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Why the Terminator series is done
petra_ste3 November 2019
I'll be honest, Dark Fate is more mediocre than unwatchable, probably the best Terminator since T2... yeah, I know, the bar is so low, it's like limbo dancing at this point. This feels similar to The Force Awakens: in itself a slick, decent movie, but I've already watched the much better original, so thanks but no thanks.

Positives? Mackenzie Davis, for whom I've had a hopeless crush since seeing her as a cute NASA geek in The Martian (and then again in Blade Runner 2049), plays a relatable, compelling character, with an intriguing mix of power and vulnerability. There are also a couple of neat set-pieces, especially in the first half, before everything becomes over-the-top tiresome.

Linda Hamilton and Arnold show up for fanservice. It's kind of nice to see them both back with significant roles but, as is typical of fanservice, it's like gorging on too much chocolate: tastes good at first, but then come nausea and a vague feeling of shame.

My main point is, the Terminator series is now hopeless, as the last movies, especially Genisys, have poisoned the well. The continuity is a mess and keeps being rebooted, so everything is pointless: no development can feel meaningful. Show of hands: who would be particularly surprised if the next Terminator movie was once again about John Connor leading the Resistance in another alternate continuity? No one? Thought so.

Also, the new villain being so talkative was possibly the single stupidest idea in the whole project. You know why Arnold in T1 and Robert Patrick in T2 were so terrifying? Because they shut up! They said very little and, the few times they spoke, it always felt like something they did out of pure necessity (probing for informations, setting up a trap) but was fundamentally alien to their nature.

This Rev-9 tries to talk its antagonists out of fighting him! Can anyone picture the T-1000 reasoning with its targets? The great Robert Patrick studied and imitated the body language of birds of prey to look creepier and inhuman, and the new bad guy wants to chat. Give me a break.

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We did this
ericck903 November 2019
We, when we watch it, when we pay a ticket, we encourage these people to keep trowing garbarge at us, we need to stop...
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Franchise: Terminated
JasonXIX15 January 2020
Warning: Spoilers
This really isn't a sequel to T2. The plot of this movie actually negates the first two movies, only to retell a similar story. There are some great action sequences, but the story is basically the same as previous Terminator films: Someone from the future is sent back to the past to protect the 'only hope' in the future.

We know from T2 that Skynet is stopped, so Judgment Day never happens. But none of this matters, because a new company called Legion, ends up doing the same thing in the future anyway. Basically, this movie tells us that an AI Judgment Day is inevitable. Even if they stop Legion in this movie, another company can just take its place in any future sequel.
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An insult to the franchise!
miguelhutten-4515224 November 2019
Warning: Spoilers
It's like they wrote down all the political commentaries they wanted in the movie and then just filled in the rest, just copied and pasted without any regard for plot, logic or entertaining value whatsoever. All those 10/10 reviews insulting people for not liking this incredibly bad movie are hilarious, apparently you are not allowed to dislike female lead movies no matter how atrocious the are so they call you a troll, incel, racist, misogynist... Some of them even say it's better than 1 & 2 which goes to show how credible these reviews are. Anyways this movie has no entertaining value and no substance and is definitely the worst Terminator movie yet. If you haven't seen it watch The Sarah Connor Chronicles instead and if you're looking for a good action movie with solid strong female characters, there are plenty to choose from:

The Alien franchise, Underworld franchise, Resident Evil franchise, The Hunger Games franchise, Battle Angel Alita, Ghost in the Shell,Tomb Raider, Atomic Blonde, Salt, Mad Max Fury Road, Hanna, Haywire, Sucker Punch, Wonder Woman, Kill Bill 1& 2, Red Sparrow...

Trust me there is a reason this movie was a total flop and lost so much money, and it's not sexism or any other silly excuse these virtue signaling fake reviewers will throw at you.

The Expanse is an incredibly awesome sci-fi tv show filled with amazing and strong female characters all around, two of them (Drummer and Avasarala) being my favorite characters of the show by far, so if you looking for quality entertainment with lots and lots of cool strong female characters, this is a must for you.
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Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?
eldinhomehic24 October 2019
Warning: Spoilers
The movie starts off by killing John Connor. There, that's all you need to know. Everything Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese went through Terminator 1 was for nothing. Everything John, Sarah and Uncle Bob went through Terminator 2 was for nothing.

