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Should have ended in Season 2
chkoliastasis5 April 2020
Well, the writers and producers outdone themselves. They started with a good idea, intriguing characters and an elaborate plot. By the end of season 2 it became apparent they could not drag this anymore. Season 3 was just a "remake" of season 1 but, my God, season 4 is an awful soap opera...seems almost like a "filler" actual plot, no actual could skip straight to episode 7 if u want and wouldnt miss a thing. Hire better writers, because this cast is impeccable.
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a soap opera during a heist
Thomas_Eogan1 April 2020
I really only write reviews when I feel like a show is getting way too much of praise or way too little. I love heist movies/series. So it makes sense that I would finally end up watching this one. But let me warn you, other heist lovers, this is a soap opera not a heist story. I'm 6 episodes in now (probably wont be a 7th) and it's just annoying the hell out of me. The characters are unbelievably stupid, doing things that even people like us, who aren't actually career criminals, would never do. And what is the reason for this stupidity? LOVE! Or, maybe I should say crushes? Criminals loving criminals, criminals loving hostages and every other combination. These are people who have lost it all and want everything, and then drop the whole plan and do ridiculous thing when a girl/boy smiles at them sweetly. I know that I'm very late to reviewing this thing (as it already has multiple seasons) but if my words can save someone 6 hours of their life, it will be worth it. I sadly won't be getting that time back. it's a 2/10 stars for me (but I put 3/10 believing that people are more likely to ignore the very low score reviews, and I aim to protect you people) :D Take care! :)
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Bid good bye to common sense..
sagar-3056218 May 2020
The more u watch it.. the dumber it gets.. idea of the plot is good. Direction is just like a soap opera.
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I don't get the hype
rocco-881-4597263 April 2020
With a 100% positive critics rating on Rotten Tomatoes and with many of my friends going crazy for it, my opition might not be very popular. But I find La Casa de Papel (Money Heist) to be utterly ridiculous, overly melodramatic and just plain stupid.
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Could have stopped in season 2
arjunrajkss11 April 2020
If they could have stopped in season 2, this series would have been the best ever heist series that's ever made. But they didn't do it and season 3 and season 4 is meaningless and boring. Not convincing and illogical.
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nachiket-pandit5 April 2020
Professor what are we robbing in season 3-4-5? Professor: People Will think we are robbing the bank of Spain, However wee are actually going to rob the viewers of their time, we will insult their intellect with every scene and episode, make them cringe and want to kill themselves with unnecessary gay drama, show them some of the most unrealistic action the world has seen. And that way we will rob them of their time. THE BIGGEST HEIST IN MANKID!!!!!
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Unnecessary seasons
khalid_scol6 April 2020
This series should have ended in season 2, season 3 and 4 totally unnecessary
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Clever and intriguing, initially, but gets dumber and dumber the longer it goes on
grantss9 January 2019
A band of robbers, lead by a man known simply as 'the Professor', infiltrate and rob the Spanish National Mint. They appear to bungle it, ending up holed up in the Mint with 67 hostages. But it's all part of the Professor's plan. If it succeeds, they'll make off with over $2 billion Euros.

Entertaining, initially, and could have been a masterpiece. The initial plot - the plan to secure the Mint and make off with over $2 billion Euros - was very clever and intriguing. It was also engaging: you got to know the individual characters of the heisters, as well as who they were up against. From here on I expected a taught, gritty battle of wits and wills between the robbers and the police.

Unfortunately, that didn't happen. Instead of being tight, the plot diverged into silly escapades. One escapade lead to another: robber has to fix some error, fixes it, unwittingly causes another issue, now has to fix that, rinse and repeat. What's worse, the errors, solutions and escapades were incredibly implausible, just being antics for action sake.

In addition, having established their characters in the first few episodes, the robbers then do several things counter to their characters. It was as if the writers wrote each scene independent of what had happened before. It could not have been more random if they brought in a different writer for each episode, and told them not to read the scripts of the previous episodes.

The further into the series one went, the worse it got. During the first season the good, clever plot developments generally outweighed the random, implausible, stupid ones. By Season Two it was open season, with dumb stuff being the norm. The dumb plot developments became predictable, eg you have a situation where a character has a choice and the logical thing, the thing people would do 100% of the time in real life, is to do A. However, A would mean the series ends, so the character does B, and the series continues.

