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Season 1

2 Jul. 2017
Gaiten: Seihai Taisen
Kairi Sisigou is summoned by Rocco Belfeban, who reveals that Yggdmillennia has gone rogue. To obtain the power of the Holy Grail, the Clock Tower begins a new War between Yggdmillenia and the Tower.
9 Jul. 2017
Seijo no Shuttatsu
Jeanne d'Arc is summoned as a Servant and is ordered to make sure the War proceeds as ordained. Each of the masters greet their Servants, with Sisigou introducing himself to Mordred.
16 Jul. 2017
Arukidasu Unmei
The battles between the Servants begin. Karna attacks Jeanne only for Siegried to intervene. Caules talks with Frankenstein's monster as Chiron heals a Homunculus.
23 Jul. 2017
Sei no Daishou, Shi no Tsugunai
Spartacus continues his attack on Yggdmillennia's castle. The Black Faction mounts a counterattack as the Red Faction sends more of it's own soldiers. Jeanne supervises the battle.
30 Jul. 2017
Ten no koe
The Homunculus named Sieg awakens only to be caught in the middle of a battle. The Black Faction retreat when Jeanne intervenes and elsewhere Jack the Ripper goes on a rampage.
7 Nov. 2017
The Knight of Rebellion
A series of mage murders is occurring, drawing attention from both factions. Mordred's past is revealed as the neglected child of King Arthur.
12 Aug. 2017
Where Freedom Lies
The fight between Caules and Mordred ends in a draw. As various Servants follow their own objectives, Sieg begins to question the nature of his own existence.
19 Aug. 2017
The War Begins
The Red Faction begins their attack on Castle Yggdmillennia as Shiro appears on the Hanging Gardens to fight himself. Loyalties are tested and alliances are offered as all out war continues.
26 Aug. 2017
Hundreds of Flames and Hundreds of Flowers
The battle for the Holy Grail rages on as members from the Red and Black Factions start fighting head to head. Elsewhere, Darnic holds the Holy Grail and remembers how he stole it.
2 Sep. 2017
Scattered Flower
Mordred goes on the offensive, and no attack can stop her. Sieg is killed, but is able to resurrect with a new form.
9 Sep. 2017
Eternal Radiance
Atalanta leads forces into battle in the aftermath of several Noble Phantasms clashing at once. Some Servants are forced to retreat while others are only more fired up to continue fighting.
16 Aug. 2017
The Holy Man Returns Triumphant
Darnic unleashes his final gambit, using his spells to turn Vlad into his ultimate form. The remaining Servants decide they need to put aside their differences to stop their overpowering foe.
1 Oct. 2017
The Last Master
Shiro now possesses the Holy Grail and announces his plan to save humanity. Lines in the sand are drawn as Servants need to decide whose side they are going to be on when Shiro begins his plan.
8 Oct. 2017
Prayer of Salvation
The Hanging Gardens fly away and Jeanne affirms Sieg's choice to officially enter the Holy Grail War. A powerful golem marches on the castle and the Servants must assemble to face it.
15 Oct. 2017
Though Our Paths Diverge
Achilles, Atalanta, and Karna reluctantly work with Shiro in order to rescue their captured Masters, with each of them having their own objective. Shiro reveals to Mordred why he wants the Grail.
22 Oct. 2017
Jack the Ripper
Sieg is slowly transforming into Siegfried himself, which is taking a toll on his body. Despite Jeanne's concerns, she and the others need to deal with Jack the Ripper, who has gone on another rampage.
29 Oct. 2017
The group heads into Trifas to face Jack the Ripper and their mysterious Master. In the Hanging Gardens, Achilles has a conversation with Shiro about what he wants to do.
5 Nov. 2017
From Hell
Jack the Ripper makes an attack on Sieg, Jeanne and Atalanta that divides them.
12 Nov. 2017
Dawn of the End
Jeanne and the Yggdmillenia faction plan their assault on the Hanging Gardens.
19 Nov. 2017
Soar Through the Sky
Jeanne, Sieg, Astolfo, Chiron, Fiore, and Caules begin their assault on the Hanging Gardens.
19 Nov. 2017
Antares Snipe
Chiron and Achilles battle against each other.
9 Dec. 2017
Reunion and Farewell
Achilles and Atlanta fight, while Sieg and Karna unleash their power.
16 Dec. 2017
Going Beyond
Mordred and Sisigou make their last fight. Jeanne gets trapped in a nightmare.
23 Dec. 2017
The Holy Grail War
Shirou appears to use the Grail to purge humanity of sin, but Sieg fights him.
30 Dec. 2017
Sieg has finally acquired the Holy Grail, but what will he do with it?

 Season 1 

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