With a retcon that would make Highlander 2 blush with envy, it turns out that Skynet had actually sent back multiple Terminators to take out John -- a move that not only goes against the entire internal logic of Terminator 2, but also carries the added weight of having irrevocably defiled the emotional weight of Uncle Bob's heartrending death scene. In case anyone forgot, the sole reason he died was because his was the last CPU that could lead to Skynet's creation and he willingly accepted his fate to prevent that from happening.

But whatever, they stopped Skynet, so now a new rogue AI has taken its place -- because what else are they gonna do? -- and it sent back a Terminator to kill some random girl who's gonna become the new leader of the resistance against Skynet 2.0. Tell me if things start sounding familiar to you, because I'm having serious deja vu here.

And oh yeah, the Terminator that killed John is the same one played by Arnold -- just like Terminator 3 -- only this time he's moved on, started a family and settled down and we're somehow supposed to care about the guy that essentially murdered 2 great movies' worth of development.

And there's also that blonde man-robot "thing" that defies categorization, both gender-wise and human-wise. And the main antagonist is some Mexican guy who suffers from such a lack of presence and menace that Robert Patrick could obliterate him with a glare.

And the movie basically ends with Sarah adopting what's-her-name to train her to become the future leader of the human resistance. Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity? Actually, I just did...

Did I just spoil the movie for you? Yes, I did. Should you care? If you have any love for Terminator 1 and 2 and everything they stand for, then no...no, you shouldn't...because nobody involved in the making of this thing cared one bit...and it shows, in all its abhorrent wretchedness.

28 years...3 horrible sequels, each one worse than the last...and now here we are, the fabled OFFICIAL continuation of Terminator 2...and we haven't budged a single goddamn inch since 1991. Yup...

The future is not set because it's destined to repeat itself. There is no fate but what we make for ourselves...until the next hack writer comes along and decides to ex machina everything back to square 1.
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Get Your Hands Off My Franchises
view_and_review4 November 2019
Warning: Spoilers
What the actual &$*. Did the creators of this movie think that we forgot everything that occurred before? Did they think we got neuralized MIB style? You know some of us are old enough to remember the Terminator timeline, the Terminator chain of events.

They completely crapped on the Terminator franchise. It's like the writers didn't even know there existed a Terminator movie before this one.

Let's review shall we?

1984: A Terminator goes back to kill Sarah Connor. She's protected by Kyle Reese and Sarah can now give birth to the leader of the resistance, John Connor.

1991: Judgment Day. John Connor is 13-years-old (I know it doesn't make sense but roll with it) and a T-1000 is sent back to kill John Connor. He's protected by an Arnie T-800 model which is destroyed at the end. Which means that Cyberdyne no longer has the tech available to bring about Judgment Day which is supposed to occur August 29th, 1997.

2003: Rise of the Machines. Sarah Connor is dead. John Connor is about 25-years-old. Judgment Day never happened on August 29, 1997. John has been off the grid so long that a T-X is sent back to kill Connor's lieutenants. While searching for Kate Brewster (Claire Danes), the T-X lucks upon John Connor as well. Again, an Arnie T-800 is there to protect them. They don't stop Skynet, machines launch an offensive, and both Terminators are destroyed.

2009: Salvation. This was post-apocalyptic and John Connor was in the thick of leading the resistance.

2015: Genisys. They rewrote everything with a brand new Sarah Connor. A travesty of a movie.

Which brings us to today. I was thinking that this Terminator was to right the wrongs committed in 2015. It was not. It was here to further s$&t on an already broken franchise. For me to elaborate I must play spoiler. So, here's your warning.

*****************SPOILER ALERT*********************

The movie starts with two new creations being sent back to Mexico City 2019: an enhanced human and a greatly enhanced Terminator. Their target is Danielle "Dani" Ramos. Why? We don't immediately know but clearly she is a big thorn in the side of robots.

Question #1. Where are the robots here in 2019? Per T3, Skynet launched and Armageddon was in full effect. Never mind let's move on.

Eventually, a sixty-something-year-old cranky Sarah Connor enters the picture. We later find out from her that a third Arnie T-800 killed her son John in 1998.

Question #2. How was John Connor killed in 1998 when he was alive in 2003 and later?

Question #3. How was Sarah Connor still alive when she died of leukemia per T3?

