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forthetollferry2 June 2018
Well, maybe I lack sophistication, but I thought it was a beautiful story and movie. The way it was interwoven with flashbacks and the present and engineered with dramatic and unforeseen elements really made it quite compelling. It demonstrated the depths of love in a very effective way that stayed with me long after it was over.
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Shaileen is incredible and the film is really good. Go in knowing nothing
baumer2 June 2018
Warning: Spoilers
A film that starts off as part survival adventure, part Nicholas Sparks love story. At first I began to question why they made the choice to inter cut between the present and then the they met, fell in love and ultimately accepted an offer to sail a boat from Tahiti to San Diego. But then near the end, it all comes together and if it wasn't hard enough watching the movie, fearing the worse for Richard, then the one small twist just destroyed me, left in puddles.

After Spielberg finished Jaws, he told anyone that would listen, to never film on the open sea, ever. The elements, the waves, the weather and everything in between basically cause chaos. Director Baltasar Kormakur did not take heed to that warning and the result is something magical. To get the feeling of complete isolation, the cast and crew would sail out 2 hours from land to film. Kormakur is an experienced sailor and I'm sure that came in handy during filming. Half of the movie takes place on the open water and slowly but surely you see the two characters start to fade. They haven't given up hope but they are 1500 miles from land, have little food and little water. How Tammy and Richard survived 41 days on their own is a miracle. Tammy had to do it all. Take care of Richard, keep the boat afloat, catch food, make shelters and so on. There were times when she was in tears and close to going crazy, but she kept going, incredibly reaching Hawaii. She was not the experienced sailor, that was Richard. That makes it all the more incredible.

There's one big plot twist and I will not reveal that here. If you know nothing about the story, keep it that way. Go in blind. It'll work so much better for you.

Shaileen owns the movie. She's simply a rock. Her range of emotions are incredible and she has to carry the film most of the way. Claflin is good too but Woodley has much more to do. I simply love her performance and I really hope she gets a nomination this year. She's simply brilliant.

I loved the movie.

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great chemistry between the leads - and terrific use of flashback structure
dave-mcclain2 June 2018
"Adrift" (PG-13, 2:00) is an action-adventure drama-romance produced and directed by Baltasar Kormákur ("Everest", "2 Guns", "The Deep") and written by David Branson Smith ("Ingrid Goes West") and Aaron and Jordan Kandell ("Moana"), based on the book by Tami Ashcraft. Unlike most movies dramatizing something that actually happened, this one doesn't begin with the usual qualifiers of "Based on a true story" or "Inspired by a true story". This one tells us simply, "This is a true story."

Tami Oldham (Golden Globe and Emmy nominee Shailene Woodley) is a single 24-year-old adventurer, originally from San Diego, who works her way from place to place on a worldwide voyage of self-discovery. As the film opens, she gets off a boat in Tahiti and responds to the custom agent's questions by admitting she doesn't have an occupation or any idea how long she'll be staying in the country. In spite of her apparent aimlessness, she gets her passport stamped and starts working at the docks doing maintenance on various pleasure craft. That's where she meets the handsome and charming Richard Sharp (Sam Claflin), who is in the process of sailing around the world on a journey similar to Tami's.

Tami and Richard are well on their way to falling in love when a wealthy older couple ask Richard to sail their yacht to San Diego, in exchange for $10,000 and a First Class airline ticket back to Tahiti. Make that two First Class tickets. Tami says she's not ready to go home yet, but she doesn't want to be separated from her new love, so she comes along for the ride... and, as a novice sailor herself, to help out where she can. Unfortunately for the young lovers, they get caught up in a monster storm at sea that damages the boat - and each of them - severely. The best solution seems to be allowing the prevailing currents to carry the boat east, try to navigate towards Hawaii - and try to survive long enough to get there.

