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gokul080114 July 2018
Movie could have been cut short by an hour. or focused on other more interesting aspects and people in Sanju's life - his wives/family, his relationships with other big stars (Madhuri Dixit, Salman khan?).. That material is completely missing from the movie. Too much screen time for the Kamli friendship angle. Boring. The drug addiction part dragged on way too long. I wouldnt consider this movie a biopic as it was only focused on portraying Sanju as an innocent victim of the unfair media coverage. The guy has repeatedly made bad choices in his life and we are supposed to feel sorry for him. Yaawn. Melodramatic background music was annoying. Ranbir's acting was good though. Would surely win him many awards. Cant rate it more than 5 stars. but its an ok movie compared to other junk that bollywood churns out.
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Ranbir Kapoor back as an phenomenal actor
deveshmaisuria3 July 2018
Warning: Spoilers
After all the wait. I finally get to see this movie up on the big screen. What I would say is that this movie is incredibly good. It gave us most of it that we all wanted to see. Ranbir Kapoor's acting is brilliant, his role playing Sanju was absolutely perfect for him to do. Sanju's friend was also one of the best things about his film because Vicky Kaushal as Sanju's best friend truly nailed his performance. For me I think that these two actors were good on screen, especially that last moment where Sanju gets out of prison and meets his friend. Other actors like Paresh Rawal was also so good as he was playing Sanjay Dutt's father. I think that he was just too good as he was on screen. If I look at the editing I would say that you really have to pay attention for the most part because this movie doesn't go from start to finish. It goes back and forth for the most part and it kind of mix things up a little bit too. But other things was the first half of the film focuses more about drugs and how Sanju struggles to battles it. The second half focuses more on Sanju going to prison and how Sanju starts making good films for his own career. This film has given more depth into the character and everything around him as how the film progresses and it really makes us feel that this everything we saw about the true Sanjay Dutt.

I would say that this movie was absolutely brilliant and how it was one of the best films in 2018 so far. I would give this movie an 8/10. Again like I said this movie has given us a in depth story of Sanjay Dutt's life. So I hope you have all enjoyed my review on the film.
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This movie will set a legacy known as - Ranbir Kapoor
AmanAjmani29 June 2018
After Tamasha, I was eagerly waiting for something big from Kapoor's side, and then ADHM came, where RK's performance was stupendous (as always) however the movie being average, it didn't just add up.

I still remember, the day when Sanju was announced and Ranbir was casted, everyone including Sanjay was skeptical if kapoor will be able to pull him off. And after watching this today, I can bet you a 1000 bucks, that 10 mins in and you'll even forget RK is in there.

If there's anyone who can play Sanjay dutt better than sanjay dutt, is Ranbir Kapoor, and i'm not even exaggerating. Kapoor portrayed many aspects of Sanjay's life, in such a beautiful way, that it actually feels like watching 6 different movies in a go. The father-son bond, is the pillar this film stands on, and i'm pretty sure every son out there, is gonna connect with this at some level and shed some tears. Paresh Rawal, did more than justice to the role of a great and noble man, Mr. Sunil Dutt.

The sheer amount of dedication that went into making this excellence, is hard to neglect. Everything, from direction to camerawork reflects the zealousness and precision of what Hirani stands for.

It took more than 3 years for all this to cook up, given that, a typical Bollywood film wraps up in a mere 3 months (keeping in mind the example of Race 3, 80 days in the shooting, and we all know how it turned out), one can only admire Rajkumar Hirani's endearment towards film making.

