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The Dumbest Squad Just Made the Greatest DCEU Film EVAHHH!!!
iamianiman6 August 2021
Remember when James Gunn was 'temporarily' fired by Marvel Studios and we were all disappointed by the decision? Well, it turns out that was a blessing in disguise when Warner Bros. Booked him for a slot of this movie and months later, he was reemployed by the giant-sized company for GOTG 3 and he just killed two heroes with one stone. 2021's The Suicide Squad is indeed, THE Suicide Squad that we all deserve!

The most outstanding thing about this latest squad is the way they blend and mix in everything into the recipe. It's like you're watching a bunch of genres; comedy, dark comedy, fantasy, action, thriller, drama, superhero, spoof and commentaries; political, social contexts, world revolving issues all together and yet, it tastes très bon! Often enough, movies that try to do everything together fail big time but not this one. This is a cinematic achievement.

James Gunn, who also directed Guardians of the Galaxy, knew that the Marvel/DC films have rehashed their materials multiple times; basic origin, romance, giving up, final battle. Hence, Gunn develops a non-formulaic approach that seems suicidal at first but triumphantly creates something unique and unpredictable. From the get-go, Gunn's vision is unconventional but polished, enough to make the audience feels they have never seen anything like it before.

Talking about unpredictability, it indeed is what it is. You never know what will come next, who will die or survive. There are a few times that Gunn uses the head fake technique to deceive viewers from its sequential but engaging storytelling. Like Deadpool, something unexpected happens at the moment when you least expect it.

The juxtaposition of both the 2016's and 2021's is evidently visible. While 2016 has its moments, almost everyone could agree it was disappointingly bland af. The 2021 entry has a strong direction and far better pacing, let alone twists that are fully captivating. The only couple of things that 2016 did it better were the trailers and the soundtrack.

The Rated-R is straight up hardcore to the face. It's superbly gory, darkly comical and unabashedly funny, all without pulling its punches. This is how DC films should be, not as dour as Zack Snyder's but not as light as Marvel's either.

When it comes to flaws, albeit its powerful opening scene, I feel that they waste many of the potential characters here insofar some of them never even got the chance to show their abilities, skills, talents or superpowers.

I am also not impressed by the intensity of the movie's brightness particularly on the background in some scorching white scenes. It defaces the texture of the film and should dazzle some viewers, left distorting of what could have been an iconic scene like the slo-mo segment.

All in all, 2021's The Suicide Squad makes for a suicidal task with flamboyantly sheer colourful characters that collectively sign up for one thing amidst this pandemic chaos; blasting out loud the volume of fun and violence, subsequently climbing to the top as the best DCEU Film ever made.
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The "REAL academy award winning" Suicide Squad
hotrobinproductions29 July 2021
I remember as if it was yesterday my utter disappointment in 2016 when I purchased my tickets to watch Suicide Squad back then. No hate towards David Ayer, the studios definitely meddled with his film to the max, I would LOVE to see his version but nonetheless, what we got was such a terrible film.... Fast forward 5 years & Warner Brothers turns the tables and makes what is probably one of the GREATEST comic book movies of all time. The film is very ballsy, violent & full of heart. The characters are eye candy & I'm VERY happy that James Gunn kept what worked in the original. Because it was a bad movie but there were some good in it. This film James really respects David Ayers film by keeping what worked while just sticking to what needed to be done. The R Rating was needed, I'm also glad the studio acknowledged that. I'm VERY Tired of seeing studios go for a PG-13 rating so they can get more views. Like cmon now, grow a pair please. Sony doing it with Venom & all other types of examples of studios fearing the R Rating... I think ever since Joker Warner Brothers has discovered that they can really get the same numbers if not more regardless, Then Birds Of Prey happened, which I enjoyed too. BUT my point is ALL of this led up to this movie RIGHT HERE. So again, kudos to Warner Brothers for the R Rating!!! Now first things first, The action is GREAT & the twists are even more magnificent. The Comedy is SPOT ON, and lands when it needs to, the use of dark comedy and balance of character development is done so well that it doesn't feel out of place or that one is taking over the other. BloodSport carry's this movie, his performance was SCREAMING Will Smith for me, (meaning the role just looks like it was meant for him because he had daughter issues too) but I gotta say, Idris Elba grew on me more than Will Smith did. His performance is GREAT and he has amazing chemistry with another character and it just feels special. Polka Dot man was absolutely hilarious yet gave me a bittersweet taste in my mouth, but in a good way. King Shark was an amazing joy to watch on screen. Peacemaker was awesome too. Now what I mean by awesome is off their importance, performance and role in the movie. Some of these characters are not like able... mind you... and some things will happen over the course of events and make you not like characters more and that's where this movie shines. It's VERY unpredictable. And when you feel like you think you know where the movie is going it pulls the rug from under you hard. Very enjoyable ride. When it was over I wanted to watch it again.

