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FX has another winner
Brave-Traveler.asf14 July 2017
I never stamp my approval after two episodes and I'm sure I'll update this, but I need you to know what you're missing out on! Forget the mixed reviews they probably had some kind of expectation, going into this with an open mind and you'll find so many sub-plots that are intriguing, characters that are likable and you'll notice that you want the narrative on each part not shifting only to shift and feel the same. It's John singleton everybody you can't go wrong!this show is extremely entertaining and compelling! It's the most fun I have in front of a TV of a TV for an hour. It had all the ingredients. Don't miss out it's a phenomal show during a fantastic era
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Snowfall recounts the beginnings of the crack epidemic that plagues our country to this very day.
Warren Scott10 July 2017
Hmmm... OK... I've been reading reviews on IMDb for many years now for I am an avid fan of movies and TV. After reading some of the poor reviews for Snowfall, I decided to become part of the community. I don't feel this show glorifies or romanticizes the beginnings of the crack era, it just tells it like it was. It was one big party and there was lot's of money to be made. I Thought the pilot captured the 80s in East LA precisely and the soundtrack was aces. I felt the story line was interesting and it kept my attention to the very end. I also thought the acting was on point and the best is yet to come. Different strokes for different folks people.This is my unbiased review and I say this show will be around for awhile.
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Great Start...
Bryan Y12 July 2017
I do not review that many titles but felt compelled to write a review after seeing the negative ones. While it is possible that this show will end up taking a dive as it progresses - I can say that the beginning so far has been great and has true potential. It sort of reminds me a little of a Breaking Bad type of show. I seriously doubt it ends up being as good as Breaking Bad, but if that is the type of show that you like then you should really consider giving this one a shot.

For those of you who wrote negative reviews, I can understand if it isn't your type of show. The most popular TV shows on today such as reality shows I can not stand yet they seem to get the most attention - we all like what we like. I think the acting has been great so far, and I feel as if I can connect with the actors and I imagine it will get even better with time. I like shows that feel like they can be halfway realistic and not ones that have over the top action where the good guy always wins and never runs out of ammo as he shoots his way through the whole show. So far this show has felt fairly realistic and very plausible, I just hope it stays that way.

One other thing I would like to mention is I love shows that take us back in time such as 11/22/63 or Boardwalk Empire etc. I believe this one was done very well in that regard, the scenery is great and really brings you back to that time period. Some shows like to make the past look different in some regard but with this show it is bright and looks the same as if you were there in the 80s with them.

Will this show stay on track and be one of the greatest shows? I don't know but I certainly hope so. For now I rated it as a 9, but it has the potential to be an easy 10/10, or take a dive down to a 5/10. But it is most certainly worth watching a couple episodes to see if you like it unless you are the type of person that gets upset with the sight of drugs or criminal activities and prefer a fairy tale type of show or fake reality shows.
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I want to see where this goes
joebenicio10 July 2017
I think the plot did move pretty quickly through the first episode. There wasn't much time to develop the characters, but the premise had to be set. I understand. There's a lot of background that needs to be filled in, and it has to be done in a way that doesn't slow the story down to a halt. I'm in it for the long-run, though. So far, I like some of the characters, and I enjoyed the visuals. Let's see more!
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terrific reality
clydelouis14 July 2017
I've watched two episodes so far and I have been blown away at how real and factual it has been based on what I've read in books about the beginnings of crack. The other reviewers that have given this poor ratings I think must be watching something else. With all the TV shows out there, this is by far above the rest in realism and ethnic relatable characters that don't come across as villains or heroes, just everyday people trying to make better lives for themselves that unfortunately choose bad paths.
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Every story has a beginning...
Benito Aloysis7 July 2017
Decentman wasn't to decent with his review, I will try to dispel the rumor, that this was poorly written.

Snowfall began by showing the disconnect between the have and have-nots, and the solutions provided to close that gap. Reality can be very ugly, and be the basis for an ugly truth, that crack/cocaine stole the hopes and dreams of a society.

The landscapes where most of the events take place, are not stylized and cocaine use was not sensationalized. The character development, supplied in this pilot, prepares us for the horrific ride we are about to embark.