As far as Bollywood goes, it's all commercialised nowadays, films are made just in the essence of making money, but, it gives me hope, when I know, there's a person out there like Rajkumar, whose work over the years proves that in this herd of money grabbers, he cares. Cares enough, to dedicate his life and time into making something extraordinary each and every juncture. And Sanju is no different, it's the perfect example of a Raju film, a collab of drama, emotions, laughter, stirred with philosophy and full of Life. And for all those haters out there, I know you're reading this (with a grim face), and cursing around, however - 'Kuch Toh Log Kahenge'
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Great Acting of a rather weak and disjointed premise.....
bonnyjaitly29 June 2018
Everytime a director who's given epic movies one after the other reaches a point where he indulges himself in search of a cinematic marvel. Raju Hirani does just that. Had made this movie without it being called a biopic it would have been another great movie but this a biopic but not a fictional account supposedly??? But they take fictional cinematic liberties as it pleases the, and u end up with a mix of fictionalised rea events whatever that means.

Ranbir is epic, Paresh Rawal and Vicky Kaushal are marvellous, the rest are ok .

Certain snippets have been added to provide humor to an otherwise drab tale which you know everything of already and wonder what the director is trying to achieve. They have proclaimed that the have not tried glorify Sanju and end up doing just that. By the time - which takes forever and the movie ends you end up realising its more of a propaganda film to show he's not a terrorist than actually showing his life really.

His career is never mentioned, his wives - Richa and Rhea and his close affairs also are not even mentioned albeit when he claims he has slept with 350 women. His very friend in the movie is supposedly a caricature of all his friends roled up into one - go figure.

Music is non existent and the rest of the support in the technical department is also just ok.

The movie is not bad when seen as a movie and not a biopic , but when it is helmed by a stalwart like Hirani who's says it's a biopic then you expect a "Gandhi" and nothing else from one of India's arguably best directors.

Watch only if your a Ranbir fan.
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Wow !
ripujit_in29 June 2018
Its a roller coaster ! Raju Hirani's portrayal of Sanju is a MASTERPIECE ! Ranbir Kapoor as Sanjay Dutt is more Sanjay Dutt than Sanjay Dutt ! The guy is phenomenal ... flawless acting ... short of superlatives to describe his act ! Vicky Kaushal playing Sanju's best friend was amazing in his character ... plays an important role and does full justice. Paresh Rawal playing the legendary Sunil Dutt is wonderful ! Everyone else is just as good ! Hirani does a fantastic job in summarising Sanjay Dutt's biography in a 3 hour movie ... what an amazing story it is ... what an amazing life it is. Ranbir has played the role of his life in this career defining movie ! Its A Must Watch !
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Ranbir Kapoor's brilliance and Vicky Kaushal's spontaneity lift this good movie to a great film
sathya08083 July 2018
I don't usually take it to write a review for a film even though I follow films very passionately. I have decided to do it because, although most of the critics lauded Ranbir's performance, I have seen few comments trying to belittle Ranbir's controlled, methodical performance by comparing it to Vicky's loudly written character. First of all, I never understood why to praise one actor, you need to degrade the other. Coming back to these specific performances, I believe both Ranbir and Vicky were outstanding in their respective parts, Vicky's character was written in a single note and was loud, he nailed it by giving a fine, loud, dramatic performance with a lot of spontaneity and sincerity and without going OTT. Whereas Ranbir's character had many shades and many episodes, Ranbir clinched each part with perfection. From getting Dutt's swag to his voice he almost disappeared into Sanjay Dutt but never went into mimicry or a caricature. It was a kind of a role where the biggest of actors could end up hamming, but it was the brilliance of Ranbir Kapoor that he held his foot. Now, people may find Ranbir less expressive compared to Vicky, but here he is not the usual actor Ranbir Kapoor, here he is playing Dutt. They both complimented each other very well, and Sanju-Kamli has to be one of the best male camaraderie seen in cinema in recent times