*Pros* Well written characters / performances Comedy/Action (is not repetitive) Effects/CGI Story / plot / script

*Cons* Thinly written Villain Climax for the ending felt just a bit thin wish it would have required more "teamwork" and not one character being the reason they won (you'll see what I mean) Some Characters I felt died a bit too soon and would have liked a little more depth before they went.

WB needs to keep this up and we will continue to want more. If they understand the character they should know the direction needed to continue the character. Superman doesn't need to be dark and suicide squad should never be PG13. Not saying these are "impossible to do" but just saying if you REALLY understand the character you should know what works and what doesn't, and as far as I see it... this is the RIGHT direction for The Suicide Squad Peacemaker show is something to look forward to! And I will be more than happy to call this Film an "The REAL Academy Winning Suicide Squad" because it deserves the title more than the 2016 one... #releasetheayercut.
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Bek2047 August 2021
Before I talk about the film, let me talk a bit about DCEU. The difference between DC and Marvel (and why Marvel is more successful than DC) is the people behind them. The people/company behind Marvel (Disney) know and plan everything. They even planned this whole MCU thing ever since 2008's Iron Man. They know what they are doing, where they are hiding with the characters, stories, and films, and how to do right, and that's why their Universe is more successful. But, for DC the people/company behind it (Warner Bros.) are ruing this beautiful universe that's filled with great characters by bringing the wrong people to direct/write their movies which brings chaos to the films of the DCEU. Or they create issues with the right director like Zack Snyder (which we all saw how he was was building that big/creative universe in Zack Snyder's Justice League (2021) and where it was going). However, this time DC chose James Gunn to write & direct this film which if you're not familiar with, he directed Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 (2014) and Vol. 2 (2017). And this is the second proof (after Snyder's) that when having the right person/people behind a film, he/she will kill it. And THIS IS HOW "The SUICIDE SQUAD" STORY SHOULD LOOK LIKE. And that's all thanks to James Gunn.

So happy that the film got an R rating because the suicide squad story should be like that. It should be full of blood, comedy, craziness, violence, disgusting action scenes, and curse words. Thank god they didn't care about the film being PG 13+ or whatever so more people could see it. And I feel like James Gunn was behind that part. It's not a suicide squad film if there were no sexual, bloody, violent, and disgusting content.

The cinematography was beyond amazing and the film presented some new ideas. Like, in one scene (dw no spoilers) two characters were fighting and we were seeing it through the reflection of a helmet. Or in a specific fight scene, instead of "blood" coming out of the bodies, it was "flowers" which made the 3 or 5 min scene very colorful and fun to watch. The camera movements were also great and felt they sometimes were steady handheld which was so unique. Also loved how the film picks slow motion in certain times only to show the chaos that's happening around and they were very limited which is a good thing.