The writing was a mirror reflection of those turbulent times.
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Quite Entertaining
luvleme11 August 2017
I LOVE this series. At first, I was disinterested in watching until I overheard a radio personality say it was a must- watch. After watching, I totally agree. This series is one of the best out now. It's one of those that keep you excited to see the next episode. Let's hope the nay-sayers don't discourage the series from reairing for other seasons. I love it and encouraged others to watch. Keep up writers, directors, whomever thought to put the info out. Its the truth!!!
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More Than Just Another Narcodrama
escctrlshift20 July 2017
More than just another narcodrama, this is a fine example of a new formula genre in serialized television: the racially, culturally and linguistically diversified period-piece gangster/narco-drama, with a CIA-intelligence twist in the making. Think, in recent years, of 'Sons of Anarchy', 'The Bridge', 'Boardwalk Empire', 'Queen of the South' and especially 'Narcos'. Of course, it was 'Breaking Bad' that started it all.

In the diversity department, this one stacks up well, even next to 'Sons'. There are well-developed characters who are white, Jewish, Israeli, African-American, and Mexican. Significant portions of dialogue are in Spanish. The setting is Los Angeles. Personally I appreciate the mix of plots and subplots and how that relates to the different characters, their families and businesses. The diversity factor should, in the long run, serve to drive home the basic point of the plot, which is, Privileged White Dude(s) were responsible for the cocaine that fueled the LA crack epidemic of the 80's.

The rape scene of Episode 3 illustrates, symbolically how cocaine directly or indirectly fuels the violence of drug gangsterism. The historical and political subtext of 'Snowfall' boils down to this: the CIA-enabled cocaine trade in LA in the 80's made a whole bunch of people -- mostly not white people -- do horrible things. That's the truth of the matter, which could make this series great, if it's told well enough. So far I think it's a terrible story told amazingly well. The images of violence are gut-wrenching, because they are so well-depicted in terms of the action development. Special-effects-wise, at least some of the blood (on a T-shirt, in a bar) looked like ketchup. But small special-effects glitches like that don't matter when the writing, acting and direction have chutzpah like this.

I'm making note of the historical accuracy of the plot (i.e. how many different ethnicities did you ever score coke from in the 80's?), which so far is easy to follow. The casting is excellent. With its abundance of fresh talented faces, the series has star-making potential.

The success of the series will come down to direction and writing, in my thought. The story has to get deeper, slowly, and the directorial style has to remain consistent. So far (two episodes in), so good.

As someone well-traveled in America, north south east and west, and also who observed cocaine consumption and its attendant dramas on a variety of occasions in the 1980's, I find this a richly satisfying drama. The last shot of episode 2 is brilliant.
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This is good TV!
jonmccann6 September 2017
It could be considered a bold move, putting on a new to air show, with relatively unknown actors, at the same time that big series are coming back and on air, such as Game of Thrones, Ray Donovan, Ballers etc!

But this stands out, not because it's better, those shows are awesome and this is just starting out, but because it has the exact feel, sense, and in fact you can almost smell the authenticity from the outset. That sounds bizarre, I know, it came from my head, but watch an episode and you will know what I mean. It is gritty, holds no punches, but at the same time it isn't that graphically violent, except a couple of places, it leads the viewer into working things out for themselves, pretty much the same way halt and catch fire does, you are left to work things out like a puzzle, with confirmation shortly after and a pat on the back to yourself, which makes for great TV in my opinion!

OK, it is a bit sceptical in places, could a young lad scale the heights he does, but I believe it is more of an overview of what life was like then and how poverty and tough climatic times can make you seek out something that you may otherwise never consider, which is quite in tune for a lot of people these days, one paycheck from the food bank!

Ultimately, this tells a relatively true story, but not centred around specific real life characters, and has a flexible feel to the actual situation back then, but that's drama and it does work out without you thinking, that's just not plausible. I would call this an indie style title, because I suspect it will go unnoticed a lot by people, but maybe a couple of years down the line it will get noticed and become a classic, bit like Banshee became and that bodes well given that it appears to have a second season green lit, which is great considering it was initially a 1 season docu-drama (as I understand)!
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Potentially good
Billy Jason17 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I find the objections that this show tells a the story about the origins of crack cocaine in the inner cities hypercritical since breaking bad used meth as a gimmick and actually glorified the potential profits you could make in that industry. The story about crack is one about the social and economic environment during that time in the inner cities and how it effected everyone who lived in those areas. It should be told.

The show definitely has enough moments to keep me watching but overall it's a disappointment. The acting is hacky. Avi for example chews up every scene he's in. We get it. He's wacky and dangerous. The actor doesn't pull it off and instead of being impulsive and menacing he comes off as trying too hard and as a joke. Overall, the acting with two exceptions, franklin and cissy, are either way over the top or too self conscious. They don't seem authentic.

