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MPAA Rated R for strong violence and gore, language throughout, some sexual references, drug use and brief graphic nudity

Sex & Nudity

  • Some comedic moderate sexual dialogue such as references to 69 and a woman who in a conversation with her partner says, "that beautiful monster between your legs".
  • Harley Quinn and another character passionately kiss for 30 seconds. No nudity whatsoever.
  • Frontal male nudity when a man is killed.
  • A man is seen wearing underwear. This is not sexual in nature, however focus is placed on his genitals, which is meant to be comedic.

Violence & Gore

  • Bloody comical sequences of stylized fantasy violence with plenty of blood sprays including shootings, stabbings, decapitations, and fistfights. This all clearly seen and often very graphic and gory.
  • People are seen being crushed, exploded and torn apart.
  • The gore is EXTREMELY bloody and incredibly graphic.
  • A woman goes on a prolonged killing spree through the corridors. She uses a javelin to slice, impale, stab and form a kebab of the guards that then causes blood and flowers to come out the bodies within the aftermath.
  • King Shark eats multiple people throughout the movie.
  • A man gets the top of his head sliced off. We see the graphic and bloody stump and lots of blood flow from his brain.
  • King Shark tears a man in half. This scene is extremely gory and detailed. We see gallons of blood and gore splashing and spraying everywhere along with all his internal organs.
  • Someone's arms are ripped off, and they are smashed onto a window, lot's of blood. Somebody has their face blown off, someone's head blows up, someone is shot in the neck, someone's eye is pierced by a Javelin, someone has most off their face ripped off, someone is torn in half, someone is stabbed in the heart, Harley Quinn has a solo fight scene, very violent.
  • A man gets his throat slit it goes on a while then she breaks his legs and cuts his eye out.
  • It shows a persons face ripped off (very graphic)


  • There is about 20 uses of "fuck." 15 out of the 20 is used in the first 30 mins of the movie. The rest of the movie has a few uses of "shit."
  • All the language is just for comedic detail.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A depiction of a man holding a tourniquet around his arm as he shoots himself heroin.
  • Characters drink in a bar and have a good time whilst drunk.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The fantasy and supernatural creatures may frighten younger viewers, whilst being incredibly stylised.
  • A bird is killed in the beginning of the movie


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • Someone is killed nude in a bathtub, his butt shown. Sexual references throughout. A few characters walk into a women's dressing room at a strippers' club, some down to their bras and underwear.

Violence & Gore

  • Blackguard, selling out his team, literally gets his face blown off by the Corto Maltese army.
  • Mongal dies after causing a helicopter crash, which kills many Corto Maltese military men and herself. In the fire, we get a shot of her charred up body.
  • Captain Boomerang gets impaled by lots of branches and multiple sticks pierce his face and then gets engulfed in flames from the wrecked helicopter crash that Mongal caused.
  • Thinker is ripped apart by Starro after the creature breaks free. He begs for his life, but is slammed against a window with enough force to splatter him across it, with tons and tons of blood and gore splashing everywhere.
  • Peacemaker and Colonel Rick Flag have an extremely brutal fight during the climax of the movie. They each get whacked in the face a few times with metal rods. Eventually Peacemaker impales Colonel Rick Flag in the heart with a piece of sharp tile. The camera cuts to a shot of his heart getting pierced and blood gushes out.
  • Starro The Conqueror (who is a giant Starfish monster) is shown killing lots of innocent people during the climax of the movie. There is lots of destruction and carnage as he destroys multiple buildings while crushing the people inside them.
  • Ratcatcher uses her rats to attack people. In the climax of the movie she uses them to eat flesh off of Starro.
  • The Team shoot an encampment of soldiers in the jungle to rescue an ally. It is later revealed that the soldiers had been protecting their ally and, by extension, were actually on their side.
  • King Shark is seen jumping on to Starro's arms and eating his flesh only for Starro to grab King Shark and throw him into a building, causing It to collapse in the process. It is revealed in the ending after Starro's defeat that King Shark survives this.
  • Mayor General Suarez decides to kill Presidente Luna's birds after he gets killed. The mayor orders his men to pour gasoline over the birds' cage and sets them on fire burning them alive. Although the killing scene is not explicit nor shows the birds on fire, the birds can still be heard screeching in pain for a brief moment. Many people may find this scene distressing or disturbing as it depicts animal cruelty.
  • The Project Starfish laboratory displays several mutilated test subjects, including a close up of a test subject who had a Starro taken off their face, leaving a star-shaped open wound.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • It is implied a man dies from an overdose.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Major characters are killed in shocking and unexpected ways. Polka-Dot Man's death is out of nowhere.
  • The discovery of Project Starfish is awfully grotesque and dark. We see several mutilated victims.
  • Rick Flag is killed by Peacemaker, who stabs him with a shard of broken tile.

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