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shanayneigh12 June 2021
A Japanese friend recommended this show, and I've watched the four seasons available on Prime.

The show is interesting from a cultural perspective. As I understand it, a lot of the people in this show are from Japan's comedy elite.

If the people on this show are representative of Japanese comedy, my conclusion is that Japan is about 40-50 years behind. They rely heavily on wigs, costumes, false teeth and making funny faces, as if that would be enough to be hilarious. And the shouting. Oh the shouting. At times screaming.

In Sweden we have a form of comedy called "buskis", a type of backwater comedy stuck in the 60's enjoyed primarily by slack jawed yokels, which is similar in style.

Meanwhile the host is in the back room laughing his head off at absolutely everything, and I have absolutely no idea what he's laughing at. I've asked my friend if things are lost in translation, but apparently not.

Sure there are some wtf moments, but they're more desperate than funny.

So the show is culturally interesting. But is it good? No. Is it funny? Again, no.
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Unique, enthralling and very funny
mnorthco-112 March 2019
Language is no barrier to laugher. Loved this show. I laughed so much. Definitely worth a look. 1st episode is just introductions but stick with it, it hots up from episode 2.

Only problem is that it gets less funny as the end gets near and all the really funny ones get eliminated but hopefully the second season is better.
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Great concept, decent execution
DrinkBathwater2 January 2021
Documental thrives on it's strong premise of comedians trying to not laugh at each other, but gets less funny as each season lingers on.

The psychology behind the show is quite fascinating. Some go the deadpan strait man route, some absurdist, some self-deprecating-there isn't one way to win. It's pretty apparent when a competitor is "trying too hard" to get a laugh, which is why many of the predictable props & costumes bomb hard in the later rounds.

Overall, there's some funny moments and you're likely to have a couple favorite comedians that you are rooting for by the time that it's over.
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Seriously a bucket of laughs.
caliopecaro11 July 2019
We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into, I just saw it had comedians from another country (we are US), and we like comedy (husband and myself). I read the synopsis, but totally sprung the show on him w/o warning. Episode 1 is an intro, you'll want to have watched it if you continue. Then it's not holds barred in a room with 10 professional comedians, all who will do anything to make the others laugh. ANYTHING. Each season has it's surprises. And don't discount anyone. Translation to Eng subs works great, jokes come across just fine. I highly recommend this show, we are dedicated fans now. Also, a great way to get aquatinted with Japanese comedy, and comedians. **I can't keep a straight face typing this review, there's too much funny**
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The Original and Best
roche_eire16 June 2021
I have watched 5 seasons of this so far and look forward to watching more.

I have tried watching the Australian, Mexican, Indian, Spanish, German and Italian versions of this show and they are all terrible in comparison. The Japanese, although not known for comedy, do this show best.

One major problem I find with the other versions is that they include kooky music and sound effects which make the shows unnatural. The awkward silences or sounds of in Documental add to the hilariousness.
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Twist take on silent library.
Corina_D_20 January 2021
Warning: Spoilers
This show is basically like silent library except the rules come where each contestant has to last four episodes, 6 hours each without smiling or laughing or else they end up getting one of three red flags until they get kicked out. They can do anything they want to each other, it can be a little dull sometimes but something new is bound to happen to keep the game going. Admission for each person cost $10,000. The winning prize is it's surprising 100k. Only one person wins at the end. Contestants are supervised from the room next-door from the host who created this game show.

It's pretty enjoyable and entertaining I would recommend watching it with friends, family probably not so much. Some scenes are pretty gross.
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Great first two seasons and lame third Season
ostejero26 January 2020
A great concept and the first two seasons were great, with occasional problems. The last episodes of every season tend to be less funny because the worst comedians can resist without laughing better than the funny ones. Sometimes the dynamic between comedians is awesome, but other times the outcome is pathetic. And sometimes there are too much abuse (and far from funny).The third season was too lame and the racists and sexist jokes about Chinese prostitutes were so disgusting that I think I will quit for season four.
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