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Laika have done it again! :)
alex-oceallaigh6 April 2019
This is the fifth film from the film studio Laika. Their previous films include Coraline (2009), ParaNorman (2012), The Boxtrolls (2014) and Kubo and the Two Strings (2016). Laika are an animation studio who use stop-motion animation such as how Aardman Animations use it in the same style for Wallace & Gromit.

There are some very famous voices in this new film. Hugh Jackman provides the voice for Sir Lionel Frost. Zoe Saldana provides the voice for a character called Adelina Fortnight, a free-spirited woman who is well able to look after herself. Then it is Zach Galifianakis who plays the innocent Sasquatch, Mr. Link, who wants to travel across the world with Sir Lionel Frost to find any other creatures similar to himself. There are also plenty of other famous voices to be heard, such as Stephen Fry, Emma Thompson, Amrita Acharia, Timothy Olyphant, Matt Lucas and David Walliams.

Missing Link is a wonderfully beautiful film. It reminds me of a really exciting adventure film which feels like a mix of Indiana Jones, Sherlock Holmes and elements from a Western. Even though those influences are there, the film manages to do its own thing. It's written so well and the dialogue between the characters is hilarious. The film also looks amazing. Laika have a certain skill and technique which is ever so creative for this form of art. The film is so good that you forget that you're listening to Hugh Jackman or any of the other actors. You're under a spell watching the film and the entire spectacle of it all sweeps you away.

One of the best and most original films I have ever seen. It doesn't matter what age you are, anybody will enjoy this wonderful film! 🙂 10/10
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Wow, This Was So Funny, So Clever, So Memorable, I Loved It!
martimusross10 April 2019
Missing Link

What can I say, I was blown away by this movie, it had a touch of several different previously successful cartoons, I sensed a bit of Frozen, Tin Tin and even Ice Age, but overall this struck new ground in its strength of character development built upon micro-gestures and vocal exaggeration. This technique was present in Spider-verse, but this was on a whole new level here, the characters were all so carefully written, by the end we knew them all, how they would act and behave, they had all become our friends and we loved them.

When the movie finally had to end you had a sense of grief, you wanted more, what was going to happen next, wow, this was an amazing feeling that such a story could evoke such a response in the audience, after-all we weren't marching on Rome or anticipating cannibalism lol

Frankly, I didn't expect much, but how wrong could I be, this movie had more than a touch of magic and I defy anyone not to enjoy it. I would add that it could be understood on so many levels so it was suitable for the whole family and geeks like me.

I really cannot find any fault in this movie at all, it was so dense in detail you could watch it again and again, all the voice artists were brilliant, Hugh Jackman pulled out all the stops as Lionel Frost, after the disaster of Vice last year, Mr Link, played by Zach Galifianakis got the tone perfectly right, but Lord Piggot-Dunceb, played by Stephen Fry, was a tour-de-force.

This must definitely be considered as a contender for an Oscar next year, and I would give one to Stephen Fry for his brilliant performance, he did the Harry Potter audiobooks and now this, unbelievable, he must be one of the best voiceover artists since Mel Blanc.
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A charming entertainment based on an unusual epic
FrenchEddieFelson19 April 2019
An original and heterogeneous trio goes on an expedition in search of Shangri-La, during the Victorian era: 1) Sir Lionel Frost is a British adventurer who might be considered as the perfect mix of the professor Otto Lidenbrock from Journey to the Center of the Earth (Jules Vernes, 1864) and Indiana Jones (Steven Spielberg, 1981-2008), 2) Adelina Fortnight is a wonderful widow with character and 3) Mr. Link, a caveman as ingenuous as touching, a kind of missing link between us and our ancestors, is desperately looking for a soul mate.

