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Newton is a definite watch to bring in the change required !!!
ketgup836 October 2017
Now they say Bollywood has disappointed in 2017 with films like Tubelight, Jagga Jasoos, When Harry Met Sejal or a Rangoon. I would say Bollywood has matured with films like Trapped, Hindi Medium, Bareily Ki Barfi, Shubh Mangal Savdhaan and Newton. For me, cinema has to be good which should entertain me despite having a Salman Khan or Rajkumar Rao.

Newton tells the story of an honest government officer who performs his duty to make sure there is a fair voting in the Naxalite-hit area in India.

From the director of good comedy film Sulemaani Keeda, Amit Masurkar has taken a bold step to explore the state of voting in extremely rural and sensitive area of Chattisgarh. The film ignites the fact about the villagers who are unaware of the privileges they have to choose the leaders they want, despite having a voter ID card. The film also showcases the apathy of security forces and the hunger to get the limelight from media by high level officers.

The script is pretty good while editing tends to gets slower though it will never bore you out. Dialogues are nice filled with humor. Background score gels well with the mood of the film. Art direction is amazing while Cinematography is splendid. The film boast of some mind-blowing performances. Rajkumar Rao hits the bull's eye with his sparkling performance. The actor steals the thunder with his dynamic acting. Pankaj Tripathi as chief commander will surprise you with admiring performance. Raghuvir Yadav is marvelous while Anjali Patil impresses with her simple yet powerful role.

As the Newton's first law states "objects will remain in their state of motion unless a force acts to change the motion", the film gives the same message. Overall, it was a good experience for me watching a film like Netwon. Excellent 4/5
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An excellent derision
Ansango20 November 2017
Newton is simply the most relevant film to have come out this year. India is the world largest democracy but what actually it takes to make a democracy? A subtle and fervent exploration of the aforementioned question...

It raises some very serious questions about the working of our system. There are various themes running under the surface like discrimination of minorities, paranoia, prejudice, power abuse etc.

What does it take to do your duty sincerely? The film contains some very dark facts about our system. How ironical is the fact that nobody is working anything in the right manner but when somebody tries to do it right they start to oppose him/her? The fact that the whole film is a despair against our flawed system is a brilliance to revere.

The inner and outer conflicts of the characters are portrayed brilliantly. The main character of the film is in constant conflict with his morality and the working of officialdom. The election is the most important thing in a democracy and election officers who are trying to conduct a fair election are no less than army officers.

The film is full of dark humour and glum sarcasm. Dialogues are extremely hard-hitting. An excellent screenplay is complemented by a great direction. The use of milieu and colloquialism is a masterstroke and intensifies the raw and real atmosphere of the film. The cinematography is splendid. The camera captures the mood of the film in a blazing manner.

While the notion of democracy sounds pretty simple it becomes fairly intricate and complex when our lead character tries to explain it to the native people. It is ironical that the army which is there for the natives are the one who terrorises them. The film is full of such beautiful and intense scenes.

Rajkumar Rao is stunning in the role of an honest election clerk and gives another ravishing performance. Pankaj Tripathi is excellent in the role of an army officer who continually tries to persuade Newton to abandon his duty for the sake of safety. Anjali Patil and Raghubhir Yadav are superlative in their respective roles.

Newton is a rare film in Indian cinema. It's a must watch for everybody who loves to think cinema as a powerful medium. The movie addresses the issue which has rarely been covered in our industry. A brilliant depiction of tribulations faced by an honest individual. A sharp and witty political satire....
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A Rarity in Bollywood
Shivam_Murari30 September 2017
Movies like these rarely come in Bollywood and I really applaud their marketing tactics. They released the film on the day of announcement of the film being sent for Oscars, which was a good gamble. There's no way a lot of people who have seen this movie, and made it a success, would have watched it otherwise.

There is a much needed class and subtlety in this movie. I specially like the suggestion they made with the shopping mall scene. Nothing was said but a lot was done! Something that is a big rarity in Bollywood. The movie tackles a serious, controversial and conversation-sparking topic with extreme good care. They managed to make people laugh while making them aware about a lot of things going on in the country.

