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TreasureHunterGirl12 September 2019
I love the Downton Abbey TV series so I was always going to expect a lot of the movie. I'm happy to say my expectations were exceeded. Everything about the movie was brilliant.

First of all the cast were nothing short of amazing. It must be hard to resume playing a character after years away from them but they all managed to do it and do it well. Pretty much all the actors returned which was nice for fans and reflective of what a great time they must have had working on the original series. I loved that every character got a moment, no matter how big or small.

The writing and directing was spot on. Great to see the original team still has what it takes. Grand yet subtle.

The costumes of course were stunning as usual. The attention to detail is very much to be awed.

The plot was perfect. It was a new storyline but had all the hallmarks of a great Downton episode. Plenty of laughs, lots of little romantic moments, that ordered chaos we all know and love, and of course a wonderfully acted bittersweet moment from two of my favourite characters (I won't spoil it).

And last but not least it was so lovely to be back at Highclere Castle aka Downton Abbey. A wonderful location. It felt like going home.

In summing up, this movie was the perfect addition to a practically flawless series. As an avid fan I was thoroughly satisfied by everything about it. Highly recommend seeing it on the big screen.
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If You Loved The Show, You'll Love The Film
coldfusion979712 September 2019
I adore the TV series, and this film was more of the same, which I loved. It is full of the same beautiful production quality, wit and humour. I can hear the criticisms already 'it was too sentimental', 'there wasn't enough complication' but my answer to that is that many of these characters had intense story arcs in the show, so it's nice to revisit them now and see them living, or finally getting, their happy endings without too much drama. Everyone in the cinema, myself included, laughed the whole way through this film, as is to be expected from Downton Abbey. And then there were other moments that were quite poignant to offset the humour, which blended perfectly. Yes, it's a movie for fans of the show, but why shouldn't it be? After years supporting this show and following these characters, why shouldn't we be rewarded? I had high expectations for this film, and was very satisfied with it, and that doesn't happen often. Well done to Julian Fellowes for staying true to his characters and delivering a film that is a delight to watch!
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Do you like Downton abbey series?
valadis-garganis12 September 2019
Then you'll like also the movie! Of course if you see only the movie probably you'll say this is a boring movie without an intense screenplay! And probably you'll be right! But this is not a movie! This is a celebration of downton abbey and the characters we've loved! You will feel nostalgia! So if you want to see an extra long episode of your favorite tv show go to the cinema!
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Imagine a Downton Abbey TV Episode at Full Throttle
imdbmovieguy13 September 2019
Take your favorite 10 things about Downton Abbey (the TV series), and then put them onto the big screen for 2 hours. Full throttle without holding back. You'll laugh many times. You'll smile. You'll possibly even cry. Of course, Maggie Smith is wonderful as always. It is one of the few movies I've been to where the audience started clapping at the end of the movie. Julian Fellowes certainly knows how to play to the Downton Abbey crowd. Although this may sound odd, I really recommend seeing this is the theater vs. waiting until it is on your TV. There is something special about seeing your favorite characters on a massive screen.
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We Want More! We Want More! We Want More!
susannalchristian13 September 2019
I just didn't want it to end! Julian Fellows delights us again with his brilliant story telling, the production was simply smashing, and the Downton Abbey cast was magnificent as always. Loved the story lines and wouldn't another Downton Abbey movie next year be perfect. We just can't get enough. The audience applauded because like me they loved the movie. The series and this movie are both a must see. I'm fervently hoping for another Downton Abbey movie next year.
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Love it! Refreshing Wholesomeness!
jacksjj13 September 2019
First I want to say that if you are still watching, or plan on watching the series, you may want to wait and watch the movie after you've finished. Literally the first 10-15 minutes of the movie is one big spoiler for everything that's happened in the series!

I loved this movie so much. It's a good clean movie, the likes of which is almost an endangered species these days. Don't get me wrong, I'm no prude. I loved Game Of Thrones! But with sooo much violence and crudeness in TV and movies these days, this movie is a breath of fresh air. Great characters, and very entertaining. Many moments of everyone laughing out loud in the theater. Super fun!
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Full of fun, quick wit & pageantry
Mainecottage13 September 2019
Everyone is back! If you love the Crawley's, you will love the movie. It's fun, full of glamour & pageantry, and a few twists & turns. It's a little predictable, but who cares. It's fun. Violet, our lovable dowager, is her quip usual self, & thank goodness. A few new characters have entered on scene that are delightful, and hopefully will return for the next movie.

