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MPAA Rated R for violence throughout, language and brief nudity

Sex & Nudity

  • Like in the other films Terminators appear naked when they first travel back to the past
  • One scene shows a naked woman falling to the ground and getting her bearings. Her butt is shown at least twice. The sides of her breasts are shown in a medium shot that last roughly five seconds.
  • Another scene features a naked man who falls from a great height, but lands unharmed. His posture and the shooting angle obscure anything too explicit. We still see his bare legs, abdomen, back and chest.

Violence & Gore

  • The antagonist ruthlessly pursues a young woman with the intent to kill her. He kills many, many people that try to get in his way. Oh no
  • A man is knocked out during a car crash. After he comes to he realizes that he cannot get up, since he has been impaled by a steel pole that is pinning him to the seat. If he attempts to remove himself, he will bleed out. A few closeups of the injury are seen, but his clothing obscures most of it.
  • More than a dozen military personnel are stabbed and slashed with knives that act as an extension of the antagonist's arms. Nothing too disturbing is shown, but the series of attacks is somewhat bloody. All those who directly engage him are presumably killed. Innocent people are also in danger throughout.
  • Five or six soldiers try to subdue the villain, but he violently cuts himself free. They are all presumably killed, but the act is so brief that it's hard to discern if anyone survives.
  • Two people are fatally stabbed by someone who, until they actually carry out the attack, seems to be a random passerby. Blood is shown pouring from the wounds. Brief.
  • A lot of fistfights and beatings with blunt/sharp weapons. One sees someone using a sledgehammer, and later that same person utilises a metal chain. This is usually to fend off the villain, but whenever he gets damaged by them it is bloodless.
  • The film is violent but it is fast paced so the gore isn't there unless you're really looking for it.
  • The film has an unrelenting and continual amount of gun violence


  • On par with the second film, and more profane than the three in-between entries. Uses of shit, ass/asshole, bitch, and occasional F words. A few of the uses of the F word are used angrily, and in conjunction with 'mother.'
  • Coarse language is heard in stock footage from Terminator 2, during the first few minutes of the film.
  • 6 uses the F-word including twice from the opening T2 footage, and two used, as aforementioned, in conjunction with 'mother'.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Some beer drinking.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The villain's lack of empathy could be considered a little troubling. He/it kills without remorse.
  • The film deals with the notion that we are headed towards a doomed future. This might be seen as disturbing due to how nihilistic of an idea it is.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A teenage boy is brutally shot dead in public. This is sudden, but more upsetting than graphic. Some blood is shown on the victim's shirt.
  • The antagonist can cast out and reintegrate himself with another extra helping robot that fights with him. The division of his body is not graphic.
  • An augmented human sacrifices herself so that the antagonist can be defeated. She tells her companion to take out her 'power core.' That other person then cuts her belly and appears to fish around in her stomach to fetch out the core. Not much blood is visible, and no organs are whatsoever.
  • In the beginning of the film,John Connor is shot 3 times in the chest with a shotgun he is seen convulsing on the ground after the second shot and is then finished with a third shot
  • The protagonists fight the villain inside a falling plane, and the Terminator punches the villain several times, but it eats the flesh off of his hand. The two continue to struggle, with the villain being shot, and some other characters getting injured, and the Terminator manages to pin it to the wall and blow open the back of the plane with its gun.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • As a Terminator becomes badly damaged, his exoskeleton (layer of skin veiling the cyborg underneath) wears off. His red eye and other synthetic features might be considered disturbing for some people.

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