The show has a great soundtrack, and often the right inner city 1980 vibe. The story is muddled. There are many stories, four main ones, about a dealer, distributors, king pin, and CIA. Yet with so much going on it seems empty. They make a lot of noise, maybe to distract from the reality, they don't have a lot to say. Which is s shame cause there should be too much material to fill 12 episodes. There are moments, like when franklin is waiting for the bus in the hot sun and buys a motorcycle that work. That's why he's doing this. To get rid of the shame of poverty and to feel liberated. The near riot at the apartment complex cissy works at reveals the racial tension in the city and foreshadows the riots to come.

Moments like these make you hope the characters and actors will feel comfortable inside their roles and a good coherent story is told thru them. So far most of the time it is failing.
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CONTAINS SPOLERS -decent street drama but it stepped off a ledge for me
mtjohnson-6100120 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This show is a decent street drama depicting the rise of crack cocaine and the lives of those entangled in the web of greed and destruction that led to this tragic epidemic. I was enjoying this show until the third episode, spoiler here, that horrifically showed the brutal sexual assault of a male street criminal. In an effort to push the envelope for shock value or to show just how vicious the street game can be the show chose to use a male rape which in my opinion took it over a ledge. This may have worked in a prison based show but I didn't get shock factor, I got repulsion, a lack of realism on street cred and flat out trying to hard to be gritty. This could have been done in so many ways to bring out the brutality of the street and yet, this show chose not only to introduce homosexuality but a vicious sexual assault and casually move on to other mundane scenes it frankly left something to be desired. In this day and age where the more outrageous the better in all things from nudity, profanity, etc. I am sure some will feel this demonstrates just how far this show is willing to go. However, for those seeking a quality experience it took the show a step in the wrong direction and was simply overkill.

****Update, I was pretty turned off with the rape scene on the show but soldiered on and just finished the season finale. It's actually a good show and the season finale brought it full circle with much to look forward to next season.
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You don't hear snow falling
paul2001sw-18 December 2017
In theory, 'Snowfall' should be a great drama, even a new version of 'The Wire'. It's an account of the coming of crack cocaine to America, which led to social devastation and (arguably racist) political over-reaction. But this first series, setting up the scenario, seems strangely mute, telling us a tale of a C.I.A. agent who wants to help the Nicaraguan Contras and a good black kid who somehow becomes a drug dealer. Meanwhile, the various Latino characters fail to hold the attention compared with the black and white protagonists. The story seems broad and unfocused, yet without the detailed portrait of the socio-economic ecosystem that was the greatest strength of 'The Wire'. One guesses the writers have big things planned for series two; but they may struggle to keep their audience watching.
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Decentman6 July 2017
I had high hopes for the pilot - I love South Central as a cultural and visual backdrop as well as a story about the drug culture and "how the cocaine epidemic began", etc. But unfortunately, the pilot script was a dud.

No interesting characters, dull and predictable dialogue and no real narrative tension and drive. And - the characters are so thin with no real sense of conflict other than what the culture and environment contribute as a given (hint: NOT ENOUGH!!!). Also - the way the characters are introduced is confusing and boring. I not only had no empathy for anything about the characters...but NOTHING AND I MEAN NOTHING was even remotely interesting. Bad writing. Period. This turkey is dead on arrival.
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Cliché-ridden predictable Tale that is mediocre
jdowney-57-37115712 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Nothing you haven't seen before done better.

Stereotyped characters and predictable conflicts. I laughed in the first episode when the super wealthy but loony Israeli drug Kingpin meets a teen age ghetto hood and within 30 minutes he is fronting the guy a Kilo of coke. WTF?? 'You've got some balls, kid. I like you. take a Kilo of Coke!' And the ghetto-secret disco cat-house where they have a safe full of cash to buy Keys off strange kids no question. It's so bad you just laugh at this crap. "Give him 16 grand! No problem." All of the acting is done in earnest. Pretty much unknown ethnic actors cashing a check for doing their stereotypes. I can't blame them. The direction is at least competent and straightforward.

But the story....cheesy as they come. 3rd rate clichéd writing, predictable conflicts, bad dialogue.