I'm finding out now that this movie is supposed to be a continuation of the timeline after T2. Which means that the three movies after T2 were a big red herring and a colossal waste of time. Was it all a dream? Even if they weren't great (I actually liked T3) they were still cohesive continuations of the timeline (with the exception of Genisys).

For the sake of argument and proceeding with the movie at hand let's move on.

We find out that an Arnold Schwarzenegger Cyberdyne 101 (T-800) terminator is still alive. He has a family and purpose.


This is so absurd that I don't even know where to start with the questions.

This Terminator--a machine--decided to adopt a family after killing John Connor. Like, "Well, I have no one to kill so let me settle down and start a family." Plus, he was so remorseful for that killing that he forever after helped Sarah Connor eliminate other Terminators by feeding her information. What rubbish.

First of all, I can't imagine a Terminator, whose sole mission is to eliminate human existence, would decide to live a normal human life after executing its primary target. Even if it didn't continue to kill mercilessly I would think that it'd be programmed to self-destruct so that it's technology wouldn't fall into the wrong hands. Imagine if their enemy, meaning humans, got a hold of it and could figure out a more effective way of stopping them because they dissected a captured bot. Whatever a successful Terminator does I doubt that it's programmed to live out the rest of its days installing carpets.

Even IF this T-800 wanted to retire to the countryside with a wife and kids, how in the name of all that is good would he be able to do this without being discovered as a machine? Yes, they somewhat addressed this in the movie but they only scratched the surface of the giveaways. The machine indicators are too numerous to mention. It's laughable that they would even enter that into the storyline.

Furthermore, it was just cheap to have Sarah Connor hate the Arnie Terminator again. One of the most iconic scenes in cinematic history is the one when Sarah Connor is attempting to escape the hospital. She turns the corner and there's an Arnie Terminator, clad in black with a shotgun on his shoulder. The fear in her eyes was palpable. Then she grew to love him to some degree as he protected her and her son. All that just to have her hate him again! Ridiculous

Now we have Dani Ramos as the primary target and John Connor is totally out of the picture. We find out that Dani's main gifts are the ability to make people stop fighting each other. That's great and all but come on.

John Connor was forged for the job as a leader of the resistance. His mother bore him and trained him since birth how to prepare for Judgment Day and how to fight Terminators. It made perfect sense for him to lead the resistance. His preparation was decades in the making. Now we get a woman whose greatest asset is being a motivational speaker.

I felt this movie was done more as a women empowerment movie rather than to make a good movie consistent with Terminator events. Which to me is counterproductive. By rolling out this trash it does more to hurt women empowerment than help. I don't want to associate women empowerment with trash remakes of classic movies. But I'm afraid Hollywood is effectively doing that.
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The Terminator Awakens
TheShadowBehindYou26 October 2019
The terminator gets a similar politically correct treatment as the star wars Disney sequels with racial diversity and feminism. You can tell Arnold and Linda did it for the money without bringing much passion to the screen and the new actors/characters are flat and weak. There's not much action till the last 30 min and even then its heavily cgi'd/cartoonish and you don't care about any of the characters.

Now all we need is to invent a time machine and send someone to 1997 and stop James Cameron from making titanic so he could direct the proper conclusion to the terminator trilogy with a young Arnold and save us from all these dreadful sequels from the last 20 years.
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Oh this is so sad
backup-5036227 November 2019
This is by far the worst rehash ever made, featuring "badass" action grandmas and the currently trendy corporate "whamen powar" vibes.

I'd brush it off if Arnold wasn't in this cringe, but why, man, why did you agree to be in this?

And grandma Hamilton, you played a cool female lead 30 years ago, why'd you have to tarnish that? Now instead of the image of young badass Sarah Connor I'll have the image of a grandma being propped as a badass by corporate feminism as if it works.

And I won't even get into the rest of the cast, a laughable hipster new terminator and a couple of generic "this is the kind of tomboys millenials like" female leads that would never belong in an action movie if they didn't look like the most cliche feminists ever, the short haircut, the sense of undeserved entitlement and the whole nine yards.

The franchise is ruined, the story, the actors involved... All down the trash because of this. We couldn't possibly end on a high note.
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Terminator is dead now. Let it go.
adamjawesome26 October 2019
Warning: Spoilers
It's almost as if Tim Miller watched T3, Salvation and Genisys, found every aspect fans hated and crammed them into one film. Just like salvation it moves the focus from John Connor. The hybrid man/machine returns. The aged Arnold returns, with the exact same excuse we had in Genisys.