The drawings are remarkably successful and the story is riddled with madcap plot twists. Given the kinship with the exquisite Kubo and the Two Strings (2016) and the excellent Coraline (2009), I probably hoped for better. Nevertheless, this zany story of adventurers addressing such important topics as friendship, trust or recognition, is overall a success that I really appreciated. I was obviously not the only one to laugh, in the movie theater.
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Missing Link Review
magow-017 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
In Victorian London, old-school adventurer Sir Lionel Frost (Hugh Jackman) hopes to prove himself as the world's leading expert on myths and monsters by discovering proof of the missing link (Zach Galifianakis). Together with old flame Adelina Fortnight (Zoe Saldana), they must journey around the world to help the lonely bigfoot find his Yeti cousins in the mountains. But dark forces will be trying to stop them. While the animation big hitters like Pixar and Illumination continue to duke it out for CGI supremacy, Laika Animation Studios has quietly but consistently been burning a small flame for stop-motion. This is the fifth film from America's answer to Aardman, and once again they have proven themselves masters of their painstaking claymation craft, with ambitions that are both modest and mighty. The same versatility that took the Oregon-based company from horror (Coraline) to Asian mysticism (Kubo & The Two Strings) to trolls in boxes (Boxtrolls) now brings their attention to Victorian England, for a ripping yarn adventure across the seas and skies. Our dashing hero here is the rosy-beaked Sir Lionel Frost (voiced with rakish vigour by Jackman), a daring explorer desperate to earn the international renown and respect he so richly believes he deserves. In particular, Frost hopes to earn the validation - and membership - of a pompous and highly exclusive London institution, headed by a hissable bad guy (Stephen Fry, on full Melchett mode). A stunningly-staged globetrotting journey with visual scale and dynamism. Desperate to leave his mark on the world, Frost journeys to the Pacific Northwest, to find the legendary Bigfoot, and perhaps prove the evolutionary missing link that has eluded scientists. As it turns out, 'Mr Link' (or as he's later called, for reasons explained in gloriously Pythonesque terms, 'Susan') turns out to be a very chipper mythical beast. With superb voice work from Galifianakis, he's a gentle giant just looking for a home - and like a combination of Spock and Drax the Destroyer, he's hilariously literal-minded.

So off they set, joined by the spiky if slightly underwritten map-bearer Adelina Fortnight (Saldana), for a stunningly-staged globetrotting journey in search of the mysterious Yeti of the Nepalese mountains. It's a story of such visual scale and dynamism - over 100 sets were built for the film - that you sense Laika's animation team are often deliberately choosing the path of most resistance. One key sequence involves a footchase on a listing ship during a stormy sea crossing, its corridors barreling, Inception-style. During scenes like this, stop to consider that what are you watching is actually just plasticine models being incrementally nudged, and enjoy having your mind boggled.

While technically and artistically uninhibited, it is, admittedly, narratively more low key. Perhaps that's deliberate, a counterbalance to the visual excitement. The story feels simple, even a little slight: the real adventure was inside them all along! But when you have such strong, disarming character work; such clever, subtle nods to the crimes of colonialism and old world conservatism; and such gorgeous art direction, the kind that swells the heart and nourishes the soul; you realise that Laika are a true treasure. Here's hoping that flame is burning for some time to come.

A charming family-friendly story about adventure and friendship - told with bar-raising artistic craft and technical skill. We'd expect nothing less from Laika.
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mcadoo_mcadoo13 April 2019
I've seen mixed reviews, but I absolutely loved it. Beautiful animation, lovable characters, droll verbal humor, and hilarious visual humor. I would have happily sat through a second screening immediately after the first.
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Great film from Laika
masonsaul8 April 2019
Missing Link is a heartwarming and funny film with incredible visuals and great voice acting from Zach Galifianakis, Hugh Jackman and Zoe Saldana. It's got a nice pace and some impressive set pieces and good messages. Only negative is that a few of the jokes aren't funny.
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Positively charming adventure with lovable protagonist and fantastic animation
rannynm10 April 2019
Missing Link is a positively charming adventure with a lovable protagonist and fantastic animation.

The story line follows Sir Lionel Frost (Hugh Jackman), a daring adventurer with a flair for the dramatic, who stumbles upon a massive discovery. He receives a letter confirming the existence of the Sasquatch and treks off to meets the sender, a Sasquatch named Mr. Link (Zach Galifianakis). Mr. Link convinces Frost to help him track down his cousins, the yetis, living up in the Himalayas. Together with Frost's old flame Adalina, they travel the globe in search of Link's distant family.

My favorite character in this film is Mr. Link. He is a big creature with an even bigger heart. Link yearns for family after years of loneliness in the wilderness. Link takes everything very literally which provides the film with some witty gags. Zach Galifianakis's voice work on this film adds an extra layer to this character with his warm, upbeat energy and comedic voice performance.

I really like the character of Sir Lionel Frost also. He is a flawed explorer who has lost his passion for adventure and has gained a desire for success in all the wrong places. It's interesting to see an adventurer who, although good at what he does, isn't as dashing and is more unlikable at the onset of this film than the norm. Frost isn't readymade for the role of hero and earns it as we watch him become a more selfless, kind person during his arc in the film.

I love the animation in this film. With Missing Link, animation studio Laika continues to prove that its animation is getting better and better with each film. Every locale in this film, from India to the Himalayas is colorful and vibrant. These environments and characters are well-crafted and thought out. You sense the work and passion behind what you see on screen and the animation is breathtaking and even unbelievable at times.

