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Delivers the Kind of Punch You Expect
MJL_Uncensored24 November 2018
You have to give Sylvester Stallone credit--he has a gift for remixing the same movie over and over and again and making you actually care. Maybe it's because he focuses on the one thing that matters most in storytelling: compelling characters. And Creed II is full of them.

First, there's Adonis (Michael B. Jordan), the brooding, bratty, world champion with a chip on his shoulder. There's Rocky (Sylvester Stallone), the downtrodden wise sage who only recognizes his role in things when the chips are down. There's Bianca Taylor, a talented singer suffering from hearing loss and her love for a self-destructive boxer. There's Mary Anne Creed (Phylicia Rashad), the weary widow of Apollo Creed who is consistently forced to check her man-child son, and then there are the villains. Ivan and Victor Drago (Dolph Lundgren and Florian Munteanu), the Russian outcasts seeking redemption for the failures of Ivan Drago. Everyone has a purpose in this film, and everyone has a place in moving the narrative forward: avenging the actions of Rocky IV.

This is a straight-up reboot of a Cold War classic, complete with the final match taking place in Russia. You know what to expect. The challenge from Ivan's son is the kind of storybook rematch the sports world loves. You know Creed has to take the fight to prove himself. And you know at some point, Victor Drago will get the better of him, setting us up for a training montage that never seems to get old. You see, when Rocky IV was released, it wasn't just a boxing film, it was practically a propaganda film about the superiority of American values and ideals. In Creed II, it's not about the country--it's personal. It's about discovering what matters most to you in your career and your own life. And as cliched as that may all sound, it works amazingly well in this film, thanks in part to the strength of the movies character development, phenomenal actors who keep the theatrical bits grounded and brilliant fight choreography and cinematography to settle scores.

I'll be straight with you, we shouldn't like Adonis Creed, but we do. He's a temperamental grown man baby that even knocks himself in the movie for "acting like a b---h." We shouldn't care about Victor Drago--he's a carbon copy of his android like father Ivan and barely has enough dialogue earn a film credit. But we do because we know that his father is living through him. The once powerful Ivan is an outcast in his homeland, and Victor's mother walked out on both of them because she has no respect for losers, so they're surprisingly sympathetic characters in their quest to be menacing. And we shouldn't care about Rocky's meandering ruminations about putting family over boxing when at no point in his career, did he ever do the same. Yet somehow this movie manages to make you care because the film understands that it's real power are in those small reflective moments building up to the fight. Moments like Creed's return to the local cheesesteak house and being welcomed by the fans who urge him to take the battle against Drago. Moments like Bianca and Adonis laying on the floor together like they did in the first film pondering their relationship and what Adonis's decision means for them. It's moments like Rocky pondering the broken relationship he has with his own son and trying to figure out if he dares to make amends. This is the glue that holds these films together--putting family above career and ego. And when it finally comes time to fight, your emotions are so heavily invested in the outcome that you'll find yourself (as did my audience) verbally cheering on Adonis Creed.

And in the end, it's the smallest of gestures by Sylvester Stallone (which I won't spoil) that lets you know that Rocky Balboa has nothing left to give and it is now Adonis Creed's time to shine in whatever sequel they have planned for us. Creed II a great time at the movies, even if it's a predictable one.
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Seriously considered walking straight into the next showing when it was over
bledingham7421 November 2018
All movie I kept looking at my watch because I didn't want it to end. It was 130 minutes that felt more like 45.

The fights (and there were more than normal) were great, but the movie was much more than about the fights. It was about family, loss, motivation, legacy, and the part that really touched me was the focus on fathers and sons.

Dolph Lungdren and The Big Nasty were perfect villains, but unlike most movies you see the loss that the villains endured and what shapes them. I couldn't help but feel for them a little too - particularly the son.

Sly was obviously great as Rocky, and he was more down to earth and relatable than ever. Smart how they keep fading him more and more into the supporting role as Caple, like Coogler do a great job of remembering he is not the focus. I loved that Little Duke got more of a roll, and I think that he's someone who would be able to carry the franchise as mentor/coach if Sly ever decides to give this up. Phylicia Rashad was charming as MaryAnn, and you could feel her emotions going through this again with the family who took her husband's life. MBJ and Tessa Thompson were absolutely brilliant, and their chemistry is just so natural. Bianca walking out with them and singing leading Donnie to the ring for the final fight - CHILLS!!!