For the third time, Margot Robbie proves that she is the best portrayal of Harley Quinn and I cannot imagine anyone other than her as Harley Quinn. She presents the beauty, craziness, and wildness of the character. Idris Alba really surprised me. His character was very well written and Idris played it so right. The real surprise was John Cena. Personally, I don't like Cena's acting. But, in this film his acting was alright and the thing that helped him is how hood his character (Peacemaker) is written. Especially that Peacemaker has a huge impact on the story of the film and the future of DCEU. Daniela Melchior gave the film such a warm/soft vibe and her acting was well done especially in the emotional scenes. The whole cast was just amazing and each actor/actress played their role perfectly.

Really loved the music in the film. And if you have seen Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) you'd know that it has the same style/vibe. The costumes were brilliant and loved how James kept the original costume of each character from the comics which made the film/character even more special & real. Also, loved how the film jumps back in time suddenly to explain where a specific character is or how things ended up that way and there was something different about it which I can't tell what it is.

My rating is 8/10.

**Follow my instagram page @Serious. Cinema for more reviews & movie content**
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The movie didn't do anything for me...
paul-allaer8 August 2021
As "The Suicide Squad" (2021 release; 140 min.) opens, Savant is released from prison and joins the rest of the Suicide Squad to go on a dangerous mission on a island called Corto Maltese. Soon enough, things go wrong, very wrong. But then we learn that another Suicide Squad team is getting onto the island. What the heck is going on here? We then go to "3 days earlier" as Bloodsport is cleaning the prison's floor. At this point we are 10 min. Into the film but to tell you more of the plot would spoil your viewing experience, you'll just have to see for yourself how it all plays out.

Couple of comments: this is the long-delayed follow-up to the original Suicide Squad film in 2016. Don't call it a sequel, though, as much (but not all) of the original cast isn't returning. It's more like a reboot, as if regretting how not very good (ok, worse than that) the 2016 film ultimately turned out. A reboot already? Yup, already. This one is written and directed by James "Guardians of the Galaxy" Gunn. One thing is clear: once the decision was made that the 2021 reboot was going to get an R rating, Gunn decided to make it as hard an R rating as possible. None of that matters of course, as long as the story line works well and the characters are fully developed. Alas, that is where this movie falls way short. There is no character development whatsoever, as if it is assumed that the viewer already knows these characters (some viewers may some of these characters, but surely not all viewers and not all characters). As for the actual story line, it's hard to say anything about it without spoiling so I won't. For me (and I realize this is a subjective view), it all made for scatterbrained viewing, and in the end this movie didn't do anything for me, sorry.

"The Suicide Squad" opened wide in theaters this weekend but also was available for streaming on HBO Max, where I caught it. The initial box office reports are not very kind, and make this the lowest opening weekend gross ever in the DCEU. Of course, things are not helped by the rapidly surging and highly infectious Delta coronavirus variant (why, oh why, do TENS OF MILLIONS refuse to get vaccinated is beyond me). If you are a fan of the DCEU or the 2016 Suicide Squad or simply a Margot Robbie fan, I'd readily suggest you check this out, be it in the theater, on VOD, or eventually on DVD/Blu-ray, and draw your own conclusion.
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How Suicide Squad was intended to be.
kevon_morris20 September 2021
You can tell that everyone involved in this project was having fun and it transfered into the audience.
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The Suicide Squad, A movie filled with life and colours.
mdgalibalia29 July 2021
I'm so much lucky that I got to see the movie so early, many many thanks to my you tuber friend John.

Now let me come to the movie,, As I said in the title, the movie was full of life and colour. You can just pause the movie at any time, take a screenshot and it could be a great wallpaper for your PC. I was just looking at the screen and just thinking how the hell did James made this movie, maybe with magic... I didn't get bored for one second. The movie just attaches you with it. But, don't get so attached, 'cause you'll fall in love with the characters and you'll have to see them suffering.

