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Never played the game, but this film is fun!
ThomDerd19 May 2021
Great visuals, fast pace, amazing fight scenes and Mila Jovovich equals fun! No plot or anything like that of course but a great ride overall if you are looking for a monster-munch flick to watch! 7/10.
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A B Level Film With A Blockbuster Graphics Level.
Impartial-Critic24 February 2021
A film based on the game franchise "Monster Hunter", where it tells a story of Lt. Artemis who finds herself along with her soldiers teleported to another world full of Mega sized monsters and her attempt to return to our world.

As simple and silly as it may sound, that's pretty much the story here. An equation that almost everyone in Western cinema world and mainly Hollywood fails to understand...when a Game or a Film is created in a certain country in the world and it's a major success, it "Never" means that it'll receive the same success once it gets disfigured by the western touch! Not like ever...I can easily rename the disastrous experiences which clearly no one learns from them. From Resident Evil to Godzilla...etc or even the Ugliness of Hollywood Horror remakes like in the Grudge, Quarantine or The Ring...etc. Each country of cultures adds its own flavor to their films! Even if you insist on remaking a film, stick to the authenticity, Stop shoving fking Americans blindly in every remake and Don't change neither genders nor races in which only ruins the adaptation integrity.

Monster Hunter is a vivid example of such. The film started good, there's absolutely No need for Lt. bs and her pointless platoon! The film could have been authentic and true to the heart of the game if it focused and continued the path of the first few minutes. The film can averagely only be enjoyed by the Monster Hunter Games fans, to me the first 4 mins was Good then followed by bad plot, limited acting skills, lazy script, mindless action and a wide open ending in hope for a second part.

The only good element in this is just the CGI other than that the directing and makeup was a joke...least to say The Admiral looks like an old drag queen, Lt. Artemis and her soldier driver "Dash" never loss their makeup or hair style regardless of the storms, fights with Diablos...etc, Not to mention Dash's fake eyelashes and she's a soldier in battle ffs.

Monster Hunter is a sad and silly mindless fun to kill time without any authenticity to the games which completely lacks the deserved respect to the elements of intelligence of the games fans base.
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The director of a million scene cuts
dacpcon16 February 2021
Watching this movie it was obvious from the start its a poor game to movie adaption, but it's at least entertaining, until there is a fighting scene. Within a very few seconds of the first fighting scene I knew this movie had the same director as the last resident evil movie, just because it's so many cuts, there are not even a second long continuous sequence in a fighting scene, annoying as hell to watch and I can't for my life fighter out how anyone can sponsor this director for an action movie, it's always the same...
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When you're on a bad acid trip at 8, but need to hand in your screenplay at 9.
Top_Dawg_Critic17 February 2021
When you see the movie trailer, you can't wait to see this film. When you see this film, you'll wish you stopped at the trailer.

Aside from the outstanding visuals, effects and landscapes, the awesome cast was wasted on an infantile convoluted screenplay riddled with plot and technical issues. There's hardly any coherent continuity in the writing, and the ridiculous long dragged out and unnecessary scenes made the 103 minute runtime feel over 3 hours long. I don't mind mindless entertainment, but when I feel a 5th grader could've come up with a better balanced script, the entertainment becomes annoying.

Writer, producer and director of the Resident Evil franchise Paul W. S. Anderson, also cast his wife Milla Jovovich, as well as Tony Jaa and Ron Perlman. As a seasoned filmmaker, his directing was horrible. The fighting action scenes had the worst and amateurish choreography I've seen in a long time. I feel bad for Tony Jaa to have this nonsense on his resume. Many scenes could've been cut down and/or omitted so the runtime be no more than 85-90 mins, as that's all this story - if you can even call it that, would be able to fill.

Anderson's writing was horrid, as mentioned above, and my heading "When you're on a bad acid trip at 8, but need to hand in your screenplay at 9" is the most realistic for this meme. I'm a fan of the Resident Evil franchise, but I'm not sure how anyone who read Anderson's script could've said "this is awesome, let's start filming!". It's a shame because I know this had a big budget, and unfortunately it would've been better served donated to some cause instead of this garbage. It's a very generous 5/10 from me, all going to the visuals and the cast, who I feel sorry for. If you want to have any enjoyment with this one, throw on your favorite up-beat album on the stereo, and play this film muted as its music video.
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Never played the game
maxhlacey7 January 2021
But I found this far more entertaining than Wonder Women 1984. Non-stop action and there are some surprisingly funny moments in the film too. Certainly recommend it!
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No plot but super cool monsters and tons of action
trinaboice11 December 2020
IN A NUTSHELL: This action-adventure movie is based on the video game by Capcom. One of the cast members, T.I., said that it was his youngest son that convinced him to be in the movie because he is such a fan of the Capcom video games. I was curious to hear from real gamers what they thought about the movie and they all agreed the monsters looked awesome. They said the movie is pretty faithful to the original game with some fun fan-service, so that's a good endorsement!

