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lower expectations
SnoopyStyle7 March 2021
Ranger Artemis (Milla Jovovich) leads her soldiers on a mission to find a missing squad. They are hit by a mysterious lightning sandstorm and get transported to another world. It's a world of monsters and monster hunters like a nameless local hunter (Tony Jaa).

Apparently, this is based on a video game. I'm not familiar with it. Quite frankly, I'm not familiar with most newer video games but I am familiar with filmmaker Paul W.S. Anderson and his wife Milla Jovovich. Expectations are low and this movie barely clears them. Jovovich is fine. She's familiar with this type of action fantasy but I really wish they didn't have a sing along. Compared with other video game inspired movies, this is fine but that's not saying much. I would like for Artemis to start with better chemistry with Tony Jaa's character. It may be better to keep T.I. for a little longer. I don't know if The Admiral is a character from the game but he really shouldn't speak English. At first, I thought that he came from our world. That would have been better or else, he should just not speak English. All in all, I have no need to watch this again. Once is more than enough.
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It is weakest right before it is going to breathe fire
nogodnomasters28 February 2021
Warning: Spoilers
Army Ranger Captain Artemis (Milla Jovovich) and company are transported to another world filled with monsters. She eventually teams up with Tony Jaa to fight monsters on various boss levels. This is a high octane action film based on a video game. Plot is secondary to effects and fighting. It is a combination of "Star Gate", "LOTR" "Rodan" and "Fritz the Cat."

Good action film. Nothing more or less.
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Not bad for a movie adaptation of a computer game...
paul_haakonsen16 February 2021
When they announced this movie, I must admit that I was looking forward to getting to watch it. Granted, I hadn't tried the game, but I was familiar with the game concept.

But at the same time, that voice at the back of my head went 'it's based on a computer game', and I must admit that fears of it turning into something dreadful like "Mortal Kombat", "Super Mario Bros", "Street Fighter", "Tekken", or such, then I was a bit worried that it would suffer terribly.

Let me be the first to say that the movie wasn't as bad as it could have been. Sure, with it being based on a computer game, then the story wasn't really multi-layered deep or particularly complex. In fact, the storyline is so simplistic that you just switch off your brain, lean back and enjoy the special effects.

So director Paul W.S. Anderson does manage well enough to turn another computer game into a movie. Thumbs up on that accomplishment. Just hoping he is not going to overkill it and sink it well beyond 6 feet into the ground, as he did with the "Resident Evil" franchise.

Yeah, this was a special effects movie, first and foremost. And they managed to produce some really amazing CGI in the movie, believe you me. And whatever little was there in terms of storyline, plot and script came in second.

"Monster Hunter" was a movie that had my interest also because of Thai martial artist Tony Jaa being on the cast list. And I will say that he was well-casted for the movie, as he added a very exotic element to the movie with his character and portrayal of the character. Now, with Milla Jovovich you pretty much know what you are in for, and she does deliver what you'd expect from her. The movie also have Ron Perlman on the cast list, though he is not one I am particularly much a fan of.

If you enjoy visually astounding action movies where you don't need your brain to be up and running, then "Monster Hunter" is the movie for you. While it was watchable and entertaining, this was hardly a cinematic masterpiece, nor a movie that I believe is something I will return to watch a second time.

