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Unexpectedly heartwarming and visually stunning
daisukereds30 April 2017
I don't know what "BasicLogic" is talking about in his review. The only thing that makes sense in what he said is the fact that there are unimportant male characters that "underwhelming", but their role is so small that it doesn't even matter. Also, why comment on script/dialogue when you clearly are from the US and are probably reading someone's subtitles? That's is, in my opinion, utterly stupid. Better to have no opinion at all, than to simply complain about something.

The movie is very well paced. I normally watch at 1.2 speed, but had to watch this one at 1.0 because it didn't feel slow at all (and actors in Asian movies tend to talk more quickly anyway). It has a very nice structure (even for a "worn out" plot) and is far richer than I expected. It is also visually stunning, and the ending was not only packed with emotions, it was very satisfying in the way the main character handled himself. The cast is super likable and well defined. I would recommend this to anyone that likes a movie with a bit rivalry and personal growth. I'm quite glad I allowed me to watch it after reading a short summary and seeing the simple poster.
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Familiar yet unexpectedly poignant and heartwarming, this culinary-themed drama is the year's best Lunar New Year offering
moviexclusive3 February 2017
'Cook Up A Storm' may be arriving later than its peers, but it is easily the most satisfying CNY movie we've seen this year. As much as it may be about the rivalry between the Cantonese street cook Sky Ko (Nicholas Tse) and the French-trained Michelin-starred chef Paul Ahn (Jung Yong-hwa), this gastronomic-themed drama is more compellingly about Sky and his father Mountain Ko (Anthony Wong), the latter an internationally recognized Chinese chef who had left his son in the care of his buddy Uncle Seven (Ge You) two decades ago in order to pursue his culinary ambitions worldwide. It isn't hard to guess that the father-son estrangement is where the narrative ultimately leads to (meaning therefore that the supposed enmity between Sky and Paul is no more than a red herring), but that doesn't diminish the poignance of their eventual reconciliation, which is also what makes the movie surprisingly pleasing.

As formula would have it, the conflicts here between the respective pair of rivals are resolved through cooking competitions. Underlining that between Sky and Paul is the threat an obnoxious land developer Chairman Li (Wang Tai Li) brandishes about taking back the humble diner Seven if the former loses the International Chef Challenge Competition – although the fact that Chairman Li owns the fine dining restaurant where Paul is head chef at makes the bargain an unfair one to begin with. Incidentally, their clash is also cast as one between tradition and modernity – not only because Seven and the Spring Avenue neighbourhood where it is located are but the only historical vestiges left in the middle of gleaming skyscrapers, but also because of Paul's frequent refrain that Chinese cuisine had stagnated through the centuries. Likewise, the enmity between Sky and Mountain also culminates in a culinary showdown, albeit in a more prestigious World Supreme Chef Competition at Macau's glittering Studio City Event Centre.

Yet even though the presentation is familiar, the flavours remain just as delightful. It's no secret that the premise is inspired by Nicholas Tse's cooking show 'Chef Nic', and just as that successful food travelogue, the sight of watching professional chefs at work on their craft is truly one to behold. Just as delectable is the showcase of East and West cuisine – the former presented here with a beauty and elegance rarely seen, and the latter exotic and fascinating in and of itself. The filmmakers have here taken to heart an axiom which the sagely Seven imparts – that the mark of a truly successful chef is his or her ability to create a dish that can carry its flavours from the tongue to the heart. Oh yes, more than the tantalizing sight of food is the unexpectedly moving reunion between the father-son pair here, which is guaranteed to leave you misty-eyed.

That these characters are played by Nicholas Tse and Anthony Wong also makes their on screen relationship even more compelling, the latter in particular injecting gravitas into a supporting role that could have ended up as mere caricature in the hands of a lesser actor. Not forgetting of course the wonderful Ge You, whose presence alone brings class and dignity to an underwritten part that could have been better developed to illustrate the surrogate relationship between Sky and Seven. Indeed, some of the most memorable scenes are constructed between and around these veterans as they trade barbs and jibes at one another, leaving the rest of the performers either shrill (such as Jim Chim's sycophantic right-hand man to Chairman Li) or just bland (such as Seven's restaurant manager Uni (Tiffany Tang) and Paul's girlfriend cum culinary associate Mayo (Bai Bing)).

Truth be told, 'Cook Up A Storm' serves up a recipe that local viewers will no doubt recognize from past CNY offerings such as 'Let's Eat!' and Stephen Chow's classic 'God of Cookery'. But there is every intention on director Raymond Yip and his writer Manfred Wong's part for their latest to be comfort food over the CNY holiday, just like the familiar but nevertheless joyous dishes we often partake over reunion dinners and with the crucial ingredient of family togetherness. In that regard, there is much reason to embrace the joy, warmth and exuberance of this familiar yet heartwarming movie – and like we said at the start, it may have arrived later than its peers, but this is also easily the most enjoyable Spring Festival movie this year.
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vaidyalikhitha7 November 2018
Story line is interesting with extraordinary climax at the end all the actors fairly performed their characters visuals are rich
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This recipe is without any kind of flavor or spice...
paul_haakonsen25 June 2017
It was my fondness of the Asian cinema that made me pick up "Cook Up a Storm" (aka "Jue zhan shi shen") the moment I found it, and I had never heard about the movie prior to finding it. I had no idea what it was about, aside from something revolving around a food theme, based on the movie's cover. And I didn't even know who was in the movie.

So it was actually a nice surprise to see that Anthony Chau-Sang Wong and Nicholas Tse were in this movie. But that was essentially the extend of anything even remotely good about the movie.

