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Looks like it's going to be a zombie horror comedy musical Christmas
Woodyanders22 June 2021
Warning: Spoilers
Spunky young lass Anna (a vibrant and charming portrayal by the lovely and radiant Ella Hunt) and her friends must fight for survival when a zombie outbreak happens in the small town of Little Haven around Christmastime.

Director John McPhail keeps the enjoyably loopy premise zipping along at a snappy pace, offers a flavorsome yuletide atmosphere, takes time to develop the genuinely likeable characters, delivers several choice bits of outrageous gore, and derives plenty of laughs from the inspired sense of zany humor. Moreover, the witty script by Alan McDonald and Ryan McHenry has moments of surprisingly touching humanity amid all the expected wild carnage.

In addition, it's acted with tremendous zest by an enthusiastic cast: Malcolm Cumming as smitten nice guy John, Sarah Swire as the brash Steph North, Christopher Leveaux as the nerdy Chris Wise, Marli Sui as the perky Lisa, Ben Wiggins as hateful jerk Nick, Mark Benton as Anna's disapproving dad Tony, and Paul Kaye as strict head master Arthur Savage. Super bouncy and catchy songs, too. A total delight.
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Delightfully ridiculous, albeit not quite perfect
themadmovieman3 November 2018
As far as Christmas-themed zombie musicals go, Anna And The Apocalypse has to be the best out there. With a gleefully silly premise that's backed up with some strong comedy and entertaining performances throughout, the film proves an immensely enjoyable watch, and although its musical side may leave a little to be desired, it's still an absolute delight from beginning to end.

Given its core premise, comparisons with the likes of Shaun Of The Dead are inevitable, but the brand of humour here is a little more on the nose than Edgar Wright's comedy classic, something that led me to remember Attack The Block, which is far more similar to Anna And The Apocalypse.

So, if you're a fan of Attack The Block, then this will surely prove an entertaining watch once again, as it takes its small-town setting and blows it up with a chaotic zombie outbreak, turning ordinary secondary schoolers into undead-slashing masters as they attempt to make their way across town to safety.

Given that the film attempts to blend so many (seemingly incompatible) genres together, certain parts of the movie are bound to stand out more than others, and while the Christmas and musical elements don't quite hit the right beats every time, the zombie comedy-horror is at least a consistently entertaining side to the movie, continuously growing and growing throughout in equally impressive form to any serious horror flick.

It's not a scary film by any means, but as far as zombie films go, Anna And The Apocalypse does a great job at getting the undead just right - not making them too powerful like World War Z, but still giving them a little bit of menace to keep the tension and excitement there throughout.

But the horror stuff wouldn't work so well if it wasn't for the excellent comedy throughout. I won't say that every single joke lands throughout, but the majority of the humour here is hugely entertaining, and with its playfully ridiculous vibe (particularly in the early stages of the zombie outbreak), it managed to put a big smile on my face.

When it comes to the film's wide variety of other genres, things don't work out quite so well. Although it occasionally adds a pleasant quirk here and there, the Christmas setting doesn't really play that much of a role in the movie. None of the songs are particularly festive-themed, and despite a nice bit of decoration in the background, come the end this doesn't feel like it has any outstanding Christmassy-ness, which I was a little disappointed by.

However, the boldest part of Anna And The Apocalypse is that it's a musical. And it's not just a movie with a couple of quick songs, there's a good handful of big musical numbers that take up a large part of the film.

Does it work? Well, while I have to say that I was impressed with the film's confidence and audacity in sticking with the musical genre right the way through, it's not something that adds immensely to the movie's wow factor. It's not a bad musical, and with the exception of the opening number, the songs aren't jarring or particularly disruptive to the flow of the film, but the songs themselves aren't all that great, and each musical number doesn't really add anything to the film's story in the way that the best musicals do.

Of course, this is never intended to be an all-time classic movie musical, and with the objective of simply being quirky and enjoyable, the film does a great job, but it is something that doesn't quite pay off in the manner that the filmmakers intend to, which is a shame to see at times.

Overall, though, I had a lot of fun with Anna And The Apocalypse. Blending a whole range of random genres together, it proves a delightfully silly watch that, despite not always hitting its beats perfectly, will leave you laughing and smiling throughout.
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A very likable bit of comedy-horror-musical nonsense
Red-Barracuda1 July 2018
If you have been waiting some time for a horror-musical-teen-comedy-Christmas-movie, then it has to be said the wait is over. Anna and the Apocalypse boldly goes there. It centres on a group of teens who find themselves in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. Why is there a zombie apocalypse? Not important. But it is a good excuse for some serious genre mash-up action. I am not necessarily a natural audience for this kind of thing but I would say you would need to be being a bit overly harsh not coming away from this one with some positive feelings. It is a very likable film with some ambition to do something new.