My rating of the 2020 movie "Monster Hunter" lands on a six out of ten stars.
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Good visual effects
Gordon-1130 August 2021
The film has good visual effects, but that's about it. The story is non existent, and nothing is explained. It is a brainless monster film that may entertain, but it's ultimately forgettable.
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Monsters Galore
zardoz-1311 January 2021
Warning: Spoilers
After parlaying Capcom's "Resident Evil" into the most successful videogame film franchise in history, coining slightly more than $1.2 billion at the box office, writer & director Paul W.S. Anderson, who penned six of the "Resident Evil" epics but helmed only four, has returned to adapt yet another Capcom videogame for the big screen. Anderson has appropriated the fantasy-themed, escapade-oriented, role-playing videogame "Monster Hunter," featuring dinosaur-sized carnivores of every outlandish description on a heretofore unknown, hostile rock of a planet, for his third videogame adaptation. Least we may have forgotten, Anderson adapted the "Mortal Combat" videogame as his first big screen actioneer. Anderson's "Mortal Combat" (1995) raked in enough receipts to inspire the 1997 sequel "Mortal Combat: Annihilation." Since I've never played the "Monster Hunter" videogame, I cannot verify the film's fidelity to its source material, but I've heard from those who've played it that Anderson's adaptation is faithful enough. Anybody who has been watching sci-fi/horror movies since "Alien" (1979) will recognize the films which Anderson has plundered for this larger-than-life spectacle that is just as silly as it is shallow. No, Anderson veered clear of any "Sharknado" homages, but he has preyed on virtually every other popular sci-fi saga. Just as she fronted for Anderson in the "Resident Evil" outings, Milla Jovovich stars here as indestructible U.S. Army Ranger Captain Natalie Artemis. She supervises a UN Joint Security Operation rescue mission when everything goes haywire. Not surprisingly the Ukrainian-born actress is every bit as resilient as she was playing Alice in the "Resident Evil" epics. At age 45, Jovovich still looks pretty formidable, even when she is slaying mythical monsters. Anybody who has followed her career knows Jovovich doesn't play weak-kneed women. She'll probably ride "Monster Hunter" into her early sixties if it can recoup its $60-million budget. Remember, 64-year-old Linda Hamilton defied infirmity to reprise her iconic role in "Terminator: Dark Fate" (2019), so why shouldn't Jovovich? "Monster Hunter" will do more for Jovovich's career than for her acrobatic co-star Tony Jaa. Anderson doesn't exploit the Thai martial arts sensation for everything he's worth. Instead, he casts Jaa as an otherworldly alien hunter, christened 'Hunter' by our heroine. Rather than performing his gravity defying Muay Thai stunts from his "Ong-Bak" (2003) trilogy, Jaa wields a huge bow and sports a sword the size of a dinosaur's jawbone. Unlike Jovovich's English speaking Artemis, Jaa's character delivers all his lines in an extraterrestrial, gobbledygook dialect without subtitles, so heroine and hero contend with a daunting language barrier. Mind you, they do communicate, but their conversations remain largely monosyllabic. Almost as an afterthought, Anderson throws in a third hero, the Admiral (Ron Pearlman of "Hellboy") who looks years younger than he should thanks to a fright wig. Unfortunately, Pearlman joins them belatedly near the end of the film.

Since it boasts a PG-13 rating for "for sequences of creature action and violence throughout," this Screen Gems release targets teens and twentysomethings more than mature adults. Of course, some mature adults may still yearn for the movies they enjoyed as teens. Meantime, as incoherent as Anderson's screenplay is, "Monster Hunter" amounts to a visual buffet for the eyes with its spectacular CGI laden combat. The variety of monsters is particularly impressive. One critter resembles an enormous earwig with water buffalo horns. This abomination cruises beneath the desert sands of the inhospitable "New World" where a Bravo Team of U.S. Rangers vanished during an ominous storm without leaving a trace of their departure behind on Earth after having been mysteriously transported to another planet. Indeed, the gateways between the Old World-obviously, Planet Earth-and the New World-wherever it is--resembles those in both "Stargate" (1996) with Kurt Russell and "Doom" (2005) with Dwayne Johnson. Captain Artemis' Alpha unit gets zapped by similar lightning and pursues the Bravo team to the other side. No sooner have they landed in the barren, rocky New World than our heroes and heroines know they're living on borrowed time as they tangle with titanic monsters. A gargantuan dragon emerges near the end as their worst nightmare. Initially, a fully rigged, 18th century galleon ship is shown plying a turbulent desert of sand in "Monster Hunter" as if they were sailing the briny blue, with their destination a dark, mysterious tower shrouded in clouds but illuminated by lightning that has created an Armageddon. Although Artemis, Hunter, and the Admiral make an invincible threesome, our heroine watches in disbelief as this ferocious dragon racks up a double-digit body count and destroys million-dollar Pentagon hardware as if it were dime store toys.

