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I have CF - here's my opinion
emilymarshmallows19 March 2019
I'm a 35 year old with CF. I was excited about this movie because any representation is potentially great. But I've seen other CF movies, seen it on TV, and it's usually terribly done. Incorrect nonsense, people are on o2 but climbing hills like it's no big deal, the severity isn't properly shown, etc.

This movie manages to mostly stay away from that. Is it 100% accurate? Of course not. It's still a Hollywood film. It's not a documentary. That being said, this does a better job than any other CF fiction I've ever seen. It includes a lot of the real things that CFers deal with: all our therapies, nebs, vesting, the ports, the G tubes, the o2, surgeries, the isolation, the survivor's guilt, and many others.

A lot of people in the CF community have been up in arms about two CFers getting together despite the bacteria concerns. While I understand the hesitation, I personally know four couples where both spouses had/have CF (had because some have died). We need to look at this as a real situation because it is. There's a lot of isolation in CF, and reaching out to the only people on the planet who can truly understand you is only natural. As long as both people are consenting adults, know the risks, and go for it anyway, we need to respect that.

I appreciate that this movie tackles both the reality of CF and the controversial subject of CFers breaking the six foot rule. This is a very real film, and not once did I feel offended or roll my eyes. Not 100% accurate, no, but I feel seen. I feel represented. Absolutely worth seeing, and i look forward to seeing it again.
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Don't Give Up On Me . Best Acting Performance By Haley Lu Richardson a.k.a Stella & Cole Sprouse a.k.a Will
ymyuseda3 April 2019
Rating 10/10 I just saw the movie in theatres and cried !! I swear literally everyone in the theatres was crying. This is the saddest movie i have ever seen !! It's great movie talking about cystic fibrosis and people with a deadly disease and how they can live between hope and falling apart. This movie is fantastic and amazing from the beginning to end. For all of you, go see it you wont regret it. This is for first time i gave full mark 10 score only for this movie !! I hope this movie can winning an oscar awards !!
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Richardson and Sprouse Make This Work!
bluesteele17 March 2019
I feel compelled to write this review for all of those guys who get dragged along to see some cheezy romance flick by the wife or girlfriend and can barely make it through without trying to duck into the adjacent theater for something action oriented.

That's how I ended up watching this, but honest-to-God . . . I have to give credit where credit is due. I'm usually so cynical about movies that seem so clearly intent on going straight for the heartstrings and forcing every girl in the audience to go for the emergency kleenex stash in the purse. I hate that feeling of being manipulated. "Five Feet Apart" actually works very well on all of the important levels. Cystic fibrosis is not a common disease, and I certainly wasn't familiar with it. But the script and the actors handle the condition with surprising sensitivity. Rather than making it the focus of an emotional trainwreck, no one seems to be working overtime to make you feel sorry for them. Rather, we get to see what seems to be a surprisingly appealing group of teenagers who've accepted the condition in various ways long before the opening scenes of the movie, and they are going to move forward with life without asking for our sympathy.

There is a serious level of chemistry between Haley Lu Richardson and Cole Sprouse that has to be one of the most believable pairings I recall in this genre. The growing sparks between them effectively places this truly debilitating genetic condition in just the right context. They don't want your sympathy--they just want a slim chance at happiness. Yes, the teenage girls in the audience were crying rivers at the end . . . but for once . . . I could completely understand it.
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The Fault in Our Stars Pt II
SmashandNasty14 March 2019
Stella (Haley Lu Richardson) is a teenager that spends most of her time in the hospital as a cystic fibrosis patient. Her life is full of routines and she has got everything figured out until she meets Will (Cole Sprouse), another teen with the same terminal and chronic illness. Flirtation quickly turns into broken rules with potentially deadly consequences.

Our Take: If you're in the mood for a good cry in a dark theater, it's a good watch; but it will be just as good when it is on Netflix and can be watched in the comfort of your home with your favorite stuffed animal and a box of Kleenex. Post-Credit Scene: Nope, you can run to the bathroom as soon as they start rolling.

