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A powerful and enjoyable film
olivewahh16 January 2020
I didn't know much on this story when it all happened, possibly cause I'm based in Australia and it was an American scandal, but the whole story is so powerful and should be shared across the globe.

When Gretchen Carlson (Nicole Kidman) is let go from her job at Fox News, she sues the CEO, Roger Ailes (John Lithgow), for sexual harassment. Going up against a powerful man in a even more powerful company, Gretchen seeks help from other female employees to come forward and speak up and make an end to this man.

I really enjoyed this film, but felt I could've enjoyed it even more if I knew more about the story when it was happening. In saying that, it didn't make the film confusing or bad in any form. It's a powerful story that needs to be shared for how woman can be treated in the workplace and hopefully spreads the message that inappropriate sexual behaviour is never acceptable and should be spoken up about.

Nicole, Charlize and Margot were all so damn good in this film. Three incredible ladies. I would've liked to have seen a bit more on Margot's character, but I then learnt after that her character isn't part of the real life scandal.

This is a great movie to start off the new year.
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I watched "the loudest voice" just recently and TV show was so mich better than a movie
dianavart21 December 2019
I found the story very interesting, but I think it was absolutely impossible to fit all the interesting details that actually help you to comprehend the story in 1,5 hours movie. In TV Show "The loudest Voice" you get to live the story through. You actually see what kind of person RA was, especially towards women. For me it was TV show of a year. So, the movie for me felt way too short and way too fast. It's hard to follow and understand what was actually going on. It was like watching on rewind. The acting was fantastic, I think everyone did a great job, but the story was too superficial. Not deep enough for my taste.
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andrewchristianjr17 January 2020
Excellent acting and makeup transformed actors to real life people they portrayed. Interesting take on the fox news scandal. Mix of movie made news with real news was awesome.
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I had low expectations. And they were met.
levybob23 December 2019
I had low expectations for 'Bombshell'. And they were met.

Every once in a while a film comes along in order to take advantage of a real-life event. The films immediately following 9/11 for instance.

And like those films, this one fails.

And the reason it fails is precisely because it is 'real'; concerns actual people. In this case two former TV personalities from FOX News. Neither of whom (Charlie Theron as Megyn Kelly, Nicole Kidman as Grechyn Carlson) tugs at our heart. They are privileged women. And yes, they were taken advantage of by a sexist man in charge of a sexist company. Even so (1) we never see either of them harassed and (2) they are, despite it, living the good life. Their houses, their vacations, their children; they are people of the Top 1%'.

Which leaves us Margot Robbie's character, fictional news producer who is charged with evoking sympathy and anger from the viewer. We want to know enough about her to feel the shame, the 'self-revulsion' she must feel following each instance of harassment. But while there is one scene depictingv thiz situation, and though her character says she is a 'millenial evangelical', there is not enough shown of her to have us believe in her past, or feel what she feels.

Charlize Theron is great as Ms. Kelly. Nicole Kidman is 'lost at sea' as Ms,. Carlson; she is a non-character if ever there was one. I enjoyed Margot Robbie but wish there was more of her and her character's back story. John Lithgow was fine, I guess; his Roger Ailes was a weasel, but perhaps not quite enough of one.
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earthgirl-5421419 December 2019
This film is quite good, but I think you HAVE to like politics and know Fox News to enjoy it. The best part of this movie are the performances. The way the story is structured seems to lack some coherence, but it almost feels like chaos, which it makes it really feel like a newsroom. The story is based on real events, but the dialogue is made up, so keep that in mind. What I appreciated about the film is how it didn't seem to insult Republicans, rather the toxic culture of the news network. The audience is intended to sympathize with the women. The critique is mainly of Fox News, not conservatism. The tension built around Interactions with Roger Ailes is nauseating. Again, watch it if you know fox and like politics. Otherwise, you're probably not going to enjoy it.
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Mediocre and Hollow!
lundagatan-4811129 December 2019
Not even close to tv-series The Loudest Voice, run on the same theme. Watch that instead.
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Wanted my money back
shaun-3523827 December 2019
From an Australian who has no interest in American policies or media empires I found the acting good but the movie less than average. Must be made for the US & heavily politicised. Waste of time
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The movie was great
kyra-3237919 December 2019
For those writing bad reviews because they are Trump supporters, you knew what movie was going to be about. This movie was fantastic. Charlize Theron definitely deserves an Oscar for her portrayal of Megyn.
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Great concept to be based on true stories, but terrible execution and far from reality
tkcsjzsf19 December 2019
If you never heard of the Roger Ailes scandal and don't mind some (or a lot) of politics in movies then I can recommend it to watch but don't expect anything exceptional