"Adrift" is this film's title, but the story is anything but. Appearing in flashbacks, the story of Tami and Richard is told parallel with the story of the journey to Hawaii. It's an especially effective plot device in this intelligent screenplay. The two leads are each first class actors who play their roles expertly and with undeniable chemistry. This film compares well with Robert Redford's "All is Lost" and Tom Hanks' "Cast Away", with the added allure of the romance and the strong foundation of being a true story. "A-"
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Suspenseful and romantic
n-kefala3 June 2018
"Adrift" is a good survival drama that you know what to expect but Shailene Woodley makes it more emotionally satisfying than it would be otherwise. All the performances are exceptional, directed with good pace and beautiful cinematography and effects by Baltasar Kormakur.

This realistic, suspenseful and romantic, true story it's not quite as exciting as watching Blake Lively fighting against sharks in "The Shallows" from two summers ago, but there's still enough of interest to keep the new nautical drama "Adrift" afloat. And of course it is always refreshing to see a film where a female protagonist isn't passively waiting for a rescue. Overall it is an entertaining film with a solid dramatization of real events.
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Photography is stunning
springfieldrental6 June 2018
Never mind that Adrift shows the human ability to survive the most harshest and frightening elements that this earth has to offer. It's the photography that I really appreciated in this story of a couple's effort to brave the ordeal of being thrashed around in the Pacific Ocean during a Category 4 typhoon.

Right from the opening sequence, Icelandic director Baltasar Kormakur has his cinematographer Robert Richardson photograph a long tracking shot of Shailene Woodley splashing about in the cabin of a waterlogged sailboat looking for her fiancee and trying to get her bearings. As she emerges from down below, Richardson continues the shot with an invisible wipe of an ocean wave above the boat before Woodley realizes her boyfriend is missing. The breathtaking sequence sets the pace for what is an amazingly rich tapestry of photographic wonders.

One other particularly unusual shot is when Ms. Woodley dives into a river from a cliff while her boyfriend Sam Claflin is concerned about her well-being when she doesn't come out of the water. Richardson's camera parallels him as he leaps from the cliff, following him into the water and continuing underneath the water's surface until he finds Woodley alive.

Those two shots alone are worth the price of admission. Never mind that the story is riveting, despite some sequences where landlubbers would consider slow at times. Otherwise, Adrift should get at least an Academy Award nomination for cinematography--it is that good.
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Perfectly structured, beautifully acted
owanitall7 June 2018
I was a little worried going in that knowing the true story would dull the impact. I didn't need to. As I was watching the movie, I found myself forgetting all about it. That's the power of great acting and story telling. The structure of the film was brilliant. Starting with the aftermath of the hurricane and then alternating between the story of Tami and Richard falling in love and building a relationship and the one of them trying to survive worked on many levels. It helped give both stories a sense of time passage while keeping the film moving at great pace. The alternating scenes informed each other. But even more importantly when the two stories converged they did it so perfectly at the moment so precise, the impact was twice as strong. Of course none of this would have worked if the acting weren't so heartbreakingly real. Shailene Woodley made everything Tami felt so vivid and palpable, it was like I felt it with her. She was assisted beautifully by Sam Claflin in what I consider the definition of a great supporting performance. He was given little to work with and some questionable quality lines (which he magically stripped of all cheese). Yet he made Richard a living, breathing human being, so loving and lovable, that when Shailene's Tami was smitten by him, it was impossible not to be smitten along with her and not to feel everything else she felt for him.
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mhnyc2 June 2018
Must watch, trust me! I was very skeptical but the movie turned out to be one of the best of the year.
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Great telling of this story
bobnjuls44 June 2018
Great movie that never lost my attention. Between the surprising twists (that I won't mention because they would be spoilers) and the intense action all through the movie I was glued to the screen. Shailene Woodley's great acting carried the movie like, in a smaller way, how Tom Hanks captivated in Cast Away. Definitely worth seeing. I would suggest see it without knowing much about the story.
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Not a fan of Shailene, but she was good in this
merpman-944023 June 2018
Not the typical movie i would pay to go see at the cinema, but Moviepass changes everything and the wife dragged me in. Must say i was glad she did. Up til now ive not really like Shailene, except for Snowden. But this suited her down to the ground i think. Movie was somewhat of a romance, a little suspense, good use of flashbacking and an unexpected twist.
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Not convincing
steve_gator27 June 2018
This movie had all the elements I normally like. It was a true story and involved adventure in scenic loctions. Unfortunately, I found neither actor interesting or appealing. The girl seemed shallow and the love connection between them was stilted and unconvincing.
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Easily one of the worst movies of the year.
beavanjb13 June 2018
I thought based on the critic reviews this movie would at least be decent, but it was very boring. I took my wife and there was only 2 other people in the theater on a Tuesday evening. This story is so basic and so much been there done that. Essentially there's only 2 actors in the movie 90% of the time and they simply aren't very interesting. I didn't care for the flash back's, though you'll see the silly reason for it late in the story of why they wait until near the end to show the actual ship wreck. I don't know if this was Woodley's first time producing a film, but it definitely missed the mark. There's nothing exciting or interesting that happens in particular. The mediocre soundtrack can't make you care anymore about the character's and it's a relief when the storm scene finally is shown. I'm glad with movie pass I didn't have to pay to waste 2 hours of my life.
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pnkstr20 August 2018
I made it about 30minutes into this movie before I stopped watching. The movie started jumping from past to present to past to present... I guess they did this to try and make it more interesting but it didn't work for me. I just found it annoying. I really couldn't care about the characters and weather or not they lived or died. Just not my type of movie. Definitely NOT an action or adventure movie.
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Amazing movie. Very touching.
b-tashchieva3 June 2018
I loved the storyline. The actors were very good too, they could tell the story through their acting and definitely made the movie even better.
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Beautiful love story
Brenda-Huggins19613 June 2018
Adrift is a love story with lots of adventure & suspense. The setting is beautiful, also.
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Don't believe the studio shill reviews - this is a terrible, terrible film
rabbitmoon29 June 2018
Here are the major flaws of this film:

  • There is zero chemistry between the leads. Absolutely soulless writing. The characters have no quirks, depth, idiosyncracies, anxieties, neuroses, anything that would resemble a human being. They both talk like their lines were written by a 15 year old writing a very self-conscious romance, trying to impress their teacher. Sam Claflin plays his usual sociopathic-seeming emotionally-flat charmer, every line delivered like an arrogant banker impersonating 90s Hugh Grant. Its impossible to care at all about these people - I wanted them to suffer badly and was annoyed that sharks or dismemberment didn't happen. Anything you read about squeamish survival scenes is a lie - its a 12 certificate.

  • The structure... oh God the structure. It flashes back and forward with no obvious purpose, succeeding to kill any emotional investment its attempting to build. There is a major scene towards the end akin to the space-station exploding at the start of Gravity which sets off the 'current' events of the film (with the same 'drifting' thing), yet rather than begin with it like Gravity did (creating an "oh no!" moment to raise tension/suspense for what follows), it simpers up to it - then kills it with more flashbacks and...

  • The most unnecessary, forced twist you could imagine. Once its revealed, it contradicts the emotional tone of the scene by giving a few MORE little flashbacks to reframe what you'd seen before - think Fight Club, The Usual Suspects, or Red Sparrow - fine for those kinds of films, where the writer is saying "hehe, eh? You Like that?" to the audience, but NOT a true-story survival film like this! It didn't happen! Its the writer forcing a way to make the dull story be more watchable, but is completely fake and nasty. It made me so angry how contrived it was, and how much it gloated in its own pathetic idea.

  • Unfortunately, and no disrespect to Tami, but the true story really isn't that interesting. The Donald Crowhurst story (watch the film Crowhurst, or The Mercy) is far more interesting for its psychological depth, the inner turmoils of Crowhurst and how his decisions slide into a downward spiral. Here you just have an unfortunate tragedy followed by a few weeks of survival. Its no wonder the writer had to shoe-horn a horrible, fake way of livening up the screentime, giving us two characters rather than the one and endless flashbacks of two dull people flirting around bars at night.

  • When you see the photos of the real people at the end of the film (that inevitable, contrived way of every true story film these days to try and wring a few tears from the audience) you'll immediately realise just how 'off' the film was in its portrayal. Your imagination of how it really was will be a much better movie than the one you just saw.

  • The song that plays to the schmaltzy final scenes of whimsical guffery is such a bad choice, its almost satirical.