Missing Link doesn't overuse the fish-out-of-water trope with the character of Mr. Link. The one flaw with this film is the use of an assassin character named Stenk. This character doesn't add much to the film, other than an action scene every once in a while and comes across as underdeveloped.

I give Missing Link an age rating of 5 to 15 for some scenes of peril and crude humor. I give Missing Link 4 out of 5 stars. Reviewed by Benjamin P., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic. For more reviews by youth, visit kidsfirst dot org.
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Delightfully droll
CubsandCulture13 April 2019
With a story that is one part Lost Horizon (and other lost world adventures), one part Around the World in 80 Days, and one part buddy comedy this is a winsome , hilarious story that adults and young children (Age 6+) should both enjoy. The film mixes and matches wit, physical comedy, injokes and puns with evident glee that keeps the tone light and the story moving. Mr. Link and Sir Frost are wonderful duo that has all the hallmarks of the classic comedy pairing. Jackman gives wonderfully dry vocal performance that makes Frost a great rogue.

The animation is quite breath taking. There are couple scenes involving water that are quite striking technically but there is a long sequence in a horse drawn carriage that is the real standout for the animation. It must have taken months to get the timing of that scene right. The character design and the overall look of the film is rather twee and visual scope of the film is the largest one I have seen in a stop motion animation. The film really does fit comfortably into the 30's style adventure films.

The film's message is a continuation of the accepting differences, being true to yourself theme that is present in ParaNorman and The Boxtrolls. Here is much more about *class* than innate difference however. This film is better realized than the Boxtrolls but not quite the brilliance of ParaNorman.

I *think* children 5 and below might find the film to slow paced; it is a leisurely film. A lot of the humor is verbal.
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piamantey22 May 2019
Actually I like stop motion films, but this one didn't catch me. Missing Link is plagued by over-simplified caricatures of protagonists and even worse antagonists. The lack of depth reaches into its comedy too, with a joke repertoire that seems to restate itself over and over again. The first act introduced some interesting characters and had some funny moments, but by the end I was fairly disappointed because there was no growth from there. The impressive stop-motion animation was brilliant, but the combination with CGI destroyed the specific charme of handmade stopmotion.
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Ahh Laika, It's Good to Have You Back!
masonrobledo6 April 2019
That's right, Laika is back with another animated stop-motion film!, I always loved Laika With their films, I enjoyed all of them, although Boxtrolls was their weakest one, I still liked it, Coraline was great, Paranorman was hilarious and Kubo and the Two Strings was beautiful, easily their best film, so now with Chris Butler (Co-Director of Paranormal) as director and writer of the newest Laika adventure, it's bound to be amazing once again!, so Lionsgate was kind enough to release it in the UK before the US, so I got a chance to see it today and...... they still don't disappoint, okay it's not perfect or their best one yet, but it still has a lot to offer, so let's talk about it!.

So it's about this famous explorer named Lionel Frost (Hugh Jackman) on a quest to find the unique creature know as the Sasquatch, one that can talk and is named Mr. Link (Zach Galifianakis), Mr. Link is tired of living alone and wants to join his cousins up at the Himalayas, so Lionel is promised to take him there so he can have a place and so he can prove to the other people that he is worthy of this club, I'll just leave it there, it's pretty basic and straightforward, which I'm afraid is why the writing is quite weak making the movie easily predicable, however, thanks the funny and amusing comedy, the writing is more forgiven since it's far more harmless then any other Laika film, which is not a bad thing, it's make the movie somewhat clever in it's moral and setting, it also has clever jokes along with it, sure it has told it humour and some obvious jokes, but that's kind of the charm of it, it's funny in a simple, clever and fun way, it shows that Laika want to make a movie that's not quite as dark as the other films that they made, it's got some great action that is very well timed and entertaining, the writing maybe weak and predicable, but thanks to it's fun comedy, clever jokes, heart, moral and great action, it makes the movie more fun for everyone and can pack in a lot of elements, into one and it surprisingly works here!.

Oh Laika, I missed your stop-motion animaton and I'm so glad to see it back on the big screen and looking amazing as always, the animation is one of the best things to come out of the movie, it has so much detail in it, of course being a stop-motion film, it has smooth and fast movements, each character has a Identifiable look and every character here looks great, from Mr. Link to Lionel Frost and many more, the backgrounds look gorgeous, the action scenes are well made and once again fun to watch and unlike Laika's other films, this one is more bright and colourful then dark and grey, the animation still proves that stop-motion is still a wonderful piece of animation and Laika is still the best at what they do!.