There's nothing original in this and the writing is woeful. The believability of T1 and T2 is long gone. Over exaggerated fight scenes. Mind numbingly boring, over convoluted cgi. And characters with no depth, warmth or connection to the audience.

This is a cash grab. No other words for it.

Fans want a well written story. Practical effects. Terminator should be dark, moody, intense. The T600s used to be slow, but unstoppable. This is just more cgi throwing each other through walls.

The first 5 mins gave me hope. The de-aging, was spectacularly well done. It felt like watching 1991 Linda Hamilton. That, unfortunately, was the only decent thing about the film.

Utter claptrap.

Hasta la vista Terminator. I won't be back.
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Below Average
jzwimrqh3 September 2020
I was going to write a review about the unneeded film and the grip of sequels and reboots on Hollywood. Then I saw the review on the women with short masculine hair and started laughing. Maybe because I agreed. it is true. But guys (and pretty ladies) look at the bright side. none of the women weer obese or tattooed. Small graces, eh?
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Disappointing follow up
fieldy-6013824 October 2019
I'm a huge Terminator fan, I re-watched both 1 & 2 before seeing this. Big mistake.

I'm gutted to say that this film has none of what makes Terminator 2 one of the best films of all time. The writing is below par, plot uninteresting and emotional connection between the Terminator and John Connor, none of that either. James Cameron, what is this? Mind, I don't think he's been on form for a good few years now.

What makes Terminator 2 an amazing film aside from the brilliant plot, amazing effects, great screen writing and superb acting is the emotional connection between the Terminator and John Connor. This is the life blood of that film and makes the viewer really believe that despite the hopeless future humanity is facing, if this Terminator can protect John then maybe mankind has a chance. The Terminator is a father figure to John and this is what connects the audience with the film so much. The heart wrenching ending cannot be forgotten. The fact that we forget the the Terminator isn't human because of how well the film builds the bond. This is what makes Terminator 2 so great, not the epic action sequences.

So I'm sad to say this film has absolutely none of that. CGI, CGI and more CGI. Do away with the depth of character building, emotional connections and just add over the top action. It's a poor follow up and lacks everything of what made 1 & 2 great. The acting is decent, Davis, Hamilton and Schwarzenegger do a good job but they've got very little to work with here. This is what disappointed me the most. Why does it lack substance? This is James Cameron's epic creation and this is what he serves up along with Tim Miller? A total cash in if I've ever seen one. If not going to divulge into the plot anymore, there's no need as it can't even be mentioned in the same breath as the first two films.

If this film was viewed as a generic action film at the cinema it'd still be mediocre. The fact that this is supposed to follow on from the brilliant Terminator 2 just makes it even more disappointing. This is James Cameron's judgment day.

Do yourselves a favour and wait until it hits home release or if you are planning on seeing it, don't bother watching the first two beforehand, you'll be even more disappointed.
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Awful bland movie which does nothing new
BrickNash27 October 2019
Terminator: Dark Fate is the next tired attempt to revive the Terminator Franchise.

In a nutshell, this is awful. The film is little more than a generic and tepid action film with the Terminator name slapped on it. For 200 million dollars, it looks incredibly cheap and very bland, with an overly lit brown/beige palette and locations that you've all seen before (more road chases, more factories).

Mackenzie Davis is the standout and gives a really good performance as Grace, but the others are really below par. Even Linda Hamilton portrays Sarah Conner as some inept old women who is just really annoying. Her angst and negativity in T2 was always justified, but here the motivation are all so thin that it ends up just being a pale facsimile of what she did for Cameron. Arnie is 100% phoning it in here and his role in the film is almost comical in regard to his "character's" situation. The new girl....isn't even worth mentioning.

The plot is just exactly the same old "send a bad guy and a good guy back to kill/protect someone then go on a chase". There's absolutely nothing new here at all, and almost every beat from the other films is re-hashed, only here they inject long boring sections where nothing happens. These parts are supposed to be "dramatic", but there's no depth or originality to the story or characters for those kind of moments to work without just being dull.

The CGI is woeful too, and I'll not spoil anything, but it takes a very big dump on the first two films from the very start.