The ending fight sequence, and what happens after and how they have separate endings at the same time for Donny and Rocky made it the best ending of any of these films.

As a lifelong Rocky fan (my Dog's name is Clubber), I think I actually like the Creed franchise more. I like the cultural difference with Creed, and it just seems more grounded and for lack of a better word quality writing and directing. If they make 10 more I'd go and see all of them!
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So freaking good
ronaldon-1601915 November 2018
From the beginning to end, the directing was so good. The script was so well written and I love it. Best movie of the year
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It's beautiful
littleryan-9708221 November 2018
The way the fight scenes are orchestrated makes you really feel like you are in the fights. With the display of power and transition of powers you really feel into it. When something would happen the entire crowd would cheer as if they were really there and everyone jumped out of there seats and clapped. Very rarely do you see a movie do that to people. Creed 2 is something special.
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kyleinnabi25 November 2018
Creed II Is Exactly What I Wanted It To Be , Such A Powerful Sequel , This Movie Is A Fast Paced Roller Coaster Of Emotions , That Furthers Us Into The Timeline Of The Franchise We All Love! This Is Definitely A Must Watch !
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"Creed II" is an outstanding sequel and one of the year's best films
nsharath00919 November 2018
Creed was a major surprise. Seriously. As much as I love the Rocky franchise, was there any reason to assume that what was essentially Rocky VII, just without a focus on the character we know and love, would be a success? Sure, it had an exciting young actor at the center and an up and coming filmmaker in Ryan Coogler at the helm. But still, how good could it be? Well, the answer was that it turned out to be an Oscar nominee, a Golden Globe winning film, and one of the year's best. Now, Creed II hits this week and, defying all odds, is nearly as good. This flick will also end up on a top ten list for me. It more than delivers, it flies high. What easily could have tarnished what's come before instead movingly builds on it. This is one of the ten best films of 2018, unlikely as that may seem.

The movie is a sequel to Creed, continuing the Rocky series by focusing on the late Apollo Creed's son Adonis Creed (Michael B. Jordan). First the number one contender for the heavyweight championship of the world, Adonis soon becomes champ. It's a wonderful night for him, his girlfriend Bianca (Tessa Thompson), and his trainer, former champ Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone), A challenge unlike any other is coming though, in Viktor Drago (Florian Munteanu), the imposing son of former Balboa/Creed rival Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren). Everyone knows that Ivan killed Apollo in the ring, so Adonis feels like he has no choice but to fight him. Rocky warns him of the danger, but it's no use. Thus begins a true Rocky sequel, just told with all of the additional emotion that Creed brought to bear. Steven Caple Jr. directs a script that Stallone co-wrote with Juel Taylor (Cheo Hodari Coker and Sascha Penn also worked on drafts at one point), while supporting players include Wood Harris, Russell Hornsby, Phylicia Rashad, Andre Ward, and more. Ludwig Göransson composed the score, while cinematography is by Kramer Morgenthau.

I'm not kidding. Creed II is phenomenal. Joke that it's Rocky VIII if you must, but there's way more to it than that. The emotional stakes that both Adonis and Rocky face, not to mention both Drago men, are effective and impactful. That's a true testament to Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone for sure, though also for returning player Dolph Lundgren, plus Florian Munteanu. Tessa Thompson again is fantastic, while Phylicia Rashad lends some gravitas in her few scenes. Again though, this is about Jordan, and whether he's with Stallone or Thompson, he has electric chemistry with both. The fight scenes don't have the style that the aforementioned Ryan Coogler brought last time, but they're still among the franchise's best. Very little here will surprise you, but damn if it isn't incredibly moving to watch. Don't expect Creed II to contend for Academy Award love like Creed did, but I will say that Jordan and Stallone are just as good this time out (the same goes for Thompson as well). The former is even more front and center, while the latter truly becomes a supporting character, though one with literally decades of history that both the actor and the audience is pulling from. This is an example of how amazing studio films can be when they actually care. This may have been made in part because of money, but the powers that be also made sure that everyone involved was invested. The end result is a brilliantly entertaining movie with tons of heart.