The characters are delightful and fun..... for the most part, Lionel Frost is a charming and amusing character, I enjoyed his moments and he is a good character, however he can act a bit out of character which would involve being a bit selfish, I know that's kind of part of his character but it didn't help since he's somewhat smug, but he is fun, Mr. Link is sweet, funny, charming and lots of fun, my favourite character in the film, Adelina Fortnight (Zoe Saldana) is a helpful character and possible love interest for Frost and is also quite funny, as for the others, quite forgettable and to answer your question, yes, there is a villain or two, but they are quite bland and forgettable, although entertaining thanks for the performances, but easily the worst Laika villains so far, the voice acting is fantastic, Hugh Jackman does a great job of voicing Frost, Zoe Saldana is delightful as Fortnight, Stephen Fry and Matt Lucas and Timothy Olyphant are great as the villains, Emma Thompson sounds like she is having a lot of fun with her role, along with David Walliums being as charming and funny as ever, Zach Galifianakis is the perfect voice for Mr. Link, the characters can be forgettable, but thanks to some wonderful voice acting and three very likeable main characters, it makes the movie more funnier as it goes on.

Well, clearly not the best one from the studio, but I would say second best with Kubo and the Two Strings still being the best one, Missing Link is a pretty solid Laika film and another great and fun film from them, it has a interesting concept and fun story, great humour, well-crafted stop-motion animation and three charming main characters with some wonderful performances, sure it's predicable and it has a somewhat selfish hero and weak villains, but they can easily be forgiven since this movie is another great example of great stop-motion, Laika fans will enjoy it and families can have a blast with it, I'm looking forward to what Laika does next, hopefully it was be even more amazing, so with all that said, it's time to pay Nickalodeon a visit with a certain animated film about a theme park...

Missing Link easily gets a 9.8/10.
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Loved it
scott-hassinger20 April 2019
Took my 4 and 6 year old to this movie. Laughed as much as they did.
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Laika Never Fail To Entertain
rcolgan10 April 2019
Studio Laika has quickly built up a strong reputation for themselves as being the equivalent of Pixar in the world of stop motion animation. From their beginnings in bringing Neil Gaiman's nightmarish Coraline to life to the epic scale of Kubo and the Two Strings, Laika keeps consistently making some of the most impressive pieces of stop motion filmmaking and Missing Link is no exception.

The film stars Hugh Jackman as Sir Lionel Frost, an adventurer who travels the world searching for legendary creatures. He's very charismatic, albeit also very selfish with his ambition to become recognised for his exciting exploits. The only problem, his high society peers think he's nuts. They don't believe in any the creatures he claims to have seen and disregard his progressive ideas such as evolution. After receiving a letter claiming to know the location of the Missing Link in the human evolutionary chain, he issues a challenge to the leader of the distinguished gentlemen society Lord Piggot-Dunceby (who's name is just as fun to write as it is to say). If he can bring back proof of the Missing Link he will be allowed in to the society and earn the respect of his peers, in a setup which bares a strong resemblance to Cornelius Fogg's challenge in Around the World in 80 Days.

Upon arriving in America he sets out on an epic quest to find this legendary creature that has been a mystery to man for thousands of years, before finding him in about five minutes. Also the creature turns out not to be a savage beast but is instead a friendly and slightly hairier version of Zach Galifianakis who Frost names Mr Link. It turns out that Mr Link is the one who wrote the letter and agrees to provide proof of his existence in exchange for Frost taking him to Shangri-La to reunite with his yeti cousins so he can become part of a family. Thus begins their great adventure which includes stealing a map from Frost's former lover, confrontations with a deadly bounty hunter and a granny with a chicken on her head.

It's a fairly basic plot and one that we've seen from a lot of adventure films before, but just like most great adventure films its real strength comes more from the charm of the characters and the incredible scenery. Laika apparently made over 110 sets for the film and all that effort shows in every frame of the film. From the gorgeous wilderness of the old west to the close confines of an old ocean liner the films packed full of fantastic visual eye candy. We also spend just the right amount of time in each of the films different environments to absorb all the atmosphere from these settings and allow these environments control the tone of the film.

Despite its anti colonial themes, the films humour ironically seemed to have a very strong British influence. At times it felt more like an Aardman production with its clever wordplay and the Frosts' deadpan sarcastic nature. And just like all Laika's work, they sneak in a lot of heavy themes like the subtle effects of prejudice in our society, but without overshadowing the lighthearted tone of the film.