Any attempt at a third Terminator film should have been made in 1996-98. The film should have been written and directed by James Cameron and should have been completely set in the blue tinted post-apocalyptic setting we saw glimpses of in the first two films.

Alas, we will never see James Cameron's "Terminator 3: Future War" as not only has the lore been tainted, but the time for it has well and truly passed.

Terminator: Dark Fate is not only a poor, poor attempt at a third "canon" entry in the franchise, but it is for me, the worst of the post-T2 movies.

Yes, even Genisys.
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What did I just watch ???
sargismsy26 October 2019
Warning: Spoilers
What the heck was that, destroys T1 & T2 in the first 5 mins, remaining movie is parading current political correctness. Just stop, please just stop........
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mk170525 October 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Another horrible sequel. It had no heart, no atmosphere, underwritten characters and no John Connor. Hollywood... stop giving us this crap. If you can not make it awesome, then leave it alone.

There are only T1 and T2 ... the rest is crappy fan fiction. And why Arnold or Linda agreed to this, I don´t know. It´s just another slap in the face of the fans. They completely destroyed the franchise and lost trust. There is no going back from this.
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"Yo guys! How do we tell the same story again without anyone sorta knowing? I know it! Gender Swap time!"
angiris25 October 2019
Warning: Spoilers
  • Here we go again...

The film is a complete, lazy, uninspired cash-grab. They are so disgustingly, shamelessly DEVOID of ideas. I simply dont understand how this is even possible with all the amazing comics, fan fiction tales and James Cameron's own future war concepts being right there for the picking.

Say what you will of Linda's performance being great, of Grace's performance being cool. I don't remotely care because this film has no business even existing. It not only offers nothing new at all and has the stones to tell the same bloody story again, but it goes further than that by outright trying to fool you into believing its original groundbreaking.

How does it do this? By shamelessly exploiting the current cultural phenomena of pushing female super heroes everywhere. Problem is fantastic movies like Wonder Woman that accomplish this well, or Alita: Battle Angel doing even better, this film however just tries to ride that wave with minimal freaking effort and it is making my blood boil.

John Connor is dead. He gets shot in the first 4 minutes of the film. Okay, thats different. Fine. I can deal with that. But now what? Are you gonna come up with some super cool, different concept ?

Of course they aren't. They just replace him with a girl. And nothing at all changes. Like literally, nothing changes. Its so pathetically uninspired and I see people and media praising it for being like The Force Awakens.

Like what the actual F ? How is that a good thing? Ripping off completely and pretending its fine. Its just so typical of entertainment these days. Hollywood is so monumentally bankcrupt of ideas.

  • Why not do something actually different?

We could've done something really cool with the future war here. We could've gone further, and now that Linda Hamilton is back they could've made her the leader. Driven by her loss of her son.

Thats a freaking awesome story right there and Linda is still rocking it. But no... instead of doing something cool to respect the original, they throw it all out the window and gender swap John Connor with a chick from Mexico.

And we've established that there is absolutely nothing special about her at all. Now this is once again where the The Force Awakens problem by making your movie political and pushing the agenda that everyone who's not special can accomplish great things.

The only problem with this is that its been done before. And better. I am so sick of this. The director made statements on social media that this movie would scare people who had issues with women. Indirectly insinuating anyone who has a problem with the movie has a problem with women . The film also tries to pander to the current political climate with border talk between the US and Mexico which everyone is sick and tired of but who cares.

I'm simply at a loss for words when I try to figure out what is worse. Heavy political and agenda pushing influence in this movie, by gender swapping a beloved lead character for decades to pander, or by simply using this tactic as a mean of exploitation... to make a really lazy, easy movie and get people to watch it, thinking its some masterpiece... when in truth its just a lazy, pointless remake.

I'll leave that up to you, dear reader, to decide.

  • My top 6 Pros and Cons.

Nr 1: Linda was great. Really awesome, believable, strong and epic as always.

Nr 2: Arnold was cringe as Karl the Terminator. So weird, and the little hints at how men should behave made me roll my eyes. Having a non-physical relationship. Yeah right... in what universe, pal.

Nr 3: Mckenzie Davis was really cool. I expected to hate her character but i didn't. I wish she had survived at the end. But nothing good is allowed to exist in this franchise.