Now, coming to direction, story, dialogues and screenplay. The story was episodic, the screenplay was well written with few problems in the 1st half. The movie starts with an excellent note, the way they are building up the drama was terrific, could say the best of Hirani's work but suddenly they lose the track after the scene where Sonam's character cancels her marriage to marry Ranbir, the whole thing was very badly written and was not making any sense. After that, they go into full melodrama, every character from Vicky to Paresh Rawal to Ranbir was overdramatic. Then Har Maidan Fateh came to rescue. 2nd half was terrific, it was crisp and very well directed. Dialogues were very good, they were funny with a lot of punch lines, I was surprised to hear so many A-rated dialouges in the film, some were really creepy. Overall it was a very good entertainer with its soul in the right place most of the times. It would be 3 stars for the 1st half, 4 stars for the 2nd half and 1 extra star for Ranbir and Vicky's performance.
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It's not a biopic by far....
kabirboom1 July 2018
I am a big time fan of Raju Hirani ever since Munnabhai MBBS. I have thoroughly enjoyed all his movies. 3 Idiots plays every fortnight in my house but Sanju is a big let down for me. The movie is boring let alone be entertaining. There is no Madhuri factor, no Tina Munim, no Salman Khan, no Underworld etc, yet too much of rona dhona and same ol' typical Hirani twist of friendship. I had mammoth expectations from this movie considering the profound calibre of India's iconic director Raju Hirani but walked out of the cinema hall baffled and confused. The movie tries to glorify dutt and tries very had to say that everything in the media was a hoax/incorrect with very little reference to Sanjay's connections to the underworld and his idea of holding an AK-47 rifle. His friendships, rise and fall in his movie career, love affairs, are all skipped. Paresh ji's acting was good but i couldnot see him in the legendary Sunil Dutt's persona. He unfortunately was a mis-match. Ranbir shines all through. He is the only saving grace for the movie. I walk out of the theatre tormented and suffered the exuberating 2 hrs and 30 minutes of boredum only to get a taxi to go home. I right now sit on my couch and the only question that looms in my head is....Why????? Why Mr Hirani???? Why???
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Lugubriously ! The 5th one fails!
anchitmttl131 July 2018
Hirani saab made this movie to show us that he is also a man afterall . Now with this movie released , we can easily compare among his very works , for instance on a scale of sanju to 3 idiots , we can easily rate any movie. This movie doesnt hold up hirani level , though still better than bunch of bollywood crap . There was no hirani level humor whatsoever , apparently a few punches thatsol , Even if we leave this humor part the message which it gave would affect negetively on immature minds. Actings (vicky+ranbir)and direction as usual were flawless, (but thats not a factor when we review a hirani movie , is it? ) IN short dont watch it with your " yeeeaaa rajkumar hirani ki movie " mode on , rather watch it if you are a baba fan or have absolutley nothing to do on weekend (sleeping for 2 hrs would do more justice)..
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Another cliche to give someone a better image
tonyjaimy16 July 2018
A glorified infomercial about the life of a Bollywood bad boy.The women in Sanju are as ornamental as their predecessors in Hirani's films...In its relentless quest to offer absolution, Sanju is no better or worse than many other biopics that have flooded Bollywood over the past few years. Sanju is no better or worse than many other biopics that have flooded Bollywood over the past few years.
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Terrible movie
hdkp20 October 2018
Pure fiction. Not sure why they call it an autobiography?!?
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Sanju is APPLAUSE worthy! Take a bow Ranbir Kapoor & Rajkumar HIrani.
Natasha070530 June 2018

Duration : 129 Minutes Genre : Biopic

CAST Ranbir Kapoor : He plays Sanjay Dutt. I must say that this is Ranbir's best performance till date. He went into the soul of the character. Pure brilliance! Paresh Rawal : He plays Sunil Dutt. His performance was genuine and his on screen presence was strong and flawless. Vicky Kaushal : He plays Kamlesh, Sanjay Dutt's best friend. His role was equally vital and he performed really well in despite of sharing screen space with senior actors. Sonam Kapoor, Dia Mirza, Manisha Koirala and Anushka Sharma : The whole female cast was well ensemble and all 4 portrayed their roles well. Jim Sarbh : He played God. Jim always outdoes himself, and he doesn't disappoint here.