Clearly, Anderson has recycled the monsters from "Dune" (1984) that lurked beneath the sun scorched sands. Artemis also tangles with some rapacious arachnids that rival the spiders in "Starship Troopers" (1997), and at one point she winds up in a digestive tract sac awaiting death, as victims in Anderson's own earlier "Alien vs. Predator" (2004) where similar characters were incubated for dinner. Mind you, none of this supernatural saga makes a lick of sense. Meantime, Anderson orchestrates several colossal battles between our protagonists and their reptilian adversaries with enough gusto to keep us sufficiently diverted for the film's 99-minute length. The casualties are not only suitably violent, but also effusively gory. Despite the sensational CGI wizardry, we know neither humans nor monsters were harmed in the production of this movie. Basically, our protagonists fight the sand monster first, a legion of scorpions second, and ultimately a winged dragon reminiscent of HBO's "Game of Thrones." The dragon constitutes the apex predator. Intimidating as these monstrosities are, "Monster Hunter" drums up little more than formulaic fodder. Anderson doesn't provide adequate closure since the plot lacks a finale. Indeed, our heroes will have to polish off the dragon in a prospective sequel. Anderson pares the dialogue down to exposition and shuns characterization in favor of brute spectacle. Altogether, "Monster Hunter" qualifies as a far-fetched but fair caprice displaying a robust cast and some sterling computer-generated-imagery.
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Visually immersive
Calicodreamin19 December 2020
The visuals of monster hunter were amazing, great monsters and vivid cinematography. There were quite a few jarring action scenes, but it worked well. The storyline itself left something to be desired, but the acting was decent and good fight choreography. If they made a sequel... I'd probably go see it.
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If you don't like Fantasy don't watch it, if you are watch it, it's as simple as that.
deloudelouvain19 February 2021
The ratings for Monster Hunter are too low. Those negative reviews come from people that don't really like the Fantasy genre so you shouldn't pay too much attention to those reviews. I wonder why people watch these kind of movies if they're not into the Fantasy genre? But if you are you certainly will appreciate Monster Hunter. The CGI's are of good quality, with impressive monsters as a result. There's constant action so getting bored is almost impossible. As for the acting it was what to expect from those names in the cast, professional and enjoyable to watch. It looks like there's going to be a sequel and I'm up for it, bring it on!
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It started really well, it fizzled in the middle and ended stupidly, but it was still very entertaining
siderite17 February 2021
At first I thought that this is an adaptation of The Doomfarers of Coramonde, which was a pretty formulaic and overly pompous book, but had the same premise: modern soldiers brought to another world and facing magical forces. But no, it is an adaptation from a video game. Still, I didn't know that when I watched the film, so I was pleasantly impressed when it started. Too many characters died at the same time for no good reason, people didn't really act like soldiers, but hell, it's Milla being tough and beautiful in a fantasy world, why complain?

And indeed the beginning was great: special effects were good, even if they felt taken from other franchises and pasted here, the fight scenes were good, the horror scenes were good. I really expected something wonderful and was already looking forward to writing this review. However, after that came a section of the film that seemed to be unrelated: characters change location, monsters are different, new characters appear with one that speaks English so a complete change of tone. And then there is a really stupid fighting part at the end, I mean dumb as nails, and the film ends.

How can you mess this up so much? Who writes a story about 8 characters and kills 7 off the bat? Who brings other 7 characters into the story and then have them do nothing at all? Who fights with swords and arrows against a creature that can open a tank like a can of tuna? So if I had to rate this film by parts it would be 8 stars, 6 stars, 2 stars. That ending, man... it sucked balls! It felt like someone told Anderson "Hey! Remember this is a video game adaptation and so it HAS to be bad". But it could have been so good!

I haven't played the game and so I suppose some of the story wa locked in place, but really, how bad can this game be?
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give me more!!!
FeastMode2 June 2021
This is exactly my kind of movie. I can't boast about how good of a movie it is. But it was fun as hell. If you give me incredible music with awesome monster fight scenes, i will be smiling and i will leave happy.