You'll wish you were watching The Beach, or 147 Hours, heck you'll even wish you were watching Titanic its that bad.

If you're 14 years old, you might enjoy it, especially if you enjoyed Me Before You. Anyone else should stay well away. Absolute waste of a trip to the cinema.
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Not what i was expecting..
BatmanFunReviews201822 July 2018
A true story of survival, as a young couple's chance encounter leads them first to love, and then on the adventure of a lifetime as they face one of the most catastrophic hurricanes in recorded history. Adrift was nowhere near as good as the trailer showcased, i mean both Sam Clafflin and Shailene Woodley were good and they had chemistry together for sure plus the direction wasn't that bad either but the film's script and pacing were totally off for sure since it was neither dramatic or thrilling for me and did not kept me that entertained either. (5/10)
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Emotional,memorable and inspiring!
lordshakti23 October 2018
I was expecting this movie to be good and it didn't disappoint me. Its shot nicely and scenery is realistic.editing is also relevant and happens to be impactful. Directorial elements have established very fine details and emotional depth of the script..if you have an eye for it,you'll surely understand the deeper meanings hidden in the shots. Background music isn't invasive yet supports the story without a fail. Acting performance is beyond great! It all looks so real and relatable that one point,i felt the amount of helplessness,sadness and intimidation of being in the pacific without any help. If you have seen the trailer,there is more to find out in the movie. the rhythm and tempo of the story is just right. You will think you know it all but you ll stay involved till the end. I can guarantee that. I will surely recommend this movie to everyone seeking relatable/true event based emotional story. Visual effects are not extraordinary but wont let you feel disappointed anywhere in the scene. This move may look like a vlog to a most of people but I request you to not judge it and go through it once. There is a lot in the movie. P.S- dont try googling the true event otherwise your excitement will die and you may end up being less involved.
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A little too slow paced and too long but still a great film to see
TheTopDawg24 August 2018
I think this was Shailene Woodley's best performance to date. This films photography and cinematography was outstanding and the directing was great. I did however feel that it was a little too slow paced and too long, but still a great film to see. A few reviewers didn't like the flash-backs, and I'm not a fan of those either, but it worked very well in this film. This was actually better than I expected. I recommend it and it's a well deserved 8/10 from me.
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Left disappointed
k-king-244-48833211 October 2018
Had high hopes for his movie. Left wanting, disappointed and dare I say a little bored.
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A Story of Love and Survival
claudio_carvalho19 August 2018
The free spirit American drifter Tami Oldham (Shailene Woodley) arrives in Tahiti and finds a job at the marina. When she meets the British sailor Richard Sharp (Sam Claflin), they immediately fall in love with each other. They stumble upon Richard´s old friends and they offer ten thousand dollars plus first class air tickets for them to sail their sailing ship to San Diego. Richard and Tami accept the offer but along their journey, there is a storm that throws Richard in the sea and wreaks the vessel. Tami rescues Richard from the water and they fight to survive while the vessel is adrift. Will they survive?

"Adrift" is a good film with a story of love and survival. Shailene Woodley and Sam Claflin show great chemistry and wonderful performances. The screenplay entwining past and present keeps the interest in the film until the very end with an unexpected plot point. The direction and the special effects are magnificent, giving the sensation that the sailing ship is crossing a storm indeed. The camera work is also impressive shooting in small spaces with perfect edition. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Vidas à Deriva" ("Adrift Lives")
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I would have jumped
ChastityLowell20 June 2018
B o r ing. Why did they not wear life jackets? Ever? Once? No chemistry. Corny. Lifetime called. They want their movie-of-the-week back.
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Well done
j-slush-13 June 2018
Very well done, great story of determination and survival.
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tataruioanamiruna15 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This was one boring movie I almost fell asleep two times. Too bad, I have waited a lot for this movie to be released. Can Sam Calfin NOT die in this movie too? He already died in Me before you and in Hunger Games.
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Everybody doesn't love (Hurricane) Raymond
bob-the-movie-man3 July 2018
"Should we be worried" says Tami. Well, yes dear, you really should.

