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MPAA Rated R for crude sexual content, language, drug use, teen drinking, and brief graphic nudity

Sex & Nudity

  • A full nude man is shown in a magazine for several seconds, including genitals.
  • A bear mascot is seen thrusting against a woman from behind. No nudity is shown but it's clear what's happening. The scene is very brief.
  • Mild speak of porn magazines.
  • Two dogs are seen mating. The scene is relatively brief yet graphic, albeit shot with low-lighting and from a distance with no close-ups. Moments later, the female dog jumps into a character's arms, to which he enquires, "Why is your dog's ass wet?"
  • A fourteen year old character takes tampons out of her bag in front of her father and his friend. The tampons are long, and in pink packaging. The two grown men give the girl a confused and awkward look, to which she replies, "Oh, please, Dad. It's a tampon!" Nothing is explicitly said, but the joke is that her father and his friend mistook the tampons for sex toys. This would likely go over the head of younger viewers.
  • A man gets another man's semen on his hand, and his dog later licks it off, to which he is disgusted.
  • A group attempt to catch a squirrel by luring it into a man's shorts using a trail of nuts. When the squirrel is in the man's shorts, he is seen smiling.

Violence & Gore

  • The movie is based on an extremely dangerous amusement park, and therefore a lot of characters are hurt. This is purely slapstick, and not particularly violent. Blood is very rarely shown, and the comedy focuses more on characters getting hit in the face or groin.
  • A long gash is shown on a character's lower leg, a result of him cutting it on a broken slide. The injury is roughly the length of his calf and relatively thin. Blood and bruises are visible, but it's not overly gory. We do not see him receive the injury, we only see the aftermath. A closeup is very briefly shown, but the wound is covered with duct tape within less than a second. The character seems to be in very little pain.
  • A man is blasted with a high-pressure hose down a waterslide. The force is extremely powerful, knocking him off his feet, making him smack his face off the hard plastic, and sending him down the waterslide.
  • An elderly man attempts to rotate himself on a metal monkey bar. The bar breaks and hits the man in the face, and he lands hard on the ground with his knees over his head. He is shown to be okay.
  • An elderly man attempts to operate a stove, and as he tries to take a closer look, a fireball bursts into his face. This doesn't seem to hurt him at all.
  • A man leaps from a tree onto the metal roof of a shed, before bouncing off and onto the ground.
  • A man goes down an alpine slide with no breaks or steering. At a sharp turn, he flies off the slide and lands on his face.
  • A man grabs the quills of a porcupine in an attempt to catch it.
  • Two people are playing on a spring rocker in a playground. One on the people is too heavy, and when he lets go, the other person is flung backwards.
  • A man is put in a catapult and flung through a wooden barn.
  • A man stands up in a moving car, attempting to jump through the doors of a moving bus. However, the car sharply breaks before he can do so, and he is thrown onto the car's dashboard.
  • The more shocking stunts in the movie are and are usually filmed in a single shot which makes the violence far more hard-hitting.
  • A man points to an Asian girl and says, "You're lucky we saved your people in that war."


  • The middle finger is used multiple times.
  • The teenagers who work at the park are known as "The Shitbirds."
  • This film is chock-full of curses, with 32 instances of the word "Fuck," and 43 instances of the word "Shit." There is also a plethora of colourful and creative swears, pairing words of profanity with a noun in order to increase vulgarity or hilarity, for instance "Slobcock."

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Drug usage is shown
  • Nearly every single character in the film, including extras, drink beer non-stop. Many of the characters shown drinking are teenagers. The alcohol is easily accessible, with one character saying, "beer is so cheap, they're practically giving it away." In one scene, beer is actually given away for free.
  • A character is shown raking through his friend's cupboards and swallowing random pills. This is played for laughs, and he is clearly seeking any drugs he can get his hands on.
  • Cocaine is accidentally knocked into a cotton candy machine at an amusement park. We then see teenage guests fighting to get to the front of the line, as they're now addicted to the cotton candy. Nothing explicit is said about addiction, other than the narrator stating, "Slappy added a new ingredient to the cotton candy that day, and the kids loved it!"
  • A group of teenage characters raid a man's briefcase, finding Cuban cigars. We see a teen with the cigar in her mouth, yet none of the teens smoke them, as the owner of the briefcase quickly takes them away again.
  • A teenage character is seen smoking a cigarette.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • "Action Park," the amusement park on which this film is based, was extremely dangerous. Five people died at the park as a result of dangerous rides, and the injuries were generally very serious. The film itself takes a far more light-hearted approach to portraying the park, yet the grim nature of its basis may bother some.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • A man makes comments towards his friend's fourteen-year-old daughter. He says lines such as, "I don't believe it. You blossomed," and, "She left Action Point a child. She returned a woman." These, along with his facial expressions, are rather flirtatious. The flirting stops quickly, as the girl's father clearly doesn't stand for this. The man and the girl have a sweet, friendly relationship throughout the film, and no further comments are made.
  • A little after the 45:00 minute mark a man and a woman are having sex in an office after hours. No genitals are shown but it does show a woman unbuckling and pulling down a mans pants, and then the obvious action of intercourse- including the woman on top bouncing on the man.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • The movie features an alcoholic Grizzly Bear, who is constantly stealing and drinking beer cans from other characters.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A girl vomits out the window of a moving car soon after drinking for the first time. No actual vomit is shown, but the sounds are off-putting. The driver of the car rubs her back, looking nauseated.
  • A young girl runs away from home after an argument with her father. Her father soon tracks her down and they make amends.

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