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Great first film, lovely story
Imdbidia31 January 2017
Mirrors is a wordless story about the ever-changing relationship between a father and his daughter, from her childhood to her adult years, from the 1990s to the present day, while sharing a ride in the family car.

The 2D animation is simple but effective, nothing to brag about, but good enough and quite en vogue, as there seems to be a revival of 2D retro-looking cartoons that are not flashy but have something to tell. Something I always love. This is a great concept, and the story is well narrated,developed and brought to the screen. Especially good taking into account that his is a graduation film.

The short is very charming and is able to convey how people change through time and how family relationships and dynamics evolve. We see a sharp contrast between the girl's childhood and her older self. The story is presented through the eyes of the father, in a way, so it has a bit of melancholy embedded in it, but it reflects the reality of life quite well.

Overall, a sweet reflection on the pass of time, and how life change us, for good and for bad.
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