Let us guess: you loved The Fault in Our Stars. So are you in the mood for another sick kids movie? Well, this checks all the boxes. There are kids. The kids are sick. Plus, it tugs on all the appropriate heartstrings. But if you look beyond the trope, what is there?

Here, there's actually a lot to unpack.

This was the directorial debut for Justin Baldoni (of Jane the Virgin fame) and he did a decent job putting the movie together. The cast was the right mix of a popular teenage heartthrob, a kid you remember from some show you used to watch, and a talented girl next door. There's an appropriate amount of chemistry between Richardson and Sprouse. The soundtrack assembled every indie rock song that mentioned medicine or illness, but it was employed in a very tasteful manner. There were a few moments of questionable shakey cam footage that made watching difficult. There was a scene that was purposefully dragged out for the purpose of making the audience uncomfortable in a completely unnecessary way. The dialogue was a bit weak at times, but for characters that you knew had an impending expiration date, they were all fairly well developed. It wasn't perfect, but in the grand scheme of sick kid movies, it certainly ranks and in some ways, set itself apart.

Unlike similar films of the past (A Walk to Remember, The Fault in Our Stars, and Everything Everything to name a few) this one wasn't based on a book (plot twist: there's a book based on it). It is also set primarily at the hospital and over a fairly short period of time, which tightened the narrative in a strange and at times off-putting way that other films have managed to escape. The film stayed fairly true to treatment mechanisms that are available to those with cystic fibrosis thanks to its consultant, the late Claire Wineland, though it fell into the same controversy its predecessors have by casting able-bodied individuals to play diseased and disabled characters. Some have called the film disease-appropriation, but as two people who don't have cystic fibrosis, this film did bring our attention to a disease we'd never heard of. It's not our place to say whether this newfound awareness is good, but we do hope that it has a positive impact by showing a snippet of what some people with CF deal with.
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My Heart Broke
tristanspohn16 March 2019
Not necessarily from the movie. There was a girl with Cystic Fibrosis in the crowd that completely lost it. The story hit way too home for her. Considering that I dont see how I couldn't give this a rave review.
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Five Feet Apart From Other Romance Dramas
rgkarim15 March 2019
Teenage romance movies always hold special places in a lot of people's hearts, but depending on the decade your familiar with, the elements and presentation are a little different. Eighties brought comedy with emotional drama, nineties was the Nicholas Sparks beginning with the cute, cheesy tactics, early 2000s were all about the Nicholas Sparks, super dramatic stories that hold a lot of places in the hearts of the public. Then came the 2010s and the twist was now romance, but put some type of terminal illness with it to sweeten the deal... So tonight's movie continues this current trend, taking another story in hopes of invoking tears and pulling the heart strings of the audience at the same time. Yes, tonight is Five Feet Apart and yours truly is here to write his reviews as always and share his opinions. Let's go:

Movie: Five Feet Apart (2019)

Director: Justin Baldoni Writers: Mikki Daughtry, Tobias Iaconis Stars: Haley Lu Richardson, Cole Sprouse, Claire Forlani

LIKES: Acting Character Use Comedy Appreciation of Art Beautiful Romantic Nice Surprises