The storyline in was so weak and almost non-existing that it was excruciatingly boring to sit through the movie. Granted, I gave up about after about around 45 minutes of watching the movie. I just couldn't take anymore of it of the sheer and utter boredom that was trotting on in a very monotone pace on the screen.

This movie is about pretentious chefs and their lust to prepare equally pretentious dishes that no one cares about. It made for the most pointless and inadequate of story lines that I have seen in a long, long time in an Asian movie. And the characters in the movie don't have an ounce of likability about them, so you don't really care about their struggles, victories and personal hardships.

What is the appeal about watching two pretentious chefs preparing dishes that no one cares about on the screen? And even more so, why did it have to be made into a movie? Wouldn't it be sufficient to just turn on the TV and watch any of the numerous cooking TV shows that mar the prime time?

"Cook Up a Storm" is not a movie that I will return to finish at any time in the future, because it offered nothing of any worth, value or entertainment.

I found no enjoyment in the storyline concocted by writers Jingling Li, Yi Liu, Manfred Wong and presented by director Wai Man Yip. Not every single Asian movie is going to be a fantastic movie, and "Cook Up a Storm" proves that sometimes Asian cinema throws a wide swing and an even bigger miss.
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Heartwarming movie but actors could be better.
cdemonjhd1 August 2018
Ok first of all before my review, I just want to say do not listen to any of these dumb reviews by American reviewers. Clearly you cannot fully experience the movie when you only read the subtitles. Some people can enjoy subtitle movies and some do not. Do you honestly think a grown 45 year old American man can enjoy a Chinese movie? Hell no! Stick to your own language unless you 1. Really like the movie/plot 2. Enjoy Subtitles. Ok now for the review! The movie is really interesting and definitely catches your attention in the start. The movie does get slightly boring in between the start and the climax, but thats what most movies are! This movie has aspects of comedy, family, adventure, and of course drama. This movie does lack some experienced support actors and you will definitely notice it. The plot is also kinda messy and somethings I really don't know where I am. Other than that, I would highly recommend this movie!
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Well done son
danielsanchezmendoza22 June 2017
Is a story that takes advantage of the trend of the moment (chef) to send a message to humanity, without losing the perspective of encouraging the human to prepare to compete and try to always be the best, however we are the same anywhere in the world , We forget the most important, our responsibility (guide, teach, love), but nature is so wise that it gives us the ability to challenge the half world and face our own executioner, to receive as a trophy a simple .. "Son, well done"
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Horrible storyline and dialogs, but the most amazing sound effects and CGI.
andrejhribernik3 September 2017
All together I loved the movie, since I watched it purely because of the cooking scenes.

But as the movie began I was getting frustrated, because the story had no sense from the beginning (it is like from a children's book), and don't get me started on the voice-over.

But I quickly figured out that it is probably meant to be watched with a lot of humour, so I continued to watch it laughing at the stupid scenes and really enjoying the pure cooking moments.

Seriously, the movie has some of the best sound effects and CGI I've ever seen. Purely from that point, I loved it.

In summary, horrible story and scripts, but amazing sound effects and edits.
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Only the food is good!
gotonow7 January 2018
This is the new chinese cinema. I'm so sick of it. Switch of your brain, the story has more holes than a swiss chees. This destroys the last fun I have watching the fish and chicken fly to the air while cooking. Visual stunning, and everything in this film is steril clean like an operation area in a hospital.
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Basically this is a Chinese film with two very competitive chefs, one is a local chef in China and the other is a 3-star Michelin chef from Europe.
liatanchen29 October 2017
I watched this movie for Jung Yonghwa, but turns out, he can't act in Chinese movies. Same with the other characters, almost all of them have bad acting skills. The voice overs and dubs are horrible, the plot is very shallow and almost makes no sense (but maybe the directors mean the movie to be funny). Transitions from one scene to another are very awkward and off. However, the cinematography and food look very nice. This is a cooking movie so the food should look nice.
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Basically Chinese live action of Shokugeki no Soma
cloudyski-664-54577718 June 2017
"Cook Up a Storm" is basically a Chinese live-action of the anime Shokugeki no Soma! The beginning of this movie was amazing with beautiful dishes, artistic effects, and perfect footage. The casting and acting and dialogue was also great. The main character Sky Ko is a lot like Soma who is determined to be a chef and runs a small family restaurant while his rival, Paul Ahn is a French-trained chef. The two are rivals and end up competing and trying to out cook each other.

I would give the first half of this movie 10/10 because it was near perfect but unfortunately the end of the film seemed really rushed/unsatisfying. The second half of the movie seemed like they lost the budget (ie. food was a lot sloppier, rushed ending). However, I would still recommend this movie to Shokugeki no Soma fans -- it's essentially the exact same story with AWESOME visual effects!
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Without some nice dishes, this film is 1-star awful!
BasicLogic15 April 2017
The usual problems that the Chinese movie script writers and their directors could never improve:

Lousy and child movie ideas and concept, weak and childish plots and scenarios, bad and pretentious dialog writing, terrible, weak, talent-less, unnecessary supporting actors, bad costumes and make-up skills, over the top and overkill settings.

Some of the dishes in this lame film are simply beautiful and amazing, but in the end, you would find out those western cuisines are so pretentious, not as good as a stir-fried dish.

The young Chinese chef was nicely and naturally performed, others, were simply ruined by the childish and pretentious screen-play. All the supporting characters, especially some those male ones, were so obviously without any acting talents and were further ruined by the ridiculous script and dialog.

This film is just a bit better tolerable than the stupidest film of the decade: The Great Wall.
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Absolute Perfection
yuenfreddy25 June 2018
I didn't watch the movie... Filler Filler Filler Filler Filler Filler Filler also my friend is the director's son
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