Unlike Laika's other films which feel a lot more self contained, this feels like there could be a lot of great potential for future sequels. It would be great to see Frost and Mr Link go after other great legends like Atlantis or travelling across Ireland to capture a leprechaun. Though whether ideas like this will go the same way as the planned sequels to The Road to El Dorado that never got made waits to be seen, but as a standalone adventure this is another strong outing for Laika who always leave me eagerly waiting to see whatever project they have coming out next.
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Outstanding Animation, Beautiful Artistry, Delightful Story
rannynm16 April 2019
Missing Link, written and directed by Chris Butler is a heartfelt and funny film. It is a story about adventure and friendship.

It tells the story of monster hunter Sir Lionel Frost (Hugh Jackman) who is in search of a mysterious creature - the Missing Link. He wants to join an exclusive club and needs this discovery to become a part of it. Soon he goes searching and spots the Missing Link in the woods. Link, who goes by Susan, is played by the hilarious Zack Galifainakis. The two set out on a journey to find Link's home, a land of yetis, so he can finally be part of a family. They are joined by Adelina Fortnight (Zoe Saldana). She is a spunky and fearless woman who helps them on the way. On their way, they encounter villains who are determined to stop Sir Lionel from proving Link's existence.

The movie has outstanding animation and a unique storyline. Because it's a LAIKA studio film, the characters are made out of clay and there are a lot of incredible details that add to the movie. Fans of LAIKA films will enjoy the artistic style of the film. My favorite character is Link (aka Susan) who is funny and lovable. The movie takes the audience on a journey as Link tries to find out who he is and where he belongs. I also enjoyed the character Adelina because she is the motherly figure of the group. Together, Sir Lionel, Link and Adelina are a perfect team. My favorite part of the movie is when the three characters set out on an adventure to find Link's family. It is the first time they work together and they are hopeful.

The film is a story about belonging and friendship. Sir Lionel and Link form a strong bond. They remind me of Sherlock Holmes and Watson. The movie is full of humor and surprises.

I rate this film 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 2 to 18, as well as adults. It's fun for the whole family.

Reviewed by Jordan M., KIDS FIRS! Film Critic. For more reviews by youth, visit kidsfirst dot org.
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The Missing Link is missing...something....
pinkarray8 May 2019
There are so many cliches to the movie that it makes this less of a Laika film and more of a Dreamworks Animation film. Add in the cloying disneyfied story with little tension and predictability and you get Missing Link, one of the weaker Laika films. I mean, this film has nothing special worth mentioning about it, even Laika's weakest film "The Boxtrolls" had more quirky elements and suspense to it. There is not much suspense in this one because one, I didn't care for the characters and two, the ending is anticlimatic, and three, there's not enough heart and soul to be found here. None of the humor I found that funny, I might have chuckled at one joke but that's about it. It's aimed particularly at children and a lot of the humor is either just lowbrow humor for the 9 year olds would get a kick out of or gags that you've seen in other kids cartoons.

There is no chemistry between the characters like for example, the forced romantic subplot between Zoe Saldana's character who I forgot the name of and Sir Lionel. The romance angle and her character alone was so contrived, like Zoe Saldona's character joins the adventure after Link and Sir Lionel robbed her house. Who would want to hang out with some stranger who broke into your house? Worse yet, they force in a romantic subplot between her and Lionel which doesn't make sense, why does she like this guy so much? This is the same jerk who broke into her house with some weird-looking monster, I don't get her whole weak character and her development. She is such an annoying character so it makes the film more intolerable to watch.

Throughout watching this film, I couldn't help but feel like it was missing something. Maybe it was missing the heart and soul that usually filled Laika films. For all intent and purposes, if you're looking for a nice animated buddy movie with some heart, you're better off watching Smallfoot, it's a bit different from this film and it's nothing groundbreaking neither but it has slightly more chemistry between characters and more heart to it. I don't believe a kid over the age of 9 would enjoy this. The only good thing about this film was a few of the action scenes and the animation, I cannot deny the animation is gorgeous as usual with Laika's films but that's the only points I can give it. I have no more to say about Missing Link. From its characters to its story, the writing was just meh, it's not horrible but it's not breathtakingly-good. I know I keep mentioning Laika's other films like Coraline and Paranorman but maybe I'm missing the darkness from those films because that's what I come to expect from Laika films. Maybe from this bomb, Laika will learn their lesson and return to the more whimsy and quirkiness of films like Coraline and Paranorman.
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Something Missing
ThomasDrufke8 May 2019
I really do wish I liked Laika's films more than I do. There's something so endearing about the way they make movies, but I can't seem to connect to the stories as much as Pixar/Disney animation. Missing Link is far better than the trailers made it out to be, containing even a few true laugh out loud moments. Anchored by strong voice-over performances from Hugh Jackman and Zach Galifianakis, Missing Link is a serviceable animated adventure in a very crowded 2019. I sure hope Laika can find a nice balance of the creative energy they always bring to the table, with a more universally welcoming story, something akin to what Pixar does.