To be a set designer & purchaser for this film must have been a fabulous treat! Oh, my. If you like antiques, this is the movie for you. Also, the lighting in several scenes were simply extensions of the moment. They were just perfect. Be prepared to be pleasantly entertained and enthralled by it all.
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A fantastic trip back to a favorite place
gdelaney-1358313 September 2019
I have to say it's everything I had hoped for as a fan of the series. I'll try to stay spoiler free here, but all the favorite cast members get a new arc or a continuation of where we left them. From Lady Mary to Branson to Mosely, the gang's all here. The new cast additions liven it up, from the Royal staff to Princess Mary to a nice performance from Imelda Staunton, who's playing a role far removed from Umbridge as Grantham cousin Lady Bagshaw, another foil for Maggie Grace.

Go see it, please. If it does well enough we may get another one!
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Beautiful tribute to the show
kbbond15 September 2019
Amazing, I cried happy tears multiple times during the film. If you are a lover of the show you will L.O.V.E. the film. I plan on seeing it a second time! Please go see it, it beyond worth it!
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Very good follow up of the tv show
imdb-ikysmoviedatabase12 September 2019
Been a fan of the tv series for a long time it was a great experience to see all my favourite characters on the big screen excellent performances from all cast great screenplay really enjoyed the film and I could watch it a few more times in cinemas
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Excellent ,i did not want it to end
shanyco14 September 2019
I usually dont write reviews but for this special occasion i had to. As a big DT abbey fun ,i waited for this movie for long months. The movie was as I expected ,with all my favorit ,great costums ,good story ,funny moments. I hope and wait for another one to come next year.
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Good Enough
pennyelenabooks17 September 2019
If you are a fan of the series, then you'll love this movie. I don't think though that you can watch it if you have not watched the series first. All the characters were there and the story was bitter sweet and entertaining. The performances were good and the atmosphere just the same as in the series.
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Great High Quality Television Drama ! Magnified ?
tm-sheehan12 September 2019
I'm a keen fan of Downtown Abbey as a Television Drama so I find it difficult to rate or critique Downton as a Cinema release. Why? you may ask. I enjoyed the movie to a point because Ive also enjoyed the 52 episodes of the 6 series on television . However I don't really think it makes a great movie transfer although it's entertaining and enjoyable. It has all the high quality wit and sumptuous surroundings of the original TV series and creator Julian Fellowes is a master of portraying the Upstairs/Downstairs world of the Aristocracy and the snobbery from both sides of the divide.

No spoilers from me other than anybody who saw the trailer knows the entire movie centres around a Royal visit to Downton Abbey from King George V and Queen Mary. All the usual performances are as good as in the Television production but I really enjoyed the addition of Geraldine James as Queen Mary and Imelda Staunton as Lady Bagshaw cousin to the Dowager Countess Violet Crawley played beautifully as usual by Maggie Smith .

Anyone who enjoyed the Downton Abbey series will surely enjoy making acquaintance with all their favourite characters again but I'm not sure the big Cinema screen didn't make them seem more like soapy cardboard cut outs at times. PS. As Mathew Goode heads the cast list on IMBd I expected to see more of him than just a walk on at the end, most disappointed as I think he would have made Lady Mary Crawley played by Michelle Dockery happier and less austere and irritating.
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It won't work unless you've watched the TV series
Red-12525 September 2019
Downton Abbey (2019) was directed by Michael Engler. We loved Downton Abbey as a TV show. The film is like two more episodes of the show. A few new characters, but mostly everyone that we knew before is back.

Michelle Dockery as Lady Mary is still beautiful, Maggie Smith is still fabulous, and Jim Carter as Mr. Carson is still the world's most perfect butler.

The film assumes that you know the characters, so there's not much backstory. It's fine if you do, indeed, know who everyone is both upstairs and downstairs. Only a few new characters are introduced, so you can sort them out pretty quickly.

We saw the movie at Rochester's excellent Little Theatre. It won't work quite as well on the small screen. However, don't forget that we all originally watched the show on the small screen. Still, director Engler has some great outdoor shots, which make the production values appear even more lush.

Downton Abbey has a very high IMDb rating of 7.9. I gave it a 7.0, because I thought that director Engler could have had more creative, better plots. It's still a must-see if you're a Downton Abbey fan. If you're not familiar with the show, learn some of the basic plot lines before you watch the film.
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An amazing continuation
kayleesmith-5132313 September 2019
So pleased that this movie did not join the long line of continuations that miss the mark. The writing, acting, and costumes are everything I loved about the series. Maggie Smith was the best part, of course. So much wittiness and sass. I was also delighted that, prior to the movie, there was a recap of each of the major characters' storylines, which makes the movie much more approachable to a newcomer. Me, a Downton fangirl, and my boyfriend, a Downton novice, both enjoyed it immensely. Highly recommend!
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Brilliantly Realised For The Big Screen
martimusross14 September 2019
Downton Abbey

As familiar as a favourite pair of slippers I failed, on the first viewing, to give this movie the plaudits it deserves. Might I add this is the only movie I have watched twice out of more than 100 movies.

