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Swing and a miss
AJ_McAninch22 March 2019
The rare miss in South Korean cinema. It's well meaning enough, and the characters are likable, but the plot is full of holes and just plain nonsense. Shame, because it could have been a good story if the writers had explored options more seriously.
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Devoid of comedy or laughs...
paul_haakonsen2 December 2022
As I stumbled upon this 2007 South Korean movie by random chance here late in 2022, I must say that it was a movie that immediately caught my attention. The cover of the movie had a very archetypical comedy feel to it, so of course I opted to watch it. Well, that, and also my fascination with Asian cinama helped to win me over.

Director Kim Jong-Jin didn't deliver a movie that was particularly funny. And I have to say that I was somewhat disappointed with the outcome of "Underground Rendezvous", especially since I wasn't brought to laughter once throughout the 107 minutes that the movie ran for.

Sure, it should be said that the storyline in the movie was good enough, but it just wasn't a comedy as I was expecting.

The acting performances in "Underground Rendezvous" were fair, and they did have a good cast ensemble to portray the various roles in the movie, no doubt about that.

My rating of "Underground Rendezvous" lands on a bland five out of ten stars.
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