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It's arguably Laika's weakest so far, but it's still entertaining with outstanding animation.
domtaylor12 April 2019
The first thing that has to be said when talking about 'Missing Link' is that it looks absolutely incredible. With each film, Laika's stop motion animation has improved and this is no exception. While the world might not be as visually interesting as some of their previous creations, what's there looks phenomenal and the characters are animated even better. The movements and facial expressions are so fluid, to the point where it genuinely looks computer generated. The care and craft it must have taken to create this is extraordinary. Where Laika's latest is not up to par, however, is in its narrative and characters. The characters themselves are fun and have entertaining interactions, but nobody really has any arcs or development, and they're all pretty much bottled down to having one trait. Sure, Lionel Frost changes by the end of the narrative, but it feels completely forced, unrealistic and unearned, which is something that can't be said about any of the protagonists in Laika's previous works. The actual story itself is very simple and quite generic, but luckily the globe-trotting adventure includes several locations and scenarios for the characters to be in, which are all entertaining. The relationship between Frost and Mr. Link leads to some entertaining interactions, and the situations they find themselves in are all fairly humorous, too. So, while it's not all that original and there aren't really any arcs, it is entertaining throughout. Surprisingly, the action sequences are well done and actually quite thrilling, while still retaining the fun 'adventure feel'. It's also, like the rest of Laika's works, not afraid of pulling its punches and is more mature than the average animated feature. Overall, it's arguably the worst film that Laika has produced thus far, but it is still very entertaining and has great animation. 7/10
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A Charming And Hilarious Adventure From Laika Studios
Deadpool20169 April 2019

The Great Voicework

Chris Butler's Directing

The Masterful Stop Motion Animation

Witty And Visual Humor

A Good Message About Fitting In Ans Belonging


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Parents should know...
downthehobbitholeblog12 April 2019
The visuals and humor in this movie are spot on. But parents should know that there is some typical cartoon violence and that the storyline might be a little too meaty for younger viewers who might get easily bored. We suggest 7/8yrs. old and up. Don't fear going and watching this with your kids- we think you'll laugh and enjoy it! Check out our review with family discussion questions at DownTheHobbitHoleBlog dot com.
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What was the point?
The use of silicone and 3D printed puppets gave the final film an almost CGI feel and lost the magic of stop motion. Sadly, it was too fancy. Charmless and boring.
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The Missing Link - has nothing much missing
brankovranjkovic17 April 2019
Stop motion animation from Laika, the studios who were also responsible for Kubo - Comedy adventure in the manner of Nick Parks

Sir Lionel Frost (the explorer character) is trying to join an elite club for adventurers. 'Susan' (The Big Foot character) is tired of living a solitary life, so contacts Sir Lionel to help guide him on a journey to find his long-lost Yeti relatives. Unfortunately there's also a rival explorer out to stop him.

This is a simple story with many comedy action sequences. The theme is in an Indiana Jones style with adult themes, mature dialogue and visual gags. This is very creative, entertaining and suitable for a very wide age range.

Very highly recommended.
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Perhaps not the film everybody was missing, but still an entertaining watch from beginning to end Warning: Spoilers
"Missing Link" is a new animated movie, a co-production between the United States and Canada and this 2019 release is written and directed by Oscar nominee Chris Butler. It runs for slightly over 1.5 hours and features the voice talents of several established and lauded actors such as Hugh Jackman and Zach Galifianakis for the main characters, but also smaller roles were picked wisely with actors I quite enjoy like Stephen Fry, Timothy Oliphant and Emma Thompson. But you can check the cast list yourself. And while the poster and title suggest otherwise, the central character here is really the one that Hugh jackman lends his voice too. Although I should say Christoph Maria Herbst because I watched the German dub. He and Bastian pastewka have worked together on many projects already and usually you know quality will be in the outcome when they do so. This one is no different. I liked voice acting for sure, even if I cannot say anything specific about the original English-language voice cast. Also while the title makes sense in terms of the character, I was surprised there was really not too much focus on the actual evolutionary component of the protagonist and how he is the missing link between apes and humans. Oh well, there are some references about the general idea of the mission and also why the main antagonist does not want the mission to succeed, but the longer the film goes, the less it is about this subject, probably also because the fpcus moves forward more to the friendship between the duo and not the scientific component. Still, I wondered how it is going to work out if he really becomes the man's partner in the end that curious scientists won't annoy them all the time. I mean this cannot be kept secret can it? Or do they want to play hide and seek all day long?

