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Natalia Reyes: Dani Ramos



  • Dani Ramos : You just keep these around?

    T-800 : Even without a rogue AI taking over, I calculate a 74 percent chance that human civilization will collapse into barbarism. And in that eventuality, these weapons will be vital to protect my family. Also, this is Texas.

  • Dani Ramos : So, you're Carl.

    T-800 : That's what everyone calls me, yes.

    Sarah Connor : I'm never gonna fucking call you Carl.

    Grace : They don't know?

    T-800 : No.

    Sarah Connor : She hasn't noticed that you weigh 400 pounds? That you never sleep?

    T-800 : Our relationship is not physical. She appreciated that I could change diapers. Efficiently and without complaints. I am reliable, I'm a very good listener and I'm extremely funny.

  • Dani Ramos : How do we win?

    Grace : We win... by keeping you alive.

  • Dani Ramos : Two days ago, I had this nice, simple life. And now it's a nightmare.

  • Sarah Connor : Well, this is off the grid, alright. But I wish it wasn't so crowded here.

    Dani Ramos : Well, I wish you two weren't so white.

  • Dani Ramos : No one will know who he is.

    Sarah Connor : Who?

    Dani Ramos : My brother. He was in the truck when... Who will be there to bury him? Or my father? No funerals. No one there to say goodbye.

    Sarah Connor : Funerals don't help them. And goodbyes don't help you. You just have to learn to live with it.

  • Grace : Where are you going? Get back in the car. I have to protect you.

    Dani Ramos : You can't even walk. I'm going to the police.

    Grace : You do that, it'll find you. You put a hundred cops between you and a Terminator, you'll get a hundred dead cops.

  • Sarah Connor : Uh-uh. I keep my cell phone in kthe chip bag. The foil blocks the GPS signal so they can't track me.

    Dani Ramos : Who's trying to track you?

    Sarah Connor : I'm wanted in a couple states. 50, actually.

    Dani Ramos : But why 10 bags?

    Sarah Connor : Because I really like potato chips.

  • Grace : I don't know how I made it through the next few tears. I just try not to think about it. But I got lucky. Someone found me, saved me, and then we started fighting back.

    Sarah Connor : And let me guess. Dani gives birth to the one man that can stop it.

    Dani Ramos : What?

    Sarah Connor : The future wants you dead for the same reason it wanted me dead.

    Dani Ramos : But I'm nothing. I'm nobody.

    Sarah Connor : Yeah, you're not the threat. It's your womb. Fine. Let someone else be Mother Mary for a while.

    Grace : If you're Mother Mary, why do I so wanna beat the shit outta you?

  • Sarah Connor : So, that machine, who sent it? I can't fight it if I don't know what we're up against.

    Grace : It's a Rev-9 model. You don't fight it. You run from it.

    Dani Ramos : Yeah, but who sent it?

    Grace : Not who. What. And it wasn't some... Skynet thing. In the future that actually happened... it's called Legion.

    Sarah Connor : Legion.

    Dani Ramos : An AI built for cyber warfare.

    Sarah Connor : [sighs]  Those assholes never learn.

    Grace : And it attacked.

    Dani Ramos : Attacked who?

    Grace : Us. Everybody. Humanity.

  • [last lines] 

    Dani Ramos : [rejoining Sarah after watching a young Grace play during recess]  I won't let her die for me again.

    Sarah Connor : Then you need to be ready.

  • Grace : Some men killed my dad over a can of peaches.

    Dani Ramos : I'm sorry.

  • [being chased by Rev-9] 

    Grace : Drive!

    Dani Ramos : What?

    Grace : Can you drive?

    Dani Ramos : No... I mean... I can't

    Diego Ramos : I can... I can

  • Dani Ramos : [helping Grace walk]  Fuck... you're heavy

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