PLOT As we all know Sanju is a Biopic on the different stages of Sanjay Dutt's Life. Raju Hirani not only displays Sanjay's life story but also teaches us life lessons (As he always does). There was a dialogue in the movie which said "The person with the most failures, has the best stories." Sanju is indeed those stories. Raju Hirani executes the script skillfully and one gets to see every emotion in it.

SOUNDTRACK Sanju's music doesn't really leave a mark except for the track Kar Har Maidaan Fateh which is extremely motivating as is also my favorite.
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5th Classic in a Row for Master Hirani, Best Of Ranbir!

Ever since i heard about this Project I was very negative about it I was like why Hirani is making a biopic on Sanjay Dutt I mean come on he is not a legend rather he is stamped as A Criminal then why is Raju Hirani going off track keeping his social appealing films formula aside? But then I had a faith on him as he never disappointed, he must have found something interesting in Sanjay Dutt life and that's why he is making a film. And Hirani does not disappoint and makes that faith on him much stronger with Sanju. He is a Genius and has made this not so Social film a Classic with Family Values, Friendship and Emotional bonding through his Vision.

Ranbir Kapoor in and as Sanju Delivers a memorable and best performance of his career till date. There are so many stages and ages of Sanjay's life from a young drug addict, an upcoming superstar, then a Set Superstar, a physically fit icon and then the last one as a 50+ man i mean a current Sanjay Dutt. All these are played by Ranbir Kapoor so perfectly that it looks like he is working in 4-5 different films at the same time, he looks like Sanju, he talks like Sanju, he walks like Sanju, he does everything like Sanju. Ranbir is surely going to win a bunch of awards for Sanju. Paresh Rawal has given a justice to his role and that was expected because he is one of the greatest actor in Bollywood. The surprise package here is Vicky Kaushal who Delivers a power packed performance and stands tall along with Ranbir and Paresh Rawal. Jim Sarabh plays negative character and suits it. Anushka, Dia, Sonam and others have small roles and have done the expected job.

Sanju starts slightly slow and you feel like is Hirani going to deliver something below Expectations or what? But it doesn't happen and Sanju keeps you hooked, entertains you, makes you emotional and at the end it gives you a satisfaction of watching a Worthy film. The First half is very good but that is not enough considering the high standard set by the director, then second half packs a Solid punch and recovers that burden of first half. For that, credit must go to the screenplay writing which is engaged and throughout gripped. Cinematography is excellent you will see some eye pleasing frames on screen. Dialogues are outstanding and are loaded with the Hirani trademark such as Humour, Realism and bit tabu. Although Sanju lacks those expected Big Laugh riot scenes from a Hirani film still it has some of its own Shout out scenes but slightly in a vulgar way. Music is Decent, 'Kar Har Maidan Fateh' gives Goosebumps and works perfectly as an Inspiration song, other songs fades away very soon. Rajkumar Hirani's Direction is something what we admire, we don't expect anything less than a Classic from him and he does it again. Delivers the 5th Consecutive Classic, a feat which no one would have ever thought of. Said it many times, saying it again Hirani is the Best Director of Bollywood of his Generation, nobody is even close to him, Period.