The star of the show here for me was certainly the very beautiful Ella Hunt, who plays the title character. Clearly a performer with some definite star quality and versatility and one for the future hopefully. The rest of the cast are good too it has to be said, and it was nice seeing old Dennis Pennis himself, Paul Kaye, appear as an unhinged headmaster. It has to be said that the comedy is a bit uneven to say the least, although there are some good jokes sprinkled throughout about evacuation selfies, Justin Bieber and all the rest of it but I found it only sporadically funny if I am honest. The horror side of the fence is covered with the usual zombie violence which is visceral and creative enough to keep us interested. The songs were actually quite a welcome injection, as it was with those that the film was at its most distinctive. And also, quite pleasingly, things are not rounded off with a Hollywood ending either, which I thought was the right way to go for this kind of thing.

On the whole, while this is definitely a bit hit and miss, I commend it for its ambition and fun-factor. When a film has the good grace to at least try something new, it deserves a chance and I wish it the very best.
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Fun Christmas, Musical, Zom/Com
Reviews_of_the_Dead20 December 2019
This was a movie that I missed catching it in the theater last year around this same time. I was kind of mad at myself, but this year, I was looking for a Christmas movie for the season and watched this with my girlfriend. I knew this was a musical, but those can be hit or miss for me. I had heard good things about it so I was intrigued. The synopsis is a zombie apocalypse threatens the sleepy town of Little Haven at Christmas, forcing Anna (Ella Hunt) and her friends to fight, slash and sing their way to survival.

We start this off in the car where Tony Shepherd (Mark Benton) is driving. His daughter is in the back, Anna, along with her best friend John (Malcolm Cumming). Through interactions it is revealed that Anna doesn't plan to go to college, but to travel for a year first. This upsets Tony and it is revealed that his wife and Anna's mother passed away so he's doing his best.

At school they meet up with Steph North (Sarah Swire). She is sad as her girlfriend won't spend Christmas with her and her parents moved to Mexico, leaving her there. She's convinced it is because of who she is. They're also friends with Chris Wise (Christopher Leveaux) who is into video production and his girlfriend is Lisa (Marli Siu) who is the lead in the upcoming Christmas play. It should also be pointed out that Anna's ex is Nick (Ben Wiggins) and he's a jerk. John also has a big crush on her.

Their lives are not made any easier by their teacher Arthur Savage (Paul Kaye). He takes the car keys away from Steph and he warns them that he will be headmaster soon. Their lives take an even worst turn though when they next morning their town is full of zombies. Anna and John meet up and head to where they work to find Steph and Chris. Their parents are at the school along with Lisa. They are hoping the military will help, but even they can't stop what is happening as it becomes a fight for survival.

Now I'll be honest with you, my relationship with musicals is love/hate. The ones that I love, I am all about and the ones that I don't I despise. With that said, this isn't a traditional musical and I dig that. We really do get a normal movie here with some musical numbers. I'm a fan of zombie films in general, so I can get behind this idea. I should also point out these are more in the vein of Romero zombies for sure.

Going from there, I do feel this is a mash-up of Harry Potter, Glee and Shaun of the Dead. I think the former just because of the school outfits they wear and it being set in the United Kingdom. Glee for obvious reasons and the similarities to Shaun are similar as well, this is a zom/com. I actually think this works though. We establish that Anna wants to do her own plan and John has a crush on her. Tony wants the best for his daughter, even if it goes against her plan. Steph is a character I took a lot of time trying to figure out and felt horrible for. She doesn't seem to necessarily fit in with her sexual orientation which is a shame, she's one of my favorite characters here. Then we also have the obnoxious couple with Chris and Lisa. I was curious for a bit if Steph was vibing him, but I think it is more she wants the relationship that he has which shows her envy.

I will say that the comedy aspects of this do hurt it a bit. I never really worry about the characters because of it. I will say there was something shocking that happened to some of the characters to the point that it does hurt the ending a bit. I know they humanize a certain character, but I don't like it. That did bother me slightly. This is still entertaining though and never found myself bored.

