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small sci-fi
SnoopyStyle13 August 2019
A group of people wake up in an alien room attached to an alien apparatus apparently in an alien spacecraft. Sera has spent her life being experimented on in an alien machine. John Brighton works for defence. Perry is a prisoner. Rhonda is a high school teacher. Alex is a French prostitute. Zack Chase is a rock star.

It's a small sci-fi. It tries to limit itself. It's a functional sci-fi premise. There is one nice sci-fi reveal. It works but the movie gives too much away earlier on. Once the reveal happens, the movie really needs to build on that momentum. There are actually two revelations and I like both of them. It needs to explain them and dig into them. Essentially, it puts the car into second gear and fails to go any higher. The actors are fine. The opening reveals too much which should have been left to later. The movie stumbles to take it to the next level.
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Open the Door
nogodnomasters12 August 2019
Warning: Spoilers
The film opens in 1959/1969. Sera (Deragh Campbell) is connected to an alien machine discovered at the Roswell crash. She is also in space with captives from different times and locations. They are in some kind of Matrix hell with an alien that appears to feed off of fear. At this point, it is mostly flashbacks and people talking about where they are and what to do. It is a yawner even with a guy getting his head ripped off.

Guide: F-word. Sex. no nudity.
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Do you know what time it is?
kosmasp4 December 2020
Actually it would be date, but you get the picture. Is that a double pun? Maybe, I'll let you be the judge of that - which also can be considered a pun. My weird connections to the movie, that may or may not be clear (they might be if or after you've seen the movie), this is low budget Science Fiction.

Just putting this out there for anyone who's interested in that. The movie plays mostly in one room and has quite colorful characters to boost with. I thought overall it did a decent job in keeping the tension high and the movie itself interesting until the end. I would not claim to be able to tell you everything that happened here, but it is more about visual treats and a story that is quite out there ...or up there to add another pun ... or is it in there? Well once I open the pun door ... which is also - well let's end it here! Although the movie does add a mysterious scene during the credits
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85122216 October 2019
Greetings from Lithuania.

"Project Ithaca" (2019) had its moments and had a potential - i liked the concept (main idea), but unfortunately the execution wasn't any good. The plot left me confused, but its not its biggest fault - biggest fault (and there are many of them), is that this movie had any character development - i did not care about anyone or anything here. Also dialog were only like exposition - its like characters were trying to explain the plot to each other and audiences during the whole movie, which at running time 1 h 24 min. dragged.

Overall, this movie wasn't well made and had a very confusing plot. Add here a small budget and zero creativity to the material, and you have a bad movie. Its not a worst movie ever, but that does not give it additional points.
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Another zero action alien film! Talking freaking much! Bored to death! Avoid at all freaking cost!
kwenchow10 August 2019
Warning: Spoilers
This film start at 1959, a scientist "John" asking "Sera"(John testing subject) how to open a so called alien spaceship door! Ten years later, John transport to the same spaceship with Sera and several unknown person on the spaceship! As turnout, this film is about John enter a government project to study the intention of the so called alien invasion to earth! The alien species actually want to using human body as a fuel to run their spaceship! Entire film full of all the character in the spaceship flashback scene! Who care actually? Really bored to freaking death! The conversation even not intense and boring! Only intensity in the film is the profanity! At the end, Sera saying John already know the intention of the alien and she no need to exist anymore! All another character in the spaceship landing in an unknown place and saying they will fight the alien! Still have a post credit scene! Sera calling John on the monitor! Completely wasting time to watch!
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Cheerio from my local.