Fans of this franchise are in for a real treat, as Creed II hits all the notes you want from both a Creed sequel as well as a new Rocky installment. It's hard to imagine anyone who's a fan not falling in love with this one too. You'll literally stand up and cheer. The confidence with which the filmmakers and stars work within the expected realm of the series is really something to behold. The way this is going, I'd watch Jordan and Stallone make another half dozen of these. Together, they've truly given you reason to care about this franchise. Once you see it, you'll understand why...
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A great film about making family first.
brewepau29 November 2018
This film is great. It's so very deeply moving. Tears streamed my face during certain deeply meaningful scenes in this film.

The film isn't really about boxing nearly as much as it is about the love of family. Like the 1961 film "The Hustler", it's not really about winning and losing, either. It's about familial love, especially the love of fathers and sons, estrangement, loss, forgiveness, redemption, and reconciliation.

The film is about true family values and how very much more important they are than anything else in this life. Although the boxing scenes are great, they are only incidental to the overarching theme of family in this film. My most heartfelt kudos and thanks to the filmmakers of this great story.
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Living up once again to it's 40 year legacy
Robert_duder24 November 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Creed breathed new live into the Rocky franchise because it's less about Rocky and far more about Adonnis Creed. The best thing about Creed II is that it focuses so heavily on father and son relationships and what that means in three very different circumstances. Rocky and his son are estranged and Rocky doesn't know how to reach out to him and there is that father-son relationship between Rocky and Adonnis. You have Adonnis and Apollo, the son trying to live up to his father's legendary status but now also avenge his death and you have Ivan Drago and his son where he has raised this child in the shadow of his own failure. Rocky IV is generally considered the highlight of that franchise and certainly his greatest battle and this being a direct sequel to that makes Rocky fans happy and fans of the new Creed storyline happy to. It has deep drama and story, incredible action and intense performances. The scene where Drago and Rocky meet in Rocky's restaurant is complete perfection.

I wasn't sure how I would feel about Michael B Jordan taking over the Rocky franchise and whether I could ever buy him as the underdog boxer that I would root for. Creed was good but I still wasn't sure. I'm no longer unsure. Jordan completely owns this role and proves himself fully. He leads this film with great power and intensity. Sylvester Stallone returns as Adonnis' mentor and trainer Rocky Balboa. He takes even more of a secondary position in the film but enough that fans will still love seeing him back in the role but doesn't get in the way of the main story. Dolph Lundgren is incredible in this film. This might actually be his best role he's ever had period. In Rocky IV he was a machine that was meant to be a steel monster but now we see his humanity and what the loss has done for him and how he's trained his son. He is literally the highlight of this movie. Equally as impressive is Florian Munteanu who plays Drago Junior. He captures that steel monster that his father once was but he plays so much drama and intensity in his expressions. There is a scene with him and his father at a dinner table where you literally see him looking for approval. Tessa Thompson also returns as Bianca and gets even more screen time and an even better role than the first. Her and Jordan have good chemistry and I wasn't sure about her either until this movie. Phylicia Rashad also returns in a larger role as Adonnis' mother and gets some really solid screen time.

Steven Caple Jr. had a big job ahead of him. He's a virtual unknown director taking over for someone who got fans and critics on their side with the first Creed. I was worried this was a mistake bringing on a director with little experience but he captures this story and takes what Creed started and vaults it into the stratosphere. He packs almost too much into one film but it harkens back to the great Rocky films, pays homage to that but hyper focuses on Creed and that new legacy. Creed II is as good as the best from this franchise and ensures we get more in the future. Watching my idol (Stallone) hit the big screen yet again was an unforgettable experience. 9/10
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Protagonist has no arc and an emotional development of 9-year old. I was rooting for Drago in this one.
tomek-sulkowski4 December 2018
Seriously, Adonis has shown nothing but how needy and insecure he is. I didn't buy his change at all and really couldn't feel what was he supposedly fighting for in that last fight. Yeah he had a kid in a meantime, but he remained the same selfish brat.