Next I want to move this to the soundtrack, as this is a musical. I'm not going to lie, I really dug some of the songs. I heard one of them when Duncan over at the Podcast Under the Stairs did a compilation and when that song played in the movie, I immediately added it to my Spotify list. Not all of the songs landed, but I didn't mind the combination of normal music to the musical numbers we get. Overall I thought this all worked.

I should move next to the effects. I've already said I liked that we get slow moving zombies. I think that works being that it is a musical so you get a bit of singing and dancing. The look of them was solid though and I dug that. There's one that is decapitated where the effect looked great. I know there was some CGI, especially with the blood. It didn't really bother me though if I'm going to be perfectly honest and I think that goes to the fantastical nature of the movie. I thought it was shot very well overall as well.

The last thing to cover would be the acting here. I was a big fan of Hunt. I thought she does well as the teen that doesn't know what she wants to do with life. Her father has a plan for her and he's stubborn for what happened to their family. I like that we needed this all to fall apart for her find herself. I feel bad for Cumming though. He really digs Anna, but he's been friend-zoned hard. What happens with him though made me call out as I felt bad. Swire I also thought was great. She is quirky and I just wanted good things to happen for her for what is established for the character. Wiggins I wasn't a fan of, but it is more his character than his performance. He invoked a reaction from me so I give him credit. I thought Leveaux, Siu, Benton, Kaye and the rest were all solid in support of what was needed here.

Now with that said, I really did fall into the camp that I enjoyed what we got here. This is a solid horror, comedy, musical for sure. I like that we get the characters' lives established and how the end of the world affects that. It also as they try to live through normal high school drama as well. The acting is good and I thought the effects were as well. The pacing is hurt a bit being that this part comedy and being a musical. I will say that I did like the soundtrack overall. I don't feel this is a great film, but I really did enjoy it. I would say this is a good movie still.
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Starts excellent, finishes ok
justinhyne26 August 2018
Anna and the Apocalypse is a fun film that starts excellent and finishes ok. The early songs are extremely good and worthy of any high end musical out there. The lead Ella Hunt is a star in the making with not only great vocals, but a believable performance as Anna. Whilst she could stand firm in any west end musical, I feel her talents are destined to stay with the silver screen, as she is able to capture beautifully subtle facial expressions which make the character very likeable and real.

The support vocals and acting are very good from some and ok from others, but overall it never lives up to the strength of the opening 30 minutes.

The horror zombie element was very well done and a similar quality to Shaun of the Dead, but I wonder if this could have actually been two separate films. One musical and one comedy horror, as it did both fairly well, but for me they didn't mesh together well enough to sustain for the whole run time.

Not enough cool zombie kills for horror fans and not enough quality songs for musical fans.

Overall though, I enjoyed the film and would recommend it to any fan of either genre.
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Best British High School Musical Christmas Zombie Horror Movie ever!
Gothamite127 October 2019
Just a fun and excellent horror musical. Wonderful cast, script and effects.
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No Such Thing as a Hollywood Ending
ThomasDrufke27 December 2018
I love when movies combine genres and ideas that perhaps no one thought were previously possible. Anna and the Apocalypse is one of the most unique films I have ever seen, and one of the most entertaining 90 minutes of all 2018. It's not for everyone, in fact, the Disney Channel esque musical numbers meeting the incredibly violent and gory zombie action will turn off many. But I found it to be an impeccably coherent flick, and one that's perfect for the holiday season. Not all the emotional ploys work and there are even some moments that I wish were re-arranged with different characters, but you have to applaud the boldness to this film. And hey, as the film tells us, there's no such thing as a Hollywood ending.

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This isnae Disney
jfgibson7315 September 2019
Warning: Spoilers
So you may have heard that this movie is a "genre mashup." Basically, it's Sean of the Dead with teens and music. If I had known that, I might never have given it a chance. And, in fact, it didn't move me much, being an unexceptional story about another zombie apocalypse. But I really liked the songs. The actors were usually fun to watch, but weren't really given anything interesting to do except for the singing. I don't really like musicals, so this was a surprise when I found that I was hooked on several numbers after only one viewing. I will watch this back many times, mostly just skipping to the musical numbers.
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Anna and the Apocalypse
Prismark104 December 2019
A zombie musical horror comedy. One that is set in Britain and it has a Christmas theme.

As far as musicals go, these one had reasonably good songs and a possible breakout star in Ella Hunt.

Hunt is Anna a college student in Scotland. Her widowed father is overprotective and the headmaster of the college is a swine.

One day on the way to school she encounters zombies. Now Anna and her friends need to keep safe while bashing the zombies brains out.