SUMMARY: The latest movie fills the formula of sad, drama meeting the romantic teenage plotlines. Fortunately, the acting is there to bring a fantastic dynamic to latch onto in the form of Cole Sprouse and Harley Lu Richardson. Their chemistry is amazing, bringing the two sides of the romantic cone to life in a very sweet, charming, and surprisingly realistic way. Five Feet Apart takes these characters and does a fantastic job advancing them past the carbon copy templates most of these films do. The supporting cast does a wonderful job of being integrated into the story, their own tales and dynamics meshing well to bring out the main characters in new ways. Of course the movie somehow manages to add on to the simple romantic story by appreciating other dynamics that can be included in romance movies. The comedy is simple and classy, fitting very well with the tone of the movie without being too forced. For those enjoying symbology in the visual arts, the rooms and works of our proverbial Romeo and Juliet have plenty of artistic bite that is quite impressive to behold, instigating a little jealously in my mind about their artwork. As for the romance component itself, again I give them props for finding a way to bring love and beauty into a realistic way that was both poetic and fun to behold. Five Feet Apart takes most of the cheese factor out of the romance, and instead makes it an adventure that is fun to go on. The ordeal of the disease contending with the blossoming love is a driving force of the film and somehow manages to be fresh despite how plotted love tales are. Perhaps it is also the surprises that come in at points that assists with keeping the adventure going, finding ways to divert from the film, without going too far away from the tale at hand. With all these components it works very well for me.


Predictable Cheesy At Times Scientific Stretches The Parent Components?

SUMMARY: No surprise, the movie follows much of the same formula, and my friend and I were able to predict much of the movie based on the trailers we had seen. Fortunately, surprises were able to help with this, but they still held some trouble keeping the romantic movie cheese fest from happening. Five Feet Apart leaves much of the mushy, gushy, Nicholas Sparks like drama that is difficult to get away from, which is a selling point for most going to these movies, but for me could have used a little more spice up. In addition, some of the scientific plausibility for one with my mindset are difficult to get over in terms of the miracles vs. the statistical chances of the real life. Some of the interactions, primarily in the ending occurring the way it did, was very unrealistic and seeing these miracle moments only added to the cheesy coincidences that this series is famous for. If that's not something that bothers you, no worries on this, but for me this is just something to warrant on. As for the parents, they were okay, but I felt that for something as intense as the themes in this movie, some more involvement would be seen. Five Feet Apart's weakest characters are actually the parents, reduced to a few lines of dialogue and the background images. Sure, it's not about them, but in the other films similar to this, the parents were very active in the support of the kids. What happened here?


Overall, Five Feet Apart was much better than I had anticipated, with a lot more heart, artistic beauty, and adventure than many of the romance/dramas that I've seen. A strong cast, character usage, and surprises in terms of comedy and plot were the selling points for this reviewer in regards to this film. It still has predictability and cheese factors, primarily in the scientific stretches, but the good far outweighs the bad for me in regards to this category of movies. I think this is one for the theater in regards to dramas. If not check this one out for a rent/stream because it's got the heart that movies are known to have.

My scores are:

Drama/Romance: 8.0 Movie Overall: 7.0
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POOL Me In!! Pun Intended!
fatima_salamah16 March 2019
My husband and I saw this last night, we are in our 30's, and both cried like babies all throughout the movie. I didn't even cry this much in the Notebook or PS I Love You or Me before you (and any other sad movie you can think of). I wanted to write a review because I hear a lot of comparisons to The Fault In Our Stars; yes both have sickly teenagers who fall in love but the stories are still completely different. Haley Lu Richardson's acting is amazing and blows it out of the park compared to Shailene Woodley...though not nice to compare as both are great stories in their own unique ways. Her portrayal of Stella was so natural and believable though. The rest of the actors were great too. Take tissues, eat candy, enjoy life and hug your loved ones. Go see this movie!
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Rising star Haley Lu shines again
ferguson-615 March 2019
Greetings again from the darkness. The all-too-familiar sick/dying teenager genre is frequently associated with Lifetime Channel movies or something of that ilk. What sets this one apart (and above) many in the slew of similarly themed movies is the script, and more so, two outstanding lead performances. Director Justin Baldoni is best known as an actor and director of TV projects, but he (mostly) handles the script from Mikki Daughtry and Tobias Iaconis quite well.