Just like others I also hated Sanjay Dutt for his mistakes and by reading about him in Newspapers but after watching Sanju I have a respect for him, such a fighter he is, that hypocrisy of media is exposed. He is drinker, He is Womaniser, He is Drug Addict but he is not a Terrorist. Thank you Rajkumar Hirani for bringing this story on screen otherwise I would have never realise what actually Sanjay Dutt is. Go and watch Sanju ASAP you will laugh, enjoy and cry just like me. Rating- 8/10*
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Very boring, not a biopic, just a movie about his controversies..
neetabora3 July 2018
While booking tickets for Sanju, I expected a movie on Sanjay Dutt but this biopic fails badly as it's just a summay of his controversies and various people, situations on which they area blamed whereas he gets a clean character certificate. Rest it's an utterly boring movie with over emotional, boring son dad conversations, forced comedy scenes, an explanation of Sanjay Dutt's controversies and an attempt to show that Law & Order, media & everyone had tried to frame an innocent actor! He can do drugs, purchase weapons during Mumbai blast, RDX truck, connections with underworld, can sleep with his best friend's girlfriend (calling her characterless next day) and still calls media is bad! Too much high end emotional drama and just an attempt to gain sympathy from audience. His acting career, movies, hard work (if any), love life etc are missing completely - how come is it a biopic? Connection with all characters is missing. Son, dad, mom, friend, wife - feelings are missing. Someone dies or is unwell, there's no feel coz of no connection. Who cares how he spent time in jail - a criminal is serving time, what's such a big deal? Sanjay Dutt is portrayed so innocent that sometimes he seems like a person with very low IQ level and in some scenes mentally ill. Sundeep Dutt's character is ripped off and displayed more like Gandhi. The only time we laughed was watching a trailor in the intermission. We got tricked after checking IMDb ratings. Giving 1 for Ranbeers acting.
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Ranbir Kapoor shine like the brightest star in the Sanjay Dutt's Biopic
prafullasrivastav29 June 2018
SPOILER: **Direction:** Formula based director** Rajkumar Hirani** has come up with new experiment Biopic on the life of Sanjay Dutt. He is one the most entertaining director of Bollywood who gave Munna Bhai MBBS, 3 Idiots and PK. As some message is always hidden in the movie of Raju, this time he did not disappoint the audience. This time he highlighted Breaking News issue and Hidden James bond from media houses. **Performance:** **Ranbir Kapoor** has stolen the show with his spell bounding performance. **Paresh Rawal** has showcased great chemistry as father. **Vicky Kausha**l again proved his mantle by bonding with Ranbir. Manisha did fantastic job as she was looking like Nargis Dutt. Sonam Kapoor must start showing expression on her face. Anushka has played good guest appearance. Jim Sarbh left good impression on the audience in the role of drug dealer. Dia Mirza was totally wasted role. Boman Irani was good in touch in small and effective role. Karishma has really very small role. **Script:** I feel that script is only thing which need some improvement. **Raju Hirani** and **Abhijat Joshi** have shown great bonding between Ranbir, Paresh and Vicky. Drug issue covered perfectly. Girls involvement in Dutt's life shown little less than mentioned one. However Gun issue totally mishandle as replaced name of Gun from AK 47 to AK56. Showing only Hindu man as Under world don but in reality, Mumbai underworld does not represent any particular religion. Script must be more balance and more accurate as they have touched all key points. Story of Manyata Dutt and Sanjay is totally missed. Even Madhuri Dixit's story is not included. **Music:** Surprisingly you will miss **Shantanu Moitra** in this movie from Vidhu Vinod Chopra and Rajkumar Hirani. New Music directors duo are **Roshan-Roshan** and **Vikram Montrose**. Vidhu was not happy with performance of new Music Directors so he brought **A.R.Rahman** in the picture as guest Music director for song Ruby Ruby. In my opinion, A.R. Rahman must be given full charge of music direction for better music. **Make up Man:** Sanju is incomplete cinema with Make up artist **Vikram Gaikwad**. Vikram did finest job for Ranbir to look alike Sanjay Dutt in all phases of life shown in this movie. **Box-office:** As per opening day's booking status, first day collection will be around 30-35 crores. Words of mouth is super so Saturday and Sunday 's collection will lie between 35-40 crores. It means 100 crores in weekend itself which will be highest for Ranbir Kapoor. Lifetime collection more than 200 crores. **Last Words:** ** **Go if you are fan of Ranbir, Go if you are fan of Raju Hirani, Go if you are fan of Cinema
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One more Masterpiece of Raj Kumar Hirani. Awesome movie
suyashjain-4745929 June 2018
This was the most awaited film of Raj Kumar hirani and this movie excelled in all departments. Every character has shown his presence in the movie. This movie take you through a ride which makes you happy, sad, joyful, angry and give you all sort of feelings. Though not all aspects of Sanjay Dutt life has been shown in the movie but what ever life aspects have been shown in the movie was pure blissful

Thoroughly enjoyed this movie
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Glorifying the superstar : SANJU
anujnaik29 June 2018

Directed by : Rajkumar Hirani

A much publicised , over hyped and overtly dramatised biopic of the official "bad boy" of Bollywood - Sanjay Dutt. An eminent film maker like Hirani chronicles the life and times of Dutt through his biased bioscope lenses !