Both Dragos were FAR more interesting. Victor being this kinda confused brute, and Ivan having an actual arc: from using his son and manipulating him for any cost to gain back the approval of the wife and Russia, to accepting that it's the son who is important to him now, and spending time training (running scene) with him back in Ukraine by the end.

If this was a setup for Drago spin-off then kudos, I'm interested!

Watching the dilemmas of Adonis I caught myself rolling my eyes twice or thrice, and I'm not the rolling-eyes type. I seriously feel the need now to watch a GOOD fighting movie now to see if I haven't lost it and just stopped liking these, because I just don't get all the praises this movie gets.
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A dream come true
lars-o-wangen17 November 2018
Wow just saw an early screening, what an amazing movie experience. I will not spoil anything, just give a honest review. After watching the first movie I was very surprised how great it was, and already then like many others I thought how insain it would be to have a epic revenge rematch with Creed and Dragos son. Rocky 4 was definitely the best sequal in the series thanks to the awsome, buff, brutal, aponent Drago.

I read alot about people wanting this, and when this was officially announced I was overwhelmed! The history behind this match is everything, and I love the way they keep expanding the epic story so well. I loved Creed I was more then a movie to me, and creed 2 takes it to other level. I'm not however saying this is 100% perfect, but certainly a great experience! Fan of the series or not watch this it is a great entertaning, high quality, action packed, inspirational, emotional, heartwarming movie almost anyone can enjoy.
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The Perfect Sequel to Creed
mrwhite-3448725 November 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I loved everything about this movie. The acting was perfect, the writing was perfect, the soundtrack was perfect, and the ending was perfect. I had goosebumps the entire final fight due to my adrenaline levels being so high. The movie exceeded my expectations by a long shot, and here's why.

The movie is not only extremely fun, but also smart. The final fight is built up throughout the entire film, and the payoff is extremely satisfying. The color grading is intelligent as well, as it uses blues and greys in Drago's scenes to show how harsh and cold his environment is, while using oranges and browns in Creed's scenes to show how warm and comfortable his is. Also, the movie expresses emotions and feelings that the characters have so well that the audience feels everything that they see.

The ending to this movie is spectacular. Your adrenaline will be at its highest peak from start to finish. It is extremely satisfying to watch and will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time.

Overall, one of the best sports movies I have ever seen. Creed II is going on the favorites list.
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rishabhsinha26115 December 2018
Some poeple really liked it. But i guess i was expecting way too much from the film. The trailer was brilliant. And creed 1 was a much superior film. The film lacked soul. Everything seemed superficial and predicitable. Even the fight in the end was sort of a 10min montage. The Rocky series is known for its background scores, gritty action and is motivating. Creed is just a film without a backbone.
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A worthy sequel
ujjwaluniyal-6981820 November 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Essentially hand-picked by Coogler to take on the sequel, Caple orchestrates a worthy sequel that still has those needed references to the "Rocky" franchise the fans crave, but makes a point to build up Adonis' own story.

From a screenplay by Stallone and Joel Taylor, "Creed II" picks up six fights after Creed lost to "Pretty" Ricky Conlan in the first movie. Having won them all, he's now up against the champion Danny "Stuntman" Wheeler (Andrew Ward) for the title. Creed takes the belt (and the keys back to his car that Wheeler took from the brief fight they had in the first movie) and closes the night by proposing to his girlfriend Bianca (Tessa Thompson). All seems to be going right for Creed.

But in the Ukraine, Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren) has dreams of a hero's return to Russia by shaping his son, Viktor Drago (Florian Munteanu), into an even more powerful boxer than he was. In exile since losing to Balboa in "Rocky IV," the Dragos wake up every morning with a singular goal: beat Creed like Ivan did his father. This leads father and son to Philadelphia to challenge Creed and Balboa to a title fight. With footage from "Rocky IV" used in ESPN highlights, Creed can't look away from footage of his father dying in the ring at the hands of Drago over 30 years ago. Of course, the two sons are going to fight.