Rising star Haley Lu Richardson (COLUMBUS, SPLIT) plays Stella, a teenager who has been dealing with Cystic Fibrosis (CF) her entire life. When we first meet her, she has checked back in to the hospital for a "tune-up". Despite her breathing struggles and medical issues, Stella is a shining light of optimism who is friendly with the entire hospital staff and other patients. She's also OCD and maintains a strict regimen on her meds in hopes of hanging on long enough for the holy grail - a lung transplant, or ultimately a miracle cure for this death sentence disease. Stella maintains two to-do lists: one for the day, and another for her bucket list. She also runs a YouTube channel where she educates us on what it's like living with CF.

On one of her frequent visits to the hospital nursery to watch the newborn babies, Stella crosses paths with Will (Cole Sprouse), a more cynical CF patient who has B cepacia form - so deadly that sufferers aren't included on the lung transplant list. In contrast to Stella, Will wonders if the hassle of treatment is worth the pain and inconvenience, when so little hope is present. CF patients are required to don gloves, masks, and oxygen packs. One rule that must not be broken is to maintain at least a 6 foot distance at all times between themselves and any other CF patient. The risk of passing along their specific mixture of bacteria is simply too great.

'Opposites attract' is in play here as Stella and Will share only one trait, and it's a bond where being too close could literally kill one or both of them. These are smart and interesting characters who understand there are no "happily ever afters" in their future. We are along for the ride as they learn more about each other. Will is a talented sketch artist with a wicked sense of humor in his cartoons, while Stella carries a special burden of putting others at ease while focusing on the present and looking to the future, thanks to the exploits of her beloved older sister Abby (Sophia Bernard).

Other supporting actors include Claire Forlani as Will's mother, Parminder Nagra (BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM) as the doctor, Kimberly Hebert Gregory as the strict and caring Nurse Barb, and Moises Arias as Poe, a witty gay teenager and fellow CF patient, who has been friends with Stella since they were young kids. As the romance blooms for Stella and Will, there are some too-familiar moments and a couple of lame musical interludes with slow-motion ... but there are also some terrific and heartfelt scenes. In particular, a pool cue at the pool is extraordinarily tender and romantic.

The film teases us a few times with assumptions, but the theme of human touch is ever-present. For CF patients, is love selfish or is it an inherent need? 'The lights are like stars' is a nice touch that explains how this disease forces these folks to think a little differently and find joy in the moment ... yet still keep their distance. Sure, Ms. Richardson (a bona fide star in the making) and Mr. Sprouse are a bit too old to be playing teenagers, but their talent allows us to take in the layers here with the disease and the limitations on life. The film has plenty of laughs and plenty of tears (bring your tissue) as we watch a heartfelt romance while also learning some of the challenges facing the 30,000 CF patients in the U.S.
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Great date night movie!
connorsparks-6292516 March 2019
Wifes choice tonight and she picked this movie. It was great! We laughed, cried, and smiled all throughout the film. I'm always hesitant to watch these types of movies because of it feeling cheesy or forced but it didn't at all! Really enjoyed it.
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Better than I was expecting
martinriggs-2841416 March 2019
Does what it says on the tin and some more. Solid acting and I learned a lot more about CF which hopefully we all do. Probably the only person in the theatre that didn't cry though!
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Every once in a while..(8.5)
jcaamaya31 March 2019
Every once in a while, you go to the movies to watch a movie simply because you miss the whole "let's go get pop corn, sit back, and catch a flick" type of experience. (for me that's every week)

And you watch something random.

You have fear that what you are about to watch might even ruin your evening, by being nothing more than Hollywood amateur hour.

Then, you are pleasently surprised. The acting is good. The chemistry between the protagonists is irresistible. The plot is raw. The movie makes you laugh. Cry. And have hope.

This is what five feet apart does.