In the glorious surroundings of Tahiti, the American footloose traveller Tami Oldham (Shailene Woodley, "Divergent trilogy", "The Descendents) meets British footloose traveller Richard Sharp (Sam Claflin, "Journey's End", "Me Before You") and a nautical-based love beckons. Richard is hired by his friends Peter (Jeffrey Thomas) and Christine (Elizabeth Hawthorne) to sail their luxury 44 foot yacht Hazana from Tahiti to Tami's home city of San Diego. But they hadn't reckoned on the decidedly un-romantic attentions of Raymond and severely battered and bruised it's a battle for survival on the vast expanse of the Pacific.

As a story with romantic undertones, the film will live or die on your belief in this aspect. And fortunately the romance works. There is real chemistry between the pair despite them striking you as an odd couple. This is in no small part to the quality of the acting: Claflin proves again that he is a safe pair of hands as a male lead, but it's Shailene Woodley, who has to carry large portions of the film single-handedly, who again demonstrates just how excellent an actress she is. The camera of Tarentino favourite Robert Richardson ("The Hateful Eight", "Django Unchained") stays tightly on Woodley's features dramatically capturing her tiniest of grimaces.

Woodley is also deliciously un-Hollywood, getting to where she has through acting talent as much as her looks. Yes, she has a great body (liberally, perhaps a tad lasciviously, featured here both above and under the water) but her face is gloriously assymettical with little wrinkles appearing unexpectedly when she grins. She's a good role model for young girls that perfection is not a pre-requisite for success.

It's also interesting to note that the 27-year old Woodley is also a co-producer on the film, a sign perhaps that as well as being the 'Meryl Streep of the future'(TM), she is also likely to become a significant mover and shaker in Hollywood when getting there.

A bit like "The Shallows", it's unapologetically a B movie, but it's delivered with such style and chutzpah that it drives its way through the apallingly cheesy dialogue just as the poor Hazana bashes its way throught the mountainous seas. It's even self-mocking, with Tami rolling her eyes at the corniness of Richard's, very English, attempts at romantic dialogue. The script is more successful in establishing back-stories for Tami and Richard, demonstrating a degree of parallelism that perhaps better explains their mutual attraction. The irony of fate taking Tami back to her damaged past is exquisite.

A controversial and brave decision by Icelandic director Baltasar Kormákur is to constantly flashback between the survival scenes and Tami and Richard's courtship that leads up to the cataclismic event. This can be a little distracting, but given the gut-wrenching twist in the third act a linear storytelling would simply have not worked. It's very well done too, with matched cross-cuts that really work well. Kormákur's previous film "Everest" was his biggest hit to date, and I noted the cheeky addition of the book "Everest" on the bookshelf on Richard's boat!

Extraordinarily, it's a true story with the closing frames of the film being genuinely moving.

With many similarities to the excellent Robert Redford thriller "All Is Lost", this is a robust and enthralling thriller-cum-romance that unusually delivers on both counts. The romance is believable and the thrills suitably thrilling, especially when a panic-ridden Tami is separated from her one patch of dry land. Although slightly let down by some dodgy dialogue, sitting amongst all the big-hitter summer blockbusters this is a movie you should definitely seek out.

(For the full and graphical version of this review, please visit or One Mann's Movies on Facebook. Thanks.)
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I was really invested in this film until the ending ruined it for me.
vaagheid27 June 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I am going to be careful how i write this, seeing that i am going against the mainstream view of this film and i'll admit there is a lot to be admired. I really like the wide shots of the ocean giving us the feeling of being adrift at sea and i admired the acting of Woodley. The thing though that is completely unforgettable for me is that Richard turns out to be dead the whole time at the end of the movie and all the interactions he has with Tami after the storm are part of a halicunairy fever dream. My issue is that i really got invested in these characters and at the end it is all decided most of these scenes never mattered because they never happened in the first place.Me and my girlfriend where talking afterwards about how we didn't feel taking serious as audience members because the writer decided 70% of the movie just didn't take place. I assume it was done so that the narrative would flow better. There would be someone for Tami to interact with and she wouldn't just been surviving and be silent for long stretches of time but the way they handled it just felt cheap to me (and this is my personal opinion).
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