There isn't much in the way of characters, dialogue or story. And the few hand-to-hand fight scenes were poorly done. But it was fast paced with some beastly scenes and beautiful shots. Oh and did i mention all of this was covered with amazing music? I strongly considered giving this a 7 and may on second viewing. I would ABSOLUTELY watch any sequels

not sure how i feel about the cat tho lol (1 viewing, 6/1/2021)
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Incredible CGI
westsideschl7 April 2021
One of the best CGI fantasy environments I've seen. The detail; color saturation; 3-D naturalistic movement of the nasty critters, and just a whole lot of them to keep you on your toes. They borrowed scenes from many past sy-fy movies, but did so in quality creative ways. We are given Dune sand monster w/footsteps on sand; above & below ground spider & web chase & entrapment; sand storm w/electrical discharge; dinosaurs (especially the rib cage scene reminds me of "Pitch Black") & fire breathing dragons; flaming swords; 3 masted sand schooner; monolithic mysterious structure; "Guardians" raccoon equivalent cat; parallel world. Just a very complete mixed bag even the dirt on the characters was real. Except, Milla still has lipstick - not uncommon w/female action characters. Nice adaption from the game.
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A Fun Waste of Time
The-Sarkologist9 January 2021
Warning: Spoilers
A part of me really wasn't all that keen on seeing this, with Milla Jovovich running around killing a bunch of Kaiju, but I was down at the shopping centre to do other things, and since I had some time to kill I thought that it might be a good waste of time. It turned out that it was.

Okay, I wouldn't really consider this film to be all that deep and meaningful, and honestly, films like this are never meant to be. However, it is sort of one of those films that you watch if you basically want to watch people, particularly Milla Jovovich, go around killing really big things in really imaginative ways.

Actually, it turned out to be based on a video game, and it really shows how much I have lost touch with playing video games because I had never heard of it before watching this film, and doing a little bit of research on it afterwards. Mind you, I get the impression that some Youtube channels will have a field day poking fun at this film, particularly since Jovovich manages to survive a plane crash (in which nobody else managed to, but hey, it's a film).

Look, it certainly isn't something that I would encourage people to go out to watch, unless they like the genre, but honestly, there are much better Kaiju films out there, even in the modern era (Pacific Rim is one of them). Yeah, it's fun, it's time wasting, but beyond that it really isn't all that special.
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Mindless fun? Nope, just MINDLESS!
paulclaassen31 May 2021
Going into this movie, I expected mindless fun. Only, it was just mindless...

Milla Jovovich is back kicking ass fighting creatures - or monsters if you will. From the script to the execution thereof, this was incomprehensible. The fight scenes between Jovovich and Tony Jaa were oh-so-childish, annoying, and painfully American. So Hollywood...ugh! The silly attempts at humor further ruined the movie. So much so, in fact, that I often found it almost unwatchable. There were so many scenes just making up time, that could easily have been cut.

The editing is incredibly bad. The visual effects will have you raising an eyebrow. There was so little going on in this movie apart for people running away, monsters appearing, more running, more monsters... I was so bored. I mean, I literally hit the forward button at times!

This film is a complete jumbled mess, using bits and pieces of so many other movies. How many movie references did you spot? Transformers. Clash of the Titans. Chronicles of Riddick. Pirates of the Caribbean. Tremors. Love and Monsters. Jurassic World. Godzilla.... wow, doesn't say much for originality, does it? I mean, there literally is no plot whatsoever. It was just a bunch of ideas thrown together. Seriously...?!

The ending screams for a sequel. Please not!! Oh, this was atrocious!!!