Anna and the Apocalypse is a genre mash up of musical/zombie horror/teenage high school comedies. It takes a while for the eventual zombie strike to happen although the best strike happens at a scene in a bowling happy.

It is zany and silly enough to be entertaining.
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Different. But enjoyably so.
benrobo16 December 2019
This is a solid 6 for me. It's an interesting concept which is not easy to pull off. And this is ultimately where it falls down. It's not a horror, comedy or musical but it tries to be. Not as smart as Shaun of the Dead.

The comparison with Shaun of the Dead does it no favours though. Shaun of the Dead is a masterpiece. This is not.

I enjoyed this though. It's entertaining. Could have been gorier though.
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No such thing as a Hollywood ending!
reddiemurf8120 December 2020
I'd give it a 6.5!!

While not epic, this movie is a lot of fun. If you're a fan of musicals and zombie movies, this one is for you!!
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Wow! Just watch it knowing nothing about it like I did and you will love it!
davesawesomeinbox25 December 2019
Tears, heart, laughs, and fun! Surprises too! One of the most underrated movies on imdb.
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British horror comedy musical indie
SnoopyStyle29 July 2019
It's the Christmas season and a zombie virus is starting to spread through the population. Anna Shepherd and various students have their teenage drama at their school usually in song form.

This is a British horror comedy musical indie. It's slightly fun. The kids are compelling. It's no Shaun of the Dead. The songs are marginally fun. I'm not a musical guy and musical horror comedy is a very specific genre. Other than Anna skipping cluelessly along among the zombie apocalypse, the songs could be trimmed. It's a fun little movie.
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Amazing genre bend and a delightful time
hoescjac2 August 2018
The best part of this film to me is it's ablity to not only combine two completely different genres (horror and musicals) seamlessly. It also shifts the seriousness of the film with out throwing the tone off at all. I also have to say the the songs and score fit perfectly in the film and are incredibly well done. It is some of the most fun I've had watching a film in a long time and hope to see more from these film Makers.
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Poorly conceived
bs-3343510 March 2019
I'm sure the positive reviews are those comparing this to Shaun of the Dead (the sequence of the main characters oblivious to the zombie outbreak at the beginning seems to have been ripped directly from that movie), but SOTD this is not. That movie picked a direction, it was a comedy about a zombie outbreak. This film, however, tries to be everything to everyone and it fails as a result of being less than the sum of its parts. Is it a musical, a campy zombie movie, a serious zombie movie, or what? I get that having musical numbers in a horror film is original, that it is, but it just doesn't work. It's silly, not in a good way, because it's an attempt to add comedy into a horror film, which is a fine idea, but the movie itself is actually kind of serious, so the added musical numbers come off as tone deaf and completely took me out of the film. It also doesn't help that all of the characters are one-dimensional caricatures of actual people, and that the musical numbers are dull at best, laughably bad at worst. After about 30 minutes boredom ensued. I found myself watching the time left bar more than the movie itself. Pick a direction.
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Captivating and delightful
I_Ailurophile9 May 2021
There are few greater joys in life than learning that the production you're about to watch is, in fact, a musical. Ever more so when the narrative plays with a genre that is not conventionally a musical.

Bless you, 'Anna and the apocalypse.'

Within the first 20 minutes we get a pretty clear picture of the complexity of each character in this high school setting, and while the tropes are familiar, that doesn't make them any less engaging. It helps that these 20 minutes are already filled with a few entrancing songs with amusing lyrics and dance choreography. This movie is just plain fun, and that's a quality that's too often missing from pictures of any genre.

The zombie magic doesn't begin until almost 30 minutes in, but the blood and gore is immediately absorbing. It's impressive for a zombie flick that it dives headfirst into comedy without resorting to juvenile humor. Moreover, 'Anna and the apocalypse' is very self-aware: We're treated to a first fight scene that has the driving beat of pop music in the background, and characters immediately reference pop culture in their efforts to understand what's going on around them.

I'm confounded by the extraordinary balance this feature finds, deftly managing the horror of a zombie apocalypse, the soaring, inherently jubilant vocals and dance of the superb songs, and the far-ranging emotional heft of the human element. Other movies have tried to harmonize disparate elements without nearly as much success. That this one succeeds so handily is absolutely to the credit of all film-makers involved - director, writers, composers, choreographers. I'm blown away.