Not working for me.
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The story of the beginning of crack cocain
The Couchpotatoes30 March 2018
I just finished watching the first season, just binge watched it. I already can't wait for the next season to come and I hope there will be much more seasons like this one. The story looks like it is taken from real life, a life of a young black entrepeneur in dope dealing, a guy that wants it all the easy way. Damson Idris did a good job playing this character. Along his way trying to get rich he discovers that there are many risks to be taken. A good story about the start of crack, the new drug then, a drug that will effect so many people badly over the next years. The cheap cocain for the poor people. A good story with unknown but good actors, good filming and soundtrack. What else could we ask more? Just many more seasons like this one.
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Snowfall, a TV show that it was not received with the arms open by the critics.
lacatusalexandru15 December 2017
When I heard about this show,the first thing I did was to see what reviews did received by the well known sites like Rotten Tomatoes,The Guardian,Metacritic,etc. And most of the sites reviewed this show as being good and just one had reviewed as being bad and that's Rotten Tomatoes. The thing is that I saw that 85% of the audience from Rotten Tomatoes really liked this show and ,despite the bad reviews from Rotten Tomatoes,I thought to give this show a try and to seen it without taking in serious the reviews from Rotten Tomatoes. And what do you know,like the rest of the audience I liked this show and I received with the open mind. So,what I'm trying to say is that sometimes,the critics can have different reviews than us and that our opinion might be better than the ones of the critics from sites like Rotten Tomatoes. So,if you won't see this show because of the bad reviews that Rotten Tomatoes gave to this show than it's your lost.Go see the show without taking the reviews from critic sites and make your own review about the show. What matters most is your opinion and not the opinion of other people because we can't all have the same opinions as well as we can't all think the same. Overall,I liked this show and it was very fun and full with enjoyable characters and I'm glad that I didn't choose to not see this show because of the bad reviews that Rotten Tomatoes gave to this show.
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1st Seasons done
CinemaZealot577 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
To start off with I've decided to always mark a review that I do as 'contains spoiler'. How can you describe a show without some sort of spoiler and still tell a little bit of the story? Anyway I gave the whole season an 8 out of 10. It's a great show. When I first saw the previews for it I wasn't really interested in watching. I'm glad I changed my mind. The late 70's and all the 80's were pretty much party time for me. I did a few drugs just like everyone else. But I never heard of crack until years later. It was interesting to watch this show and get a look at how crack could have worked its way into American society. We all know the US government ran drugs to finance the Contras. Right or wrong gets a bit hazy when running empires, governments or sometimes ever a household or two. I'm not certain just how factual any even in this show is given the Hollywood propensity for bending fact to glorify/manipulate certain things. I know that our hero Franklin most likely would not have survived the first 3 or 4 episodes if it were real life. He took way too many chances. He had to know the bar owner Cissy Saint set him up early in the show. And yet he still did business with her. At least Franklin got a little 'get even' in the last show. I'm looking forward to next season.
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Poorly Written & Acted
jantac4 August 2017
There is so much wrong with this series. Every single character is unbelievable and dislikable. I need a protagonist to root for but there is not one redeeming character, except maybe for the mother. I had great hopes for,this series. The look is good, the seventies gold chains, hairdos and street scenes are real. But after watching shows on HBO & Netflix, this seems like a Mexican soap opera. The characters do things that make no sense. They are truly one dimensional, no souls. Ugh.
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Absolutely Pathetic
A. Horice Sesdyk7 July 2017
How intellectually and morally bankrupt must people be to romanticize the crack epidemic? Crackheads and crack dealers were and are the scummiest people in the world, not characters to be enjoyed in a TV show. I feel sorry for the writers of this putrid production. Not only do they target the wrong story, but they portray everybody as a stereotype. This show is garbage, it won't be on any longer than it takes to air whatever they've already shot.
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Breaking Bad, Narcos, Snowfall... Yeah, It's THAT Good!
cshaw40-113 September 2017
I don't usually write reviews of television shows, but when I saw that a few idiots on here had given Snowfall bad reviews, I had to let you know what kinda folks wouldn't like this show. So, the person who said that the characters aren't interesting is probably a white male in his mid 30s with no black friends whatsoever. He doesn't understand life in the hood and how it would cause young black men to be exactly like ALL of the characters in Snowfall. The slow person who said that plot was too confusing is probably a weed head who has done some serious damage to their short term memory or just simply has an IQ of less than 100, in which case yeah, a show with several story lines would require more cognitive demands than capable for such a small brain. The "gritty" crime and drug show connoisseur (smh) who loved shows like Breaking Bad and Southland, but can't see the SAME qualities in Snowfall, is again a white male who cannot possibly connect in the same way to a show whose main characters in 3 out of the four story lines are, a Jew, a dark skinned black male teenager, and some Spanish speaking Colombians. Snowfall takes a look at the rise of crack cocaine and its connection to cocaine from a variety of perspectives, from the rich white Jewish man living in a big mansion on the other side of town at the top of the drug "food chain", to the Colombian drug smugglers and CIA agents who were bringing the product into the country, to the small time gang members and street dealers trying to come up easy by getting into the drug game. This show is great for those who understand the complexities and disparities of the drug trade. Snowfall is violent and honest. It gives off the same feel as the original Miami Vice when Crocket and Tubbs walked a fine line between the law and the dark side of the drug world. And while nothing is as good as Breaking Bad, Snowfall certainly gives Southland a run for its money.
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A typical drug drama that may get better
swilliky10 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
FX steps deep into the drug game jumping back to the dawn of crack with a clever show that has its highlights but plods along with the pace and feels like a lesser version of similar shows. The show is ambitious though and the first season seems to plant a lot of seeds that could grow and pay off in future seasons to come if renewed. The story is broken up into three different stories that follow various aspects of the drug trade from the source to the transport to finally distribution. It only has a distant relationship to major historic events, at least so far, and the characters interact minimally in a few scenes of little consequence. There also aren't many stories of the dangers of the drug game as the effects of this new substance hardly have time to take effect since crack really isn't introduced until the last few episodes.

