Stranger Poster

(2017– )

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Season 2

15 Aug. 2020
Episode #2.1
On a foggy night, two college students drown at the beach. While Shi Mok investigates, Yeo Jin tracks down a man who was at the scene of the incident.
16 Aug. 2020
Episode #2.2
Police and prosecutors each prepare members for joint discussions on investigative authority. Dong Jae brings Woo Tae Ha some cases of interest.
22 Aug. 2020
Episode #2.3
Yeo Jin recruits Jang Geon. Digging into a policeman's death ruled as suicide, Shi Mok and Dong Jae find signs that point toward a different story.
23 Aug. 2020
Episode #2.4
In a heated first session with prosecutors, Geon makes a pointed argument. At Hanjo, Lee Yeon Jae faces an oncoming family power struggle.
29 Aug. 2020
Episode #2.5
At the prison to interrogate an inmate, Yeo Jin runs into Shi Mok and Dong Jae. Choi Bit has Yeo Jin deliver a mysterious file to an assemblyman.
30 Aug. 2020
Episode #2.6
Shi Mok is ordered to find out what Yeo Jin knows about Bit's file. Ahead of a vote on the fate of her seat, Yeon Jae sets up an important meeting.
5 Sep. 2020
Episode #2.7
When Shi Mok hears who's gone missing, he starts gathering clues by going through phone records. Yeo Jin begins her own investigation.
6 Sep. 2020
Episode #2.8
Leading police efforts to locate Dong Jae, Yeo Jin connects the case to that of the dead policeman. Shi Mok pays Yeon Jae a visit.
12 Sep. 2020
Episode #2.9
A perplexing photo containing a disturbing message surfaces. The police consider the possibility of the culprit being one of their own.
13 Sep. 2020
Episode #2.10
Shi Mok turns his attention to an unusual case involving the sudden death of a former prosecutor, and finds that nothing quite adds up.
19 Sep. 2020
Episode #2.11
A witness, who says he saw the kidnapping, steps forward to identify the perpetrator. His claims could mean serious trouble for the police.
20 Sep. 2020
Episode #2.12
Taken off the case, Shi Mok and Yeo Jin return to their work on the police-prosecutor council. Tae Ha and Bit head to a sensitive meeting together.
26 Sep. 2020
Episode #2.13
Kang Won Cheol weighs a dilemma, and fields questions from Shi Mok about the deceased attorney. A young prosecutor has something to show Shi Mok.
27 Sep. 2020
Episode #2.14
A suspect is arrested, but Dong Jae remains nowhere to be found. In the interrogation room, Shi Mok and Yeo Jin try to draw out a confession.
3 Oct. 2020
Episode #2.15
While getting to the truth about the night of the attorney's death, Shi Mok and Yeo Jin learn about the involvement of a mystery person.
4 Oct. 2020
Episode #2.16
Details of the cover-up become public, but Shi Mok isn't finished asking questions. The police-prosecutor council is called off.

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