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More Hollywood PC Magic
mordair8 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
As a veteran I have worked around special operators, while I am not one of them. These are hard driven very serious and very closed people. The opening scene of episode one, these guys couldn't hit their targets, there was no sniper and not knowing one of their own was hit is just unacceptable. While I don't have an issue with the women (CIA handler and what appears to be the logistic/intel person, which in the military is never one person, the technical errors I do have a problem with. The Halo jump from 2 miles higher than mount Everest was done in stand battle fatigues. At over 40,000 feet you could freeze to death while in free fall. And that is just the first two episodes. While I kind of like the show it is more like Scorpion, just kind of silly.
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Poor show, more political propaganda
visureigis27 April 2018
This show tries to tackle many issues, fails at all of them. Mindless dumb propaganda, not even trying to be original or insightful on geopolitical issues. They should have hired at least one guy with military experience to advise, right now its total failure from the military perspective as well. Characters are one dimensional and non believable. Even sound work is awful, sometimes its hard to understand what actors are saying.
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Social Justice Warriors
imdb-422489 March 2018
Could be good, but constantly pushing the leftist Hollywood agenda. The Jessica Pare character is fine, good even - but it seems like they couldn't resist making almost *every* scene into a "teachable moment" (oh wait, we don't say that anymore, as we're informed in the show). The strong female character *has* to talk gender with the other female character. The token black guy with pregnant wife *has* to make a point about being black. None of them can just do their jobs! The team leader unprofessionally defies orders in episode two, putting his team, as well as a unit of army rangers, at risk - but it's great, because he did it for the *feelz*. The show actually use the word "heteronormative" non-ironically.

Technical stuff is nothing to write home about either. VX gas is so incredibly lethal IRL that the second episode seems absurd.
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Persona non grata
brentonh-3151313 January 2018
A term used in the series that could apply to a lot of the previously uneducated reviews found for this title already.

Let's get one thing straight - this show is intended for the military-inclined audience and/or military enthusiasts. I was never a SEAL, but rather a Pararescueman for the USAF who served two tours overseas; many of the "cheesy" interactions and "campy" dialogue alleged by non-military serving reviewers are very realistic. This is how we talk. We crack poor, inappropriate jokes at the worst times because laughter - regardless of the timing - is our only weapon against the crippling anxiety that comes with combat deployments, regardless of who you are. Most of us shield ourselves from our own thoughts, especially when it's quiet, and even our loved ones (including those we served with) through humor. That is how we act and this series portrays that sense of fear amicably from the perspective of a real soldier. We speak quickly, we use jargon, we live and breathe what we do at that level because of the years of dedication to the cause that it takes just to get to that point.

Second, this inane need to downvote the series based on a "female operator" is not only ridiculous - but inaccurate. She is not an operator like the rest of the men, clearly acknowledged in Episode 2 when she tells Clay (the strap) to sit in the back with "her" and the "rest of the support team". She works in a TOC, a 'Tactical Operation Command'; the TOC is our lifeline when we're out in the field. Often times, your commanding officer, a procurement officer (supply), relief team and general support staff (including special JTF attachments like OSI, ATF, JAG, etc.) are on standby and are communicating with other assets in the general vicinity to coordinate the mission as it progresses.

Third, the technical adviser for this show is far more capable of portraying our armed forces in a respectable fashion than the vast majority of other shows on television. I saw a lot of complaints about Episode 1's "boat scene" shootout; clearly you've never fired a weapon on a moving skiff in the dark to understand that you're firing for effect - to suppress. Sure, you hope to land the shot, but a bouncing, lightweight skiff on top of firing at a moving object from another moving object makes even the best shooters in the world miss shots; that's just practical application to a common sense scenario. The show handles some complex issues, and my only complaint thus far has been the HALO/HAHO jump (would have to re-watch to see which it was) without the proper altitude gear - a minor flaw, certainly not enough reason to "stop watching" in disgust. I've also seen a few comments about how "predictable" and "archetyped" the characters are - well, no shit. That's precisely the reason they've made it to such top-tier outfits; no loose cannon or quirky halfwit makes it to teams like these because there's no spot for someone who's unpredictable. I feel like all of the "unrealistic" comments come from those who have nerved served and don't understand the military as a whole besides some bullshit "news" report they see on television masquerading as fact.