Nr 4::Dani was utterly filler. Her entire character is pure filler, pure pandering. This is not how to pass the torch. Wasted character.

Nr 5: The villain isn't scary. They said Rev 9 is the most dangerous terminator. Well, I dont buy it. He's being bullied, bossed around, thrown everywhere, easily kept at bay with guns and overall the nice, calm, human persona of the infiltration behavioral pattern just makes the character look like a really generic villain. Calm, evil, almost psychopathic, but that is not what a Terminator is. And hilariously Arnie's Young Cameo at the start of the movie posed MORE of a threat than the entirety of the Rev 9 throughout the entire movie. It is nothing short of insane how badly they understand what a Terminator is supposed to act like.

Nr 6: And this is possibly the worst part of the film in its totality. The movie has no replay value at all. It is very slow moving, quite boring, it takes so long and wasted so much time running around in Mexico, riding trains to the border, getting caught by border guards, passing out in drugstores etc etc.

Its so god damn boring and the action scenes are few and far between if you can believe it and they aren't very good either.

  • Final thoughts

4 out of 10. Lame, uninspired, wasteful, lazy, generic, and perhaps more than anything - desperate - to win whatever audience attendence they can get by pandering and including political elements which will only conclude in the worst crime a movie can commit. Something James Cameron himself talked about in his interviews with great filmmakers alike himself.

That of creating something timeless that can be enjoyed regardless of how old it gets.

And Dark Fate is anything but that... I'm glad Arnie wont be back. I sure as hell won't either.
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'The real sequel to T2' they said...
danhall8625 October 2019
It's not. Atleast not the one I ever wanted.

It's barely any better than the other failed sequels that have come since 1991. I might actually prefer some of the others, as much as I disliked them at the time.

Looking at it objectively, it's not an awful movie. But they built it up so much with the return of Cameron and saying it was a 'return to form' etc that I think the disappointment has hit twofold. It is a very, very average film.

I'm conscious of some 'gender politics' attached to this movie, or how it's perceived. Please understand that I was fully okay with having three female leads. Terminator has been the tale of 'the mother of the future' all along after all. Let's be clear that it was just a fairly poor film, regardless of gender.

There are still only two films as far as I'm concerned - T1 & T2. If you want the real follow up, get hold of copies of the comics 'T2: Cybernetic Dawn' and 'T2: Nuclear Twilight.' (Read them in that order). They wrapped up the story tidily and respectfully. This film achieved neither of those things.
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Estrogen overload!!!
Dill_Doe20 November 2019
The evil Terminators still want to take over the world!!... but they're gonna learn not to mess with angry feminists!!

Our old beloved characters are gone! Dead!! Move over John Conner (you useless male) we now have a new saviour, and she's gonna save Woman kind!

Natalia Reyes is humanities New, "last" saviour! She's a combination of Kyle Reese, Sarah & John Connor all rolled into one! Mackenzie Davis is the sexy, kick ass, super soldier from the future and Linda Hamilton is back as a battle hardened, crusty old bad-ass with a score to settle! Oh. Arnie makes a weak and embarrassing comeback as a reformed and neutered male, whose willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for the feminist cause! No clichés here at all!!

Together they join forces to destroy the evil and (male) misogynist terminator!

Using only their wits, and a whole lot of estrogen, they will save humanity from this evil, patriarchal scourge!