The movie then turns to the deep-rooted drama that happens in all the "Rocky" movies: why fight? With the guilt of not calling off the Apollo Creed-Ivan Drago fight still hanging over him, Balboa doesn't want any part of it. But of course, Adonis wants to avenge his father. This leads to an impasse between the two that causes some soul searching for both men.

"Creed II" gives us the intense training montages and incredible fights that are a trademark in the "Rocky" franchise, but what really stands out are the things that happen outside of the ropes. What starts out as a revenge tale slowly evolves into a story of fathers and sons and the building of new legacies. At its core is the work of Jordan, who again as Creed delivers a performance that shows why he's a movie star. His charisma matched with his talent is a total package that any franchise dreams of. Then there's the chemistry between Jordan and Thompson that adds another powerful layer. Stallone, who earned an Oscar nomination for playing Balboa in "Creed," once more delivers in the role that has defined his career - especially in the movie's powerful ending.

What Coogler did with "Creed" was special: taking a beloved franchise like "Rocky" and reshaping it for a new generation. But Caple took on an even riskier assignment by doing the sequel. Thankfully he succeeded, and he did it by focusing on the characters and not the legend of the intellectual property
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Amazing Sequel to Creed!
mark-hunter-ii29 November 2018
I took my son to see this on Thanksgiving night and we both loved it! Creed II is a very well written sequel and adds quite a bit of emotional pull. I really like how the boxing scenes were filmed, you almost felt like you were in the ring feeling the hits. The family aspect of the movie felt absolutely natural and fit perfectly with the film's flow. The father/son relationships were brilliant. You even felt for the antagonistic Ivan/son and their story, while at the same time building a dislike for them, which is a difficult task from a writing standpoint. I saw another review that stated they wanted to walk into the next showing as soon as the movie was over and I would definitely have to repeat that sentiment! Creed II lived up to the hype over the last 3 years I had self created for it. Go see it!!!!!
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Creed II is a knockout! What are you fighting for?
akshai7819 November 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Almost as good as the first movie, I had the chance to watch an early screening last night. The movie does very well of showing the other side of Drago. How life was for him after he lost to rocky balboa. Drago trying to undo his wrongs by living through his son.

Spoilers; Rocky and Drago do have a fist up and it was awesome. We get to see Rocky son again. The same person who played him in Rocky Balboa returns.

Michea B Jordon is phenomenal as Adonis Creed, every thing he goes through you feel each punch in the ring. Tessa Thompson has more to do in this movie and she is also excellent. They make a very good couple and I love how creed love story had now become important to these films like how Rocky and Adrian were in Rocky. Dolph Laundren is Ivan Drago it does not feel like he ever left the chatecter. Even tho he didn't say much in Rocky IV. He has more to say in this movie. His mannerisms are spot on and he is someone I would give a nod to for best supporting actor in the oscur. His son is awesome as Viktar Drago. Big nasty is one to watch out for and he makes his name as a top villain in these films alongside Apollo creed? MR T and his farther Ivan Drago. Well if you can call them villians that is. Sylvester Stallone is Absolutely amazing as Rocky, the chrecter is lonely again and you really feel for him. Golden globe or Oscar performance from him.

The sequal of Rocky IV we all been waiting for is finally here! We get to see Drago and rocky on again. I am glad they did not mess this up. Go watch it! It is a knockout!
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Weak all over
arabnikita27 November 2018
Creed 2 (my personal 3 key points):

*A boxing movie with 10 minutes of boxing+training and 2 hours of talking and deciding things.

*Nearly a copy paste of Rocky 4 and if you thought that that fight was unrealistic, wait for this one.

*When Rocky was fighting in his movies even against a Russian I wholeheartedly wanted him to win because he came from nothing, struggled and had spirit. Adonis acts like boxing is his hobby, I just cant feel for him.