I didn't think I would ever say this but from the recent movies with females in the leading role I enjoyed "Hustlers" a lot more than I did Bombshell
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Grain Of Salt
dellinspiron-0069230 December 2019
Warning: Spoilers
You have to take this movie with a grain of salt because Hollywood will tell lies with the truth so you believe the lies. Watch Fox News now and nothing has changed, you still see legs. Roger Ailes did somethings he should have not done for sure. My example is the part in the movie where Megyn Kelly canvasses Fox News to get women to come out and tell what happened, never happened. I saw a Megyn Kelly interview where she did ask women if anything ever happened and she said she could find no one. The Margot Robbie character is completely fictional. Roger Ailes is not a good guy for sure but it would be nice to know what is true or nor true.
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"I feel filthy", is just what the film makers should feel.
robsmithjr30 December 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I look at films objectively and do my best to keep emotion out of reviews.

With that thought in mind, I don't care about the politics part. I'm looking for story telling. What i can't ignore is the obvious effort to ignore story telling and create a laser point hit piece against an actual television network. Forget creating a cogent story.

If the approach was more along the lines of 'Network' or 'Broadcast News' ...or even 'His Girl Friday', the story would've held more credibility. Instead, this comes off as an hour and 43 minute version of the Media's reality. In other words - a fantasy. A fantasy that the writers pour in real people and work to make them look bad. What ends up happening is all look bad and there's no conclusion to the film.

Instead of creating solid characters set in the story, the writers and directors present what they want to present to make their case - A flock of blonde "bimbos' to put on screen to sell their "story". In other words, they were sexually harassing those they hired to take the parts in the film. The "Bombshells" are the actresses more than those they portrayed. The two main actresses are far more attractive than the people they play. The third more attractive than just all all women in major television news. Sheesh! The film makers should say a line in the film, "I feel filthy." for presenting the same efforts as they wrote of Fox news in the film.

This could have been so much better if the writers had concocted a tale with fictional woman with greater depth of each character and presented more viable reasons for the bad guy they wanted us to believe. Instead - I guess for libel reasons - the production tippy toes around allegations in hope suggestions begat a bad guy. It just doesn't work.

This is all a pity, because the acting is tremendous. Theron is great. Lithgow gives one of his best performances. The likenesses extraordinary. - A bit too much so. The likenesses were so good and knowing one is watching a fictional film, has to have a viewer see this as an effort to portray the characters from a more editorial view point than good story telling.

A better film would've included the Bill O'Reilly, Brian Williams, Matt Lauer, etc. cases. Strip out real names and situations. Make it an investigative reporter uncovering cases all over fictional news outlets and tries to get the story out, but the social media direction of news won't let it appear. THAT would've been a better story! Especially the resolution!

Bottom line: I don't recommend this film. 4 out of ten stars. Successes: Acting and makeup. Failures: Story and structure.
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Bombshell (2019)
rockman18213 December 2019
I was extremely interested in watching this film. Fox News is a circus at times but I really wanted to see a portrayal of the incidents surrounding sexual harassment and Roger Ailes. I also thought the three leads involved are really great castings and wanted to see how two of them portrayed Gretchen Carlson and Megyn Kelly. The film touches on important matters that has recently come to the light in droves, however the film doesn't always reach its potential although I did enjoy the film for the most part.

The film is based on the story of the accounts of women who worked at Fox News and the allegations that came out against Fox News CEO, Roger Ailes. A movement that is led by seasoned television host Gretchen Carlson, after her firing from the company. She is soon joined by other women including Megyn Kelly. The film has a really great cast including Nicole Kidman, Margot Robbie, Charlize Theron, and John Lithgow. Jay Roach returns after a brief hiatus in film making to bring this effort.

I have to commend the make up department firstly. Theron really looks like Megyn Kelly in this film that at times I feel like its hard to not see Kelly. Same with Kidman as Carlson. The acting delivers on all fronts. Margot Robbie who plays a fictional employee who typifies the type of victim Ailes prayed on, was also very good. I was very interested in the subject matter for this film as its timely and should make for a riveting story. A shocking story based on a wicked truth coming to light; this should be a very worthy film. Unfortunately, it doesn't quite reach that potential.

I feel like the film could go deeper into making a statement although I was fine with what we got. At times it felt like the film was more interested in showing the real life correspondents being portrayed briefly, rather than going in depth into characterization. Not a bad film but feel like it wanted to be more and I also wanted more from it. Not sure its going to make awards buzz outside of Theron and Robbie's performances.