As far as the actual movie goes, the fantasy flick was written for the screen and directed by Paul W. S. Anderson. That's where the reviews start to head south. The plot is extremely thin, so if you want to just watch an action movie with lots of monsters and screaming, this one's for you. Movies based on video games have been notoriously terrible for some reason. This one will have big fans and haters.

There's a joke early in the movie that has gotten this production into serious trouble with its release in China, resulting in its being banned. One of the characters says, "What are my knees? What kind of knees are these? Chi-knees". Chinese audiences started posting terrible reviews on multiple platforms to damage the box office sales, accusing the movie of hurtful racism. Pushing their outrage further, the game Monster Hunter: World (2018) received thousands of negative reviews as well within 48 hours. Constantin Film later apologized for that scene, although it is still in the movie.

Tip: Eat chocolate while you watch this movie. Just do it.

TIPS FOR PARENTS: Lots of profanity People and monsters in perilous situations High body count with bloody, brutal deaths Tons of violence

THEMES: All of us have our own unique weaknesses. Persistence Hope Teamwork Resourcefulness Self-reliance

THINGS I LIKED: The movie starts out with a bang...and a crash...and screams. In other words, there is no waiting around for something to happen. Lots of humor. I've always loved Milla Jovovich for her unique look and fierce action sequences. I was a little bit disappointed though because she mostly just yells in this movie. Don't get me wrong...she's full-on action. There just isn't very much dialogue. Really good CGI. The monsters look super scary. Some cool weapons. I hear that there are some accurate game mechanics that will please the video game fans. I heard that the director actually went to the game designers to see what they thought of the film and they gave him the thumbs up. If you're going to watch this movie, see it on the largest screen possible.

THINGS I DIDN'T LIKE: The big plot? To survive. Seriously, that's it. Superfast, over-the-top action scenes that make it hard to see what's going on. Within a 10 second period, there are quite a few cuts which is super annoying. The movie mostly consists of fighting sound effects and screaming. Oh....and monsters. The singing...not that great. I would love to have seen more of Ron Pearlman. A bunch of characters emerge out of nowhere but we aren't told much about them, nor get to know any of them. The ending definitely hints at a sequel. Do we want that?

You can see the rest of my review on my Movie Review Mom YouTube and website!
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Give me chocolate
DizzeDahmer21 December 2020
I'd rather a video game movie blow through the storyline and get to the action instead of trying to explain every detail and every character. Some things only make sense in a video game. This gave me the goods. Intense monster battles, hand to hand combat, explosions and even a cat pirate! Plus Mila Jovovich, Tony Jaa & Ron Pearlman. Give me the sequel!
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Too many cuts in the action scenes.
regennation9 December 2020
This is what ruined it for me. It reminded me of the last Resident Evil movie with how many cuts there were in the action scenes, which Mila Jovovich also starred in. I don't see how they didn't learn their lesson from that. Within a 10 second period there are 8 to 10 cuts which make the action scenes hard to watch, and most importantly enjoy. With this being an action film I can't recommend spending money to watch since the action scenes are ruined by the amount of mind numbing cuts in them.
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Good fun popcorn movie
joeyford-5534223 December 2020
It took TREMORS and DUNE and HOBBIT and mashed them up with the hottest from RESIDENT EVIL. Fun stuff
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cool movie, if you're 5
apo_cello16 February 2021
So two strangers are surrounded by giant monsters but to trust each other they have to fight to death for half an hour... only in 'murica.
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Stargate meets Pitch Black
DarkVulcan2923 December 2020
I was expecting this to be a run of the mill awful action film with one note performances, but surprisingly I was entertained, although I'd say not a great film, but in some ways it kind of knows that.

The effects are pretty enjoyable, like almost similar to Jurassic Park. Mila Jovovich and Tony Jaa do play off each other quite well, and both are really at action. Ron Perlman is also good in his supporting role. I never played the game in which this is based, but i'm sure it's every bit has entertaining.
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Way better than Mortal Kombat
ReliableReview4 May 2021
I don't analyze movies for character development plot faithfulness to source material or any such nonsense. Bottom line is was I entertained and most resoundingly yes. I thought this was better than Mortal Kombat which I feel it's a 6.5 and far better than Wonder Woman 1984 which is more like a 5. Just great monster fight scenes and fun goofy chemistry between the two leads. Love the international cast of actors and the monster CGI was well done. With a movie called Monster Hunter you know what you're getting and it delivers. You don't watch a Monster Hunter movie for plot character development logic or narrative coherence. You watch it for monster hunting action and you get exactly that. Awesome!
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Hollywood needs to stop video game adaptations
arabnikita9 December 2020
Monster Hunter (2020)

Sometimes I wonder, do the people responsible for making certain movies actually watch the final product before releasing it. In a year where good movies are getting delayed left and right, this abomination somehow made it to the big screen.