The biopic deals with Dutt's drug addiction, his involvement in the 1992-93 Bombay bomb blasts and his time spent in the jail. Throughout the biopic Dutt is projected as the proverbial victim, it's unfortunate that a director of Hirani's caliber who has directed such classics like Munnabhai MBBS (2003), Lage Raho MunnaBhai (2006) and 3 idiots (2009) has disappointed with his favourite hero's biopic. In an desperate attempt to super glorify Dutt's gigantic blunders Hirani fails in uplifting his film, this is undoubtedly his weakest film till date in terms of conceptualisation and story telling.

Very recently we had former Indian cricket player Mohammed Azharuddin trying to prove to the world that he's no lesser than a Saint with the super flop biopic Azhar (2016), there is not much difference here as well, except perhaps Hirani's movie is made on a skyrocketed budget and higher scale with bigger stars. Hirani unabashedly blames the media for sensationalising Dutt's involvement in possessing the AK-56(?) and gives him a clean chit in the entire Blast case, so basically the Law and Order, the media and everybody else was framing an innocent actor in this issue, that's what this biopic tries very hard to convey, sad but true ! Sorry Hirani you've disappointed big time.

Ranbir Kapoor is extraordinarily fantastic in the titular role, what a brilliant performance, he easily slips into the various stages of Dutt's controversial life from 1980-2015, Kapoor proves he's one of the best actors our country has at the moment. Comparatively Paresh Rawal is miscast as Senior Dutt, his portrayal lacks the authenticity that is visible in Kapoor's. Vicky Kaushal is earnest in a slightly half baked one dimensional role as Dutt's close confidante. Jim Sarbh hams and that accent gyrates on the nerves.

Anushka Sharma flaunts a visibly disgusting duck pout and is best ignored as an NRI author who's penning Dutt's biography. Sonam Kapoor's high pitched grunts resembling a pig are a torture to frail eardrums, her quest to find the penguin studded Mangalsutra leaves you pulling your hair in disgust. Two women who stand out even in brief appearances are Manisha Koirala ( as Nargis Dutt) who infuses grace and poignance in her role of the cancer battling ailing mother, and Dia Mirza ( as Manyaata) is sincere and impressive as the supportive selfless wife.

Music is quite okay and the songs do not disrupt the flow of the movie, 'Main Badhiya' is passable but 'Ruby Ruby' grooves and stays along( picturised on an disinterested Sonam) but the best song is 'Kar Har Maidan Fateh' sung in his inimitable style by Sukhwinder Singh and supported by Shreya Ghoshal ( The poignant and inspiring picturisation on Kapoor & Koirala leaves you spell bound).