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Incredibly well filmed, definitely deserves better
UniqueParticle20 December 2019
Riveting acting throughout, great cinematography and well written! I'm not fully sure what the hate is about but I surely loved the bulk of the movie. I appreciate the tearjerker aspect and the points it was making known; maybe the masses is fed up I am not I think Bombshell is very important! I am glad I was able to see on opening day and before the golden globes. More enjoy my review than expected so thanks so much!
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Ignore the triggered conservatives reviewing this movie
bernardo_almeida9510 January 2020
Ignore the conservative snowflake reviews and go watch this movie. It's a great depiction of what is today state TV - Fox News, known for its alternative facts and outright bias for all that puts the worst American president in history in good light.

Again, ignore all the 1 or 3 star reviews. Trust me, they're either Russian or they get their news from Fox "Alternative, state TV" News and from the worst American president's twitter.
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Well acted, strong cast but why did they feel the need to "add for dramatic effect"
dzumo8 January 2020
The true story would have been compelling enough and able to send on it's own merit. Before the movie starts there is a disclaimer that the story is inspired by actual events and characters and events have been added for drama. Really? So knowing that they have basically made stuff up to enhance the drama you don't know what to believe. I think the women deserved better than to have their stories embellished.
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#metoo began here
sac-0961221 January 2020
And the tale of Roger Ailes fall from predatory power feels like it should be more fraught than this slightly tame telling of an unsavoury chapter in broadcast news.
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Bitter Truths
TigerHeron21 December 2019
This is a very good movie about the dynamics of sexual harassment. The fear, the betrayals, the shame, the conflicting feelings--it's all here. Extraordinary performance by Charlize Theron. Margot Robbie is also excellent and although Nicole Kidman hams it up a bit, she's fun to watch.
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Bombshell lights up Fox News with tons of firecrackers.
tomholland20169 January 2020
The theme & issue centre on one that is very prominent. This true story magnifies the abusive story of sexual harassment & women discrimination which both need to be addressed to the audience as to how corrupt and dirty the workplace can be.

Bombshell approaches its ideas with full throttle by flooding gallons of the controversial contents without meeting its ends. The better thing is that those contents which are presented do not seem to pull the punches. The transparency is out in the air at all times, letting viewers with very sensitive info.

Powerful performances by the femme fatales but the one who steals the spotlight is Margot Robbie. Her acting is miles better than Theron & Kidman especially the on-the-phone scene near the end.

With a triple threat of female leads, Bombshell is an undeniably good feminism film. This is a movie that gets it right to show its support for the prevalent political movement without forcing the agenda too much of a slap to the viewers watching.

Bombshell has unique transitions since its beginning. They opt for many powerful filmmaking techniques to entice the audience as much as possible.

The tension is placed in the gray area. The elevator scene is the highlight of heightening its raw tension masterfully. However, the movie overall lacks this aspect mainly due to its pacing.

Pacing is the main problem Bombshell is facing. The middle part addresses one of its sub-storytelling in a painfully slow build-up. The final 20 mins opposes it by rushing the plot promptly.

Another problem it faces is the connection those three leads have. They don't establish a good interconnected relationship resulting in each of the character's story feels disjointed from one another. Only the third act that the connection starts to develop well.

Throughout, there is no background song being played except for two or three scenes. This is the problem, the movie has it so good without no song but when they do, they emerge this bizarre atmosphere because it feels forced to just put the song so suddenly.

Verdict: Though Bombshell has its problems to light up its incendiary, it manages to drop the bomb very hard to deal with its worthy subject, its terrific cast who magnify the subject and its enticing story which ticks off better than expected.
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Dull, kinda silly
chachalawyer-411-29025221 December 2019
Almost every character seemed a bit like a cartoon character, except Charlize Theron, who was really good at portraying Megyn Kelly. Perhaps I would've enjoyed it more if I had ever watched Fox news and had any idea who these people were. But I'm glad that I never did. Margot Robbie is so distractingly beautiful, she didn't seem like a real person.
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Disappointing exposé of a truly toxic work culture
bastille-852-73154716 December 2019
I was hoping that this drama about the sexual harassment that brought down Fox News CEO Roger Ailes would be well-acted and timely. While it contains some solid performances and outstanding makeup work (Theron, Kidman and Lithgow) are unrecognizable,) it is unfortunately a bit of a disappointment. While it's not outright bad like the somewhat-similar-in-tone-and-style "Vice" was, it tragically succumbs to many of the same flaws that plagued that film last year.