Video Game adaptations have always been a struggle and this one brings back the memories of Mortal Kombat Annihilation, when people's brains melted from the amount of onscreen nonsense. I do understand that things don't have to be perfectly logic and we just got to accept the events as if it is a game. Unfortunately, this Garbagio doesn't have any common sense, flow or even sensible dialogue.

As a matter of fact, you can recreate the movie yourself. Take half bucket of sand, throw in some rocks and aluminum cans, shake it violently while shouting and spinning in a circle, add some water and repeat the procedure. I made a mistake of thinking that at least the action might be good in the cinema but instead, I got two hours of grunts, nonsense and nauseating camera work. Please, don't make the same mistake.

Movies.shmovies on Instagram
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Call The Film "A MONSTER OF A MOVIE" Or "Jurrasic Park On Acid" ( IT'S BOTH ✅✅ )... Paul W.S Anderson Is Now -{ "Officially" }- A WORLD CLASS ⭐⭐⭐ Action-Blockbuster Director .

A -{ Mini }- Review . ____________________________________________________

First & foremost: if you're someone who's -{ NOT }- into this genre { Namely: 'Full Throttle action films borne -( Entirely )- of pure fantasy type video games' } ..'at all'.. then ( kindly ) move right along. Nothing. To. See. Here. PERIOD ⛔ . Conversely, if, ( like me ), you ~{ Aren't }~ too picky when it comes to the whole genre thing, 👉In-The-First-Place👈, and can kick back & enjoy a ( Truly ) exciting film... ~{ " As long it transports you to Another-Dimension 😉 for a little while " , or even just helps you get away from life's 'PETTY-LITTLE-PERPLEXITIES' for a little while, ( & come away " Enthralled And Beaming 🔥 " ) }~ ...then this review is " Especially " for you. Jump. Right. IN❗.

Ok, so ~{ Even }~ in this unprecedented age of " Prolific Digital Super-realism " in -both- CGI ( computer generated imagery ), -as well as- SPFX ( special effects creation ) 'right across the modern cinematic board', so to speak..... to the point where it is most certainly starting to at least -( Seem )- as though we now, ( Very Sadly 😢 ), often find ourselves taking these two ~{ " HUUUGELY❗" }~ labour intensive aspects of film production ~ " Almost For Granted " ~ .....the veritable plethora of monsters featured in Monster Hunter have been brought to life by the filmmakers ( and, of course, their collective little ' Army ' of Animatronic Modellers, Digital Artists & Effects Specialists ), with sheerly " STUNNING 🌠 " prowess. My heart well & truly goes out to ~{ Every Single One }~ of you die hard fantasy -slash- monster flick aficionados, that is genuinely " Aching " to watch this picture on the " Big " screen ; but will more than likely be unable to do so, -( Completely )- on account of the Covid-19 Pandemic situation in your particular country -slash- region .

In as much as the 'Mirth And Hilarity' Department is concerned, I can -unequivocally- assure you that this film not only has its 'fair share' of Laughs, but that they tend to show up in the most ~{ Unexpected }~ of places, & often in the most ~{ Charming 😅 }~ of ways. And I say this.... " Knowing as we -Now- do, ( for-a-fact ), that the bedrock of practically -Any- successful, fun, typical, big budget action-"drenched" blockbuster these days, lies in the said film's ability to -artfully- ( & of course -tastefully- ), weave a hefty dose of that much needed thing known as HUMOUR ✅ into the eager fabric of its otherwise ( almost -inevitably- ) 'relentless and frenetic' narrative arc " . And speaking ~{ Of }~ 'the funnies'... if you were to put a gun to my head & said that I simply ~{ Had To }~ point out a 'glaring' weakness in Monster Hunter ; it would most certainly be the utterly ~{ Baffoonish 🤡 }~ look of the ( normally ) robust, often even " Majestic❗" looking Ron Perlman ( 'Admiral' ), who of course played the lead character in the very well received -( original )- "Hellboy" duology. Other than that I honestly cannot say that I had any really ~{ " Serious " }~ qualms with the movie .

Summary : The Fabulous Milla Jovovich 🌠 ~{ And }~ The ( Equally ) Fabulous Thai Martial-Arts Veteran Tony Jaa 🌠 have truly performed their parts to perfection. But then again, I would've given this genuinely superb production a Solid Score on the merits of its ( visually ) " mind-numbing " Technical Success, ~{ ALONE }~ . 8.25 Glorious Marks out of 10 🚀 🔥❗.
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Paul W.S. Anderson is filming yet another video game series in a bad way.
movieman6-413-9295106 December 2020
Monster Hunter is a new fantasy action film directed, written, and produced in part by Paul W.S. Anderson, the director of Resident Evil and Event Horizon.