Before 30,35 minutes from the ending you could think that, okay, it was a great experience, but now maybe it needs to be end. But just wait a few more minutes, you'll just shock and then you'll never want it to be end. You'll say I want more. The actions were so unique and dramatic. I loved the chemistry between the characters especially Bloodsport and his daughter( and it was far better than deadshot & his daughter's story from the first movie). And King Shark, oh my goodness, he was just great, he was just bringing life to the movie with his every appearances. You can just see that the actors worked so hard for their rolls.

It wasn't like a DC movie or any kinda movie attached to a superhero universe. It can stand by it's own. It was a totally different experience, a much much better experience than other DC movies. I hope it joins the Billion dollars club 'cause it's worth it. I am sure you'll never get bored by this movie doesn't matter how many times you watch it.

At last, l can say to james gunn that he just changed DC by this movie. Thank you very much.
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Gory, Fun and a Breath of fresh air
ewancowan-582887 August 2021
The Suicide Squad is an upgrade in every conceivable way when compared to the 2016 movie. Its also a really fun, gory, colorful and fresh take on the DC universe when compared to the dull, dark and overly edgy garbage of Movies like Batman vs Superman. As well as that, its nice to see a cast of characters that would likely never see the light of day in any other DC movie, Polka Dot man being a prime example. The casting itself was also really well done with Daniela Melchior being the standout to me.

Overall I loved this movie, it was such a breath of fresh air in, at times, today's over saturated superhero movie genre and I would highly recommend that people go see this film in cinemas for a truly unforgettable experience.
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So bad I can't believe the high average score
Punyrred9 August 2021
The movie is definitely so much worse than the first part.

So many things are just lacking background, characters are lacking motivation behind their actions, the boss is grotesque and inexplicable. Harley is portrayed as a dumb mascot, the whole regime's motivations are unknown and lack any background story, their characters are like placeholders. Nothing they say or do matters or makes us care.

Peacemaker's actions are inexplicable, there is no hint of why he's doing what he's doing.

The jokes are so flat and forced, it's straight embarrassing. The only half-funny character is Bloodsport (thanks Idris).

Oh and Amanda's team? What the hell happened there? No motivations explained, no explanations of what drives the characters and the scene where Amanda gives her look from her office - is that supposed to have some meaning??

Oh my god, I can't even imagine why someone would write such a trash of a plot. It was either written in 15 minutes or by moderately bright 14-year olds. What a colossal waste of time.
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reidiq8 August 2021
What a waste of time and money. Trying way too hard to be funny and failed so badly. Just utter trash. Also, all the people saying this is the best superhero movie ever made it best DC film... did you even watch the same movie I did?!?! This was a hobbled together mess!
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Complete garbage
kuner-590296 August 2021
I expected this to be bad, but the final film exceeded my fears. James Gunn struck gold with the first Guardians of the Galaxy, and the attempt to repeat that formula is apparent here - only it's amped up to the nth degree. The plot, if one can call it that, is one long exercise in subverting expectations. But Gunn is no M. Night Shymalan and no Monty Python either. This is pure randomness and lack of structure masquerading as subversiveness and edginess. I found myself reminded of the old Ren & Stimpy cartoon show at times, the bad later seasons, not the good early ones. Trying so hard to be edgy that it just becomes cringe worthy.

This film reeks of studio desperation. It's Homer's makeup shotgun from the Simpsons in movie form. A bizarre, unfocused and pitiful smear of concepts, moods and sounds.

Speaking of sound, the use of music in this film is awful. Different genres of songs are used randomly like in a late 90s Tarantino rip off. Most of the pop songs don't even work with what's happening on screen. Harley's escape is such a case. Frequently the score is interrupted full stop by sound fx or jokes. Again another attempt at "subverting expectations" and a simple trick at that. People expect music to go on, so when it's suddenly interrupted, they feel surprised. It's a dumb man's clever movie.

