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Different yes, but not in a good way at all
Warning: Spoilers
"The Lonely Island: Natalie's Rap" from 2006 is a 3-minute SNL sketch that can also be categorized as a music video. You read "The Lonely Island" here, the name of the band including Golden Globe winner (then not yet) Andy Samberg, but this is not really about them. It is all about Natalie Portman as we see and hear her pose as a gangster rapper in this very short black-and-white film. Apparently, it was successful enough for them to make an equally short sequel, but in my opinion this one film is already one too many. It is the kind of video that people talk about because of how different, maybe to some comedic extent also how shocking it is, but artistic value is nothing I see in here at all. I like Portman in general, but her approach and inclusion here are nothing I can give the tiniest thumbs-up to. Okay the scene when she talks about being a role model and hunts that Star Wars cosplayer away in the most confronting manner possible was somewhat funny, sligthly funny perhaps, but that just is not even remotely enough. Bug thumbs-down for SNL regular Akiva Schaffer's work here. Not recommended.
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