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Sex & Nudity

  • Oscar and Loux have sex. She exposes her nude body to him and she is later shown riding him on the bed. Her breasts and pubic region are seen while Oscar's butt is seen. The scene ends with the two of them lying side-by-side, but a blanket covers them both up
  • Loux is forced to undress before her father. Full rear nudity is seen. A flash of full frontal is also seen. Her father closes the door behind them and it is implied that he rapes her
  • Two rabbits are seen mating. Not graphic, but it is sex
  • Loux is forced to perform fellatio on her father. They are both fully clothed, but the shot is seen from behind so that we see her head bobbing up and down on her father's pelvis
  • Oscar goes into a bathroom to wash his hands. It is implied that a girl is being raped in there as screaming and banging is heard from a bathroom stall. The stall is also shaking violently. and legs can be seen underneath it. Not graphic, but disturbing
  • Oscar almost rapes a little boy, but stops before anything too graphic is seen
  • Oscar and Loux have a pretty graphic conversation about how they masturbate every day

Violence & Gore

  • As Loux's father rapes her, he punches her face repeatedly. Bruises and blood shown on her face afterwards
  • A couple of kids at school are seen brutally beating up a kid. Very graphic
  • Oscar shoots a man in the head and his brains fall out
  • A little boy stabs a pocket knife into another boy's eye. Blood sprays everywhere. He is then shown literally cutting the eyeball in half. More blood sprays out, as well as some white goo. Very graphic and can make anyone queasy


  • About 60 uses of the f word and 80 uses of sh*t. Milder profanities scattered throughout

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Loux's father is drunk almost all the time. He is also seen injecting heroin
  • Oscar tries some cocaine and is seen snorting it. He immediately falls into a high
  • A little kid accidentally eats some crushed cocaine and is rushed to the hospital

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The entire movie is very dark and bleak
  • The rape scenes and bullying scenes are extremely frightening and disturbing


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • Oscar sticks the tip of a rifle into Loux's vulva. This is seen clearly but briefly. Probably the most graphic scene in the movie

Violence & Gore

  • Oscar kills Loux's father by stabbing him in the neck with a kitchen knife and then shoving the knife into his mouth. Blood splatters everywhere and is seen streaming from his mouth. Oscar takes the knife and proceeds to castrate him. The action is implied, and we see more blood spray out onto the walls

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