You know you're watching a very bad movie when the old guy playing "the General" is wearing Staff Sgt Rank insignia on his sleeves and three stars on his shoulders. Talk about lazy and insulting. Even films made The Asylum get military uniforms right...they don't always get the haircuts within regs, but that's small potatoes. "Director" Nicholas Humphries - aside from finding a new time you use military in your "movies," try not to insult every service member who has worn the uniform. Get it together. One more thing, if you're going to have a character be a General (or any Flag Officer), they never EVER do missions/jobs/ or anything alone. They are always accompanied by staff and aids If you're a horror fan, the set-up is the classic "abducted by strangers" trope. A group of people wake up, wonder what happened to them, and lots of exposition of their individual stories, which ultimately does nothing but flesh out the running time. I don't mind the trop, it's been done well: The Vile, Riddle Room, Circle, Cube and so on. The only difference here is the menace is alien. For viewers who can overlook my beef, there's not a lot here to recommend. Most of the film is our group tied up in a very confined space...and them just talking back and forth. The only positive thing I will say is the cast did an adequate job of acting and the creature design isn't the worst...too bad it's hardly on screen.

Not recommended for horror or SciFi fans...or fans of movies in general.

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Great movie until the weakest ending ever
fluffchop19 July 2021
Very original movie with this great bit about the times people live in. Kind of captures your imagination throughout and is very watchable. The end is really weak but believable I suppose. It's like they said Okay lets put the ending in now. The only problem was they didn't have a well written ending scenario so they showed nothing and told us nothing. You'll see what I mean. Up until then it was a great watch. I'm not saying it was spoiled by the ending just that it really didn't have a great ending. It's a good movie.
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Idiotic plot, idiotic movie
carlos-pires9 June 2019
OK... so I guess the new definition of "Science Fiction" nowadays is "Let's throw out all logic and see what happens". It's either that or, given the fact that so many BS-laden blockbusters exist, I guess many wannabe movie directors think they can get away with anything, as long as they show a black old woman acting as an oracle. Anyway, this movie never gets to be really entertaining because the plot is all over the place. Recklessly spilling random sciency-sounding jargon only makes things worse, pulling those of us who have an IQ over 90 away from suspension of disbelief.
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Yes, it's bad. Mostly budgetary sins. But it was a sincere effort.
S_Soma11 June 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Scraping off some of the windowdressing and kerfuffle dust, PROJECT ITHACA's underlying plot line is the old space-aliens-are-abducting-humans-for-some-nefarious-alien-purpose-of-their-own. Everything else is just implementation sugar.

Contributing to the impression that PROJECT ITHACA ain't such a great picture is a collection of thematic elements that were blatant storytelling sins when they were invented by some anonymous writer-slug and have been so overused that they're now classic hallmarks of bad workmanship.

As examples:

The reason people are being kidnapped is so their emotions can be harvested as an energy source (oh please... not this again...). Then there's the use/overuse of "virtual" settings. In Star Trek, this idiocy shows up as the "holodeck" garbage where a set doesn't have to be created and there's an excuse for many scenes to take place in mundane, inexpensive, already-extant settings (such as present-day homes or cities) or period environments (old American West, Middle Ages etc.) that would all otherwise be incongruous or wild non sequiturs. With few exceptions, this kind of slop is just an excuse to save money and be lazy. In PROJECT ITHACA many of the scenes where the aliens are squeezing our heroes for emotional energy take place in virtual situations taken from the characters minds and memories. Ugh.

Because depicting action scenes is ALSO expensive, the vast majority of the movie is just talking heads. One of the primary thrusts of the movie is the idea that the abducted people around which the movie revolves were taken abruptly out of their everyday lives by some sort of transport mechanism similar to the Star Trek transporter. One moment they're in their lives, the next moment there clamped to the alien equivalent of a vertical gurney and held in place by tentacles. Much time is spent in the movie observing these people figure out where they are and what's going on and the significant history/back story of what's happening to them. Sadly, though we see it only rarely, it does look like some effort was put into creating the biologic-looking environment in which our abductees are being held captive. I say sadly BECAUSE we see it only rarely; the camera-work faux pas of an endless chain of close-ups, where literally all we see are talking heads, happens continuously. Usually this is done to avoid the expense of making a set for the context of all this talking. In PROJECT ITHACA it's just an expression of amateurish directing and camerawork. They apparently made the set and then didn't let us see much of it.