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Delivers what it promises.. Nothing more nothing less
vijaychandrank15 March 2019
If you have watched the trailer you know how the story would unfold. Sick teens, fights at first, falls in love, does things to comfort each other, one lead saves the other with some tears and a hopeful ending. There would be no over the top moments or mind bending twists. This movie follows a template like I mentioned but its not boring. Haley lu is expressive and you feel for her. She has a complex to be organized and wants to live and expects other to follow the same. Cole sprouse is rigid at first but towards the climax, he has a powerful scene to redeem himself. Climax I feel was a bit stretched , could have been crisp if it was short. A decent directorial debut from justin baldoni. All in all a decent movie. Delivers what it promises.. Nothing more nothing less..!
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Much better than I expected.
rightisright7 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I hadn't heard of this movie before my wife dragged me to it. I came out with tears in my eyes, and a deeper understanding of what CF patients go through. The real find from this movie is Haley Lu Richardson. She's not only beautiful, but her expressive face sells the gamut of emotions like no one. I'd watch her in anything. Cole Sprouse as the male lead is just kinda there. No acting ability whatsoever. It was also great to see ER's Parminder Nagra again.
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Made me so emotional.
missmariss-1219617 March 2019
I thought it would be corny like the fault in our stars, but it was so well done. It was a beautiful movie.
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Great Movie!!
paulpaige-4721827 March 2019
Saw this movie with my wife, best friend, and his wife. My best friend happens to have CF and have been familiar with disease. Some people will say it's too similar to A Fault in Our Stars but it really isn't. After watching some interviews about the 2 stars it's crazy to see their chemistry they have without any casting reads together.
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Great acting, rushed story, questionable actions
alexcmoore-2383115 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
The movie as it stands alone is cute. Both leads portray their characters well, and the movie can be related to The Fault in Our Stars in many respects. However, the movie was terribly rushed but was drawn out. The first hour of the movie had very little character development and instead of developing the characters and letting you make opinions on them, it stated facts and rushed into the characters. For example, when Poe died in the movie, I felt very little because he had not been developed at all. My other complaint is how picky they are with what they can and cannot do. There were times throughout the movie where you said to yourself "this is not a safe thing for someone with CF to do" but they do it anyway. For example, they dedicated a scene of where Stella vigorously washed her hands and clothes after going in and touching things in Will's room, or when Will wouldn't blow out his candle for fear of contaminating the dessert, but five minutes earlier, Poe is seen cooking with his face in the food that everyone is going to eat. Just didn't make much sense.
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I just can't stop crying
allure_dayana3 June 2019
I've just finished watching this movie and I can't stop crying. It's such an emotional,deep movie.And it touches different perspectives of life and it just makes me think how we take everything for granted . It's a beautiful movie and it made me feel the love,pure love, selfless love. I'm very impressed and I would definitely watch it again and again.
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A shameless tearjerker...acting saves the film
CubsandCulture16 March 2019
The script to this film is quite bad. It leans into cliches. It makes some pretty melodramatic and repugnant choices in its third act. It repeats the basic medical issues of cystic fibrosis a lot. The exposition isn't even handle in a clever way. (The main character has a YouTube series about cystic fibrosis). The plotting is thoroughly predictable and if you seen the trailer you know where the film is going. I will say the characterizations of Will, Poe, and Stella work. They each have a starkly different orientation towards cystic fibrosis; Will and Stella end up meeting in the middle of their opposite viewpoints. Yes that is a pretty common structure and boy can you feel the writers reaching for your heart strings. Lastly, I suspect cystic fibrosis is misrepresented in the film. I am really surprised this script got shot.

The direction is a little better but it does nothing but embrace the soap opera tone of the script. In particular I found the cinematography too glossy to really capture the trials of chronic illness. The direction is traditional and risk adverse. Some of that is because of the script but I feel a more daring director would have done more with various conceits in the script. In particular, a few of the dates sequences could have been different than a montage and a pop song on the sound track. (I hated the soundtrack. It was very pop muzak for the most part).