Overall a mixed response to this unimaginably hyped film which is let down by the director's loyal yet biased attempt to glorify and project the Actor as an helpless victim, when you are directing a biopic it gets more credibility when you are honest & sincere in the attempt rather than misleading or misrepresenting the facts with dramatised fiction. The only saving grace is the exceptional performance by the lead actor who breathes authenticity and perfection in his portrayal of the "Bollywood Bad Brat- Sanju".
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Mostly entertaining but not truly engaging or thought provoking.
DesiBaba3 July 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The movie was entertaining for the most part, it did become very formulaic towards the end. I do not see this in the same league as PK or 3 Idiots. I've been a fan of SD since back in the day -- Rocky, Naam, Sadak, Saajan...was not a huge fan of the Munnabhai series, but it was okay. I personally don't care about the accuracy of his autobiography or whether he's a terrorist or not. I think whatever role he might have had was out of recklessness than any malicious intent. He's clearly made questionable choices over the years and one finally caught up with him; you win some and you lose some. He could just as easily have ODd back in 80s but he got lucky to have found a great support system and was eventually able to make a comeback. Anyways, I did not find anything particularly thoughtful or engaging about the movie. Yes, media runs on TRP everywhere, so nothing new there. Despite media's 24/7 news cycle, most people are smart enough to discern between fact and fiction. Those who are ignorant, well, why do you care about their opinion anyways? There was a lot of unnecessary melodrama to compensate for lack of substantive narrative. I also felt like it was a very biased portrayal, why make things so black and white, let people make up their own minds. Way over-rated at 9.
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Ranbir Kapoor steals the thunder in an otherwise decent flick
ketgup8330 June 2018
If you are a 90's kid, probably you would have grown up to see Sanjay Dutt 's outstanding performances in films like Khalnayak, Vaastav or Munna Bhai Series in early 2000. Sanjay Dutt is definitely one of the finest actors we have in Bollywood and there is no doubt about it. However, the question popped up in my mind when I saw the trailer - Was a biopic on Sanjay Dutt even required ? Ofcourse, Sanjay Dutt is popular for his controversies which could add masala required for a movie. Bollywood have legends like Amitabh Bachchan, Dilip Kumar or Guru Dutt. Why not make a film on them ? Let us see how the film "Sanju" has fared ..

Sanju is a chronicle on journey of controversial Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt right from his film career, personal life, affairs to the present state.

Directed by master storyteller, Rajkumar Hirani, who has given some fantastic message oriented films like Munna Bhai M.B.B.S, Lage Raho Munna Bhai, 3 Idiots and P.K, Sanju is probably his weakest work till date. The movie begins in a flashback mode showing the early days of Sanjay Dutt and how he got into drug addiction. Few scenes are outstanding - Sanjay Dutt's relation with his mother Nargis Dutt, the scene where he comes in the middle of night to steal the bottle of alcohol from his girlfriend's house. Even the scene at the hospital where he cries over a dead body is hilarious. However, the screenplay starts losing focus towards the intermission. The second half picks up slightly showing Sanjay Dutt's encounter with gangster and underworld. But too much of melodrama tends to bore you. None of songs leave impact while background score is sometimes too loud. Also, I felt the story was told as if there so many excuses being made for all the mistakes done by Sanjay Dutt to gain sympathy for him and show that he is a victim for all his crimes.

The silver lining is the performances. Ranbir Kapoor gives his career best performance. When you will watch the movie, you will notice his style of talking , walking and even voice is accurate to that of Sanjay Dutt's. Manisha Koirala , Sonam Kapoor and Diya Mirza are fine. Anushka Sharma is wasted in a minuscule role. Vicky Kaushal is superb while Paresh Rawal is good though he resemblance to Sunil Dutt is very less.