The director needs to be applauded for this one. He has a very firm grasp on Indian culture and it's nuances. He chooses to portray it really well. No unnecessary dramatization was done. Minimalistic approach of the director makes the movie appealing. The cinematography is brilliant and refreshing.

The screenplay is smooth and never feels abrupt nor slows down to boring at any point. The film has been edited well enough to make it an engaging 1-hour-46-minutes experience.

When you have Rajkummar Rao in the movie, you do not doubt the acting skills but even he has bested himself with this one! The typical character nuances, speech, diction, blinking of eye, he perfected literally everything!

Final verdict: A MUST WATCH. I really hope people would make this a bigger success (chances are scarce) so that the producers would start shifting their focus from unbearably stupid movies like Judwa 2 to classy satirical movies like this!
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Newton is the best work from Bollywood in 2017
its_tanay_here30 September 2017
Newton is just not a brave film but perhaps the most important film of the year. It is a satirical take on Indian election process which discusses the loopholes in the system while strengthening the faith on world's largest democracy.

A simple tale about an ambitious government officer commissioned to conduct a fair election in an isolated Naxalist/Maoist area in Chattisgarh who carries his honesty as a badge of honor. Rajkumar Rao plays the lead role and aces it - a stubborn character driven by self-righteousness who is not tainted by the corruption and cynicism that we as Indians have come to embrace, so often, so regularly. The supporting cast is equally brilliant with Pankaj Tripathi, Raghubir Yadav and Sanjay Mishra leaving a lasting impression.

It is not a preachy movie but tries to help us understand the importance of voting and how individual opinions can collectively establish or overrun a system. Our need for an able administrator, our desire to take powers in hand, and our faith in the system while establishing an honest government all lies within our reach – by just casting the vote. To begin the change, we must take responsibility and do our bit.

A script made of fine witty and subversive humour even when the subject is a serious one, is what makes Newton the film, so unique. It most certainly will defy gravity to fly high in the corridors of Bollywood Cinema. If possible, go watch this in theater. We as an audience rarely get a chance to watch such an absorbing movie – may be to just encourage such a genuine piece of art. Do cast your vote sensibly!
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Not everybody can master the art of being pragmatic
mitodruroy17 August 2017
I saw this fabulous Indian film called "Newton" last night which by the way is the only Indian film to be screened at this year's New Zealand International Film Festival. This film was screened at Cannes and I guess this is the second festival after the Festival de Cannes where it is being showcased. In a nutshell, this film is about an election officer who takes the responsibility of going into a forest ridden with armed revolutionaries in order to collect votes from the local residents.

I had read somewhere that Isaac Newton, the genius scientist, was actually a very complicated man. His namesake in this film seemed no different. While his intentions were good, his method of executing them was questionable. Which is why when you see this film, you will wonder if the protagonist is actually the antagonist. Everything in cinema is a matter of perspective. The film is infused with dark humour from start to finish and Rajkumar Rao is nothing short of a brilliant actor.

Because this was a festival film, I saw this film with a primarily Kiwi audience which is always a great thing. I want Indian films to have a global audience. If main-stream Bollywood films don't attract a foreign fan-following, art-house festival circuit low-budget films certainly will. It is so ironic that I saw this film at a time when New Zealand is preparing for the upcoming elections This film appeared so minimalist yet was nothing short of a funny edge-of-the-seat thriller.
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Nothing happens, no one comes, no one goes and it's not awful
tapanmozumdar24 September 2017
When I entered the theatre, it lifted my heart to find the hall filling up well. Good for a small budget film, I thought. May be its Oscar nomination has boosted the crowd, the cynic in me commented.

My neighbour in the theatre came late and made us all stand up. He remained seated, however, during the National Anthem. He had, perhaps, always wished to do it but never gathered the courage or got seated in the last row with minimum risk of being seen. His courage seemed a product of darkness and less visibility. His wife stood up, he didn't try to resist her from doing that.

When the movie began to roll, the man chuckled. First, unsure ones, after all the topic seemed serious to laugh out loud. His volume as well as pitch of laughter increased as the movie progressed. His shrill laughter made me uncomfortable I was amused with the narrative, but was this something to laugh out loud? Is the film pro establishment or it has its leaning towards the other side? What is the agenda of this film?