On the positive side, while there are very few "science-fiction-y" scenes featuring outer space scenery and wormholes and spaceships and suchlike, the handful that we DO get, although shown repetitively, aren't bad at all. The alien spaceship does have that pseudo-biologic look to it that so inexplicably popular to the point of being tiresome, but it is what it is. I suspect it's because the 3D guys enjoy getting jiggy with their organic spline surface drawing tools and the fact that they can draw any random curvy hooey they want and who's to say it ain't right?

However, within its limitations, PROJECT ITHACA did make a legitimate attempt at telling a complete story, and, overall, the acting was at least passable. Unfortunately, because so much of the movie revolves around the main characters "figuring out" what's happening and having their discovery process illustrated by flashbacks including time travel across decades, judging by the comments around here, many viewers find the story "jumpy" and confusing. Personally, I forgive PROJECT ITHACA this element because these were intrinsic fallout of the story they chose to tell and the visual limitations of trying to represent these story points. Representing these ideas in a low-budget picture is inherently going to be problematic.

My strongest criticism of the movie is the negative ending. PROJECT ITHACA commits the hackneyed plot sin of letting us believe that we're seeing a happy ending only to pull a cheesy gut punch at the very ending, thereby obviating the self-sacrifice of the young girl character. And then it puts some moldy topping on it by having a mid-credits epilogue scene that adds nothing.

To wrap this up with some random observations, my favorite line from the movie comes from the rockstar character who, as the situation soaks in, observes, "Oh #$*!, Oh #$*!, Oh #$*!, Oh #$*!.Now that's great writing.

My favorite "repurposed" prop from the movie is in a scene where they had to depict 1969 vintage US "technology" featuring some supposedly laser-esque device that had high-tech capabilities in a retro-futuristic package. I recognized it immediately. It was an ancient dentist's drill-and-workstation that was already ancient in 1968 when, as a terrified child, I sat in its chair and a dentist used it on me. Scared as I was back then, I still admired its appearance. Seeing it in this context and how it was being used as some sort of lasing device with nanites was nothing less than hysterical.

Lastly, part of my forgiving attitude no doubt stems from the fact that all the actors had to spend who-knows-how-many-weeks schmeered with slimy black goo from head to foot. Because, you know, to be held prisoner by aliens IS to be covered in black, slimy goo, right? Especially for the shirtless rockstar guy it had to be incredibly uncomfortable for EVER.
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stuff happens and the movie ends
rmarkd6 May 2020
Warning: Spoilers
What I like about science fiction movies is how it often drops you in the middle of some made up world and you have no clue what's going on. The good ones reveal and reveal and in the end, it's all relatively put together and tied up nicely. There may be a few loose ends, and it may unravel under further questioning, but at least there's a semblance of it all coming together in the end.

This movie doesn't do that.

It starts off with a girl in some sort of machine doing weird stuff. Then there are a bunch of people trapped in I guess some alien spacecraft. Turns out the people are from different times (I guess this is some sort of twist). I guess the aliens feed off fear or something. the girl has some special mojo and frees them. viewer is left saying "wait, what?".

It's one of those movies where I wish I'd read the reviews first and maybe save myself the hour and a half and, I dunno, taken a nap or a walk outside.
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Should be called - Attack of the shill reviewers
andrewrye-065358 June 2019
I really wish IMDB would screen reviewers. The other two either are friends of the actors or paid by the production company.

Bad acting, boring and snail pace movement with no direction. What else... bad writing, ridiculous special effects and just plain blahhhh.

It is mostly just a group of people (and yes, they know each other...mostly) with no acting skills talking with occasional flashback that made no sense. Difficult to follow and hard to watch. Also a bad version of the Matrix's Oracle (an obvious copy), and I'm still trying to work out the 'Generals' rank with staff sergeant stripes? pips changed from 3 to 1 during the movie, perhaps someone could enlighten me.

Don't waste your time, not even worthy of a B grade, a 2 because I was having a good day.
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bgbrunocom9 June 2019
I'm very impressed by this movie - something new, new angle, story, and move border a little further. Good processed music and scenes.