Now leats start with the beginning: there is a lengthy introductory sequence involving something similar to the Monster from Loch Ness that presents us the human protagonist and also how maybe science should not be his thing, but competitive swimming instead. It was also funny how his assistant is really fed up with everything when he quits. And even if this one is so much in danger of dying, he is not one of the bad guys and survives.Anyway, young audiences can still watch it. They can definitely deal with the deaths of bad guys no question. It is also the attention to detail that makes this movie work. I liked two jokes on the time when it is set early on, such as one referring to an old camera, then pretty new, and secondly the amount of people living on the planet at that point in time. Nice idea, even if I wonder if they really counted. The fact that we know (approximately) how many it was back then, does not mean they did too. But lets not be too picky here. The characters I liked as well. First I would like to say that I am not always too big on how humans are shown in animated films, but here they won me over. The partially abstract proportions feel interesting and funny sort of. Look at these thin legs there. As for the Missing Link I mostly liked the way he looks as well. But what is more memorable is his behavior. He is really strong and big, but very peaceful indeed. The scene when he learns how to punch in that saloon brawl was really funny. He sure is a quick learner though.

Even if the entire idea of them growing into friends was a good one, I felt that the chemistry was not 100% there admittedly to justify this being the key story. A bit disappointing. I am also confused about the idea of the female main character here, a former lover who is also an adventurer. I don't think Ulmen-Fernandes was the problem here, even if I am not a huge fan of her (other than looks-wise), but she just added way too little honestly and maybe the moment they stole the map from her should have been the moment she exits the movie. Was there really a female protagonist needed? Lets not exaggerate with the girlpower component please. And at the end, all of a sudden she was too tough a character for really being a romance interest that gets a happy end? Hmmm I am really not buying it I must say. In general, I was not big on that character from any perspective, also in terms of her looks. I don't know why she was included. I don't think she will get her own movie, but her exit at the end could indicate that there will actually be a sequel and she will not be in it. We will see about that. I think I would watch probably how the story goes on. So with that being said, there is no denying I liked the movie and give it a positive recommendation. Another reason would actually be that I expected a oh so predictable plot development in which the title character would in the end have to decide between his "relatives" and his friend and while I was never sure which side he would have picked (tendency to the latter), I am glad they took a totally different and unexpected route from the moment onwards when he meets the other "Links". Completely aside from that the film has many many moments of slapstick comedy that the young (as well as old) ones will enjoy for sure. Be it one character thrown at an icy wall, another moving to the side of a bench and he is so heavy that the guy at the other end is thrown up in the air or the bad guy helplessly going full retard on the ground affter receiving a (for him) bad message, it is incredibly funny and entertaining at times. A strong mix of animation and comedy that works well far more often than it does not. You should watch "The Missing Link". I give it a thumbs-up and I am curious if it can get in at the Oscars in a year of Frozen and Toy Story sequels. I honestly don#t think so. But that does not mean it isn't a quality movie. A good watch for all ages in my opinion. Certainly worth seeing unless you are completely opposed to animated movies, boo to you then!
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A neat little romp that deserves awareness...
sirwillisiv23 April 2019
I'm a fan of Laika's work and believe they deserve more attention. Missing Link is perhaps the studio's best looking film. The sets are beautifully crafted and diverse, from lush forests, to steamy deserts and mysterious mountainsides. The crew had constructed 110 sets and the effort shows with the pristine meshing of colors and stylish architecture despite taking place in the gloomy 19th century. That said, where the art style falters is with the designs of wildlife. They're on screen for a short time, but their appearance is quite uncanny. Imagine an elephant but its eyes are on its forehead close to each other as opposed to both sides of its skull where they normally are. Yeah, it's weird and hard to drop. I'm not sure what the thought process was when sketching out these creatures.

Like Laika's other films, Missing Link bears an easygoing vibe despite being an adventure with a wide scope. This may alienate most viewers who expect more energetic delivery, but I personally enjoy this consistently refreshing approach to animation. Along with a decent helping of swashbuckling action, there's plenty of heart and laughs that should resonate fine with audiences of any age. It takes time from the more quicker paced sequences to let the character's emotional turmoil and wisecracking humor sink in. At the center of that is Zach Galifianakis as Mr. Link. It's borderline impossible to dislike something as laid back, wide-eyed and innocent as Mr. Link, and he wouldn't be half the star without Galifianakis' charm tailoring him throughout the story. Ideal casting.

