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  • Child actor, Jude Collie, physically portrays him in the film, with Edward Furlong providing his voice and CGI will be used to superimpose his face on Collie's body. Edit

  • The song in the first trailer is a cover of Björk's Hunter, with vocals by John Mark McMillan and arranged by Matt Wilcox. Edit

  • Yes, he played the human-looking exoskeleton and also the endoskeleton. In case the both parts of the Rev 9 were on-screen, he was represented by his stunt double Jason Chu. Edit

  • Sarah Connor is a mad outlaw. Sarah came to Grace and Dani Ramos rescue and saved them from the Rev-9. Sarah tells Grace and Dani that in the future her deceased son John led human survivors of a global nuclear attack against robots called Terminators that were created and programmed by a sentient computer called Skynet and herself and that she prevented it from happening. After learning from Grace that she didn't prevent Skynet's attack and that she caused the future to change and that in Grace's time, a computer called Legion attacked and John Connor didn't lead the survivors. Sarah, Grace and Dani travel to Laredo, Taxi to visit an anonymous texter who warned Sarah about the Rev 9 and the texter is revealed as Carl, the Terminator who killed John 22 years earlier and has a family and runs a drapery business. Sarah who is rude, furious and hostile towards Carl and not believing that he changed and has become more human reluctantly accepted Carl's help to aid her and Grace in protecting Dani from the Rev-9 and Carl saying a final goodbye to his family set out with Sarah, Grace and Dani to fight the Rev-9. Edit



The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

  • Grace (Mackenzie Davis) an enhanced rebel warrior from the year 2042 travels back in time to 2020 to stop an advanced Terminator called the Rev-9 (Gabriel Luna) from assassinating a car factory employee called Dani Ramos (Natalia Reyes). But, complications emerges when Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) comes to their rescue. After telling Grace and Dani about her deceased son John Connor leading the Human Resistance against Skynet in the future, Grace informs Sarah that in the future, John Connor never led the Human Resistance and Skynet was replaced by another supercomputer called Legion and that the future Sarah Connor fought to change has been altered and that the Rev-9 has been sent back to kill Dani whom Sarah believes will give birth to the new John Connor in the new future. Sarah, Grace and Dani travel to Laredo to find the anonymous texter whom sent Sarah messages informing her about other Terminators from the future and where they will be. But, Sarah is horrified when she learns the texter is Carl (Arnold Schwarzenegger) a Terminator whom 22 years earlier killed John and now lives like a normal human and as a husband and runs a drapery business. Carl wishes to aid Sarah and Grace protect Dani and Sarah, Grace, Dani and Carl set out to fight the Rev-9 and put a final end to Legion. Edit

  • This is the same terminator that killed John in 1998. This would have to be a different T-800, just like the one in T2 was a different one from T1. Second question was answered in The Terminator by Reese, "Living tissue over a metal endoskeleton." Edit

  • The Skynet sends the Terminators at the same time but for a different time. Edit

  • most likely due to them not expecting it due to it being one year after Judgement Day. So they must have thought that it was safe. Though sarah must still have been a little nervous to her still being armed. Edit

  • Sarah Connor is a mad wanted criminal formerly a waitress. In 1984, a T800 Terminator travelled back to assassinate her and prevent the birth of her unborn son John. But, Kyle Reese, a rebel warrior from the year 2029 travelled back to protect Sarah from the T800. Kyle was killed when he blew the T800 to pieces with a pipe bomb and the T800 itself was killed by Sarah whom crushed it in a hydraulic press and Sarah fell pregnant with John. In 1995, Sarah suffering from PTSD and psychological trauma was institutionalized at a psychiatric hospital when she made a failed attempt to blow up a computer factory. Sarah's son John and a T101 Terminator broke her out of the hospital. But, Sarah made an attempted assassination on computer scientist Milson Dyson whom created the Terminator's CPU. Instead, Dyson helped Sarah, John and the T101 raid the Cyberdyne building and blew up the building to prevent Skynet's creation, but Dyson was killed. After defeating a T1000 liquid metal Terminator which he fell into molten steel, the T101 had Sarah put it into the molten steel and respectively Sarah helped the T101 end it's life. 3 years later Sarah and John were living in Livingston, Guatemala but another T800 Terminator arrive and shot and killed John and disappeared. 22 years later, Sarah, now aged and as mad as ever came to the rescue of enhanced rebel warrior Grace and car factory worker Dani Ramos and saved them from an advanced Rev-9 Terminator. Sarah learns from Grace that Sarah blowing up Skynet caused the future to be altered and that in the future, John Connor didn't lead the Human Resistance and the Human Resistance instead battles another supercomputer called Legion and that Legion has targeted Dani. Sarah, Grace and Dani travel to Lardeo to find the mysterious texter whom informed her of other terminators from the future and where they will be and when they arrived at their destination, Sarah is horrified to learn that the mysterious texter is the T800 Terminator whom killed John and goes by the name Carl and lives like a normal human. Edit

  • The dog formed a bond Edit

  • Probably not. Throughout the film, we don't see the Rev-9 needlessly killing anybody. He kills individuals to copy them or to gain access to their computers, data or vehicles, or those who are on its way (like the border cops in detention). It doesn't care about the rest so there is no need to kill the dog or the woman with the shirt at the beginning, for instance. Edit

  • Rev-9 learns Dani's intention of crossing the border in the Rathium Data Center in Mexico City. It probably steals a car there. Edit

  • Carl is a Terminator. In 1998, Carl tracked down Sarah and John Connor in Guatemala and he gunned down John. 22 years later, Carl now lives with his human wife Alicia and his adopted son Mateo in Laredo, Texas and runs a drapery business and due to system rebooting, he became self-aware and began to understand human behaviour and he understood what he had done to Sarah. Trying to make up for what he did, Carl sent Sarah anonymous text messages warning Sarah about other Terminators arriving back from the future and told her where they will be so she can hunt them and destroy them. However, Sarah tracked Carl down and was not happy to see him and tried to shoot him in retaliation for John's death and rejected Carl's claim that he had changed and wasn't the same Terminator he was 22 years earlier and Sarah reluctantly accepted Carl's help as Carl decided to help Sarah and Grace, a cybernetically enhanced rebel warrior from a alternate future protect Dani Ramos from a Rev-9 Terminator. Carl said a final goodbye to Alicia and Mateo and left with Sarah, Grace and Dani to battle the Rev-9. Edit

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