So the plot only makes sense if you're mind-bogglingly stupid.

By the end I just wanted it to be over, so my intelligence would no longer be insulted. And yet it still got drawn out, by about 2-3 episodes too many.

And apparently there's a Season 3 in the works. Considering how it ended, not sure how that's possible, but the producers did manage to turn what should have been a 8-or-so episode mini-series into a 2-season, 22-episode series.
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dont be fooled by the ratings
viktor-hristovski20 April 2020
This is a soap opera, looks like a smart tv show but it's a latin soap opera and you watch it like that(50% brain turned off, the logic part)
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Should have ended at season 2
ruipires-916846 April 2020
Season 1 and 2 were great and amazing, I'd say 9/10. But then Netflix saw a chance to make money and prolongued this show into 2 unnecessary seasons that completely ruined this show. I'm just sick and tired of this by Netflix. This last season was a disaster, filled with unrealistic stuff. Stop before it's too late.
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Throw your logic out the window before watching this show
charudutjshetty20 April 2020
Like everything in this generation, I discovered this TV show through hype. It was going viral, on my Netflix home screen, on twitter, everywhere. So, I decided to give it a try. I feel disappointed I wasted my time on this show. I'm not a fan of fantasy shows like Spiderman, Superman, Batman etc. Honey Heist is a mirror image of super hero movies, difference being the crew here is a bunch of bad guys. I'm not a fan of fantasy shows because of the imbalance, one side is extremely strong, smart, has all the powers available right on time and other side is simply dumb. In this show too, it's the same, the cops are dumb and incompetent. The cops in this show have all the equipment, fancy gears, intelligence power, yet they screw up worse than a third world country cops, not once but multiple times, come on, are the Spanish cops really that bad? Could the makers not make is somewhat believable? The Royal Mint of Spain is under siege and the top cop is going on a dinner date? Having an affair with the main accused? Oh my, that is some level of soap opera right there. And to top it off they dragged what could have been a mini-series to 4 seasons. Learned my lesson, don't jump on the hype wagon, do your research before wasting time on something like this again.
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Painfully Bad
bruneeld13 April 2020
I have never been more confused by a high rating for a show. Not a single part of it is well executed. The acting is not good, the writing is much much worse. None of the characters behave remotely like real people.... it's a mess. It's basically looney toons robbing a bank, but somehow very sad and excruciatingly boring.
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People seriously compare this series with Prison Break?
RayJaywolf22 May 2020
Hear me out, this show is awful, very awful, even season 1 and 2. This show gets about 90% of the things wrong. I don't know why this show has such high ratings. Maybe it's meant for those 14yo edgy kids who haven't watched any good heist movies. People has that the characters in the show are unique and the best part about it. For me they were utterly annoying and the worst part. Except Berlin, none of the characters are tolerable at all. The police are so dumb and the professor makes some very dumb decisions. I even like the character of Arturo, I know he's hated but atleast he's not forgettable. Tokio and Río are the worst characters for me. I don't know how come people even like this soap opera filled with nothing but unnecessary melodrama. And people compare this show with Prison Break? Season 1 of Prison Break slaps all 4 seasons of this garbage by a milestone so stop comparing please. I request you to stop wasting your time in this show and watch something else.
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This series is a masterpiece!
ahmetkozan23 January 2018
This series gives a lot of big messages. First of all, Dali masks are not an ordinary choice. Dali is a genius painter who inherited life that is contrary to popular morality and common customs. He has never accepted the imperatives from the society and the right to wrong moral codes. The masks represent this irregularity.

Red overalls represent socialism. The wearers are socialist comrades and fighting. Mint and cops represent capitalism. In capitalism money sets everything. Even morals will set money. So when someone attacks the money, those people are declared bad. When attacked by money, capitalism is waging a war against the attackers with its armed and visual mechanisms.

The professor is symbolizing the scientific perspective and accounting. After all, scientific thinking and accountability overcome all kinds of problems. But love succumbs.

I have not seen such meaningful socialism for a long time. Moreover, Salvador Dali's tactic was used in the series. You think you are watching the events, but every time you have a deep meaning and message. Ciao Bella is the symbol of socialism.

