya Knight, aka Paige. Nick & Lena are her parents, who had a traveling wrestling show in England that they performed in. The whole family wrestled including her 2 brothers-one was in prison for most of the movie for getting into fights-and there were even matches with the parents verses the kids. Vince plays the talent scout for the WWE, aka World Wrestling Entertainment, and when he announces on tv that there will be a new talent cattle call and all newcomers are welcome, Florence and her brother-the one that is not in prison-go for a try out. The movie is written & directed by Stephen Merchant, an actor that has a cameo in the film. There are several wrestling cameos as well. I'm not up on my wrestlers like I used to be but I did recognize Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and John Cena, and yes, The Rock is pretty much a cameo role-he has a couple of scenes-not like the previews make you think. As the end credits start, you get a look at the real Knight family. It's rated "PG-13" for violence, drug content, language and sexual content-no nudity-and has a running time of 1 hour & 48 minutes. If you are a wrestling fan, you should enjoy it. I know I did and I would buy it on DVD.
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Fun movie even if you aren't a wrestling fan.
leopd1224 February 2019
I stopped watching WWF about 10 years or so ago, around the time the Rock and others were leaving...but I STILL loved this movie.

Fun coming of age story with a great amount of laughter, drama, and of course wrestling. Well paced with decent writing and all the actors do well in their roles. For wrestling fans and non fans alike. There's something for everyone to like.
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Delivered more than I expected
piggulu25 February 2019
Although I'm a casual wrestling fan of over 20 years, I wasn't really planning on seeing this. Paige was a good wrestler, but her life story wasn't something I had any interest in. However, even if a lot of stuff might of been "enhanced," the movie doesn't fail to be entertaining. There's a surprisingly good amount of sharp wit and one-liners without being too screwball and keeping the drama intact. All the cast is great, especially Vince Vaughn as the coach who has to dash the recruits' dreams.

But I thought it glossed over too much of what made her special enough to rise in the first place. Sure she had the talent, but if you want to know how she made jump to champion then you're going to be disappointed. So they could've expanded a bit more on that.

Overall, it was a fun time and I can give a hearty recommendation even if you don't care for wrestling.
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Best wrestling movie since ready to rumble
dan-0926324 February 2019
Nailed it! Hope this is the first of many more WWE superstar inspired films. Really peeled back the curtain into the universe behind the universe.
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Decent family film about decent people.
torrascotia28 February 2019
This is a very British working class comedy which centres around a wrestling mad family and their dreams of stardom. Its based on a true story and roughly around a documentary of the family made recently. At the helm is one of the writers of The Office, the superior UK version not the US remake. Also on board are a few American actors and Nick Frost from Spaced. The tone of the movie is something like the commitments or Full Monty, you may need to be British to get some of the humour. Fortunately not all movies are made with the states in mind. It is very funny however some of the language and scenes of violence may not make it suitable for smaller kids. Also I have no interest or knowledge of wrestling but that didnt detract from the enjoyment of the movie. This is not a mega-bucks The Rock vehicle, its a low key small budget UK flick with no real surprises but a few laughs along the way. Its quite enjoyable. Also the last thing, the reviewer know as "thebricks" used the final section of his review to call the UK a dump and suggest the people here just drink and fight which is highly offensive to us in the UK. The fact that despite it being flagged twice for being offensive and off topic shows the mods do not seem to care about xenophobia. That being the case then I reckon the US is a dump full of obese low IQ xenophobes who don't understand anything outside of their own trailer park. This movie is not for them.
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Typical feel good film, made in the best of British style
markthomassintek4 March 2019

At first glance this film is a very British film and watching it I thought would American film goers even go to see it because it is very British, the humour, the accents, the houses but at the end of the film I actually realised the most important thing, something that isn't even being used for the promotion of this feel good film, it's actually a true story!

Yes an underdog from Norwich did win the Diva WWE championship belt, not once but twice!

Typical feel good film, made in the best of British style and Dwayne The Rock Johnson producing!

I will admit I was pleasantly surprised by this film and actually laughed out loud at a few of the British jokes included, because of this I now will have to eat my words and take back what I said at the start of this review, yes this appeals to British film goers and yes it will certainly appeal to American film goers also, good call Steven Merchant

Rating 7 out of 10
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Do you Smell What The Rock Is Producing? A Quality Comedy/Drama
rgkarim23 February 2019
Another day, another chance to review a movie, and this morning's review is an interesting film that held much potential to be fun and unique. Sports movies seem to be the theme of this week, though this film certainly is not the typical approach to a typical sport that is portrayed in the film. Robbie K here to take a look at the British comedy about an American sports venue that continues to rake in the dough of Wrestling, and the hidden world that you might not know involved in the theatrical event. Let's get started as I take a look at:

Movie: Fighting With My Family (2019)

Director: Stephen Merchant Writer: Stephen Merchant Stars: Dwayne Johnson, Lena Headey, Vince Vaughn


Funny Deeper Story Training Montages Casting Good Utilization of Extras Good Pace Unique


Fighting With My Family may not be the typical comedy given a lot of approaches with this movie, but my friend and I both did enjoy the comedy that was presented. It's a good mix of dry and wet comedy, utilizing slapstick, with witty English humor to bring some epic laughs to the mix that aren't shoved in your face. By not focusing so much on the comedy, Merchant's work was able to tell a deeper story about the WWE legend Paige, pushing into a number of elements that I had not expected from the trailers. Character development, major themes of family, friendship, dedication, and many other subplots actually work well to provide an engaging film that isn't quite the norm for this genre. In addition, it reveals the hard work that goes into becoming a wrestler, and how physically/emotionally demanding the application process can be in something that many do not even pass a look at. The cast certainly does the job of bringing the tale to life with Florence Pugh and Jack Lowden crushing their performances with characters that drive much of the movie, the former in particular being the central pillar to base everything around. Yet secondary characters played by Nick Frost, Lena Headey and Vince Vaughn are utilized so well that they not only avoid overshadowing, but really mesh well with the main performers. Even the tertiary characters have some good involvement in the film, showing that you can utilize the cast well and tell a very good story, even with a super celebrity in the mix. Needless to repeat, but will anyway, this film utilizes its actors very well, crafting a family component. And it is all done with a pace that is entertaining to watch, not being too caught up in the drama to be slow, and yet still going slow enough to tell much of the story. Certainly this is a unique concept, but also a unique example of how a movie can be done.


The Inclusion of the Extra brother The Rapid Development of Character Relationships at Times The Rapid Story jumps at times. Dramatization Vs. Facts Semi Predictable


Finding dislikes for me was a little harder than I anticipated, but here are few parts of the story that were a little off my element. While the characters were done well, the extra brother that got brought in I don't think was utilized as well. Yes, he has his place, but compared to some of the other characters, his arc had some drama and potential, but then kind of fizzled out compared to what I thought they were going to do. In addition, the movie surprisingly made some good character relationships, but then progressed them a little too quickly. I was hoping that there would be a little more time with tending to the flourishing relationship they were starting to build. This is primarily during the wrestling training period where things go from zero to 100% in a relatively short amount of time, and while still good I wanted more development with them in terms of that story arc. And because of trying to fit the tale in the shorter amount of time, the movie, especially near the end led to some hasty jumps that just as things were starting to develop were quickly transitioned to the next phase. Again, I would have liked a little more fleshed out conclusions and integrations, but it certainly is not as short sheeted as some other films have done. In regards to the dramatization, well it works to add that Hollywood magic to jazz up stories, but I do understand that those who know Paige's story might want more fact than fiction. I can't really say I know the story, but the movie works well to blend the structures with that Hollywood magic to make it entertaining. If you are fans of the story of the youngest Diva though, then brace yourself for some potential divergence. In regards to the rest of the tale, the semi predictable plot is something else difficult to ignore, though again, the rest of the movie sort of offsets this component so it's only a minor area of improvement.


Surprisingly, the movie worked much better than what I was expecting from the trailers. It's balanced on many levels, telling an entertaining story, with multiple levels than the typical comedy brings to you. With great use of characters/actors, comedy that is a bit diversified, and a pace that brings the wrestling world to life, you have a fantastic film to get lost into. Yet, there are still a few other components still in need of more time than anything else, to take those components they were building and strengthen them further. I enjoyed this film a lot to warrant a trip to the theater, but can understand if you want to reserve your trips to the more special effect frenzy that other films have going for it. Definitely look for it at home though.

My scores are:

Biography/Comedy/Drama: 8.5 Movie Overall: 8.0
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It was definitely funnier than I was expecting!
novagirl1125 February 2019
You don't need to know the story or about the WWE to enjoy this movie. Dwayne Johnson and Vince Vaughn were both really great! Florence Pugh gave a very moving performance. I love that they showed the real family in clips during the end credits!
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A Knight's Tale
southdavid4 March 2019
Full disclosure first, I am a wrestling fan and I knew the majority of Paige's story and how the WWE and pro-wrestling works before seeing this.

The Knight family love professional wrestling. It has changed the lives of Julia (Lena Headey) and Ricky (Nick Frost) and their passion has transferred to their three children, particularly to their son Zak (Jack Lowden) and daughter Saraya (Florence Pugh). Having grown up performing for the families Norwich based federation, a shot at the big time comes when both children are asked to attend try-outs for World Wrestling Entertainment.