Go girls!
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I WON'T be back!
dazzb65-828-60597119 January 2020
When I saw Batman & Robin, I actually thought I'd seen Arnie's worst film. Well...we have a new contender. Dark Fate is just bad & embarrassing. Miscast, poorly acted and a terrible script added to that is the PC feminist rubbish that Hollywood is so obsessed with at the moment. Goodbye Terminator franchise- nice knowing you.
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Dark Fate PROVES terminator can self terminate.
illrapper4 November 2019
Warning: Spoilers
They kill John. He was the reason that the first two movies worked. The movie was woke trash. Let's replace beloved characters with female counterparts just "because". So its not about a male savior but we are going to keep the line "for John"...even though we killed him. Also Dani "doesn't need no man to save her" to which Sarah replies "you're john." So now johns important again..even though we just killed him. The t-800 developed remorse after killing John. What? Terminators aren't supposed to feel anything. Terminator 2 was the perfect ending.
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Just watch the original and leave it there
barktw16 January 2020
Warning: Spoilers
There's nothing original about this apart from killing off John Conner, which gives massive relevance to the flaws in the rest of the film, but, before that, like t2s major flaw in the t1000, lets draw attention to the fact that they very clearly state in the original film that nothing none organic can pass through the time displacement unit, ie, if it doesn't have real skin on it it won't travel back. They broke that rule in t2 straight away and again in this 1 which is unforgivable considering the importance. It's why they come through naked etc. Anyway, the John Conner death effectively changes the timeline completely. It's no longer skynet that became 'aware' but 'legion'. Not important you may say, but if the t800 (arnie) terminator has been sending Sarah Conner details of where all the other terminators sent back by SKYNET appear (also, for what reason ,given that John is dead now. Who would they hunt?) how could he possibly know where the new terminator sent back by a totally different computer with different tech from an alternate timeline would turn up to make sure Sarah Conner turns up to help grace etc? It simply makes no sense. They assume you won't think about the huge plotholes.
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Notice the pattern?
MrMcMurphy27 October 2019
Notice how most of the positive reviews say that "it's the best sequel since T2"? 🤔

First, for actual T2 fans, THAT MEANS NOTHING.

Second, it's a strange coincidence. If I were on the marketing team though, that's exactly what I'd say to get butts in the seats.

This was just more anti-male propaganda. The new terminator is androgynous, and the rest of the movie is about "girl power" and how useless men are even though they make all the female leads manifestly masculine.

The director said that "it would scare closet misogynists." I've never actually met a misogynist, but if I do, I'll tell him he's owed a scapegoat fee.
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Catastrophic, please never come back.
buzzer-5666625 October 2019
Realisation: It's rubbish, we never understand anything about where the character are in some action scene. No mood, we can't feel any danger or tension.

Music: It's a Joke in comparison of T2. Brad fiedel was a genius here it's just ok for a budget movie.

Scenario: If you are a fan of the Franchise stay away from this. It's so stupid. Basically the same plot points of T2 but without the philosophical issues and emotional charge. James Cameron turned his back from his fans. If you are attached to the lore of the Franchise, forget everything. The t800 is a joke, really, like a real one. I went there with an open mind but i have the bitter impression that i have seen a political movie. I'am not opposed to that if the movie is good ( i loved Joker and i strongly disagree with its political message). i mean T2 was about a really strong women in the first place, we all love Sarah Connor. But here it's just dumb and this, ultimately does not serve the political message because of the plot inconsistency.

Acting: Linda Hamilton is okay and it's the only thing that save the movie with makenzie ( even if her character is not well written) Arnold just came to take his paycheck, his performance is hilarious. Natalia Reyes is transparent. The rev9, gabriel Luna have no charisma, he scares no one, he is ridiculous. But i'am all going to forgive them, given the emptyness of the scenario and staging. It's really not their fault.

this movie is an absolute middle finger to the fans. T2 was a masterpiece, this, is unforgivable. This can't be the following of the franchise, because of the inconsistency and basic common sense. Two major charachter have nothing to do with the story now, since after a major plot point in dark fate, Terminator 1 becomes a story about a waitress who got stood up by her boyfriend and go out eat a pizza. Basically a bridget Jones movie.

I was complaining with Salvation but it was a far better movie. I was hyped because of James Cameron, i feel betrayed.

As far as i 'am concerned, this movie never existed.
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As a fan of Terminator 1 and 2, please stop!
vegidio26 October 2019
FFS, please stop making Terminator movies already. The first 2 are masterpieces and the movies should have stopped there. Everything after T2 was crap.
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All-female cast remake
in-imdb-116 January 2020
I say remake because nothing in this movie is new. It is merely recycling past editions. So it is boring and pointless. Most of the movie is following women crossing Mexican border and has nothing to do with sci-fi. Thanks god they did not precipitate the movie into politics. Nevertheless, The all-female cast does not bring any added value, on the contrary. I should finish this review by saying how stupid it is to buy such expensive rights and then have no imagination how to make something new out of it. Fans would write a better script for sure.
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Good And Bad
uoyuaxvj7 February 2020
Good: Linda Hamilton and Schwarzenneger show up. There is quite a bit of action and there is a contemporary theme to it.

Bad: the story is trivial and why are we always having women be short haired and unattractive? The deleted scenes have a cute nurse, but otherwise/////
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