The main story, and the most interesting one, is about Franklin Saint (Damson Idris), a young black entrepreneur who hopes to make enough money to solve all his problems. When a rich white friend asks him to ride along and then send him inside to buy coke from Avi Dexter (Alon Aboutboul), he learns that he can make more money from selling coke than weed. The coke turns a profit nicely but garners attention and Franklin is jumped for his cash. He seeks out help from Leon Simmons (Isaiah John) and others but the search for his money turns violent. Franklin quickly learns that there is more to the coke game than supply and demand. When he really works to turn a profit is when he heads up to Los Angeles to learn more about the mysterious recipe of mixing the cocaine with baking soda. This accelerates his business and leads to what will eventually be the crack epidemic. We only see the start of this change but already know the future.

Check out more of this review and others at
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michael_woodley8 September 2017
This show has potential to be a second tier show (below top tier shows like Mr Robot, Westworld...etc) but it suffers from something critical. There is little to no interest in the characters. The lead, Franklin, is mildly interesting but only because he is closest to the real draw: the story of crack in the United States. Once that is understood, the show will fall flat. They also need to get rid of Carter Hudson (Teddy). Could there be a more annoying person? He is either acting like he has some mental issues or does in real life. Either way, it is not something you want to watch on screen. Getting rid of Teddy would help but I am not sure they can increase interest in the characters. I wouldn't be surprised if it isn't renewed for a Season 2.
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review great show
briansroof6 September 2017
This show is the best series to come out since Sons Of Anarchy. It is as good if not better then game of thrones and all the other shows. We can't wait for another season. Feel like they cut the first season too short. It has gotten so good and the characters are worth knowing. Please people check this out and be honest with your reviews. If anyone was around back them they will know how true this is.
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Bad Editing, Confusing Storyline
Weedinator1 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I like gritty street-crime dramas, and while I tried to like 'Snowfall', I felt it just kept coming up short. I'm only 5 episodes in, so maybe there's some great redeeming stuff coming up but as it stands so far, I find too many holes in the narrative that are inexplicable and head-scratching.

The whole part where the Mexicans kill the security guard to cast suspicion on him as per the stolen money isn't even depicted. I mean, if it was just some matter-of-fact occurrence that goes off without a hitch then fine, dialogue after the fact can cover it and bring the viewer up to speed. But as it was, it seemed like it caused a major paradigm shift in the trio's relationship, the 'Bear' was injured...etc... yet we're left with only vague mention of what actually happened.

Same with the plane crash. Why not clarify how it happened instead of thrusting this flash-forward on us when there's nothing of a reveal involved?

Then the editing... my god, how choppy can you get? The rape scene was cut away from so many times that it drained it of most all of its tension. They're interrogating/intimidating the guy for ten seconds, then it's off to some other story thread where nothing happens, then another few seconds, rinse and repeat...

After being annoyed by that scene, I started noticing the same pattern again and again...

Like I said, maybe there is redemption in store but as it stands, the story/editing is high school level at best.
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