And the cast! All are as gifted of song as they are of theater. The skills of performers such as Ella Hunt or Sarah Swire will never cease to amaze me, whether on stage or in film. There are a few shortcuts taken in the narrative, as musicals are wont to do, and the bleak outcome for so many of the characters is honestly a bit depressing. Still, it's all done so well that it's hard to complain, especially when the reprise of early song "Hollywood ending" is, in fact, the perfect ending.

The varying elements that comprise 'Anna and the apocalypse' means that it will hardly be for everyone. But for anyone who is a fan of catchy musicals, bloody zombie flicks, or heartfelt human drama - this movie has it all, and more. While also technically qualifying as a Christmas movie. Who can really say no to that?

What a time to be alive!
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Make Those Zombies Dance!
Pairic4 February 2021
Anna And The Apocalypse: Anna is in 6th Form, having arguments with her father about taking a gap year to travel. The action moves to the school where that night's Christmas Musical is being rehearsed. But the whole film is a musical, Anna bursts into song, joined by others as they dance along. Anna misses the School Musical which comes under siege by Zombies, a lethal virus is loose. Next morning Anna beheads a Zombie dressed as a snowman, using a see-saw. Zombies are decapitated by skittle resetters, have their heads bashed in with bowling balls, Anna leads the fightback, dispatching the undead with a giant candy cane. Meanwhile the song and dance routines continue. But it's not just a comedy, real scenes of horror ensue as the Zombies eat people alive, there is an aura of existential terror as trapped humans await their fate. The old way of life is over. Some good songs and an engaging if slightly daft story line make this an entertaining film. Directed by John McPhail. On Netflix. 7/10.
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Fun zombie musical with enough gore for young adults
abisio17 December 2018
The stupid system imposed by the MPAA might kill the commercial possibilities of very decent entertainment and horror movie with some comedy tones. In UK this movie was rated 15 which is perhaps younger appropriate public. MPAA rated as R which requires 17 years old the get in and not may parents will be interesting since is not strong horror but just a fun one. If you are able to get in it, the music is fine, the action scenes are engaging and the horror is there with some funny moments as well. So in brief; give it a try. You will not repent
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Boring Songs and Story With Less Flavor Than Vanilla Ice Milk
jwerwin807 December 2018
I've sat through many movies I disliked. I've sat through films that are flat out boring. I sat through all of Jean-Luc Godard's "Sympathy for the Devil" and several of Andy Warhol's movies. About 20-25 minutes into Anna and the Apocalypse, I just couldn't take it anymore. This movie not only wallowed in lameness, but it just kept getting worse. The characters are flat, one-dimensional, and mind-numbingly boring. The songs are unlistenable. The idea of sitting through this became more painful than I could stand. I walked out.

The music is completely devoid of soul. They're like white bread without crust. Nothing in this film will remind you of Elvis, James Brown, or even Bing Crosby. Even the Andrews Sisters, the queens of uninspired WWII harmonies, are more dynamic and exciting than this.

People who attempt compare Anna and the Apocalypse to Shaun of the Dead are either delusional or liars. Shaun of the Dead had zombies. Anna and the Apocalypse has zombies. That's the only thing the two movies have in common. Shaun of the Dead is funny. Anna and the Apocalypse is devoid of humor. Shaun of the Dead has interesting characters who do things that are suprising. Anna and the Apocalypse has flat, uninteresting characters who follow painfully predictable tropes.

At a certain point I knew there was no way I was going to make it to the end. I was disappointed that I wasn't going to see the apocalypse, but I just couldn't take it anymore. Luckily, the theater was kind enough to give me a pass to see another movie.
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Is this film a horror, comedy or music.
dar041718 December 2019
Is this film a horror, comedy or music. I think it's all three and it works really well. Not your typical zombie film.
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Dont sing, please
sven-koehler9 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
If I had the choice, I would not have watched this. However, I went to a sneak preview, and surprise: musical meets zombies!

Now apparently the slogan for this movie is "Shaun of the Dead meets La La Land". Sure, Shaun of the Dead comes to mind. But you see, Shaun of the Dead was good, really good, in my opinion. It wouldn't have worked, if Shaun of the Dead would have been made as sloppy as this movie.

And La La Land also was a sneak preview surprise. And I also didn't like it much at first, but by the end I feel like the character might have won me over. There were some characters that I can care about, which is something this movie doesn't have.

The characters in this movie are all caricatures -- every single one of them -- the likes of which I have seen many many times before. The pretty girl, the shy guy, the evil headmaster savage, the evil kid (Nick), etc.