This movie reminded me event 10years ago - very very big ecliptic ring half a night sky in space, it was see clearly 1hour how the earth was spinning - what happened there I never knew.
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Great storyline only lack in acting
lord_cw5 July 2021
Like it when it is, hit the ground running. Love it when you're slowly getting in the movie instead of leading into the movie. Great surprising moments, but also lacking in some, love that not everything is chewed before the audience is able to swallow it. Would like to see more action. Also, it is such a waste with bad special effects making the whole movie going down. I would say it is worth to have a weekday after dinner movie with a glass of wine or with the dessert because the bad stuff comes at the end, so you have enjoyed but with a bitter end.
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Unexpectedly good B movie with a A-grade finesse.........
stylegamer7 June 2019
Edit: someone mentioned not to believe the first 2 reviews. This is not a fake review

I must say I wasn't expecting much when i walked into this but had pleasant surprise, kept me decently glued to my seat for 2 hours !!..This is one of the most better sci fi movies I had watched so far this year ...

The premise is quite simple with the familiar concept of many psychological thriller movies like SAW FILMS (2004-2010) and The Cube (1997) : A group of strangers wake up on board an alien spaceship and must figure how to escape but with a good dosage of the "Body Snatcher- Alien Mind Control" films where somebody or something is taking over peoples minds one at a time...."What is it? What can we do to get the heck out of here?". Kind of reminds one of mid 90s B scifi stuff straight to home rental type of story though..Not to say its bad but it is better than most of the lousy drama style movies shot with a camcorder that has currently infested the movie scene.

Even though it's a technically a decent movie overall... the only drawback is that the story is slightly hard to follow and decipher.Overall a good watch and one of the better movies in 2019. Worth giving two thumbs up to this low-budget sci fi horror ......Unexpectedly good B movie with a A-grade finesse of big budget blockbusters. Recommended watch!!
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Almost There! But Not Close Enough!
grahammwiles17 June 2019
Here is another film that has a blimming decent concept going for it, but got lazy and sat on its bum for 90 min.

The acting isn't bad at all and some decent script writing. Unfortunately there seems to be some major budget constraints as the sets were minimal and not enough exposure of what exactly was going on.

The story went back and forth a bit too many times but did manage to tie into itself at the end. There should have been way more explainations offerred and more scenes backing the explainations.

Overall, it wasn't that bad of a film but it also wasn't super either. Maybe one day with a bigger budget, a remake will make the story pop!

Good try chaps - but for me, you only get 5 out of 10 stars.
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Very disappointing ON DEMAND rental!
starbase20231 August 2019
Bottom line: Don't waste your $$. The preview and its first few minutes are promising but it goes downhill fast with a high boredom quotient.
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Not For The Average Sci Fi Lover - Too Cerebral, Made You Think Too Much
heykateforever12 February 2020
Warning: Spoilers
I read the many reviews in here which pulled down the rating on this movie to a 3.9 or thereabouts. I rated it a 7 because the story had HUGE potential, but somewhere along the way it went off the tracks. I loved the concept. Alien beings far ahead of humans in their technology, who use human fear and emotions to power their vessels. They have been taking humans for possibly a Millenia. They have the ability to manipulate the time/space continuum. During one culling of humans, so to speak, a pregnant woman gets caught in some sort of "spore" shower, which I assume after watching the whole movie was more of a nanite shower from the aliens. The government takes the baby to somehow use her to figure out these aliens and use her to defeat them.

That much is pretty clear in the movie. It was enough to make one fantastic movie, but either because of budget restraints, a bad producer or director or others who fought over the way the storyline should unfold, SOMETHING went wrong and what could have been brilliant, missed the mark by a small margin. It was far better than 90% of the sci fi movies and shows coming out today. So I admit, I was disappointed that it just didn't live up to the potential of this very cerebral sci fi story. Think Ray Bradbury and some of the original sci fi writers. This movie had the flavor of those great stories, but, as I keep saying, missed the mark in the end and overall. I should give this a 6 star rating, but I added a star for at least TRYING to make a better picture than most we see these days. I just really wish someone who had the original vision, could have not cut so much out of it and given it a FULL, satisfying movie it clearly, to me, had the potential to do.

