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Very good!
hbamorim25 July 2018
Good acting by Auteil and Jordana. It does with many contemporary matters! Very good film!
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Lying around
Horst_In_Translation18 June 2018
Warning: Spoilers
"Le brio" which means roughly "Brilliance" is a new French movie released back in 2017 that is also predominantly in the French language. It is a mix of comedy and drama and runs for a bit over 1.5 hours and was directed by Yvan Attal who is also among the many writers attached to this project. I've seen people compare the basic story here to a modern version of Pygmalion and they may not be wrong. Anyway, BAFTA winner Daniel Auteuil shows great routine and physical acting at times here and is just as good as his young female counterpart Camélia Jordana who is not as much of a rookie as you may think she is when it comes to acting. She plays a student, Auteuil her (allegedly) racist professor. But the two enter in a professional relationship that may bring the best out of each other. This is really the heart and soul of the film. The romance relationships for the female protagonist are forgettable enough that they could have been left out completely. The drama resulting from the rich smart kid telling about the ways the professor wants to save his career feels forced and not as important as they want it to be. The young man, the taxi driver, the female protagonist really loves is okay, but the kissing scene feels a bit for the sake of it and his speech at the very end feels really not authentic at all, which is more a problem of the writer than the actor. The rise to success in the competition is okay, the subway scenes are good too. The one thing I liked here is that the film never tries to make an impact in terms of race relations from the dramatic perspective. The jokes about Fatima, halal etc. are funny yet inoffensive, which is quite a challenge to reach, but they did. It's really more a film about rhetorics, about philosophy and about the art to speak and convince other with the talent to make an impact in that field. That's much more at the center of the movie than everything else. It is well-acted, mostly well-written and if you like either of the two leads, then it is really worth checking out I'd say, especially if you have a soft spot for French films like I do. Of yourse, you may want to go for the original version then, perhaps woth subs unless you are really fluent. It's probably not one of the very best French movies from last year as moments of true greatness are not frequent, maybe non-existent even, but it's a pretty entertaining little film for over 90 minutes suitable for everybody between 18 and 80. Go see it, for Auteuil and Jordana alone.
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Me encanta este profesor. I love this teacher
Andres-Camara27 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Me encanta, porque no se corta, es políticamente incorrecto y no le importa. Si algo está mal hecho lo dice, seas quien seas. La película no va mucho más allá. El principio es muy bueno, pero luego es bastante simple y predecible. Llegas a cogerle cariño al profesor.

Los dos están muy bien. Pero el papel de él, es mucho más agradecido. El de ella, pues desde el principio es bonito y ya está.

Creo que la última secuencia sobra totalmente. Con la secuencia anterior, ya ha quedado claro lo que quiere demostrar. En la última es redundante y solo alarga lo que ya sabes.

La iluminación es bastante simple. Está muy bien en los interiores. Pero en los exteriores de día es mala. No ayuda mucho a la película.

La dirección, bueno ni buena ni mala. Lleva la película donde quiere y ya está. No espero ningún plano bonito y no lo tiene. No sabe narrar con la cámara. Solo sigue la película. No aburre, pero tampoco te llega a atrapar.

Es una película bonita más, en la que gracias al profesor, la película gana mucho.

I love it, because it is not cut, it is politically incorrect and it does not matter. If something is wrong, it says it, be who you are. The movie does not go much further. The principle is very good, but then it is quite simple and predictable. You get to love the teacher.

Both are very good. But his role is much more grateful. Hers, because from the beginning it's pretty and that's it.

I think the last sequence is totally redundant. With the previous sequence, it is already clear what you want to demonstrate. In the latter it is redundant and only lengthens what you already know.

The lighting is quite simple. It is very good in the interiors. But on the outside day is bad. It does not help much to the movie.

The address, good neither good nor bad. Take the movie where you want and you're done. I do not expect any nice shot and it does not. He does not know how to narrate with the camera. Just follow the movie. It does not bore, but neither does it catch you.

It's a nice movie more, in which thanks to the teacher, the movie wins a lot
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