Fabulous work. It's not just a movie or a script. It is a wonderful work as a philosophy. There is a great slap in the capitalist system. 10/10
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One of the dumbest show I have ever seen in my life.
Jeanx8919 April 2020
Is Spanish police/administration this dumb as shown in the series then 'god help them'. From the logic behind the robbery that "we are not stealing from people but just printing our own money" is also one of the dumbest logic applied in the history of heist movies/series. Have they even heard of a word "inflation"?. I wasted my 10- 15 hrs watching season 1 and 2. If you are a guy/girl who watches lot of quality movies/series then please don't waste you time on this.
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The most illogical & exaggerated show of all times!
neelswapna16 May 2020
Money Heist is a stupidly organized heist in which amateur thiefs deal with dumb police with so much of melodrama blended with nonsense events! It's nothing but a bigger version of daily soap TV serials! I don't get it why it is that much high rated but this is a pure waste of your intellectual & time!
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Dont know what the viewer's are crazy about.
pankajdalvi-5385714 April 2020
Hard to see such a top rated series being so mediocre in its content. There seems to be no logic in the sequence of events. The chief inspector does a nice 9-6 Job, not bothered about the hostages. Goes home nicely when she feels tired , dates her so called boyfriend. I really like the part played by hostages. They enjoy themselves being in captivity. No one bothered to break free. Thought they make some attempts , but ultimately enjoy themselves being called hostages. Also the robbers have their nice Team meeting every now and then , without being bothered about the hostages that they may run or hurt any of them. Liked the trust factor that was built betweent the two parties. And lastly they buillt a nice tunnel between the Royal Mint and the professors house. The distance seemed to be less than 5 meters. EXCELLENT JOB REVIEWING AUDIENCE!!!
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Netflix destroyed the series
AristotelesFotiadis4 April 2020
Season 1 and season 2 were 9/10 for me. However season 3 was meh and season 4 pretty meh except the two last episodes.Unfortunately, an other show netflix destroyed because of it's success..
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Heist -- it's over rated----- don't watch & waste time
ravindradv3 May 2020
Writers are stretching story. In chaos, they acting more chaotic with their personal relationship & what entry Arturo Roman planned in season 4. Why to use copy who is having medical conditions. I felt bad for Spain people how they see this & is it military or police so dumb in's very boring by giving name money guys were showing daily soap relationship fights half of the time. & Freaking phyco people were plan to rob.........
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Bing watched for 17 hours
manpreetinfo20 July 2019
I usually pick-up any TV series with thorough analysis after reading 20-30 reviews. But this one I picked randomly just because I liked the sound "Bella ciao Bella ciao" (you'll know what it is once you finish the show).

I bing watched it for almost a day because this damn thing is so fast paced & keeps you awake as if you're on a rollercoaster ride. The plot twists/ the anticipation/ direction/ oh boy 9/10.

Professor gave justice to his role. What a legend. You'll get addicted to the show and you'll start admiring some characters while hating the others. Seriously I got so much involved in the show that I started cursing some of the characters. Who thought a TV series on a money heist will be so interesting. Kudos to the creators.

Bella ciao Bella ciao Bella ciao ciao ciao
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Too slow
luxmina3 May 2020
Too much relationship storyline. I just really wanted a heist show. The premise was awesome but diluted to become a soap opera with a heist backdrop. Too bad
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One of the best I've seen!
amytgr-11 January 2018
This has been a real treat! An amazing series, great acting, direction and such a suspenseful story it's really one of the very best I've seen ever. I love heist movies and I just found this one in Netflix and I literally couldn't stop watching through the night. The characters are simply amazing! Don't miss this!
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kunjpather3 April 2020
These guys call themselves revolutionaries, but all they did is to rob banks and live a luxurious life with the money they stole from state, Real REVOLUTIONARIES are people who put their life at risk for the opposed and poor, these guys are not revolutionaries, they are just murderers and bank robbers. And this show is just over glorification of crime and bank robbers
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Extremely overrated
LuciferNebulae22 April 2020
I heard so much good about this series. Finally after years of recommendations from different people I decided to give it a try. And boy, what a mistake it was.Let me just say, that I created account here - only to write this review. I am that angry.

Let me start with the good things. First season started quite well as the basic premise is very good and intriguing - execute perfect plan and "steal" huge sum of money - but how they are going to do that? Character of the Professor was good as well. That is it. No really, that is is.