I cant say more without spoiling... But very weak overall
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So Enjoyable!
tomdavenport9424 November 2018
Formulaic and the same story told again. But updated enough to feel new and still a fabulous formula. Loved this movie and Michael B Jordan is the real deal star. It was great to see Stallone and Lundgren on the same screen again. They did a great job humanizing the Russian character instead of making them the enemy.
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A Masterpiece
elbakkalisimo19 November 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Sylvester Stallone is a genious of cinema as a creator of Rocky and as writer. creating this powerful character that gives more strength to the franchise, after the magnificent films of Rocky now offers us mentor Adonis Creed, a film full of family emotions and messages of Love..It is not only about Boxing but about family and love for your family and know why you are fighting and what you are defending, and why you have chosen this path of your life, with excellent performances of the actors of the film, an extraordinary Michael.B.Jordan, and an unbeatable Stallone ... his more than 42 years dedicated to the cinematographic industry, and now we delivers a masterpiece with his magnificent team Steven Capler Jr .. and all the team that participated in Creed 2, is something very very big. a movie that keeps you stuck in your chair from the beginning to the end .. with many emotions ... drama ... good sport ... and some masterful interpretations. Thank you Sly. a Movie which a realy deserve an Oscar ...and Specialy Mr. Sylvester Stallone.
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Amazing, emotional, inspiring
ajju61728 November 2018
The title sums up my review! Sly gives his career best Performance, movie starts of slow but then goes at a great pace! The climax fight makes you move on the seat! Overall a great move 10/10
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Terrible sequel
gashf-867011 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I'm not sure if I saw the same movie as 90% of the people on here who voted it 9 and above.

I thought it was slow, a movie that lingered on the moody pouting Adonis Creed and his fiancé who is dealing with her hearing loss. Adonis wins his belt early in the film with a unconvincing fight scene and then is targeted by the rejected mommy's boy Son of Drago who is a bit of a beast.

Long and short of it is this film meanders around the slow paced relationships between Adonis, his wife to be and Rocky. It never really gets going and then it really gets unrealistic when you see the head to head between Creed and Drago with Creed clearly being a super middleweight at best against the heavyweight Russian. It's as if boxing has thrown out all its weight classes and put AJ in the ring against GGG.

I won't give much more away but I considered walking out during the early stages of the film but was interested to see how it ended. Was funny to see Brigette Nielsen back though and Ivan Drago cuddling his son at the end.

Hopefully Sly will hang up his gloves after this one.
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Don't believe the hype...
dollsteeth1 December 2018
Essentially choose any of a number of prior Rocky cliches, roll them in a ball and jam them into your eyeballs whilst playing hip-hop:

Creed 2.

Actually left the cinema to get better 3G to download (already seen) Alan Partridge episodes, that's how tonk this film is.
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A Rock-Solid Continuation to the Rock/Creed Legacy
kjproulx30 November 2018
When it comes to the films in the Rocky franchise, you can pretty much predict how each film will end when the set-up takes place throughout the first act. This is both a positive and a negative that this franchise faces, due to the fact that the formula of these movies is about as perfect as you get when telling a story like this. When Creed hit theatres back in 2015, I was blown away in thinking that it was in the discussion of best films in the entire franchise. This was a tall order to follow in Creed II and while it doesn't quite hit every stride it needs to in order to be classified as one of the greats, I have very few complaints about this follow-up. This is the way you make a sequel.

Young Adonis Creed's past isn't all sunshine and rainbows. His father having been killed by Ivan Drago in the fourth installment has him hellbent on a revenge kick when confronted with the opportunity to fight the son of the man who has put so much pain into his life. While this premise may just seem like a way of pleasing fans of the cheesy sequels in the past, it really isn't that at all. While the boxing matches are worth the wait, the heart on both sides of the ring is present this time around. With new obstacles to face in his personal life, the arc that Adonis goes through here was fantastic in my opinion.

Michael B. Jordan continues to astound me when it comes to his performances on-screen. Even though he hasn't always been in award-worthy films, his performances have always been out of this world. Once again, he embodies this character with enough emotion and energy to carry this movie from start to finish. His chemistry with Tessa Thompson has carried over from the first film and even digs a little deeper this time around. Their relationship reaches new heights, as well as new lows here, which is very reminiscent of the way Rocky and Adrian were in the second Rocky movie. The emotional core to this overall story hasn't been lost and I loved every bit of drama as much as I loved the boxing matches, which were incredible as well.