To close out, learn to enjoy quality shows for what they are and stop believing you're forced to pick extreme scores to show how outraged you are by a show; if this is honestly so poor that it deserves a '1' and is the worst television show you've ever seen - I'd love to see what television you feel deserves a 7+.Don't be so over-dramatic, and moreover, stop judging what you don't understand.
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More PC Garbage from Hollywood
RobertAnderson12827 September 2017
I wanted to like this show until the writers included the ubiquitous smart mouth super powered woman Seal. As much as the liberal Hollywood writers want it, there are no women in the Seals. I watch TV to be entertained, not have be propagandized by Hollywood.

So if you love all this unrealistic PC junk, you'll love this show, but if you are sick of Hollywood trying to reshape society to their belief system, you'll hate it.
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KingFirpo29 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Couldn't agree more about the politically correct stuff. The storyline was struggling from the beginning anyway but I actually turned it off when the briefer said "ISIL". Seriously? The only guy who consistently used that term thought they were a "JV team". Give it up, CBS. This won't last more than 12 episodes - you heard it here first. If the writers insist on inserting their politics in the script, it's hard for the viewers to ignore ours when we watch it or review it. Everything on the major networks seems to have a political agenda anymore. Just tired of it. Write a good, entertaining show and you'll get a quality review.
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Soap-opera + military drama
lanterians22 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers

Whenever an action/military/criminal TV show adds a lot of sex to the story line, it quickly degrades into a soap-opera like ethos and the "meat" of the original vision gets smaller and smaller. The past week's episode (Episode 4) added way too many sex threads and the story got lost in the tangle. By way of contrast, the reason why NCIS has stayed so popular is that the show never lost its focus: solve the crime while maintaining a healthy balance in portraying team and individual growth and change. It never degraded into soap- opera genre. Soap operas seem to revolve around sexual threads and missteps, which make for a boring and tired genre for those of us who enjoy a smarter story.

I've been comparing it to a competing show (The Brave, NBC), which has a similar theme but is more streamlined to tell compelling stories that focus on the team and its work, rather than lacing it with confusing sexual threads that can dilute the show's focus. We'll see how that show does. I hope it doesn't go the way of SEAL TEAM and keeps its focus on the meat of each story: a mission with a desired outcome, and conflicts resolved to achieve said outcome.
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One dimensional characters
pgooden28 September 2017
Nothing new here - in fact plain old stuff as in Six, and the new show the Brave Obligatory characters- the untrained newbie , the female support person, the dog , the separated family man and the dedicated family man. I thin David B is wooden and delivers his lines without conviction
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shaky camera work
mogie-9987827 September 2017
Had a difficult time following the story line with the shaky camera work. Actually got so bad it made me dizzy. Do the producers think that a shaky camera conveys action or movement? Perhaps more action then is really on camera? Why do they feel the need to do this? Makes watching very frustrating.
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Potential.. Lost...
glockknuckle29 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This could be so good, but it is bad...

The plot is poor, as well as the realism. The characters are not believable at all. The female CIA character is probably the worst, horrible casting. Probably a good actor, but not believable at all as a senior CIA case officer.

To add to this: - The main character has a micro helmet. - Extremely poor cheek weld all over. - Tier 1 operators missing their targets at 20 yards in the laughable boat chase, while the terrorists are delivering suppressive fire at a bag 1 yard from the boat. - Only an idiot would be that aggressive in critiquing the operator who shot the terrorist with a suicide vest.

SIX had at least better realism, the actors had put in the work, but it suffered from a very shallow plot, and poor dialogue.

This show fails in both regards...
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Just like The Brave
stankactorman30 September 2017
THE BRAVE (NBC), SEAL TEAM (CBS): I group these together because it's the same show - different casts but the same predictable plot lines, same characters - each with some kind of specialty, same trite dialogue ('You can run, but you can't hide.' They actually paid someone to write that?), same mediocre acting, same over-edited action sequences, and same female commander just like every other procedural show on TV with the possible exception of NCIS. (Before you get all bent out of shape over this, I get it. I understand the necessity for equality, but com' on! Really? I think we've reached the saturation point.) Their job is to stand in front of a slew of monitors, supposedly watching events in real time so they can spot problems and advise their teams on counter measures, all the while emoting expressions of concern during and relief after the operation is completed so they can deliver the 'Well done team. Return to base.' line, while the other members of the team in the situation room clap and congratulate each other on another successful mission. The pity is, there are some good people wasted in these: Anne Heche and Mike Vogel in The Brave, and David Boreanaz stars in Seal Team. The deserve better material than this and so do we. Neither is worth your time. Score: The Brave: 6, Seal Team: 5. I'd be very surprised it either lasts a full season.
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Just Bad!
WarRelic230 January 2018
All things considered...this show is so full of crap. Technically, it is a load of sheep dip. So many problems with military side of the show it is difficult to name them all. For one, No one would HALO jump with exposed skin, But, there he is, hardcore hero, jumping in temps of -40 degrees with sleeves rolled up. Acting is okay, but if you are looking for something that is close to reality, look elsewhere. Just another show for the Axe generation.
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Can't make out what they are saying
phd_travel7 October 2017
I like the actors in this series so I tuned in but I couldn't make out what they were saying. I don't know if this is a directing problem or screenplay deficiency but the actors are made to say a lot of obscure things very quickly and it's hard for the viewer to follow what is going on. This is such an unnecessary flaw. A team of seals goes into the middle east and handle targets. That should be exciting and topical.