For about two hours, the director played with my well versed, end predicting mind. He made me wait for the action. After all, there are Maoists around and military forces in every frame. The government officers trying to conduct polling have to be protected. May be, the protagonist will find the Maoists human. Where are the Maoists? When is the action due? How long shall we wait? Amit Masurkar reminded me what Brecht had said, there is no Godot.

Screenplay, script, dialogues,camera and the other crafts are right in place in this film. Director exhibits singular restrain in adhering to a single narrative. Raj Kumar is maturing as an actor in every film. Anjali Patil is a revelation and her character is the soul of the movie. Veterans Raghuvir ji, Sanjay ji and Pankaj ji kept the narrative grounded in real time.

The way the film uses silence and anticipation is unique. The director has shown a lot of courage here. In fact, silence stands out to be the antagonist in the setting of the jungles. It takes time for jungles to become a jungle, a character said. Dialogues are colloquial, still memorable. I remember now quite a few of those verbatim even after a couple of hours of watching the film. The body which passed the film in the current Indian ambiance and that which selected it to represent India in the Oscars must as well be lauded. Newton is a critique on Achhe Din peddling politicians, yet delivers the strong cure wrapped in a coloured, soluble capsule. My son dislikes the contemporary melodramatic Hindi movies. When he learnt that this has been nominated for an Oscar, he nodded his head and pursed his lips in appreciation.

Well done, Team Newton, ab Einstein banke dikhao in your next venture. All cine lovers shall keep a watch on this director, screenplay writer and, of course, Anjali and Raj, wait, Raj, Anjali? Hmm…

Watch this film with no expectations. With millions of viewers, you will see the place and hear its sounds through Rao. After all, how many times it so happens that a film discovers a new space and language for its audience?
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Every one is Newton in our society and equally's just how you contribute
sahamardeep1 October 2017
I saw this movie yesterday and this movie has kept the momentum till end. Every one is Newton in our society and equally powerful,it's just how you contribute . whether you hold big position or just fresher Through out the movie you will see price of honesty ,Time and it's impact in our society but one who keep this as principle never fail .
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A must watch!
sheebs5 September 2017
An understated, clever, topical, black comedy with a heart about democracy, elections, our responsibilities as citizens and the power of conviction. Laugh out loud in places, poignant in others, and always honest.

I watched it a couple of times at the Tribeca Festival in New York where it was in the competition section, and both times it received an ovation from a house full theatre.

Brilliantly written, artfully directed and wonderfully performed. A must watch!
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Interesting subject, boring storytelling
Vartiainen11 October 2017
Newton Kumar (Rajkummar Rao) is a highly-educated young man, who volunteers to see the election process in a distant, rural village. India is a large country, with much of its population woefully out of touch with the happenings of the capitol, which makes the idea of democracy a bit shaky at best. Which is why Newton believes it to be so important to stick to the process and uphold the ideals. Even if the practicality of those ideals might not apply. For what choice is there?

The movie also talks about the upheavals and uncertainty in the remote villages, about the difficulty of forging a politically and culturally unified India. About the impossibility of it. Rajkummar Rao is very good as the leading man, playing it very subtle as a man bound by ideals, yet frustrated with the limitations of practicality. Pankaj Tripathi as the representative of the military presence and Anjali Patil as the representative of the locals are also very good in their roles and help to flesh out the issue.

But then the downsides. As a subject this is very interesting. And as an artistic festival movie this is about what you'd expect. But as a general movie just shy of two hours it falls flat. I didn't find the story engaging enough to sit through two hours of cinema. This would have served wonderfully as a short film - albeit a longish one - or as a documentary. As it is, it loses its audience in the middle. And it loses it hard. The events of the near end brought me back, and the final conclusions were delightfully insightful, but the middle was a crawl.