After Ryan Coogler departed as both writer and director (having done the first film), I found myself slightly concerned that the first would become lightning in a bottle, but that's not the case. Placed in the hands of Sylvester Stallone to write and given to newcomer Steven Caple Jr. to direct made for a nearly superior sequel in my opinion. The flare of this character was brought to the screen in the first in a very captivating way and that's not exactly captured here, but further explored. Taking the characters you love and expanding them is what a sequel is meant to do and this one did that beautifully.

In the end, Creed II's only true weakness is the fact that it does feel formulaic at times. You can see where the film is headed most of the time, but that really doesn't take away from the fact that it's extremely effective. I found myself on the edge of my seat during the matches and in emotionally invested in the surprises throughout the course of the film. This truly does feel like the conclusion of certain chapters in this franchise, but I wouldn't mind seeing a third if it can be as well-done as these first two were. Creed II is a fantastic follow-up in my opinion and if you're a fan of this franchise, I highly recommend checking it out.
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smoreno-8991025 November 2018
Not any drama between Rocky and Drago. Story was bland. Jumps to Rocky's son??? What happened there?👎👎
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This Movie is for Girls - RIP Rocky
rickyspanish-061722 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was lame and disappointing. I am a huge Rocky fan and really enjoyed Creed, I also consider Rocky 4 to be one of the greatest films of the 20th century, so needless to say I was super excited to see this film.

I was expecting to see the Dragos come calling from Russia and Creed and Rocky dive head first into 90 minutes of action. Instead Adonis is supposed to be conflicted about fighting Drago and Rocky tells him not take the fight. Why? I am still not sure. We're never offered a real reason and given the back story that's amazing. I felt like the movie was trying to just shove internal conflict and emotion down my throat from the very beginning. You'd think Creed would jump at the challenge and we'd see awesome montages, fighting, wins/losses, whatever. Instead the story drags, it's predictable, and even the montages suck.

Creed and his girlfriend get engaged and conceive a baby while still living in their crappy apartment in Philly. I couldn't help wondering how the Heavyweight World Champion and his trainer Rocky are still broke. She has the baby (who cares), and the baby might be deaf (who cares). They take the baby to get hearing tests (who cares) and Creed cries (who cares). This goes on for like 40 minutes and basically ruins the movie.

The only redemptive part of this movie was that Dragos were cool and fun to watch and of course Stallone is always fun to watch as Rocky. I was surprised to see Bridgette Nielsen which was also a treat. But in the end this movie was so bad that I couldn't help but cheer for Viktor Drago and hope that Creed gets killed in the ring just like his father.
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Raging Bull? Rocky? Million Dollar Baby? No - Creed II
jesper-0947116 November 2018
What i tried to hint in terms of my review title - is the name for the best boxing movie of all time. I'm being serious. Creed II takes this trophy home. I assure you.

It would be a crime to still consider Rocky and Creed being Sylvester Stallones only real movie achievements. They are no longer just two - they are three. Creed II tells the story of revenge in its purest form in an absolute world class way.

"This is Creed vs Drago - this is the fight the whole world wants to see" very true - and Adonis Creed was afraid he couldn't live up to his fathers expectations - well, this movie certainly did. It lived up to all Rocky fans' expectations. Because if you haven't seen it yet, and you will, you will realise that this movie is the best of the Rocky-franchise.

Knockout performances from all of the main cast. But in particular, Stallone and Lundgren. Lundgren has never really been in a role, where he had the chance to really act. He has always been cast as a butt-kicker and ticket-seller actor - but this time around, you see a totally different Lundgren, and totally new depth added to his character, Ivan Drago. Rocky Balboa finds himself in a different situation - a situation he has never been in before - but he handles it. And for what it's worth, i think we (hopefully) be looking at an Oscar - Best Picture - contender. And furthermore, i'm pretty sure Sylvester Stallone takes home the Best Supporting Actor award this time around, come the Oscar awards 2019.
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