Jessica Pare plays a CIA agent - she is always nice to watch. Max Thieriot from Bates Motel is the new seal team member who has some issues with leader played by an slightly tired looking David Boreanaz. They are all likable I just wish they were directed to speak slowly clearly and simply.

May be too late to fix the flaw if things are already filmed.
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Solid Show
timmurphy-27 December 2017 network TV show is going to be totally accurate. This isn't a documentary. I was a JAG and that TV show wasn't even close to being accurate. But it WAS entertaining. And, like this show, it captures the spirit and fellowship of a tight military team. Whoever these folks are dissing the show I have news for you...women play vital roles in our armed services. The contribution here is fairly accurate from what I understand. This is entertaining, it's patriotic and it honors the men and women in the front lines of the war on terror. I also appreciate that it attempts to highlight the sacrifices of the family members supporting our servicemen and servicewomen. As a veteran and the father of two servicemen, I thank CBS for a pretty solid and interesting show. Thanks for honoring the best America has to offer.
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This is the best...
mozzis6 February 2018
Warning: Spoilers
...of the military-themed shows out there this season. Sure, Boreanaz was a bit wooden at the series' beginning, and sure, a lot of it is predictable. But Jace's emotions have really started to come through as story has progressed, and the plots are getting tighter as well. Above and beyond all of this, the characters and their interactions have an authenticity that is better than The Brave or even The Unit, to name a couple at random. (The last paragraph contains a minor spoiler) I want to address some of the complaints from other reviewers. First of all, the dialog. It _is_ brisk, it is salted with acronyms and military slang, and all in all has a ring of authenticity that once again outscores other military dramas that come to mind. If you can't hear it, I suggest you improve your TV sound, or it may be time to invest in a hearing aid. If you don't understand it, google-fu is there to help you out. Politics. You salty dogs who complain about "PC" in this series need to pay more attention. For one thing, PC culture has definitely infiltrated the military, but this show is definitely sending all kinds of signals that are contrary to that. The latest episode, Getaway Day, even made reference to the current administration's changes to the rules of engagement in Afghanistan, and in a subtly favorable way as well. The thing is, the politics in this show are done deftly and in an understated way that in my opinion is more effective than would be the case with too much boo-rah, and it definitely does not have the level of false equivalency and apology for the enemy that you see in, for instance, The Brave. They are much more respectful of the military (well, except for the "cake-eaters"!) than anything else I have seen in a long time, and that certainly includes The Unit with all of its manipulative "conspiracies in high places" and "you can't trust anyone" nonsense. Realism. Yes, this show gets some details wrong: weapons, uniforms, equipment, ranks and ratings, etc. All of this stuff is way less important than the story, the characters, the dialog, and the acting. And this series does very well in all of those areas, and continues to improve. It is really hard to get info on all of the details stuff that every military-knowledgeable person will agree on - at least partly because so many of us are arrogant SOBs who won't admit when we get it wrong ourselves. Listen, uniforms and equipment do change over time, top-tier SOP guys can often carry what weps they want, and everything is subject to the chaotic circumstances of conflict. At least this show is trying to tell stories about a real military unit, not some fantasies about a bunch of near-freelancers living in a bunker somewhere. In addition we should consider that too much realism in details might not be best for the security of the real operators.

