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Season 1

3 Sep. 2016
The Wooly Wiligo of Big Sky Park/Big Sky Park Elephant Train
Rob sets out to find Stomper's cousin. / Rob takes a shortcut.
3 Sep. 2016
The Lost Yeti Treasure of Big Sky Park/Ranger Ready
Rob and Stomper go on a quest. / Rob tests his rescue skills.
4 Sep. 2016
Ranger Rob's Penguin Patrol/My Pet Ranger
Rob plays with a penguin. / A baby chameleon grows attached to Rob.
4 Sep. 2016
Rob's Big Sky Park Parade/A Ranger Style Celebration
Rob is in charge of the campers. / There is a celebration for Dakota.
4 Sep. 2016
Chipper's Big Sky Park Stunt Show/The Big Sky Park Desert Dash
Chipper runs out of power. / Rob and Stomper enter the Desert Dash.
11 Sep. 2016
Monkey Business in Big Sky Park/Big Present in Big Sky Park
Rob and Stomper build a fort. / Rob and Stomper deliver an ice sculpture.
11 Sep. 2016
The Yeti Yodelhorn of Big Sky Park/Ranger Rob Rocks
Rob plays with a yeti artifact. / Rob uses a radio-controlled camera.
20 Sep. 2016
Ranger Rob's Berry Good Adventure/Ranger Hero Man
Someone is stealing the strawberries. / Rob has an adventure.
20 Sep. 2016
Big Help in Big Sky Park/Ranger Rob and Ranger Dad
Rob and Stomper start a chore. / Rob and Dad spend the day together.
21 Sep. 2016
Big Stink in Big Sky Park/A Ranger Campfire Story
Rob and Stomper get into trouble. / Rob tests Chipper's skills.
A Champion Ranger/Big Sky Park Junior Ranger Camp
Rob helps an athlete. / Rob leads a Junior Ranger Training Class.
Bigskyosaurus/Yeti Sheddy in Big Sky Park
Rob rescues a penguin. / Something is making a rumble in Big Sky Park.
A New Trail in Big Sky Park/Leaping Lizards of Big Sky Park
Rob has to stop two bad park visitors from stealing all the animals.
Ranger Rob and Ranger Sam/Marching Penguins of Big Sky Park
Rob throws a surprise party for Mom and Dad. / Rob wants to test his skills.
Ranger Rob the Snake Handler/Stuffy Stories in Big Sky Park
Giraffes on the Move in Big Sky Park / Pack of Penguins in Big Sky Park
A Big Sky Park Strongyeti Challenge/Big Rescue in Big Sky Park
Rob finds a never before discovered part of Big Sky Park, and makes two new yeti friends.

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