Newton is to be applauded as a project. But as a movie I condemn it.
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Not Impressed
shahraiz-kayani22 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
It lacks vision and story seems incomplete that what made newton too professional. The writer wants to portray newton as professional person who would do anything to keep its commitments.Newton is person who follows law. Remember newton rejected girl for marriage because she was 16 as in law minimum age should be 18 for marriage.So coming to the election again he is follow procedures and is rhetoric on how everybody to follow protocol of their job.Again acting professional it is good for 1 hour but for 2 hour this seems repetitive, predictable and boring. In fact newton tries to look insecure throughout election process. Army using common sense because they knew that's best here. Last but not the least in the end newton aggression to make him feel good for casting 4 votes helps him to achieve his objective of casting votes and leaving on time. The movie basic flaw was that main character was portrayed as person being too honest and in fact he never seemed to be using common sense in dealing even simpler situation which made movie look boring and time waste. Story was exaggerated to cover the time which is really bad. Movie could have been short and they should have deducted non sense. In fact they were trying to tell people how election process happens in election both I mean seriously? The writer could have done better to keep more substance in this movie instead of keep on repetitive scenes that were of no value and made it really boring.
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Just okay
MartinHafer24 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
"Newton" is a slice of life story...but one that really didn't amount to much by the end of the film. It's not bad...but there certainly are better Indian films.

When the film begins, there's a little prologue about the Naxal Insurgency, a rural radical movement wishing to overthrow the Indian government and install a Maoist communist one instead. Their violence has been going on for decades and I've seen a few films about them. In this one, you barely ever see any of the Naxals (apart from very early in the film) and the story is about ensuring free elections throughout India. The problem is that Newton takes his job as an election overseer VERY seriously...even though it's within Naxal territory. His forcing the local soldiers assigned to him to do their job...and eventually you see that these folks are a menace to the populace...much like the insurgents.

The acting is fine but if you are expecting deep meaning or anything other than a sense of malaise about the government, you'll probably be disappointed. Overall, just okay...and only moderately involving.
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Pathetic Movie which echoes the Left Ideology and Doesnt Suggest any Solutions.
tej-love22 September 2018
The movie Revolves around a Govt Employee who is Young and Who Is assigned a Duty of an Election Officer . he is very Puntual and Honest unlike others in his office.He chose to go to Naxal or Maoist Influenced area for the election process. In the whole movie the makers have shown that the goverment is good for nothing,the Army is oppressor, and the whole election process is a Show off. lols very pathetic and very imaginative script int the name of meaningful cinema. only naxal affected regions are not india , except naxal affected and kashmir india is very much happening and everything is developing . there are jungles and vast lansdd in other states of india y there is no such naxal movement , so stop being Anti India, Naxal themselves are the root cause of this situation. they dont beleive in the law of the land so be it , govt is Doing wahat it can.
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koi bada badlav ek din me nai hota
muvi-fan-739 October 2017
Newton is India's official entry into the Oscars. I am not a big fan of Oscar's. I find it overrated. Yet I would say it as good choice.

Tone, Script & Story: The story is how regarding all odds, an election officer in charge carries out election in a region where the danger of Naxalites attack exists. It is not an attractive script but it is real and you will like it. The honesty of our officer in charge is worth mentioning despite all odds. There is a dialog which states, koi bada badlav ek din me nai hota (a bigger change requires time to occur), stating lack of knowledge of people living in jungles with reference to elections (3.5/5).

Direction, Screenplay, Cinematography: Direction is good, screenplay is also good, and cinematography containing mostly jungle where the team goes to take 76 adivasi votes is captured well.

Music: Music is above average. There are two songs based on superior ideology. I mean they seem to deviate from topic or maybe they are too artistic for me to understand. (2.5/5)

Acting: Acting is good. Pankaj Tripathy has acted very well. Sanjay Mishra whenever comes on screen, is an eye treat. Others including Rajkummar Rao, Anjali Patil, Raghuvir Yadav have acted good (3/5).

Final Verdict: Watch it, its worth every penny spent [(3/5) (8/10)].
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Newton is one of the best political satires I had seen from Indian Cinema.A Must Watch..
shobanchittuprolu13 December 2017
Newton (2017): Most of the people are unaware of a film named Newton until it was selected as an official entry to 90th Academy Awards from India.This low-profile film has attracted audience after its Oscar-entry buzz and even the reviews are highly positive.Starring Rajkumar Rao (2017's surprise star of Bollywood) and limited cast,Newton is directed by Amit Masurkar,who earlier directed Sulemani Keeda.SO how is Newton?