I want to finish with a comment (here's the minor spoiler) on one scene from the last episode that really got to me. The team was on its way to a mission and came upon a set of flag-draped caskets in a hangar. No one said anything, but the looks on the faces, the body postures, said more than enough. This scene was eloquently set up, and then sprung with no warning. A series with even slightly worse writing would have had someone lash out with some cliché phrase about how "we're gonna get the bastards that did this", etc. But the approach taken here was so much more effective. When you see coffins like that, it is deeply affecting, and that is exactly how they played it.
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Rip off of The Unit
robturner116845 October 2017
The show just starts off terrible, and what got me even more angry is CBS dropped the show The Unit and years later, just basically rips them off with this show, even to the point where the seals cover story is logistics!! Only difference is seals then elite special ops of army. Drop this show Bring back the unit Heck Michael Irby is in it already, get the rest of the crew.
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Aerin_S8 October 2017
It's an OK show, but I have only so much time to watch TV, and this one doesn't make the cut. I was rooting for it, because I liked Boreanaz in Bones, but there just isn't much there. Another reviewer mentioned The Unit, and he's right -- THAT was a truly great show, and seems to be one of the models for this one, but the writing is not nearly sharp enough, and the characters and stories are too predictable. And, as others have noted, the dialogue is annoyingly hard to understand. My hearing isn't what it used to be, and I thought it might just be me, so I guess I'm relieved to hear that others are having the same problem. But turning on the subtitles only revealed that I shouldn't have bothered. I also agree that Jessica Paré seems miscast. I'm sticking with The Brave for now, but judgment is still out on that one.
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Old stuff doesn't work anymore.
serra-514-8821621 October 2017
Another boring fairy tale of good soldiers sacrificing their lives for the freedom of innocents ones? Oh, no. So cliché and so fake. How come producers have found reliable and profitable this project, I'll never know. With all the appealing subjects you can explore in a TV series, they chose this rhetoric pile of crap. Again. Next.
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Really OK for an all action series.
immortel_la14 January 2018
Scripts were well written, actors all really good and acting smart, not the usual kind of mindless chase n pursuit n shooting, but well calculated plan for each action. I just love this series, real smart n pack of full action.
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I can't understand half the mumbled dialog
tom-4565 October 2017
One of the characteristics of bad TV programming is unintelligible dialog. This is also a prominent differentiating factor for TV programming vs. theatrical movies. If a movie released in theaters has this particular problem, where the audience can't understand what the characters are saying, people get up and walk out of the theater. The movie will usually be gone from the theaters by the following Friday. But with TV programming there are a bunch of producers and directors who are amateurs by comparison, who clearly do not understand this, even though it is inexplicable that they wouldn't. But they don't. Half of the characters in this program mumble their lines. I can't understand half of what they are saying, and I refuse to turn on closed captioning to watch this dumb TV show. Why did they bother to make this, if they weren't going to make a sincere effort to make it watchable?
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Bickering and arguing
chr3614 December 2017
Bickering and arguing is rampant from S1E6. I really don't like it because of that. Like all Hollywood shows, there are 90 pound supermodels playing grunts and (outside) the enemy fires off 5000 rounds and can't hit anyone. I have to slow the show to 87% speed to understand what they are saying.
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Try as they might, they will fail
DukeNewcombe16 November 2017
"SEAL Teams" a story about Seal team 6? hell yeah I am up for that!

Oh it had awesome potential for this to be a brilliant action series.

Except it isn't... they cast David Boreanaz who really adds nothing to what there is of a story. He isn't much more than 2D (or 3D if TV has it) eye candy for those that into that. While they try and add a little depth to the guy as he deals with elements of PTSD he is still very much an unamazing actor. He walks in, saves the day, end of story and that's really how the story goes.

So far as I can tell it has four "drama" sub stories along with a new mission every week. To me an action show is where the season is about a long term goal like "we need to capture this dude, but we don't know where he is" and each week they prosecute a new story chasing down milestones to help achieve that goal. However "SEAL teams" presents us with a 75% sidestory drama and 25% planning and action with against a target that has zero relevance to viewers.

Clearly the writers are more interested in sticking in their doo- gooder views, and are more focused on the personal lives of the teams than they are the action... why oh why?

I'm giving until the end of the season, but I don't think it is going to be on my watch list next year... if it even makes it that far.
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Somethings missing..
benito-2184517 January 2018
If you missed Seeley Booth then this is the show for you. More like a soap opera rather then an action/drama.
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johnwilliam-152588 October 2017
Another CSI type of show with a nerdy team directing soldiers instead of law enforcement. Unoriginal and predictable like The Brave. What's with the beards you see in every military movie and show in the last two years. No one in Hollywood has a original thought anymore putting out and recycling the same plot lines over and over.
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Best show ever
kahildy4 January 2018
I have never written a review of everything, but I love this show. It has heart, feeling and tells a very compelling story.
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