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What a difference an election makes
myrnavep31 October 2020
President Obama was not a perfect president. But he was a great one. He genuinely cared about the job and the people along with him. I caught myself thinking that I have no idea who his press secretary was, or his name. And that's a good thing. These days I know the names of too many of them. Obama was cool, calm and collected, and Donald is just... an imposter and a poser. And why is it that a lot of Americans are so scared of socialism??? I'm Norwegian, and we have free healthcare, education and rights that keeps everyone relatively taken care of. I don't have to worry if I get sick, unemployed or other life altering things, that I will lose everything, including my life. And we all pay our taxes for the greater good, so that everyone can have a fighting chance. We have rich people, and we have poor people, but most of us want to be a society where we feel predominantly safe. Where we're not so divided that a civil war could be coming around for a second time. I love the USA! I've been traveling a lot all over your majestic country. Still it amazes me how badly you treat your fellow people. Please come back to the world and your senses, and be the great place we know you can be. Vote!!! And if you don't believe that socialism is a good idea, google how we do it in Scandinavia. Or Canada even! I mean they're right there on top of you, showing you how it can be done.
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bubulac30 October 2020
Interesting insight into the workings of the White House, regardless of who was the president at the time. I also had good fun reading the other so-called review, obviously written by a trump fan(atic). (I am not american and I don't live in the US, so I couldn't care less about trump and his minions - or about Biden).
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