Would I watch it again? No, please no more!!!!
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Should've been R would've been better
UniqueParticle28 June 2021
This movie is wildly entertaining despite any flaws. I think the director has done better at the the same time Monster Hunter is great action extravaganza; I think Tony Ja's character was a little over the top and shouldn't fight so much. I've never played any of the games but I should since I'm a huge gamer. Some of the reviews are hilarious I respect so many of them. I really like the creatures and scenes with characters singing. Pretty enjoyable for what it is.
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the nightmare aint over till its over
ops-5253517 February 2021
An average acted, no more than anticipated story, but with extremely lively and brilliant special visuals and audiographic effets, a score that hums you through the absolute worst jetload noisy parts,and an amazing job done scouting for actual locations.

its a film that you should see whatever stars given, my eight is basicly there due to extremely well made audiovisual product, that gives a new dimension to the word superheroism. its short on smalltalk and caracterbuilding, its action en masse, and a sequel has to come, ill look forward to that hope it comes before the grumpy old man fades away.a recommend
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Big, loud, and a monster fun time that deserves to be seen on the big screen.
cruise0118 December 2020
5 out of 5 stars.

Monster Hunter is an awesome action monster film and a video game adaptation brought to the big screen. I barely played the game series. But know a little about it. Sure, the game to movie adaptation may have some differences and similarities. Like a character named Artemis (Milla Jovovich) who tries to build her weaponry and armory to fight back against the monsters in that world. Also there are some pretty awesome monsters brought from the games. And a few characters like another group of hunters travelling on a ship. And a fun one thats cat like thats in it for a brief moment.

The plot is simple and great for an adaptation. Artemis and her military team mysteriously disappear when they run into a storm that set nearby rune markers. That tranported them to a monstrous world. Where they get hunted. Artemis comes across another hunter (Tony Jaa). Which they bond and become a fighting duo. Trying to cross a desert landscape. Trying to reach a tower which may be a portal back to Artemis world. While she comes across new characters and a couple of deadly monsters.

The cast ensemble did great. Milla Jovovich is an awesome actress. And action star. Tony Jaa did a great job as well. Ron Perlman did a good job as another character on that planet.

It is an awesome action film. Don't expect a development. Just sit back and enjoy the non stop loud and big action sequences. Director/writer Paul W. S. Anderson did a great job in delivering another video game franchise into a movie. He sure can set up an intense action sequences and never stop. The visual effects and creature design is awesome. The music score by Paul Haslinger did a great job. Making it a fun adventure. I loved Paul Andersons films and his Resident Evil films. He can create an exciting action packed film. Monster Hunter is another step up. It is big, action packed throughout, and does have a cliffhanger ending for a sequel while opening up the doors with the story to where it can go. There is a brief mid credit scene that hints on what is to come.
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The exact type of movie promised
eddie_baggins11 January 2021
Surprisingly not likely to win any Oscars (unless the visual effects field finds itself in dire need of category fillers), Paul W.S Anderson's big screen adaptation of beloved video game property Monster Hunter provides the exact type of experience you would expect from the man that made his name with the Resident Evil franchise and while its choppy editing, small roster of monsters and weak script leaves much to be desired, there's enough going on here spectacle and adventure wise to make sure the experience here is enjoyable enough to make you not regret a use of your 90 minutes of time.

Relentlessly paced for the most part (bar an odd mismatched duo segment that goes for far too long) to maximise the fact we are never allowed to ponder what exactly is happening or who it is happening to, Anderson and his on screen and off screen partner in crime Milla Jovovich push Monster Hunter forward at every moment and from the very first minute of screen-time where we witness a wig-wearing mutton chop sporting Ron Perlman piloting a pirate ship across a desert landscape you should know as a viewer that you will need to turn your brain off should you want to enjoy anything that is likely to come in the aftermath of this initiation into Anderson's event.

What follows is bare-bones character exploration, a willingness to dispose of anyone that is standing on two legs and a story that is not even worth thinking about for more than a few seconds (much like the film does) as Anderson and Jovovich throw in some lovingly crafted throwbacks to the video games series and a visual representation of the world that will have fans giddy with glee, even if someone really needed to take those drones away from Anderson who seems to be like a kid in a candy store when it comes to sweeping his camera around without a second thought.

In many instances Monster Hunter is one of the most faithful and fun big screen video game incarnations we've yet seen, the films battles with sand monsters the Diablo's and some other various beasts that make themselves apparent as Jovovich's lost in another world ranger Artemis and Tony Jaa's local hunter find themselves teaming up should they wish to survive the unforgiving surrounds of this alternate world are all creatively bought to life and make for some thrilling big screen moments of action.

