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Sex & Nudity

  • Lots of sexual references about who is going to do what to who and when and how. No real nudity, most sexual activity is in the background, with the blurred effects. Main lead girl wears a vest most of the time. Generally, you expect to see more than you actually do. There is an exotic dancer wearing very little and a woman performs fellatio on a Police officer.
  • A lot of sexual content, but not very explicit. Some female nudity in a brothel and a few sex scenes. Most nudity is obscured by titles, text and darkness.

Violence & Gore

  • As expected about a film regarding the gangster lifestyle, there is a combination of stylized video / computer game violence, off screen splatter effects and graphic violence. Lots of shootings, beatings, gang violence and threats of violence / retribution.


  • There is constant use of sexual vocabulary, insults, including racial ones etc. As it is a foreign language film, the subtitles display the words, some of which are the same as the English pronunciation.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • The main character smokes throughout. There is constant images of people taking drugs - mainly through snorting. The whole film deals with the drugs trade, from importing to taking. People are seen drinking alcohol in bars etc.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The torture scene, whilst implied, is shown to the main character / narrator through his phone. We see the end results. The main female lead and the narrator are both threatened with violent deaths both together and in separate scenes.
  • Contains severe violence, bloody and heavy shoot-outs, closeup headshots and torture. Because of different mixed timelines some scenes are intense. (Deleted. Personal opinions about suitable viewing ages are not appropriate for the Parents Guide.)

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