This was a really great movie that just about had it all. We had a sumptuous and ravishing display of wealth and privilege that will have raised the hackles of any extreme left wing Marxist Corbinista who reside in the Champagne socialist boroughs of Camden and Islington.

Julian Fellows successfully transmuted his creation effortlessly from the small screen to the larger palette of the movie house with the device of a Royal Visit. All our favourite characters were there in fine order and below, what was a very funny script, there were some gently introduced issues.

These were

1, the role of monarchy and these great houses in society.

2, the purpose of tradition

3, what is community and how important it is to be kind.

4, the need to innovate and move with the times or wither and die.

5, how far we have come with gay rights

6, we must always believe in human nature and rehabilitation.

The ensemble acting was first rate and Maggie Smith played herself brilliantly.

The cinematography was brilliant throughout and the editing particularly through the set piece of the Kings Parade was masterful. The styling and music really set everything in the Art Deco period with just a snippet of the jazz age.

The denouement was without impediment, the highlight of a perfect script that was brilliantly realised by the director. I would add this movie would stand alone in its own right regardless of the series.

If you are a fan of Downton then this delivered in spades. It was even worth a watch for the frocks, hair and knitwear alone, I am rushing out to buy a fringed lamp-stand as we speak, it's a must have seemingly.

If I was handing out the Oscars I would be giving the statuette for script, director, cinematography, music, editing, costume and set design, I make that 6. I would also nominate Dame Maggie.
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Loved the show, alittle let down by the movie
aarongnr19 September 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I think the idea of the movie is good and they did a great job recreating the same characters again. But...

the story was very poorly executed in my opinion. There are so many subplots that fall VERY short in the grand scheme of things.

There is this "Stealing"-subplot which leads to a dress being fixed. It was way underdeveloped I think.

Then there's the "Andy-Daisy"-subplot which was totally forced and useless aswell.

Theeen there's the "Kill-the-king" subplot which was so ridiculously underdeveloped and VERY VERY predictable...

There are a couple other of that sort so thats a real minus for me for this movie.

But the set, the directing, the costumes and the characters were really well done.

And the best part was Maggie Smith, as she was in the show. She's just awesome.
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Nice adaptation
denisemdl13 September 2019
Lovely cinematography and Maggie Smith is brilliant. Other than that it does exactly what it says on the tin
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Only because I love Downton, it's not a 5
shar9598-774-16008628 September 2019
It was a rushed, slightly extended tv episode, only worse, because they had to jam every single character in. Some had almost token lines. I wanted to love it so much, but left feeling disappointed.
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The next chapter of an epic story
lusitaniasinking13 September 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Julian Fellowes brings back all the magic of Downton as we live through the next chapter of the Crawleys and their loved ones. Never one to miss out on a historical reference, the denizens prepare for the arrival of the King & Queen.

The script retains its trademark wit with Dame Maggie leading the way as the Greek chorus. There will be love, laughter, and tears throughout.

Not to spoil the story, but there is a secret that intrigues viewers and sets up a great story for the next movie.

When the original show went off the air, we felt like we were saying goodbye to dear friends. Now, they have come back and you'll not want to let them go.

Hopefully the next chapter will contain Lady Rose, Denker, Spratt, and Aunt Rosamund. (And hopefully Mary will ditch her very boring husband!)
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Downton Abbey
Jo_Blo_Movie_Critic13 September 2019
8/10 - a worthy extension of the acclaimed series that will be enjoyable for both super fans and newcomers
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Does not disappoint!
ofcnancy-338-25299113 September 2019
Excellent and thoughtful recap by Hughes and Carson. Must see!
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Very little happens.... and it's totally glorious!
bob-the-movie-man17 September 2019
The "Downton Abbey" TV show is comfortingly bland. The tales of the well-heeled Grantham family and the below stairs antics of their servants. But for those who have followed Julian Fellowes' pot-boiler drama through all six seasons and a number of Christmas specials, it's like a favourite jumper; or rediscovering your comfy slippers just as the nights start getting colder.

But in a world where TV spin off movies are notoriously dire, would this movie by the nail in Downton's coffin?

