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Sex & Nudity

  • Opening scene of the film depicts a woman lying completely naked on a bed. Her breasts are fully visible from above. Moments later in the same scene, she has sex with a man. He is on top of her and thrusting but only his back and torso are visible.
  • A woman is shown naked in bed from the backside. Her buttocks are clearly visible, as later are her breasts. She and a man have recently had sex and he is caressing her body. He later sucks his own finger and directs it towards her body beneath the blankets but she stops him.
  • A woman passionately kisses a man in the doorway, begins to undress and the scene cuts to the next morning. No nudity is shown in this scene.
  • A woman discusses her sex life with a female friend in candid detail, mentioning specific qualities of lovers, how she orgasms, etc.
  • A woman and a man discuss whether or not they masturbated over the weekend. The same man later caresses the woman's clothed breasts and thighs.

Violence & Gore

  • A woman forcefully shoves an emotionally abusive ex-lover from her apartment.


  • Nothing too over-the-top in terms of profanity. More sexually-charged dialogue than vulgar/swear words. One woman does go off on a tirade at one point but the profanity here isn't excessive. (This review was written before the film was subtitled in English.)

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • One character drinks beer and wine quite heavily. A half dozen empty beer bottles are visible on his make-up table, as he cracks open and gulps another. In the next scene, he drinks another 3-4 beers. Then, he drinks multiple glasses of wine at dinner. (While it isn't emphasized in the film, he drives a car right after this series of drinks.) Arriving at a girlfriend's apartment, he immediately asks for a drink.
  • An early scene depicts a couple drinking in a bar.
  • Various characters smoke cigarettes - but nothing beyond the French status quo.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The entire film is emotionally intense, as an aging woman deals with a difficult spell in her love life. So, expect adult situations throughout - some of her paramours are married men, etc. Still, there is nothing horrifying or excessively intense for most mature viewers.

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