In the film, Captain Artemis (Milla Jovovich) and her military unit are transported to another world thanks to a strange storm. In this world they are attacked by dangerous, gigantic monsters, which they find difficult to stop with their military weapons. When Artemis meets the mysterious Hunter, she learns that every monster can be defeated in some way. Artemis decides to team up with Hunter to defeat the monsters and hopefully find a way back to her own world.

Paul W.S. Anderson closed the film adaptations of the Resident Evil video game series in 2016. With this film he seems to have started a new video game series filming. Most video game adaptations turn out badly and are often more entertaining for those familiar with the video game the movie is based on. Unfortunately, this is also the case for this film, because the film lacks a real story and clear explanation of what exactly happened in the film. People familiar with the video game or playing it themselves can probably understand this movie a little better.

Paul W.S. Anderson has put this film together with editor Doobie White in a messy way, just like he did with his last Resident Evil film. The film jumps from short, moving action scene to the next. This only makes the movie more difficult to follow and because the movie is in 3D this can lead to headaches for some people. They also use a lot of unnecessary slow motion effects, to convey the movie more exciting, but unfortunately the slow motion only makes the movie unnecessarily long-winded. The monsters in the film look good, but you can see that they were placed in the film with CGI, so they do not all come across as credible.

The acting is not very prominent either, because no character gets a clear background story, structure or further development in the film. When a monster attacks the group and there are victims, you don't know exactly who they were.
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tbuestrin10 March 2021
I should have stopped watching after the opening scene showing Ron Perlman wearing a Barry Gibb wig. I want to unsee that. So this is essentially a combined rip off of Tremors, Pirates of the Caribbean, Reign of Fire, and a sandy Waterworld. It really has nothing new or exciting...just re-used Hollywood themes that are boring and dated. As a fan of Milla Jovovich...this is sadly disappointing.
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Don't wast your time and money
to7a3 December 2020
No plot, logic, acting, story, nothing to be seen in this movie even the CGI is below average and dark.
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Absolutely terrible
Homer_Ate219 February 2021
With better casting and a little more attention to detail this could have been good. As it stands this movie is trash. None of the actors fit their role or were even believable in said role.
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Way above expectation!
h_chucky8330 December 2020
Don't listen to the bad reviews, This movie was waaaay above expectation. It is a fun wild action packed ride from the beginning to the end. I went to the theater thinking I'll watch another cheesy Resident Evil movie with bad CGI, but no the CGI were fantastic. Alot of really good action scenes and some other intense scenes. I didn't even know this is based on a game, but I heard the game fans loved it. Monster movie fans even loved it more. You will not regret watching this on the big screen, trust me!
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Faithful to Source Material
novakde28 December 2020
As a fan of the Monster Hunter series I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. The monsters were fantastic and it was a delight to see them on screen. As far as the acting was concerned the relationship/interaction between Mila and the nameless "Hunter" felt organic and humorous in equal parts. You may not find tremendous depths to the characters in this film but it was still enjoyable regardless
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Hard to watch
silascriss16 February 2021
Story: None Character development: None Memorable songs: None Acting: Poor Where'd all the money go: CGI CGI quality: Sci-fi

I had heard this movie was trash, but I watched it anyways to support Ron Perlman (Hell Boy) and Milla Jovovich (Alice)
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beyondj14 December 2020
Dear Paul......WHY did you let doobie white ruin yet another video game movie, with his AWFUL AWFUL editing....if anyone in Hollywood reads this, DO NOT EMPLOY THIS EXCUSE OF AN EDITOR!!

Kind regards

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Pure popcorn
hh-944502 January 2021
If you want non-stop action and humans fighting aliens, then this is a great ride. If you want soldiers missing loved ones, character development, talk of fighting for a cause, long pauses, romance, then pick another movie. Milla's best role and movie that I've seen in a long while.
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Monster Mash...
Xstal17 February 2021
A composite amalgam - alloying, bonding, forming, mixing, combining, compounding, joining, fixing, melding and extruding while blending and fusing all that came before in the most wholly unoriginal and monstrous way imaginable. Nothing to munch on here, your appetite will remain devilishly unsatisfied.
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Just another moronic game adaptation
v_kepeto9 December 2020
Not worth your time!

35 min in to the movie I was asking myself "why am I watching this sh** Better install the game, play for an hour and uninstall it, than watching this.

The producers and writers of this movie must of been drunk or something during the entire movie creation process.
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