With all of those problems why on Earth am I giving this a positive review? Well it features three of the most well considered and charming performances I have seen in a teen melodrama. Arias as Poe is solid friend character; given Poe's fate Arias' likability and sweetness were very much needed. Sprouse is very tender when Will needs to be. He also captures the free spirited nature of Will with easy charm. He makes a good romantic foil. During the film's big erotic moments Sprouse just oozes sexiness and vulnerability.

But above all Richardson owns this film. She makes Stella a person you care about and the character's quirks feel real. The script saddles her with some of the worst lines but she makes them work. She really leans into her character's physical limitations and the resulting material feels authentic. It is an absolutely winning performance. I don't know if that feature alone is enough to see the film, but it was enough for me to enjoy it on the level it was intended.
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Another tearjerker about sick teens...
LiveLoveLead26 March 2019
Haley Lu Richardson, as Stella, shines in this movie. She's beautiful and effervescent and is the saving grace to this pretty depressing movie. The film is about teens with cystic fibrosis who are stuck in the long term ward of the hospital. Because they could catch one another's bacteria they need to remain at least 6 feet away from each other. Brooding Will (Sprouse from Suite Life of Zack and Cody) and OCD, perky, Stella try to find a way to have some control over their lives which are full of regulated medicine, treatments, rules, and hospitalization that keeps them from friends, school and regular teen activities. The CF kids form tight bonds with each other and the caring hospital staff but generally live a very difficult and short life. Like I said... Depressing. Although somewhat predictable, and made more for the YA crowd, the film has its share of humor, tenderness, and heart-wrenching scenes that pull you into the emotional story. In the same vein as Fault In Our Stars, A Walk to Remember and Me Before You, In My Humble Opinion wait for the DVD! (even though he typically likes chick-flicks and some romances, hubby was bored with this one) 6.8 starts/10
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pamn-7615217 March 2019
It was heartbreaking. Call me whatever you like, but I like it when the story ends well. Other than that it was a good movie. Did anyone else notice the fact that there's a scene in the trailer that isn't in the movie? Like the picture of the movie on IMDb for example. That scene isn't in the movie and it's killing me cause it's obvious that Stella is doing better. Her hair is longer so it's a few months after the operation. I'm so confused.
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We need these kinds of movies.
knicole12331 March 2019
This may not be a reboot, a squeal, a twisted thriller, a Comic Con front runner, or even your typical romcom. Definitely not your typical romcom.

What it is is an important movie that reminds the viewers that there is a whole other world going on around us. I world that reminds us not to take for granted the simple, lovely joys of kissing someone hello, or hugging them goodbye, even taking a deep breath.

I loved this movie and the actors make you feel very comfortable in their world.
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Leaves a thought......
sala15118324 March 2019
This film touches on many of subjects, Death, Illness, Love & even the desire for a simple touch. The leads in the film do a good job especially Richardson and the film almost delivers but until the 3rd act of the film. It becomes 'oh are they gonna do that' or 'I've seen it all before' type of scenario's, Very dramatic and quite the predictable ending but still the film isn't bad and really the message it tries to deliver us is that life is precious so please don't waste it. If you like the 'Fault in our stars' you'll probably like this too. I'm giving Five Feet Apart 7/10
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Beautiful movie.
marevannierop24 March 2019
It's a beautiful movie. I smiled during the movie, I cried, I looked away... It's that kind of movie that stays in you head days after. That kind of movie that you search information about on Google, and you want to learn more about the actors. Definitely recommend watching. <3
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A good film but a tough watch as a parent
coombsstephen23 March 2019
This is film is probably aimed at teenagers rather than their parents but it's not a bad film even watching as a parent.

The subject is quite a novel one which does work and is well acted. It does give a bit of an insight into youngsters in that position and is rightly focused on them rather than those around them.

But be warned this is not a feel good film it was a tough watch as the plot develops and it just seemed to find your emotions then stamp on them....Hard.
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Life's too short to waste a second
v_singhavi2 June 2019
I loved it.. Just give this movie a try. It really make you start question your anger toward yourself and those who can't do simple thing in life that each of us take for granted
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