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MPAA Rated R for violence

Sex & Nudity

  • Mary can be seen naked in the shower through the foggy glass. No explicit nudity visible, though.
  • Mary takes a shower.
  • We see her in it, though nudity is blurrily obscured by the water-coverd glass shower door.
  • We see glimpses of her in her underwear, too.
  • We learn that Mary had a relationship with Tom, son of the crime syndicate leader they both work for.
  • During a birthday party, Tom tries to renew their relationship, hugging Mary from behind and tracing his finger down the exposed portion of her chest.
  • She's wearing a dress that sports a cleavage-revealing neckline
  • She rebuffs him and, shortly thereafter, leaves the party.
  • We hear rumors that one of the upper-level gangsters in Mary's underworld organization is a "perv" who, it's suspected, molested the son of the rival mob's chief.

Violence & Gore

  • In the action scenes, characters are shot and killed in quite explicit fashions.
  • The players in Proud Mary throw more bullets than New England Patriots QB Tom Brady has tossed in his entire career.
  • His tend to be far more accurate.
  • She kills scads of people here, often with shots to the forehead.
  • We see slightly bloody wounds pock the area just above several sets of eyebrows.
  • Sometimes these gunshots are accompanied by small sprays of blood.
  • Victims elsewhere are simply gunned down.
  • Mary runs a few folks over, too.
  • Those shooting at Mary, meanwhile, make the average Star Wars Stormtrooper look like an Olympic marksman
  • Mary regularly stands straight and tall in a hail of gunfire as bullet holes pierce every bit of the wall/stairway/car seat behind her.
  • The only feasible explanation is that Mary swallowed some incredibly powerful magnets sometime in her childhood that effectively repel gunfire.
  • Even so, a few bullets do find their marks.
  • One of them pierces her midsection, and she patches herself up in her bathroom, leaving a great deal of blood in the sink.
  • Another hits her shoulder
  • We know this because we see a trickle of blood from a hole in her fashionable leather jacket.
  • The thug is tied to a chair with a bag over his head (for some unexplained reason, because it doesn't look like anyone wants him to asphyxiate and it sure doesn't muffle his screams), while Tom stalks around him with a nail gun.
  • Tom occasionally shoots nails into the man's feet and legs and hands
  • We see some of the nails stick out from various body parts
  • We later learn that Tom has been torturing the man for "two hours," and the captive has already told him "everything."
  • Sometimes one can be too conscientious in one's work, methinks.
  • Danny gets punched in the face
  • We see some blood on his face in the aftermath.
  • When Danny takes off his shirt in Mary's apartment, she sees that his back is covered in scratches and scabs.
  • We hear about people being sent to the hospital with bullet wounds.
  • Two f-words, about 10 s-words.


  • Heavy cursing throughout, including from a child character.
  • Two f-words, about 10 s-words.
  • Other profanities include "b--ch," "d--n," "h---," "t-t" and "p-ss."
  • God's name is misused at least eight times, seven of those with the word "d--n."
  • Jesus' name is abused once.
  • We also hear the word "douchebag."

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Social smoking and drinking throughout.
  • Both rival mobs seem to be involved in the drug trade.
  • Danny takes what appears to be a brick of cocaine or heroin to a low-level dealer
  • The dealer cuts the brick open to taste the merchandise.
  • Later, Mary tells Danny that she looked in his backpack and found a couple bricks of "brown."
  • When Mary's shot, she drinks a great deal of Hennessey to deaden the pain.
  • You'd think she would've used the alcohol to sterilize the wound, but that's just me
  • Gangsters toast with and quaff whiskey and vodka.
  • Someone smokes a cigarette in the background.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A child character is orphaned and in the employment of a crime family that abuses him. We see his bruises and scars, which is quite disturbing.

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