For all its popcorn munching goodness it's a shame that Anderson failed so miserably in the scripting stakes. No one was expecting Pulitzer Prize winning material from the writer/director but there's a lot of suspect scripting going on here and its treatment of some of its characters is quite poor with its odd couple racial differences wearing thin fairly early on with this problem joined by editor Doobie White, who seems to be channelling Michael Bay at his most ADHD in some of the films key battle moments, taking away enjoyment when we can't even tell who is doing what or what is happening to them.

At days end despite all its failings and misguided aspects Monster Hunter does enough to make you not particularly anticipate but not hate the prospect of further adventures in the Monster Hunter universe with ample creatures and locales to explore with what one would hope to be more interesting characters and a more polished script.

Final Say -

If you've seen the trailers, played the games or watched any Paul W.S Anderson films in the past, Monster Hunter provides the exact type of experience you should be expecting and while there's some fairly dire elements to this film, its willingness to embrace its origins and stick tight to being the film it should be makes this a watchable exercise in escapist entertainment.

2 1/2 Hershey's bars out of 5
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When you're on a bad acid trip at 8, but need to hand in your screenplay at 9.
Top_Dawg_Critic17 February 2021
When you see the movie trailer, you can't wait to see this film. When you see this film, you'll wish you stopped at the trailer.

Aside from the outstanding visuals, effects and landscapes, the awesome cast was wasted on an infantile convoluted screenplay riddled with plot and technical issues. There's hardly any coherent continuity in the writing, and the ridiculous long dragged out and unnecessary scenes made the 103 minute runtime feel over 3 hours long. I don't mind mindless entertainment, but when I feel a 5th grader could've come up with a better balanced script, the entertainment becomes annoying.

Writer, producer and director of the Resident Evil franchise Paul W. S. Anderson, also cast his wife Milla Jovovich, as well as Tony Jaa and Ron Perlman. As a seasoned filmmaker, his directing was horrible. The fighting action scenes had the worst and amateurish choreography I've seen in a long time. I feel bad for Tony Jaa to have this nonsense on his resume. Many scenes could've been cut down and/or omitted so the runtime be no more than 85-90 mins, as that's all this story - if you can even call it that, would be able to fill.

Anderson's writing was horrid, as mentioned above, and my heading "When you're on a bad acid trip at 8, but need to hand in your screenplay at 9" is the most realistic for this meme. I'm a fan of the Resident Evil franchise, but I'm not sure how anyone who read Anderson's script could've said "this is awesome, let's start filming!". It's a shame because I know this had a big budget, and unfortunately it would've been better served donated to some cause instead of this garbage. It's a very generous 5/10 from me, all going to the visuals and the cast, who I feel sorry for. If you want to have any enjoyment with this one, throw on your favorite up-beat album on the stereo, and play this film muted as its music video.
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The Rumours Are To Be Believed
damianphelps24 April 2021
This movie sucks!

A complete waste of a great lead cast, especially Tony Jar.

The audio is abysmal.

The story is worse than the audio.

All the fights are mediocre at best.

The visuals are beautiful and easily the only good thing about the movie.

Sets up for a sequel that's NEVER going to happen.
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Monster Hunter
marmar-6978010 December 2020
Monster Hunter is yet another weak and bland video game based film from a factory of crapy films made by Paul W,S. Anderson and of course that this film has a lot of bad staff in it.Action was very ugly looking and shaky cam was present here in some scenes which just ruined this film even more.Characters are empty and just so plain badly written and without any sign of arcs or development or even sign that they are actually humans cause based on acting i thought they were emotionless robots.Monster Hunter is another bad film and i hope that this crapy director stops making films cause he is awful in doing them
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Tweetienator19 December 2020
I don't know what certain people expect and why they even bothered to watch Monster Hunter - this is not the first movie Paul W.S. Anderson and Milla Jovovich made/produced together. Everybody who watched some of their work (Resident Evil franchise) knows what to expect - a pop-corn action explosion without too much care for story or plot or what people call character development. What you get are what you ordered: fine visuals, lots of action, fighting and stunts, and with Milla Jovovich one of the few actresses that really can do action. What else: Monster Hunter mixes many elements/ideas of well known movies and books. To mind come names like The Final Countdown, Dune, Carter, Starship Troopers, Stargate and a few others. If you like that kind of movies and that mix sounds interesting to you, than Monster Hunter will deliver, if not, just don't bother.
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Starship Troopers Rip Off
arfdawg-115 September 2021
By any measure, this movie SUCKS.