The film uses a lot of choppy editing and often-bizarre narrative techniques, making the story relatively disjointed. Despite these problems, however, the actual presentation of the circumstances behind Ailes' downfall and the prominent women in his inner circle is very paint by the numbers. The script is unfortunately very basic in terms of its attempts at political commentary, and feels just simply like preaching to a choir rather than creating incisive and sharp critiques of Fox News. I was also disappointed that the film didn't really give much thought to critiquing Fox as a cable "news" (legally, it is classified as an entertainment channel in the United States and many of its programs are highly ideological) channel. It tries to make some vague connections to how Fox News contributed to now-President Trump's electoral victory in 2016, but does not really connect the dots to show some of the clear ramifications of this in the present day--such as, for example, the slanted views presented on Fox these days over Trump's Ukraine scandal and the current effort in the House of Representatives to impeach him. In order to really understand the ways that Fox has affected civic discourse in the United States, it is necessary to draw at least some parallels. The film also does not know how to fully depict its protagonists, and I also thought that adding a fictional main character to the mix was a bit odd since it is otherwise supposed to be a very true-life story. As a result, this film feels serviceable at times but ultimately very forgettable and bland. Not recommended. 5/10
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Powerful movie about a toxic environment that should never happen
jcook-8549620 December 2019
The only thing that's disappointing is that this story even needed to be told. It's disgusting that this kind of thing happens in America. I applaud the people who stood up and spoke out to stop what was going on. It's only a tiny dent in the changes that need to be made in workplace culture. So many people still don't see the problem. Great movie.
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Uhuh important film, completely not serious.
flicklover23 December 2019
Of course their would be a film about the sex scandal at Fox News. And there should be. But this film is made by people who really hate Fox News and really care nothing about its subject matter. It is just Hollywood's view of Fox News and its viewers. Their us no attempt to really treat this with seriousness. It's all characature. Sure the performances are good, but there is no attempt to.make then.intp real people. Of course like everything these days. If you hate Fox News, you will like this just because it trashes it. Just a couple of weeks ago Clint Eastwood's film Richard Jewell came out and skewered the media for the way it chooses the narrative they want to sell. No one on the media said a thing because it took aim at them. But this film is great because Fox is bad right? I have no problem with a film about what happened at Fox News. But treat it seriously. But hey, where's the film about NBC covering for Matt Lauer's shenanigans? Or a film about Charlie Rose? Harvey Weinstein? Can you say, hypocrisy?

Grade: D
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What is this garbage Hollywood keeps spewing out
utrock0221 December 2019
5 b/c the Acting was ok, but overall it sucked and pointless, so I dropped it to a 1. I only went b/c the ticket was free but I definitely would not have paid my own money to see such crap and wouldn't recommend it. Showtime just did a 7 episode series on this story, so now you have to make a movie about it too? It's not even that Damn interesting. Hell even Apple is doing a series now on a fictional story, but very similar topic. Matt Lauer, Epstein, Weinstein aren't interesting stories to make movies / series out of either, but why aren't they in the works??? Hmmmm.... All apart of the leftist agenda and Hollywood doing its part. It's just ridiculous. At one point, Theron said she was reluctant and didn't want to play megyn Kelly b/c of her political views.... But She has no problem playing Aileen the prostitute serial killer. I'm so glad To hear she is fine portraying that type of person, an actual serial killer... but not a conservative, Someone who god forbids, just has different political opinions than you. That's it! What a country we live in now. man I love movies so much, but they all make it so hard to continue to pay all this money to go to watch these ignorant, Spoiled, better than everyone, hypocrites.
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An important and well acted film but not fantastic by any means
Oliveraandreasson16 January 2020
This is not the type of movie I would typically enjoy but all things considered, it's an interesting, powerful and, weirdly enough, very fun movie.

Seeing as it tackles the important issue of female objectification and sexual harassment it might be hard to imagine it being a funny film, but it really is. There's a very good balance between fun character moments and hilarious jokes that had the whole theatre laughing, and the serious and frankly quote disgusting scenes that had us all sitting silent and reflecting. Speaking of the strong message, the film handles it very well and although the characters achieve minor victories, it never gives us the satisfaction of victory and that really goes to show the magnitude of this dangerous issue.

Moving on, the costume and set designs are fantastic and suit the mood and narrative of the film perfectly. I'm not at all surprised that it has been nominated for an academy award in hairstyling and make-up, best actress in a leading role and best supporting actress. As one might expect from this, the acting is great and on Kidman's and Robbie's part sometimes quite remarkable.

One thing I'm not particularly fond of is the odd camera work in some scenes and how the zooming and certain camera movements make it look like something straight out of the office. It's obviously intentional and must serve some purpose but I don't get it, and to me it just seems a bit unprofessional.

As I stated at the beginning this is not the type of film I usually watch or enjoy but taking that into consideration I quite like it. Some parts of it are fantastic but all around it's a bit slow and uninteresting.
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alsaadiibrahim16 January 2020
This movie was very interesting because it's a real story. I am not a big fan of Fox News but this movie says it all
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