Let's go into the negatives. Almost every character besides Professor is annoying as hell. And it has nothing to do about them being ambiguous. They are just totally unlikable despite clear tries from the series creators. And I guess Tokio takes the prize in that department. Each time I saw her I wanted to skip this part of episode (which I did very often in Season 2), unfortunately she is our narrator... Serbs, Moscow and Berlin were not terrible as characters. The rest is just a joke.

After first season I contemplated whether I should continue. I decided to finish story and went into season 2. Who the hell wrote it? Again characters continue their completely stupid behavior - they go from one extreme to another in a span of one episode... , incredible situations happen, stupidity of decisions. Of course I did not expect this series to be accurate and true to life, but there are limits. In season 2 I was skipping entire sections out of boredom, anger and disbelieve - I just wanted it to see how it ends, and forget about it.

I will not watch season 3, 4 and 5. Enough of this torture.

This is just a poorly executed SOAP opera disguised as heist series, with terrible characters, totally unbelievable situations. What a waste of time. I still wonder how this is so highly rated.
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Ridiculously Overrated
Her-Excellency7 February 2021
With some engaging characters and a money heist script with several twists, this started off SO WELL!!!

Unfortunately, however, it would seem that sometime during the first season someone realized they had an audience they wanted to keep around for a while, and from that moment on, it went downhill, quickly. Like a marmalade that will only go so far, they began to water-down the story in order to spread it out for as long as they could make it last, ultimately making it almost unappetizable.

What seemingly would have been a masterpiece if allowed to run in its predetermined time, pace and format, became a stretched-out mess and with so much stretching, something had to give. As in a bad, pieced-together tapestry, this developed so many glaring plot holes that even those who are best blessed at being able to suspend belief in order to enjoy a tv series or film, will eventually find it tedious and disheartening that one needs to do it so DAMN MUCH to keep this story on the rails. Not only are there innumerous plot holes, but the telling of the story grows more and more formulaic by the episode, and is way too often preposterously predictable.

The acting is give or take, and while some of the cast excels, others do not. Worse, still, the characters much like the original title (La Casa De Papel), lack real substance and are merely paper, molded as the scene requires, rather than being given lives and backgrounds and breath and purpose of their own, even though they spout about "purpose" almost ad-nauseum. Then there is the fascination which the creators seem to have with either the actress who plays Tokyo (Úrsula Corberó), or with the character itself or with what Natalie Portman's character in Leon the Professional would have grown up to be like (in their minds). In an effort to make an appealing character, which both men wanted and women could relate to, they bent her into a parody of a damaged superhero with psycho tendencies; an over-the-top, non-sexy, raging-hot, flip-the-switch temper; mommy-issues; street-bike stunt capabilities; good or bad, fighting abilities (depending on the scene); and oh, yes, a heart of gold or titanium or slush, which needs tending to and healing, also depending on the scene. In short, in wanting to create an amazing, powerful lead character, they morphed her into Frankenstein with sultry eyes. She reminds me of the quote from Pride and Prejudice: " I never saw such a woman. Surely she would be a fearsome thing to behold." A miss in my book. Raquel too, (played by Itziar Ituño), was denied the opportunity to be at least a somewhat balanced character, but unlike Tokyo's character which is purposefully built up, Raquel's character is a plot device which is torn down repeatedly and made to look ridiculous in many situations in order to further the script. The other characters in the first two seasons, Berlin especially and also The Professor, are written well (with the exception of THAT plot device in seasons 3 and 4 which I will not go into here). The rest of the main cast is pretty likeable on an interchangeable scale. I would be remiss not to also mention José Manuel Poga who plays César Gandía and Najwa Nimri who plays Inspector Alicia Sierra in Seasons 3 and 4. They are two of the toughest 'tough guys' I've seen in a series and do great in their respective roles.

Both despite and because of this, Money Heist (terrible change of title, by the way) engages you - ESPECIALLY AT THE BEGINNING OF THE SERIES, because it is a whole, undiluted, rich story at the beginning - with fluid, deep moments of brilliance, that unfortunately, come around less-and-less often, until we barely see them at all.

If you are intent on watching it, listen to the bad reviews and go in with very little and low expectations - perhaps you will then, like those who first discovered it, be surprised and will enjoy it. If you go in expecting much, you WILL be disappointed. It rolls over, like a gigantic wet blob, over its' own hype.
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