Nutan Kumar alias Newton (Raj Kumar Rao),a government clerk on election duty in the conflict ridden jungle of Central India tries his best to conduct free and fair voting despite the apathy of security forces and the looming fear of guerrilla attacks by communist rebels.

My Review: Newton is one such message-oriented film which will equally impress both art and commercial audience alike.It is brilliantly funny poignant film which every Indian must watch.

"Do you know what your problem is?" a veteran election instructor asks a newbie.

The youngster replies: "My honesty?"

"No," says the older gentleman, "your problem is your pride in your honesty."

This conversation between Rajkumar Rao and Sanjay Mishra is one of the best scenes I have seen this year.In the same scene,Sanjay Mishra compares Newton's view is similar to Isaac Newton's view.Director masterfully wrote such strong scenes in the beginning of the movie which really created strong impact throughout the movie and even after coming out after watching it.

Writer-director Amit Masurkar and Mayank Tewari have painfully captured the bittersweet essence of the people of an obscure jungle that's far-flung from civilization.Masurkar razes multiple Hindi film clichés to the ground in Newton by resorting to low-key black comedy to tell a tale of Adivasis being pulled in different directions by the police and Naxalites on election day, by making an Adivasi - that too a woman - one of the agents of change in the film, and by conceiving Newton as a man of indeterminate caste, even if clearly not an Adivasi himself.

Newton is a dark comedy that gives you equal measures of dread and disillusionment and hope and hilarity. It makes you see the pitfalls of the democratic system but also tells you that it's the only one capable of positive change. This is reality at its finest, with credible performances and backdrops that immerse viewers into the world and where even the faces of the background characters leave a heartbreaking impression. The script is full of humorous touches and intricate visual details.

Once again Rajkumar Rao proved that he is the upcoming gem of Bollywood.He gave a powerful innocent performance with perfection.Pankaj Tripathi is the show-stealer with his career best performance.Rest of the cast also impressed a lot with their natural acting skills.

So,Newton is one of the best political satires I had seen from Indian Cinema.A Must Watch..

My Rating 8/10
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Interesting Characters, But What's The Real Story?
sarita-rani10 October 2017
Newton is a mixed metaphor in more ways than one. Preview trailers have hinted at how the movie gets its name and sure enough, there's an interesting story behind it.

There's an interesting story behind the movie too. One of the writers is a journalist. So one of the film's big virtues is in the authenticity of it's characters and situations. This is a big reason behind it's popularity.

The newspaperman/filmmaker took pains to send his partner to the actual research areas, instead of going himself. He says it was to not get drawn back into the "reporting" part of the genre. Which is a fair enough position to take. But between the two of them, the authenticity of the Dandakaranya region, it's concerns and its people is more than evident. It really is the best part of the film.

The problem I really had was with the "fiction" part of the movie.

Having captured and written great characters, the movie didn't quite know what to do with them. How would the tension grow in the second act? What would be the great third act conflict? How would the story resolve itself?

The camera caught some amazing moments where the movie could have pivoted into something fundamentally valuable. As if the writers were great visual thinkers but didn't quite know how to translate what they had seen and shown -- into an idea.

Newton is about power equations, at its core. But it tells that story only tangentially and almost accidentally. And frankly, it takes too long to tell it. I could almost feel the whole election day pass by in real time. It had great characters and really good actors. For that much time, there really should have been more to walk away with than the screenplay writers gave us.
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Claps for the great work
hellofrompramod27 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Newton's fourth law states that - " Every Indian whether he likes or doesn't like watching movies should go and watch Newton."

Hats off to the thinking, structuring and courage to make a movie on the woes of conducting elections in India in the manner which is authentic, researched,thought provoking and entertaining.

It has Rajkumar Rao, Pankaj Tripathi , Raghuveer yadav and Sanjay Mishra in it. Among all these Anjali Patil as the Booth level officer is a delight to watch too.

If everyone in India will perform his duty like Newton, the country will progress on its own.

Claps for the great work!!
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Good Story - Bad Execution
pranaydora9 January 2018
Not that we do not have enough stories on social causes, but taking one forward to make a movie on is commendable in our country, where, often movies like these, do not even get to see the light of the day. So, kudos on that part!!!

And that's all that there's is to applaud and feel good about this movie - Newton.