So bottom line, I got a few zombies, a bit of splatter - but that does not make up for the unrelatable characters and the singing. I can enjoy zombies and splatter, but not in this context. Also, the movie did not make me laugh. It's not funny, it was not a blast like the trailer suggests.

Overall, it was painful watching it. Please don't make another movie like this.
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Kinda awesome would've been better without the musical aspect
UniqueParticle13 February 2020
Very cool the way it was filmed and the kills great! Omg I can't stand musicals I wanted to like this movie more couldn't they have just written normal dialogue in?! I'll give it credit though some parts are totally epic fun, a few songs are decent. Awhile back when I saw the trailer I was so hype to see the movie I'm so disappointed.
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holiday midnight madness
ferguson-67 December 2018
Greetings again from the darkness. It's this time of year when the slew of ultra-heavy dramatic Oscar hopefuls fill the movie-watching schedule, so this zany little flick is a welcome diversion ... despite, or perhaps due to, defying traditional movie genres. An accurate description would be 'Zombie Apocalypse Christmas Musical Comedy', though that's likely to draw in fewer viewers than it frightens off.

Beginning like many teen flicks, we meet the teenagers who each believes they are the center of the universe, and during this opening act, we only get a single fake zombie tease (but it's a good one). Anna (Ella Hunt) is a high school senior preparing to take a year and travel to Australia - against the wishes of her protective widower dad (Mark Benton). Anna constantly hangs out with her friend-zone buddy John (Malcolm Cumming), whether at school or at the bowling alley where they both work. Their friends are lovebirds Chris (Christopher Leveaux) and Lisa (Marli Siu), and Steph (Sarah Swire) the American-social activist- recently dumped lesbian who is an outsider to both her peers and the tyrannical school principal Savage (Paul Kaye).

Ms. Siu takes center stage at the school's Christmas production and beautifully performs one of the more double-entendre laden Santa songs you've likely ever heard. The other musical highlight occurs the next morning as Anna and John skip off to school blissfully unaware of the carnage occurring all around them ... a nice statement on how teenagers view the world. What follows are some gruesome and creative zombie kills, especially those featuring a snowman and the bowling alley. The jokes, pop songs and grizzly kills keep things zipping along as the teenagers try to save themselves and their loved ones, although when the school Principal veers towards maniacal psychopath, he becomes a bit of a distraction.

Ryan McHenry passed away in 2015, and his 2011 short film ZOMBIE MUSICAL has been adapted to feature length by director John McPhail and writer Alan McDonald. The songs are co-written by Tommy Reilly and Roddy Hart, and the result is a delightfully entertaining movie that will likely find a long shelf-life in the midnight slot for many holiday seasons to come. It likely would have benefited from another song or two, and remains an oddball mash-up of "Glee", HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL, SWEENEY TODD, and SHAUN OF THE DEAD. The film certainly deserves bonus points for creativity, and just keep in mind those footsteps on the roof might not be Santa. You best be prepared to sing and swing a candy cane, as there are no Hollywood endings.
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Nothing to make a song and dance about.
BA_Harrison31 January 2019
I have a fondness for quirky musicals: Little Shop of Horrors, Phantom of the Paradise, Repo: The Genetic Opera, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead, Nudist Colony of the Dead (okay, not so much the last one). I also love zombie films of all shapes and sizes and films that take place at Christmas. Naturally, I had high hopes for Anna and the Apocalypse, a zombie musical set during Christmas, but despite valiant efforts from a talented cast (except for Paul Kaye, whose performance is painful), it doesn't quite succeed.

The song and dance routines are reasonably fun, with Ella Hunt as Anna in particular showing the makings of a major star, but they are very samey, with none of the tunes lingering in the memory for very long. The zombie attacks are largely PG and not in the least bit scary, with only one scene set in a bowling alley delivering the requisite cheesy gore (I did love that bowling ball crushed head). And as for the comedy, the less said the better, suffice to say that any attempts to match Shaun of the Dead in the laugh stakes fall very flat indeed.

5/10 - Thanks for introducing us to the lovely Hunt, who I'm sure will go onto much bigger and better things, but Anna and the Apocalypse doesn't live up to the carefully selected quotes on the poster.
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What's not to Love about this film.
barbaragolia27 August 2018
Who knew you could have so much fun in an Apocalypse? Anna knew, that's who knew and she delivers with a very funny and welcome turn on the genre. This film walks firmly in the footsteps of Shaun of the Dead, a brilliant turn of events and a horror musical, doesn't get much better.
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