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  • As far as I am aware, neither Cole Sprouse of Haley Lu Richardson actually have CF.

    That does not necessarily mean the film is completely out of touch with the disease it's discussing though, and that we should automatically assume going into it that they're going to approach the topic in a distasteful way. It's been reported that the film crew, primarily the director and cast, is actually working alongside Claire's Place Foundation in order to ensure that the depiction of CF presented in the film is as accurate as possible to avoid romanticizing the topic.

    To answer why anyone should or should not see this movie, though, I can't really give a straight, concrete answer for two reasons. One, we don't know the full plot line of the story at this time, just the summary, and two, there's many factors that impact a viewer's decision on whether or not to see a movie, and I can't account for all of them. That being said, some reasons I can personally think of off the top of my head could include people being interested in seeing if the film portrays the disease accurately, or wanting to support the charity involved in this project, since again, this film crew is working alongside the Claire's Place Foundation, which works to financially and emotionally help people living with CF.

    As for whether this is disease appropriation, I also don't think I should be one to answer that question, as I'm not personally affected by CF and I do not know anyone who is, and I feel it's best for someone who's actually in that community to decide. Having a family member with something similar though, I feel that if a movie were to come out like this that tackled what my sibling has, I'd be comfortable with actors not actually having the disease portraying the characters as long as they depicted the subject matter accurately and treated the topic tastefully, as the film may genuinely be someone's first time hearing about it and could make them aware of what someone else is going through. Edit (Coming Soon)


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