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A movie can be unreasonably formulaic and still be reasonably diverting, and A Bad Moms Christmas is the proof.
The new film, while just okay enough to get by, takes a step back from the audacity of “Bad Moms” to something more cautiously conventional.
One’s enjoyment all depends on what they are expecting to get out of a studio comedy sequel; if you desire something light, occasionally surprising, and ultimately unchallenging, then A Bad Mom’s Christmas is for you.
The new film is hardly a comedic lump of coal, but the broad, sitcom-y material has inherent limitations that no amount of shameless, gleeful silliness can overcome.
A good idea and a stellar cast lost inside a sloppy script that mostly retreads last year’s laughs.
The cheerless, choppy nature of A Bad Moms Christmas keeps each storyline feeling oddly singular, and it’s worse for it.
With brilliant comedians like Hahn and new addition Christine Baranski on board, there are line readings that pop and jokes that land.... But A Bad Moms Christmas is louder, busier and more pandering than the original — an exhausting spectacle of skilled performers gamely mugging their way through a cash grab.
A Bad Moms Christmas is thin and silly, like an overlong Christmas episode of a sitcom you pair with some reheated lo mein when you can’t figure out what else to do on a stray weeknight.
If you’re going to see a comedy that isn’t all that funny, you could do a lot worse than the slapdash all-ladies feel-good of A Bad Moms Christmas.
What's offensive about A Bad Moms Christmas (and “Bad Moms”) is just how shoddily made it is.

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