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MPAA Rated R for crude sexual content and language throughout, and some drug use

Sex & Nudity

  • Crude sexual humor throughout movie. Scene with girls dancing provocative with Santa. A scene with a man with an erection under the sheet while he is sitting in bed (brief). A man is scene getting his genitals waxed, side nudity is seen, but genitals not visible. A male stripper is seen dancing on a bar, removes his Santa suit and is wearing tight shiny red briefs. Turns around and you can see his large penis. A man dances sexually to share his feelings through song and dance.
  • If everything I've written so far feels vaguely sentimental and sappy, it kind of is.
  • But that dramatic setup exists largely to serve as a backdrop for this movie's nonstop tsunami of sexually tinged dialogue, innuendo and crudity.
  • Carla works at a spa, where she has the unenviable job of giving both men and women genital waxes.
  • Her occupation serves as fodder for extremely crude, lewd and verbally descriptive dialog about women's and men's anatomies.
  • A lengthy scene involves a male customer (with whom she eventually becomes romantically involved); both of them talk in detail about what's happening as she removes hair from his genitals.
  • We see him nude from the side at one point, but creative camera angles prevent us from seeing his crotch.
  • It turns out the man is a well-endowed male stripper.
  • Something the camera repeatedly verifies as we see him dancing shirtless in skin-tight underwear.
  • He does multiple dance routines (including one in a bar full of cheering women) that include sexually oriented movements and pantomimes.
  • A vignette during the credits shows the entire cast, except for the children, mimicking his sexy moves.
  • He also does a grinding dance with Isis on a bar top.
  • Kiki and her husband, Kent, are about to have sex (we see them in bed making out) when Kiki realizes her mother is lurking in the corner.
  • Debby makes crude comments about Kent's aroused anatomy (outlined by the covers), and congratulates the couple on having such a vibrant sex life.
  • Both Kiki and Kent are horrified that her mother almost saw them having sex, and it's hinted that it's not the first time that she's been present while they were being intimate.
  • Debby gives her daughter very specific anatomical sex advice; she also compares the size of Kent's anatomy to her husband's.
  • Jessie's young daughter talks about overhearing her father and Amy screaming at each other in the bedroom
  • Amy tries to explain to the girl that they were "happy screams," and that she and Jessie were just playing a game.
  • "You played the game seven times," the little girl intones.
  • Amy, Kiki and Carla get drunk at a mall, dancing and grinding suggestively on a Santa Claus there.
  • Elsewhere, it's suggested that Isis has casual sex with a Sky Zone trampoline park employee (which later likely contributes to her getting a job there).
  • Carla and Isis both wear cleavage-revealing outfits repeatedly.
  • Isis gushes about taking her daughter to a male stripper show.
  • We hear multiple conversations about women's breasts and one about genital warts.
  • There's a visual gag about a sex toy.
  • Carla announces in public, "I am drunk and horny.
  • I repeat, I am drunk and horny."
  • Kenny G puts a saxophone between his legs suggestively.
  • Various couples are shown kissing, including Carla and another woman (a scene played for humor).
  • There are two visual jokes about sugar cookies shaped like the male anatomy.
  • Isis tells someone that she gets by with her "wits and t-ts."
  • A male stripper complains that he's not taken seriously, saying, "Most women just see me as an object and have sex with me, and then they leave."
  • Someone suggests that divorce "violates the sanctity of marriage."
  • Full male nudity including genitalia i.e penis. No female nudity whatsoever.

Violence & Gore

  • Amy comes home on Christmas Eve to find hundreds of people in her house at an extravagant party her mother has planned in her absence.
  • Amy loses it, and starts knocking things over and violently destroying all manner of decorations.
  • A teen guy gets hit in the crotch, which is played for humor.
  • He's later hit there again during a slow-motion game of dodgeball.
  • Isis falls off a bar top and nearly knocks herself out, suffering a concussion (her third in the last month, we're told).
  • Amy drives very recklessly to church.


  • Coarse language, such as the expletives "motherf**ker" and "f**k", is uttered throughout. In addition, there is an utterance of a religious profanity by a female character.
  • About 40 f-words, with four of them being paired with either Jesus' or God's names, and four being linked to "mother."
  • Three of those harsh pairings of God and the f-word are uttered by a young child.
  • More than 20 s-words.
  • God's name is abused about 30 times.
  • Jesus' name is taken in vain half a dozen times.
  • Other vulgarities include "b--ch," "a--," "p-ss" and "h---."
  • We repeatedly hear many crude slang terms for both the male and female anatomy a combined total of about 35 times.
  • Each of the three older mothers relates to her respective daughter in selfish, unhealthy and inappopriate ways

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Some verbally implied use of joints (marijuana).
  • Isis smokes marijuana joints twice, including once in public.
  • When Carla tells her she can't smoke cigarettes at Sky Zone, Isis responds, "I'm not smoking a cigarette."
  • Various characters knock down all manner of drinks at different points in the film, with Amy, Kiki and Carla getting visibly drunk in a scene.
  • Another lengthy scene takes place in an Irish pub, with the mostly female characters drinking beer and shots.
  • At one point, Ruth threatens Hank that she'll "change out your heart pills."
  • Amy, Kiki and Carla get drunk at a mall and behave, generally, very badly-including stealing a Christmas tree from a Foot Locker store, knocking an employee down along the way.
  • A child tries to drink water from a Christmas tree stand.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Carla and Isis pose as charity volunteers outside of a grocery store, asking for donations and actually stealing groceries from customers' bags without asking them.

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