Thankfully not! It's a glorious production! The opening of this film will, I'm sure, fill all Downton fans with utter glee. John Lunn's music builds progressively as a royal letter wends its way through the 1927 postal system, eventually ending up (as the famous theme final breaks spectacularly) at the doors of Downton Abbey (Highclere Castle near Newbury, acting as a star of the film in its own right).

As the plot goes, in a year of Thanos-crushing drama, there really is nothing very substantial going on here! The King (George V, an almost unrecognizable Simon "Hitchhikers Guide" Jones) and Queen Mary (Geraldine James) are staying over in Downton for one night on their Yorkshire tour. This naturally sets the below-stairs staff into a bit of a tizz, as indeed it does the whole village. But their glee at involvement and recognition is a bit premature, since the royal entourage - headed by an officious Mr Wilson (David Haig) - parachute the complete gamut of staff into the location to serve the royal party, so bypassing the locals completely.

The 'Downton massif' are of course having none of this, and a battle-royale ensues.

Scattered as sub-plots like confetti at a wedding are a military man putting an over-protective arm around the potentially-risky Irish Tom Branson (Allen Leech); a family rift erupts between Aunt Violet (Maggie Smith) and cousin (and royal lady-in-waiting) Maud Bagshaw (Imelda Staunton); a sobbing princess (Kate Phillips) with marital issues; an over-enthusiastic shopkeeper (Mark Addy) who is difficult to let-down gently; a plumbing emergency with romantic jealousy and sabotage involved; the sexual preferences of Barrow (Robert James-Collier) get him into trouble; (and a potential love-interest for the widowed Tom with Maud's maid Lucy (Tuppence Middleton). (There are probably half a dozen others that I've forgotten!)

As befits a show that has gone over six seasons, there is a huge ensemble cast involved. Inevitably, some get more air time than others. Bates (Brendan Coyle) seems to be particularly short-changed, and above stairs I thought the same was true - strangely enough - of the Crawleys (Hugh Bonneville and Elizabeth McGovern).

As for Henry Talbot (Matthew Goode), he's hardly in it at all! Apart from some dramatic camera gymnastics for his running up the stairs arrival, he doesn't make much of an impression at all. (I can only guess he had other filming commitments).

But these are players that have worked together as a team for many years, and it shows.

But the acting kudos has to go to Maggie Smith who steals absolutely every scene she's in, with genuinely witty lines - "I'll lick the stamps myself" (LoL). Close behind though is Imelda Staunton who also turns in a very impressive performance.

The photography is fantastic throughout, with deep rich colours, pin-sharp focus and some seriously dramatic pans. A big hats off to cinematographer Ben Smithard, but also to his drone team ("The helicopter ladies") for delivering some jaw-droppingly gorgeous shots of Highclere castle.

(By the way, I thought the picture at my local Picturehouse cinema - Harbour Lights in Southampton - was particularly stunning: I queried it with them, and they said they had changed the (very expensive) projector bulb just that day! These things clearly matter!)

Will is appeal? If you are a Downton fan, yes, Yes, YES! I have been a moderate fan of the TV series, but went with superfans. I loved it, but the two ladies were ecstatic with the movie.

Even if you have never seen an episode, it is easy to pick up and the quality of the production is so impressive I don't think you will be disappointed.

As such, I think I need to post a blend of ratings for this one. 10/10 for Downton fans and 8/10 for everyone else.

(For the full graphical review, please check out One Mann's Movies on Facebook or the web. Thanks!).
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The series is dead. Long live the franchise!
Bachfeuer13 September 2019
Appealing characters and superb casting have always been the chief ingredients in DA's success. The film gives us a panorama--a three-ring circus--peopled by them. Lame plot devices continue to be a part of the charm. For the first third, the dialogue gets too cute and clever by half. But it recovers from that in good time. I look forward to what the depression and WWII will bring. As a car guy, I lament the automotive anachronisms. While Branson was still a chauffeur in 1919, His Lordship somehow acquired the maroon 1924 Sunbeam limousine that appears in nearly every TV episode. But somehow, it is absent from the film. (Was Matthew's not the only car crash?) By 1927, the Downton men have become a Ford dealer. A glimpse of Model Ts in their showroom is all we get of this potentially interesting development. The king arrives in a then-ancient brass era Napier with acetylene headlights. Producers, please make use of the help the collector car community has to offer!
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Absolutely Brilliant.
ajhreds9913 September 2019
If you loved the series then you will love the movie. Absolutely brilliant, the entire cast were superb and the story just flowed. So much life left in the storyline for so many characters. A new series or more movies is a must.
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