As for the other characters, I didn't care too much for them as they were kinda tropey. Hugh Jackman is just the overconfident (and surprisingly selfish) journeyman, Zoe Saldana plays the fiercely independent woman we've seen everywhere nowadays and the villains are just stock baddies there for the sake of giving the protagonists some kind of obstacle to dodge, even if it did result in a thoroughly entertaining action scene here and there. The chase sequence on the ship was rather fun with the boat tilting on its side and frustrating the character's means of escape from the villains. With this being completed with stop motion animation it earns bonus points; an impressive watch.

Not much left to say. Missing Link is an easygoing, serviceable animated adventure. If the characters were a tad stronger I'd consider this one of Laika's greatest feats next to Kubo and the Two Strings. Due to lousy marketing, stop motion animated films get very little awareness and revenue. Despite its few setbacks, Missing Link is a neat little romp that deserves to be known about.
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You're MISSING out!
staticstation117 April 2019
This is a small film that not many audiences were aware of. I became aware of this via Hugh Jackman's Instagram. Other than that, I had never heard of it. Then suddenly it was out in cinemas. The reason I went and saw it was because it was the only film in the cinema, at that time, I hadn't seen. My wallet has become aware of this. I'm glad that I went and saw this because it has been one of the better films of the year so far. POSITIVES! All the actors involved with the project do a terrific job. Jackman is fantastic, Saldana is just as awesome as ever, and Galifianakis was a perfect choice to voice the lovable sasquatch. There is a tonne of great humour for both children and adult audiences to understand and applaud. Chris Butler does an incredible job directing this stop motion animation. Getting these well-received lively performances but also great animated work. The film is edited together to create a classic adventure film and it keeps you very well involved. The animation itself was fantastic. It was an awesome throwback to the classic animated films with its tone and ambiance. The character design was amusing but not off-putting. But there is also awesome artwork in the background. There is some good sound design that's not just a repeated soundboard. An entertaining score from Carter Burwell and some amusing original music. MIXED! The plot and writing are familiar and that makes it predictable. Where the story goes and the character arcs are foreseeable but the fact that they are entertaining and have a lot of charm, it's easy to overlook those aspects! CONCLUSION! So, Missing Link is vastly enjoyable, and I'll recommend it to anyone that enjoys an entertaining animated movie but also to any fans of stop motion. All the cast are great in those roles, especially Galifianakis as the endearing "title character". There is some great humour in the script for all audiences to enjoy but also some hilarious physical humour. My favourite sequence is on the boat when our characters are on the run from one of the antagonists and the boat is on the harsh seas. If you were a fan of Kubo and the Two Strings, this is from the same studio. But this film has a touch of familiarity in its script and that makes it predictable.
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ericgrow-eg12 April 2019
A heartwarming story with plenty of laughs and brilliantly animated. Perfect runtime to keep your attention and never feel like it drags on at any point. Zach Galifianakis clearly trying something different here, and somehow finding his way. There are times where it is hard to match Zach Galifianakis with the creature on the screen, but I do not think that Galifianakis was the problem there. If anything, the animators struggled to keep up with Galifianakis' sublime antics and not vice-versa. The story is simple enough, or should I say it doesn't try to be too much. Not a classic, but entertaining, well done, with enough laughs that you will be able to say you had a great time.
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Great Fortean Fun!
Pairic13 April 2019
Missing Link: This stop-motion animated adventure film written and directed by Chris Butler is a Fortean Feast! Sir Lionel Frost is a hunter of Cryptids. As the film opens we see him along with his long suffering valet on Loch Ness as Frost uses bagpipes to attract Nessie. Things don't go well and his valet quits. Frost is determined to be recognised as a great explorer and goes in search of a Sasquatch in Washington State. But a rival hires an assassin to stop Frost. The Sasquatch turns out to be sentient, speaks and writes English but tends to take things literally. Don't ask him to throw a rope over a wall. He's the last of his kind and persuades Sir Lionel to take him to the Himalayas to meet the Yetis.

Really well imagined models and beautiful scenery along with a witty script male this film a delight. There is a great bar room brawl scene, so typical of Westerns but incredibly well choreographed in this instance. Frost is like Captain Ahab on Nessies back as he rescues his valet. Overhead filming works really well to illustrate the changing terrain from the US to France to the Himalayas. The adventurers club is full of stuffed shirts who want to kill animals and plant flags on mountains but the potential stereotypes become amusung through verbal and visual gags. An adventure which will thrill kids of all ages. 8/10.
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