All that said, you don't really need to know anything about wrestling to enjoy "Fighting with My Family". It's a relatable story of someone from an unlikely background overcoming the odds to find success far from home. It's has a very British sense of humour, with lots of jokes with swearwords or about class differences, both between the Knights and Zak's prospective in-laws and between Paige and her peers once she's over in the performance centre. It probably has slightly too much swearing to be a real family film, but is still pretty gentle in its overall tone and themes. What makes the film successful is the performances of actors in the key roles. Frost and Headey are great, as is Florence Pugh, who continues to be a star on the rise after her performance in "Little Drummer Girl" last year. It's Jack Lowden, however, who has the most to do and excels with it, dealing with the disappointments and temptations that his life gives him as a parallel to his sisters.

That perhaps leads to me the films biggest weakness, despite how unlikely it seems, Paige's journey isn't perhaps that extraordinary. She's way more talented and experienced than any of her colleagues but struggles a bit to overcome her own awkwardness. It's not so much an emotional rollercoaster as it is a jittering ski lift. To combat that, we get the opposing journey of Zak which, if anything, is actually more interesting, as he struggles with fatherhood, disillusionment and jealously before coming to terms and reconciling with his family.

"Fighting with My Family" is an entertaining and funny film if a little slight and though I can't imagine it's going to be anybody's favourite film of all time, it's a lot of fun to watch and I'm sure would be enjoyed by anyone.

A little bonus if you are a fan of the UK wrestling scene from the past few years is spotting cameos from current stars. Dave Mastiff and Kip Sabian are two of the most obvious but there's a few more (and a dig a Pete Dunne which is funny, if slightly confusing).
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MoreThan Nostalgia
devinwyatt22 February 2019
Fighting With My Family Review: "More Than Nostalgia" by: Devin Wyatt

Do you smell what The Rock is cookin? In case your not a huge wrestling fan thats a popular catch phrase of the 90s from the most electrifying man in sports entertainment, its also the first words you hear watching this film which instanly took me back to childhood days of eating KFC and watching Friday Night Smackdown!! Followed by a montage of great 90s momments this film doesnt fail at putting a smile to a WWE fan or even a non fan of wrestling. The actors give amazing emotional performances that come off as believable and sincere. They set out to tell this amazing story of Paige's journey to the WWE and how her family becomes a big part of her growth despite many dysfuntional issues. Florence Pugh kills it as Paige with her believable and intense performance from the way she cries to the way she slams in the ring!

The Director Stephen Merchant ("Hot Fuzz", "Logan") did some of his best work with directing this film. Not only was reconecting with Nick Frost from Hot Fuzz completely awesome, It was should I say eyebrow raising(Another Rock Pun). This film feels as if its an independent feel, with a lot of close up intimate shots of characters, dialoge driven momments, great pacing. The fighting sequences are clear for you to see, the editing is great so you are able to see the motions of the match fluently. I almost wish that WWE matches gave you that close of a camera view to the action in the ring. This film has some special apperances from The Big Show, The Miz, Aj Lee, Sheamus, commentary from ringside, and The Rock. The Rock adds the fuel to an bonfire with his energy and authenticity, with him in scences with Paige and her brother Zack, it certaintly makes this story feel real and believable. It takes us through what it really takes to become a WWE wrestler and in my opioion is came off to me as insporational. On another note I would have liked to see more WWE superstars , I mean its a WWE film I would've liked to see some more legends like Undertaker Triple H, maybe even Lita and Trish Stratus. All in all this is a great film showing the gritty side of wrestling but also showing you the joy it brings to fans. Such an empowering film for women, A beautiful example of working through family problems and sticking together, and a guide on how to not give up on your dreams! Now go see this movie "AND THATS THE BOTTOM-LINE CAUSE STONE-COLD SAID SO".

Grade: B+
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britton-0468823 February 2019
Maybe, but did it have a bit of more feel good? Yes! I loved the acting, the roles seemed to fit the family seamlessly. Was so appreciative of the roles for females- waiting for the typical stuff to happen that most movies do... A breath of fresh air. Wish it had a bit more dad humor infused with a different struggle for her but I loved it!
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Movie was fun
memnv25 February 2019
I didn't know what to expect, but being a longtime wrestling fan I decided to see it. I found it kept my interest through the whole film and really enjoyed it. I remember her first match on Raw and it seemed pretty acurate, there were some errors in the film like Paige's time in NXT and one that stood out to me was during her Raw Debut match which took place in 2014 a women cheering was wearing an Apple Watch which came out in 2015
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This one was fun fun !
nnk-3999027 February 2019
Enjoyed it right from the start till it got over , though it was predictable but it did not bore you at all .
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A MUST WATCH For Wrestling/Non Wrestling Fans
stephenjameslee24 February 2019
A Truly Great Film For Whole Family......Enjoy....Based On True Story
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