Despite all that, I am glad I watched it. Disappointed, yes. But maybe the next one will hear us out here and give us something with more (as one reviewer said) backstory and a more satisfying overall story.
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Unique, intriguing, you mileage may vary,...
pidstr5 September 2019
Camera and Visuals matched the plot nicely, sound was professional and clear.

I think this is one for those SciFi fans who enjoy thinking, rather then just those wanting explosions and pretty faces.

The story is laid out with consistent pacing, neither to fast or too slow, with just enough detail about the core characters to keep the viewer wanting to see if they survive the tale.

Overall, it's far better then a Syfy channel movie, but not in the league of a big budget flick, more, the top end of the Indie.

Comparable to 2000's "Supernova", and superior to 1997's "Event Horizon".
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Very good
121mcv10 June 2019
7/10 I wasn't expecting much with this, however I was pleasantly surprised, so much so I watched it 2.5 times, the only reason I didnt watch fully for the 3rd time was I had other things to do.......This is one of the most better sci fi movies I had watched so far this year ...
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Not that bad
thedarkestshadow-327852 December 2019
I really wish IMDb would screen reviews and not allow the ones by people like andrewrye who don't know what an opinion is. This movie wasn't great and was kind of a head scratcher but was not that bad. The acting was decent and so were the creature effects.
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Compared to Color Outside of Space, PI is a sci-fi masterpiece!
mldardar2 June 2020
No, Project Ithaca is not a sci-fi masterpiece. But it is much better than that Nicolas Cage purple & hot red garbage that even Metacritic rated in the 60s & probably many of the same people rating PI 1, 2 or 3 stars, gave 10, even with Cage's terrible so-called "over-the-top" acting, which is the excuse his bad acting is given these days. It isn't fast-paced, & a lot of people need more action than it provided, but the acting, except for the general's first scene especially, was good, & I found the story suspenseful enough to keep me interested till the end. And I did care about the characters..I wanted all of them to somehow survive. I also liked the comical element: using a simple poorly educated elder in a characters memory she escaped to for safety, to explain in her simple way, the reason for the aliens' interest in the subject of the experiment.
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For a basically one room feature it was pretty good
ol-boehm27 February 2020
Lots of thinking and in the end I am still thinking whats behind of all.

I basically enjoyed watchiing it which is pretty rare for me
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loxford-5399914 July 2020
I love sci-fi. This is what drags it's reputation down. A pretentious, directionless script. Most of the so called drama was in one space, one scene and it was, well, naff. I really persevered for an hour but it was going nowhere. If it went somewhere in the last 30 mins I missed it.....However, I doubt it did. Don't make the same mistake as I did....1 hour? So many things I could have done with that hour!
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Solid movie. 6/10
boarder624615 July 2021
I like the characters. This is a good syfy movie. I'm convinced that people hate "new movies" because they aren't like the ones that have shaped their personalities. I recommend Project Ithaca if you have access to it.
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An odd sci-fi movie...
flickeringstate19 June 2019
Produced in Canada on a budget of $5,000,000 CAD, I thought this movie was quite good, a little slow perhaps with a story that seemed to meander along. It involves a handful of people trapped on an alien spacecraft, they have to work together in order to get home. The story actually revolves around one character though, to be honest... There's some horror, trauma and plenty of mind games perpetrated by the aliens, that feed off the emotions of the trapped humans. The acting was ok, not brilliant, not bad, I've seen worse. The plot was different, not the usual Hollywood seen it before type thing.

If you want to watch something different, give this a go, it is not a dead loss...

Dunno why some of the other reviewers gave this movie a hard time. I guess they were expecting a mega-blockbuster action sci-fi thing from Hollywood...
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