It's not entirely without merit. Some of the photography is nice. Some of the acting performances are good (Polka Dot man, Idris Elba, the Shark and Rat Girl stand out) and some are awful (the villains, the nerds in front of the computer screens who do nothing but comment on things). Some of the character interactions are funny. Most are not.

The first 20 minutes are amusing. The movie grinds to a painful halt in the middle and never regains its momentum. It's one exceedingly long, constantly interrupted, unfocused stew. Worst of all is the blatant disrespect this film has for its audience.

I compare Marvel movies to fast food. Simple, safe, unhealthy junk food for the brain with very few nutrients. This is worse. This is vomit cooked up with artificial flavoring and sold as haute cuisine to people without taste buds.

Bad as the original Suicide Squad was, this made me nostalgic for it.
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What the heck did i just watch?
dnl_hggns8 August 2021
I like all sorts of films but what the hell was this? It was like it was aimed at 7yr olds but with foul language and some violence. This made the first Suicide Squad film look good and as to why there are so many positive reviews, maybe a lot of 7yr olds did watch it and found the naughty words funny.
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I have not seen anything worse
kausarahmad-897567 August 2021
This was stupid and unwatchable. Low IQ dialogues, low IQ storyline, unnecessarily violent and bloody, and just plain DUMB. I kept counting down to when it will end only 10 minutes into the film.
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It is very much a sequel.
josephbarros-1640730 July 2021
The 10th movie in the DCEU and Sequel to 2016 Suicide Squad by WB (Not David Ayer)

Some people will class this as a reboot when in actual fact it isnt, it is very much a sequel, still references the first movie, still carries on the arcs of the original characters while also bringing in new ones into task force x and going on a new mission (Just like in the comics)

I found this movie fun to watch, R rated the way it should be, the squad still act like a bunch of crazed misfits while trying to save the world.

That being said after seeing James Gunn untouched vision I really want to see David Ayer's true movie of HIS Suicide Squad before WB butchered it with 10 week reshoots, much like the infamous WB/Whedon Josstice League we finally got the REAL, TRUE, ACTUAL movie by Snyder.....Zack Snyder's Justice League, and I want the same for Suicide Squad 2016......#ReleaseTheAyerCut #RestoreTheSnyderverse.
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Criminally Terrible
denis88813 August 2021
The first SS was a real idiocy, but this new part has managed to topple the sheer level of lunacy and imbecile crass low ebb by all means/ The recipe is simple - awful plot, unlikable characters, loud noise, lots of gore, cringe deaths, horrid pace, total absence of depth or integrity, sheer profanity and and on top of all that - lackluster performance where every aspect is overplayed and overcooked in lukewarm watr.

Even Margot Robbie did not save this abomination since her part is a pathetic clowning with no merit.

In a word - stupid to the brink of clear abomination.
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Exceeded my expectations
Leungzy29 July 2021
"I cherish peace with all my heart. I don't care how many men, women, and children I need to kill to get it."

The first thing that came to mind in the opening sequences of the film was wow there is a lot of gore, especially compared to the first film. I feel like the film makers took on criticism from the first movie and put improvements into this. To me, this was basically like an Avengers movie aimed at adults with violence, gore and swearing.

The film is filled with a great cast who all do a terrific job, especially Margot Robbie, I couldn't see anyone else doing the role of Harley Quinn. She is to Harley what Heath Ledger was to the joker. The movie is filled with funny one liners and never takes itself too seriously. I felt the first Suicide Squad was bordering too much pretty humour and seriousness and wasn't sure what it was. This reboot blends humour and seriousness perfectly. Some of the scenes between John Cena and Idris Elba were hilarious, as well as the lines from King Shark.

I wasn't expecting a whole lot from this to be honest based on the first film, but this delivers exactly what you would expect from a team of anti-heroes, it's funny, entertaining and aimed at a mature audience, and for me it's an 8/10.
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Weird Odd and Unexplainable
RazielSHN8 August 2021
This is an odd movie, its gory, violent, trying to funny with flat humour and it has a somewhat decent cast. I do not know whats wrong here but i guess the movie spins to many character plates all at once and tries to give all of them some sort of "reason" to be there or simply be sad. Because somewhere someone thought sad story background makes good characters.