It's essentially a Starship Troopers rip off with monsters substituting bugs.

And it SUCKS.

Not sure how Jovanovich keeps getting roles when she cannot act. But then not much acting is required. Mostly load noises and monsters being shot at.

The special effects are decent but there is no story whatsoever.

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This was the type of movie that makes me wish NYC would open the theatres again.
subxerogravity4 March 2021
It's Resident Evil, only with bigger monsters. That may seem weird to stay but the movie does star Milla Jovovich who stars in the Resident Evil franchise and was directed by her husband Paul W.S Anderson who directed the original Resident Evil and started the franchise. Like Resident Evil this movie is based on a Capcom game. All it needs is a metal sound track.

Both Resident Evil and Monster Hunter have this similar set up and delivery that ideally makes it the same plot, but Monster Hunter does have something that Resident Evil does not have, The legendary Tony Jaa. He's not doing his Muay Thai Fury (and I did bat an eyelash when Jovovich and Jaa were deemed equals in a fight), but he got to show us her has personality. An impressive feat if you consider he spoke no English in this movie (Well like in most of his movies but in other movies we are paying to see him kick butt).

This flick is pretty action orientated even the slow human moments were fast pace. Man, I would have loved to have seen this on the big screen.
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Stargate meets Pitch Black
DarkVulcan2923 December 2020
I was expecting this to be a run of the mill awful action film with one note performances, but surprisingly I was entertained, although I'd say not a great film, but in some ways it kind of knows that.

The effects are pretty enjoyable, like almost similar to Jurassic Park. Mila Jovovich and Tony Jaa do play off each other quite well, and both are really at action. Ron Perlman is also good in his supporting role. I never played the game in which this is based, but i'm sure it's every bit has entertaining.
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Good & Entertaining Formula
stevendbeard19 December 2020
Warning: Spoilers
I saw "Monster Hunter", starring Milla Jovovich-the Resident Evil movies, Dazed and Confused; Tony Jaa-Furious 7, the Ong Bak movies; Meagan Good-Prodigal Son_tv, Saw v and Ron Perlman-Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, the Hellboy movies. This movie is based on the Capcom video game and is written & directed by Paul W.S. Anderson-he is known for doing the Resident Evil movies and Mortal Kombat, among a few others. He didn't stray far from the plot formula of the Resident Evil movies, using Milla Jovovich fighting monsters-instead of zombies-in a movie that is based on a video game. Having said that, it is still a good and entertaining formula. Milla is the leader of a group of soldiers-Alpha team-that is looking for her missing Bravo teammates. It seems that Bravo just disappeared and Milla soon learns where they went, after Alpha travels through a wormhole that leads to another planet inhabited by giant monsters. Meagan is a fellow soldier in Alpha team. Tony is one of the first humans Milla runs into on the new planet and Ron shows up later. The CGI looks pretty good and the ending is a set up for at least one sequel-depending on how well this one does-so if you enjoyed the Resident Evil movies, you should like this one, too. After the end credits start, there is a scene involving a hooded figure and a cat. It's rated "PG-13" for creature action and violence and has a running time of 1 hour & 39 minutes. I enjoyed it enough that I would buy it on DVD.
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Monster Hunter
JoBloTheMovieCritic4 April 2021
2/10 - the only thing that this kind of movie has going for it are impressive visual effects and these looked like they were cheap, 80s style effects done entirely on a green screened sound stage.
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