The direction is wayward and the characters seem to move around like stray cattle in every frame. Newton had a story to tell, a story of political oppression of the neglected and the forgotten people of our country. Of people who do not matter to our democracy and represent no more than a slice of the pie in some exit-poll-chart. And it failed - it failed big time.

It seems like that the makers of this film were confused what to keep in a frame and what to exclude, which dialogues to keep and which ones to trash - Newton is a vain attempt to glory. Tried and failed.
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Capsule Review: Newton
TejasNair18 November 2017
In his second feature film after the lowbrow bro movie, Sulemani Keeda (2014), Amit Masurkar utilizes his actors to their full extent. The character of the Indian low-grade Election Committee (EC) member, played with absolute finesse by Rao, reeks of individuality and makes Newton a worthwhile affair. However, nothing - not even the Naxal tension - saves the film from putting on a dull attire that has the unabashed ability to make its audience restless. The story of a fierce election guy going against all odds to "do his duty" is welcome in Bollywood, but the treatment is amateurish here. There's a lot less involvement in the film per se which is ironic considering it sheds light into how the government handles/is handling the issue of Naxalism in central India - with sheer laxity. Pankaj Tripathi and Raghuvir Yadav stand out with their cheeky performances, making this worthwhile affair more bearable. The final 10 minutes look like director Masurkar wanted to make sense with whatever preceded them, and conveniently ends it with an open climax. There's a sense of sarcasm and childishness in the plot that does not fully translate, and as a result, does not contribute. Finishing watching Newton is like being asked out for a dinner date and when the date finally happens you are sharing a club sandwich. So you go home hungry and unsatisfied. TN.

(If you are asking the question that's on everybody's mind, no, I don't think Newton will make it to the final 5 at the 2018 Oscars.)
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A movie not for the masses..but surely for the classes !
aayushagarwal-5170721 January 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Finally saw newton & the 3 laws : ) I) An object will remain at rest until acted upon.( "Theme of the movie - Jab tak kuch nhi badloge tab tak kuch nhi badlega ") 2) Change in momentum is proportional to applied external force. (Foreign journalists came ,momentum changed &voters forced to vote) 3) Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. (Newton takes extreme action to conduct fair elections going against security & faces opposite equal reaction!) #Satire #DarkHumor at its best !
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Newton for Oscar? My belly for Mr. World contest
whytryharder18 November 2017
Newton is anything but great and remotely worthy enough to be sent to Oscars, let alone some pan masala awards. Movie always stays on the left side of the fence, from showing the army concocting attacks on itself to keep the BLOs away, to manufacturing AISA/SFI style Hindi "kranti rocksss" graffiti on walls in a village with zero literacy rate, to showing the close camera angles in the poor's faces to keep the emotional quotient high and running, from showing the paramilitary chief as one aviator donning reckless I-know-it-all folk and showing the force as the chief perpetrator where the so called Newton (Nice move showing him from Dalit background, else his selection as BLO would've left me in splits!) thinks everything isn't happening as per his lucid fascinations, his styles and his rules - hence is wrong. So typical to a commie kranti-jerking dumbo, that I had to switch off the movie midway due to his self-entitled views of everyone around him but one. The era of peddling the ulterior propaganda sugar coated with good cinematography and actors, and a script that sounds mildly interesting, is actually here and Newton is one screaming example. #Newton - 3/10. Newton for Oscar? Yeah, me too for Mr. World contest.
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Borin mess, nothing new.
Takethispunch22 September 2017
The film follows a day in the lives of people involved in the painstaking process of conducting elections in a dangerous area deep in the jungles of Chhattisgarh. The lead male actor becomes a presiding officer after a colleague backs out under the pretext of health and family issues. The film is very boring n nothing happens. Ther is nothing new. Its full of clichés.
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Very boring
biso_hotman9 July 2018
I don't advice to waste 2 hours of your life watching this disaster
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What a disaster!
techiemedotin21 December 2017
Total waste of time. No consistent story and literally no conclusive climax.

I regret watching this.
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rehanttsingh12 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Never before seen such a foolish film time waste money waste
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zhvwdu31 August 2018
Trying to sarcasm at government but fails, trying to justify naxalism and wrong portrayal of army......
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