No spoilers here 1/10.
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Forced jokes didn't land for me.
happyhughes1 August 2021
I enjoyed some parts of the film, but a lot of the jokes didn't land for me. The film also has these little pauses in the action where it thinks you should laugh. John Cena struggles in his role. Bloodshot was a good character. There are some good moments here, just don't go in expecting it is going to be a masterpiece. Feels too long on occasions.
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If dumb is your thing, this is your movie!
LordCommnder9 August 2021
I have enjoyed most DC movies, but this is definitely something else. I just don't understand how some of these amazing actors agreed to something so bad. There were a couple of funny moments, but for the most part it was one of the worst movies I've watched.
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Not that impressed
christophermechcont8 August 2021
The movie is slow , the characters are boring . And im a huge idres elba fan !! I think i was more entertained by the first suicide squad movie , i loved what james gunn did GOTG and he tried to do the same with suicide squad but it doesn't quite fit this movie .. after watching this movie i had no ambition to watch it again.
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I enjoyed it
Lancechristopher7731 July 2021
I am in two minds about this film.

On one hand, I really did enjoyed it well enough.

However, I'm in no rush to see it again and it was rather... dull... in places.

Not something I thought I'd ever say about a James Gunn movie.

The beginning is great fun, and I don't know where else they can take the Harley chatacter after this (other than maybe a prequel?), and there are plenty of funny moments with some great action beats.

It just felt a little... I don't know.

Maybe because Gunn was clearly let off the leash he didn't have to restrain himself and so moments that may have been handled with more care were allowed to simply explode?

There is a lot of blood and gore, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

As I said, I enjoyed it, and I will watch it again someday, I'm just in no big rush to revisit it.

A generous seven out of ten.

I've read the Suicide Squad and DC comics for a very long time, and all the low reviews with the 'restore the Snyderverse' hashtag can go away.
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What am I watching?
tbkcpi17 August 2021
I feel like I'm missing something profound but all I can get from this is stupidity. A good movie keeps you from noticing you're watching it. This keeps bringing to mind the same question... What am I watching?
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2 hour+ waste of time
baneuscatrix6 August 2021
This movie doesn't work. There is no flow in the plot. It seems like a poorly cobbled together piece of ... nothing. It is riddled with flashbacks, the pacing is aweful, and the music does not complement the visuals. This is a badly made movie. Not even the acting of its mostly accomplished cast does help. This movie is bad.
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Thought it wouldn't be that good but It was horrifyingly epic. I ATE MY WORDS.
Beyondtherain6 August 2021
I didn't go to the Cinemas since I thought it would be mediocre. So I watched it at home. The movie overall was nice, when they got to that acapella battle in the Rain storm with no music and King Shark just ripping a guy in half while roaring, I was thinking, I should've went to the Cinema to watch this! That was some straight Victor Crowley, Hatchet, Horror sh**. Nice work, Gunn! King Shark was actually great. The rest of the characters i don't even remember sadly lol...The Polka Dot color guy was also great! I can't complain about the gore when Gunn also made Slither (2006) 😂 Dont like gore? Well Jungle Cruise should be down the hall ;)
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Not good
mike-229786 August 2021
Not good. Not one joke landed and I don't get the high ratings on this one at all... I expect the rating to drop as more real reviews come through over the next couple of weeks. If it stays higher than 7 I will be shocked.
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This is just bad!
AlZuhair8 August 2021
I was shocked to see such good actors with average performance at best. Whether it's the story, plot, or directing, it just doesn't work.

I forced myself to sit through it, and didn't enjoy it not one bit, a complete waste if you ask me, you all are better off avoiding it.

Honestly one of the worst DC movies (and that says a lot!).
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