Overall, Sanju is one-time watch thanks to the stupendous performance by Ranbir Kapoor. Decent 2.75/5
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worst biography movie i ever see
robinmishr-544-47306426 October 2018
Hi, I recently wached Sanju on Netflix. I am very disappointment with it. this is not Sanjya dutt biopic its just and another sequence of part of Rajkuma hirani movies like Munna bhai 1 & 2, 3 idiots, PK and now this Sanju. Rajkumar Hirani all Movis same nothing different same style make serious point to funny like nothing happen, In sanju there many character who are not in real like and try to show that sanjay dutt is to much innocent, it is just try to make fix sunjay dutt reputation so that rajkumar hirani can make Munna bhai 3 .
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A letdown
HollyGolightly6130 June 2018
It is not an honest portrayal of Sanjay Dutt, but just a Hirani's reimagined biography which ignores the troubling facts of the protagonist. For older folk, Sanjay's story is well known and this movie just paints him as an innocent victim in most of the cases. It is just sad to see it promoted as biography as it is very one-sided take of his life. It is emotional with melodrama and has humorous bits. Ranbir is a good actor but this movie doesn't put him on a higher pedestal. It is a good mimicry than acting. Supporting cast was okay. It's not Hirani's best but can be watched once if you love Sanjay D or Ranbhir.
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Bad cinema
rockyrakesh133117 August 2018
I don't rate movies but I specifically searched for this movie on imdb and rated it 1. I like Sanjay Dutt's acting but the biopic was clearly a fiction. Ranbir Kapoor has never really impressed me in any of the movies and the fact remains what he is a overrated actor or so his PR team likes to show to the world. This is shameful that we make movies on a convict and no movies made on the war heroes of India or the brave Policemen who died in the 26/11 blasts.
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Decent movie
sammymann4 July 2018
Its a decent movie. Ranbir Kapoor does a great job in his role and will walk away with a lot of Indian Movie awards. What spoilt my movie was the casting of Paresh Rawal as Sunil Dutt. He is a terrible in the role. They should have hired a dialect coach for him as he has a distinct Gujrati accent while playing Sunil Dutt who had a very distinct Punjabi accent like Dharamendra. Sanju has no mention of Sanjay Dutt's 1st 2 wives and child with the first one.
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akamit-5733915 December 2018
Movie is more dramatic and overrated. It doesn't look like a biopic but another storyline full of drama which has nothing to do with reality.
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Pathetic Crappy 'Entertainer'!
themosaicpainter2 July 2018
This is the most overrated film by Raju Hirani. Ranbir Kapoor is not an actor. What he does is simply mimicry. The story is as gloomy as Sanjay Dutt's Life. Of course, Dutt's story is not inspiring one, but it's not even entertaining. Bollywood people are experts in portraying infamous goons as anti-heroes, if not heroes, I won't be surprised if they make one biopic on 'Bhai' Khan as well. People who are overrating this garbage are none other than paid PRs.
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Sanju- The Fiction
sycik181 July 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The film starts of with a narration and goes beyond. Showcasing glimpses of Sanjay Dutt sir's life. Unfortunately, the movie turned out to be as i thought from the trailers- An half boiled egg. Raju Hirani's past movies have been big hits and fun, entertainment movies especially known for their light hearted, dramatic, filmy fun take on issues. Unfortunately, though this movie might feel the stomach of the masses, falls short of being heartfelt, true to story biopic.

It seemed to be a soft cushioned, punch of reality, sugar coating circumstances and portraying them in a rather light manner, be it Sanjay sir's addiction, jail or mother's death. Thus leaving the audience less connected to such a great personality being portrayed by Ranbir Kapoor.

Another major draw back, was it only focused on Sanjay sir's drug and jail saga of his entire life, thus not being able to create such that humane presence of his character on screen. We do not see a journey, rather trailers of certain part of these journey. We do not feel the connection or struggle in the spirit of the scene. Ranbir manages to pull of the look and few mannerisms of the Sunjay Dutt, which any good mimic artist and make up team and pull off (having said that - they have done a great job in prosthetics) But failed to bring to life the larger than life presence Sanjay sir has. Hence, you get a feeling of just Ranbir playing a character and not the Actor (SD) himself.

I feel a biopic on Sanjay Dutty would've been best handled by someone of a more serious and real cinema background like Mahesh Manjrekar or Anurag Kashyap.

A major flaw, Is they showed Boman Irani in the Munnabhai MBBS snippet on screen when he was playing the father of Sonam Kapoor's character Ruby- Beyond logic.

Acting: Apart from Ranbir's acting. Much talked about Vicky Kaushal is extremely good in playing the best friend/brother like character of Sanjay Dutt. And is a treat to see as he seemed to be the only one genuinely acting.

Sonam Kapoor was good in her small role. Boman Irani was wasted. Paresh Sir was good too as the father. But from what i have seen in interviews of Sanjay Dutt's father, he does not really play the true portrayal of Sunil Dutt sir.
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